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Dapper Lighting headlights install (v2’s)

I will be doing a full install of this great product I purchased from Dapper Lighting... (v2’s) stay tuned. 





Time to start the removal process. I started by removing the headlight/grill trim, there are four screws in front and one hook screw (red arrow) in the back. DB9B3EA5-D68C-429B-9AF7-90BF4337E518.thumb.jpeg.421ce0dfbb7d39ccea735b61cfa0fd55.jpeg


Once it’s removed you can see the headlight ring trim which is held down to the bucket with three small flat head screws549AEB0E-E2D9-422D-B9AA-2AC162DB25E8.thumb.jpeg.6057fd09522a676901ec645214037416.jpeg


Now that the headlight is removed you has clear access to the headlight bucket and bracket. There are four bolts holding it down, the bracket should fall right out. Depending on the shape of the bracket it may need to be cleaned up and re-sprayed. 



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