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About this blog

I figured it was time to join the community here to keep everyone up to date with what KoogleWerks is doing and get some feedback.


many of you know, I make and sell metal air dams (or "chin spoilers")  the 2002 and other BMW models...with more products being developed and special projects in progress, hopefully this will give some insight and answer any questions.


Working in hotrod and custom car shops as a fabricator for most of my adult life, I've made a lot of "one-off" parts and have learned the hard way, through research, experiment, and seeking out experts in motorsport, design, metalshaping, castling, composites and automotive interiors. From working in a porsche race-prep shop to custom car-audio shop...it has been a wild ride.


transitioning from "project-based" to "product-based" is the evolution that brought about the "KoogleWerks" shop name and line of parts. Everything I produce is hand made. Nothing is CAD designed or CNC cut, just like every original BMW 2002. Thoughtful design, symmetry, fit and finish...none of these things require 3d printers or CNC machines....that said, I'm not opposed to new technology. There are many new techniques and tools that I employ, and being brand or material-loyal is often a handicap. (Most "metal fabricators" don't want to touch fiberglass, plastics, or wood...and vice-versa.) I try to choose the best materials for the Job...and have the tools to work them. I'm sure pictures will explain better than words at this point...and I thank anyone who has spent the time to read this intro!


-Forrest Koogle





Entries in this blog


I've had requests for a bumper-delete driving/fog lamp mount (late model impact bumper cars) the last couple years and it's been on the radar, just not at the top of the list...until recently.

It required a friend sending a pair of lights and telling me he was 'waiting for it', so it happened. I'm happy with the result.


quoted from www.kooglewerks.com :


this kit is designed for late model US market impact bumper cars, (requiring the front bumper removed) adds to the function and vintage rally look by accommodating most common aftermarket lamps. (with two mounting positions for deep or shallow style lamps) comes with two CNC cut .090 steel brackets, two .090 steel mounting tabs, zinc coated metric mounting hardware and two formed ABS plastic cosmetic covers (install with 3m automotive tape) brackets are coated in semigloss black.










In preparation for an upcoming event on the central California coast, Ali Javidan brought his car up to the KoogleWerks facility for some special requests. Bouncing back and forth between filling production parts orders and working on Rick's pig cheek car (another story) in a little over a month we got a lot done. Here are some of the details (all items on Ali's "to-do list" 


1: cut out existing seat mount sheet metal structure and fabricate a lower system to mount aftermarket Recaro seat

2: front (engine sump) skid pan 

3: in-trunk "spill-proof" fuel filler system 

4: cover LED tail lamps for protection and cosmetics

5: swap out external fuel pump for in-tank unit 

6:driving light tie-in brackets to eliminate vibration 

7: under dash panel to accommodate electric power steering 

8: center console cup holder 

9: better trunk mounted battery tray/rack


...and a dozen other little things associated or otherwise!

(the reality of a "simple list" can often be complicated) 


the result was, we got a lot done and had a good time doing it. Some new production parts were birthed as a side effect as well!











Spent a brief moment updating the KoogleWerks website, added some details on air dam fit/length (so each one is easier to identify in photos I.E; long/short, high mount/low mount, etc.) as well as made a new page dedicated to updates on new product development and prototypes that may (or may not) make it to production.


"As we gain manufacturing capabilities and Ideas evolve, we hope to keep you up to date with future products and special projects (some of which are available for purchase now!)" 

- http://www.kooglewerks.com/prototyping-in-progress/


and here are just a few random pics...works in progress and oddities.


new air dam designs







I've been wanting to produce these for some time now, and although many of you (including myself) want to see bigger projects like the aluminum fender flares done and up for sale... these were a "must do" and I'm glad to be producing the first run. 


Made from impact resistant polycarbonate/PETG these durable covers protect your expensive headlamps from damage while enhancing the 'rally prep'd/track" styling of your 2002!


7" version fits many common vehicles (bmw 2002, E9, etc.) and is designed to work with OE sealed beam bulbs and upgraded H4 conversion bulbs as well.

The black and yellow tinted versions are not intended for street use and are sold for "off-road/track & show only" (as you might guess, they do defuse and/or dim the output of the bulb)







After many inquiries and requests for a wider version of our Aluminum air dams, I finally found the time (and a good car to work from) to make a prototype. There were a lot a variables to consider. It needed to mount up high, covering the bead detail in the valence (nose panel). It needed to fit and look good both with and without a front bumper (early and late) it also needed to wrap all the way to the fender arch/wheel well....yet fit the average banged up and repainted 45 year old car. 


This is what I came up with. It looks low but it in fact allows for 3/8" more ground clearance than my original long/low mount version (shown in pic, for comparison) Happy with the results, I know it won't work on every flared and modified race car, but with very little effort it fit up nicely to the four different cars I cross-referenced the shape to. 


I've made a short run of these and they are available to purchase @ www.kooglewerks.com 







It's been a while since an update, and I'm happy to say we haven't been idle. There's a few new parts I've developed and released, now on the website and into the hands of fellow enthusiasts. Hoping to both share the news and maybe gain some feedback/insight into what else might be needed and desired...as I often times am most inspired to create parts that fill a void in the market both style and function-wise.


Here are a few of the recent offerings: 


replacement under dash panels with accommodation for a deep 5-1/4" coaxial speakers (sold with or without speakers)


Center console insert/shifter surround with dual cup holder (works with factory style shift boot, sold with or without leather shift boot)


center console gauge/switch/radio panel, houses standard 52mm/2-1/8" gauges (even ones with oversized bezels) that are angled upwards and towards the driver (for LHD) below them is an area for hazard switch/aux function switches (that does not require extending the wire harness) & a lower location for a shaft style factory radio or an aftermarket DIN sized radio.


aluminum (brushed, polished or satin black) and wood (or leather) e-brake handle "upgrade kit" with matching leather brake leaver and shifter boots 


(full details and descriptions/pricing at www.kooglewerks.com) 
























Although my website has some of these parts listed, hopefully I can use this 'Blog' to post some more fun stuff and projects that come and go.


I have been working closely with Rick (and the whole team) over at Northbay Bavarian here in Santa Rosa, he has been a great friend and advocate of my work. Tasked with making 'something' for his LaCarrera Panamericana race car trans tunnel (given only the request to "make it look better") I came up with this insulated/padded vinyl stitched cover with integrated shift boot and stainless throttle rub-plate. a simple afternoon project...I LOVE working on this kind of a beautiful (yet driven) example!



this weekend we had a visit from Pedram (chime in dude, I don't know your username on here!) in his french market 2002 touring. He came up from the south bay to have me install a short low mount aluminum air dam...(ended up with a little more than just the lip...I think it was a good trip!) There are many options when installing aftermarket body panels and aero parts, but for this application, I chose to use a coated steel threaded insert (or nutsert) and stainless button allen screws. easily serviceable, weather resistant...and classy.


the mildly modified look and low stance, and bright trim of the touring really worked well with the raw brushed aluminum lip...and although I really like seeing them painted, we both agreed it looked good enough bare to just "run it"!! Pedram was a pleasure to work with on the install and he even drove away representing with a kooglewerks grill badge added to his collection!