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Motor Meets Transmission.



Progress has been slow.  (I promise not to start every blog post that way!)  However, I now have the electric motor (Parker GVM 210-150) mated to the 4-speed transmission with a coupler from Hayes to mount the clutch assembly and a custom aluminum bell housing adapter.  That motorcycle in the background of the photo below is one of the reasons why progress has been so slow, but I'll save that for a separate post... 


Motor_mount_4.jpg.a2a5b0da4469a4f09a5b8cbf14203712.jpg    20190909_201026.thumb.jpg.99571fc1e8000dd8db1a3f81bb66055b.jpg


So what does it look like in the former engine bay?... tiny. 




There's more "stuff" required to fill out the motor bay, but it's still a surprise to see how small a modern EV motor is needed to outperform the original drivetrain.  As a reminder, this is a 100# water-cooled, internal permanent magnet motor producing 189 lb-ft of torque and somewhere around 160hp.  Unfortunately, the weird stock engine mounts didn't provide a lot of good options to mount the motor, so we improvised and came up with unique steel mounts that will attach through urethane bushings to the frame rails via a new welded-in bracket.  I was hoping not to compromise the frame rails, but this car is never going to be converted back, so what the heck... 




Now that the drivetrain is nearly in, I'll need to make some progress with the battery assembly and wiring harness next.  I've also got a few more big components to get on order - namely the motor inverter, which will sit above the motor on a yet to be designed bracket.  Stay tuned!  

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Nice progress! Had a few questions on the motor if you don't mind me asking. How hard is it to get that motor? What are you planning on as far as the inverter goes? I was thinking of eventually going with the Netgain Hyper 9 motor, but didn't really like the fact that it was air cooled.

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The motor is not terribly hard to get a hold of.  It needs to be ordered with a particular winding chosen and a few other details.  I could help you with this if you're interested.  It's a water-cooled motor designed for OE traction applications, so intended exactly for this purpose.  i.e... this is not a "hobbyist" level motor.  I intend to pair it with either a Cascadia Motion (formerly Rinehart) PM100DXR or PM150.  I have used this pairing for years now in electric motorcycle racing across the US and Isle of Man TT, so have some pretty strong confidence in that pairing for what I'm looking to achieve.  I have never used the Netgain motors, but I am somewhat wary of air-cooled designs.  I also think your motor choice highly depends on your battery selection as the Netgain motor is designed to run at 100Vdc, whereas the Parker is intended for higher voltage applications as you would find in an EV from a major manufacturer.  

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Ah ok, thanks for the response/ information! Are there any books or resources you would recommend to learn more about doing an EV conversion? I come from a mechanical engineering background but have very little experience with electrical machinery.

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