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  1. Yeah, butt Jonny's posts about welding were... ...over the moon. t
  2. Yup, it's certainly a feature. Oddly, it's for warmer climates, where the heater core didn't get flow for up to years, and the additives would settle out of the coolant, plugging and rotting things as Mike says. I too pressurize a valve that I've rebuilt- takes very little time compared to the fiasco that is heater box removal... t
  3. "BMW, in dire straits as a car company, cuts apart several VW Beetles, a TR4A, an Austin Mini, and various DAFs, Renaults, and some Leyland saloons, and, by 1967, as almost a last gasp, finally starts mass- producing a car that they can make a reasonable profit on." Fortunately, we like it, buy it, and BMW is reborn as a modern car company. t studied history, and the various ways in which events are shaped by who's writing...
  4. Yes, please for pictures. But the E21 started out with a rack... For the record, now that Jonny isn't posting much, we're always in for pix! You used to have to be a little careful what you asked for... t
  5. I had an entire manure spreader made of those, once. The oddest part is when a bolt looks half like that- and the other half still has the zinc oxide on it, and looks almost new. t
  6. Probably for a 518 intake or something else not applicable. I have a ziplock baggie full of those, and all the other odds and ends you don't use out of the various head gasket sets... t
  7. So, yeah, what Andrew's saying is... he's not shocked. Neither am I. Other things try, after making sure the engine is up as far as it should be: Loosen the flange nuts very slightly, and put a solid lift on it. Like, gently, with a jack. The holes have some slop- it might be enough to help. The holes can also be ovalized a bit in critical spots. It takes very little rotation around the flange axis to give you the 1/2" or so that you want. Headers on a car with floppy engine mounts are always going to be a challenge- pretty hard urethane is kinda required, as there's not a ton of room in there. And the mounts aren't dimensionally exact, either. hth, t
  8. YOU lucky buggers- we're still COVIDing ourselves to death. t proud to live in an anarchist city...
  9. Yeah, for a race car, you've already murdered the scrub radius with the sticky- out slicks. Most of the time you're using the 5 degrees of steering around straight- ahead anyways, so may as well save some weight, save some room and get far more adjustability from a rack conversion. Since you're already building the front from raceyparts anyhoo. When I have the 10x24" tires on, I limit the steering pretty significantly, as anything over 3/4 turn in either direction will shred the front tires if I'm dumb enough to try to reverse... but, then, raceycar.... t
  10. On the tii, if you're using early E21 hubs and rotors, you also use the 528 caliper. It all bolts together, and changes nothing other than brake cooling and rotor rigidity, as the 528 used the same pads as the tii. I race that way- it's heavy, but legal. t from back when the turbo rotors were only available as a custom thing, and the E21 vented rotor cost 2 burgers.
  11. No chemicals, but I've found that green scrubby pads from the kitchen do the job. You need a new one, and flexing the rubber helps. I think the industrial version you find in the shop are too abrasive- but it's been a looong time now... t
  12. Awww, you guys make me wanna sell the house (keep the barn, because 'have to fix the car') and hit the vintage tour. Just for the track time! t
  13. ...assuming you don't mean the opposite to the several (dozen) boxes of parts I have in the barn... what are you waiting for? A 1 wheel drive 2002 is just not that much fun. Fishtailing in the rain in 3rd? Priceless! t snap oversteer can never be your true friend in a corner.
  14. Oh, for Pete's sake, just bomb- can the whole assembly red and go faster! It's what all the cool kids are doing... t paints his rotors green so that they are more environmentally friendly
  15. But take the valve cover off and check them now. If something's gone wrong under there, from a wiped lobe to a slack adjuster to a dropped seat to an exhaust that can't close all the way- well, there's your problem. You don't need to lash them- just get #1 to TDC and see if both rockers have a bit of clearance. Easy to rule out. t
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