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  1. The 'resonator' is misnamed- it's really an 'anti- resonator' and a lack of one will, indeed, drive you nuts. Just like a lack of anti- sway bar will drive you nuts. Keep both. Buy a different muffler. t Magnaflows.
  2. TobyB

    5 sp swap opinions

    You need a 3 bolt flange like you need an E21 diff- it's a bit stouter. But the 4 bolt works just fine. IF you buy quality guibos, and therein lies the rub- which guibo that's currently available ISN'T utter junk? No- one knows, from day to day... The 4- bolt from the auto driveshaft is pretty likely to be a different pattern than the 4- bolt from a manual box, tho. t races a 4- bolt guibo
  3. TobyB

    scorpian exhaust

    If you use cheap, low- zddp muffler lube, then it'll wear out faster... t
  4. TobyB

    Shift rod angle

    I do it that way. I also make it just a little (1/4"?) shorter than the support base, so it's angled back a bit more. I find it helps me get the seat back farther, which is good for the pedals, and then I use a deeper steering wheel setup. Makes for a better driving position for me, 5-10, with a 32" inseam and a preference for a more Italianate torso angle. t
  5. Yeah, agreed- find someone with an M20 powered car and see if that's a good place to start... problem being that anything after the E36 (or maybe even including it) uses a computer that controls the gearbox, and therefore has to see the engine computer, the traction computer, etc, etc etc etc. so would be a REAL project in small process computers. In your shoe, I would find a very basic (E30) autobox, and start there, get the car going, and THEN see if you want something fancier. I suppose technically an SMG box could be made to work, but holy cats, the electronic R&D would be serious. Unless that's your trade, and then it'd probably not be too hard. hth, t
  6. TobyB

    Brake Master Cyl. ?

    E21 calipers. They're what others have used on the early cars. I raced with them for a few years- they work. t
  7. I dunno, but you should swap a VW motor in. It would solve the radiator- to- fan clearance problem once and for all. t
  8. A more civilized idea that the world just seems to have a hard time adopting. For cold climates, it'd be wonderful. Personally, I'd do it. t
  9. Suggests a booster failure to me- the booster should NEVER be able to actuate the brakes on its own. Stuck actuating valve in the booster itself, methinks. t
  10. TobyB

    Brake Master Cyl. ?

    Ooo post a picture. the US 240s all were 2 circuit, that I found. You may have something different. Or a Volvo caliper that I've not come across- (from a 140?) -because- I would really like to find a 1 circuit 4 pot NON-VENTED caliper with the 3" mount flange Volvo geometry- it'd make Datsun roadster big front calipers a lot easier. Early 6ers and some 5's have a single circuit 4- pot- but they have a 3.5" bolt spacing, which fits the tii strut. t
  11. No, it's +2... heh. Really, that means you need a +2 over nominal spacer. t
  12. TobyB

    Brake Master Cyl. ?

    Which you can tear out of the floor right before you plunge off the cliff. The 'emergency' brake is good (almost) enough to hold the car on a slight incline. If you split the brakes front/ rear on the 2 master circuits, you have some redundancy- many earlier cars split it diagonally, which would be scary, too. But meet the letter of the law. Yes, IF it would fit, the 5- port can have 1 port of each circuit plugged, but make sure it physically fits into the car first- the 3- port brakes are mechanically quite different from the cars that have 5 ports... usually... in my limited experience. If you're going to go to big brakes, I can heartily recommend duplicating the later cars' 5 circuit system- it's very, very safe. A bit more work up front, and maybe some cost, but once it's done, you have what everyone has, and parts, etc, are easy. 'inventing' something with Volvo brakes for an early car leaves you with something pretty unique. Others have used 320 calipers on early cars, since they are single circuit. hth, and keep the questions coming, t
  13. Huh. a $12k squarie should look pretty good. There are a whole bunch of pictures that aren't there- rockers, front of rear quarters, lower nose, rear spring perches, VIN, etc etc. It's rear wheel drive, too, in case the errant description confused you. Yes, if it passes a good 'lift and poke' test for rust, leaks, and accident damage , that doesn't seem like a bad candidate. But if it's not 100%, don't feel bad about looking for another. Oh, make sure you're not somewhere that requires 'California Emissions'- that car won't pass. t
  14. That sure doesn't sound like a trans output bearing failure symptom, since the clutch, functioning properly, should allow the trans to stop spinning entirely. The usual failure at the back of the trans is the output flange- the nut works loose, the splines wear, and one day, that slight vibration you'd been feeling for a few weeks turns into a loud graunching noise. I advise a bit o' caution..,.,... at least before writing a very big check for promised repairs... t
  15. TobyB

    Brake Master Cyl. ?

    How many circuits do the front calipers have? You probably just have the wrong master- 68 brakes are different. and tiny. t