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  1. TobyB

    CAD Models

    ...yeah, that's the direction I see this planet headed, certainly... t why didn't my $30 Horror Fright drill last as long as the Makita did?
  2. TobyB

    CAD Models

    Yeah, boy, howdy. I can do serviceable drawings in 20 minutes, and then spend the next three days detailing them. And then spend a day or 2 chasing the errors that the details drew into the solids... t
  3. Neup- all I know is that the calipers work. You then use an early 320 hub, and a 1977 e21 rotor. The early hub might be the same, but I never tried it. And I never tried the rotor. But again, BMW never changed a dimension they didn't have to... In the US, I THINK there are 2 633 calipers that work on the tii struts. One has dual brake circuits (earlier) and one has only one circuit (mid- range) but is a 2- part 4- pot, and then there is a later generation that has floating calipers. Keep in mind that I last did anything with this stuff more than a decade ago, so I may not be... correct... t
  4. Now, to drill and tap the plug to 10x1 for a VDO temp sensor! hee t has actually done that...
  5. This was something we've needed for a while, now. I wonder if there's a way to non- destructively get the plastic out of there, as the motors themselves can often be repaired. I'll get right on that. t
  6. ...and then get ti trailing arms, as the E30 is also, sensibly, 4 on 100. heh and yes, it would need to be early, E12 style open hubs- only the early 633's had the ti pattern calipers. t
  7. Is that an insert? I saw it as a spot face, which would mean it's a non- tapered hole that uses a crush washer on the face to seal. Zat is uzually ze German vay for de senzors... t
  8. If it encourages you, the 633 calipers are a bolt- on to the tii struts, and they fit perfectly over the E21 brake rotor. So your odds aren't bad that it'd work- BMW only changed a dimension when they had to, back then... t who'd grab one in the junkyard... err, nope, that was 15 years ago!
  9. TobyB

    high performance ?

    From the looks of the 200mm spare you've got, I'd really recommend going Ed's route. Order up a 228 kit, tell the shop that it needs a .020" step for the clutch, and be done with it. The 228mm clutch will stand for a TON of abuse, and you'll never have to think about it again. And if you tow a lot, the cheap Air Lift bags that fit inside your springs work wonders, for about $100. You might have to call them with your spring dimensions, if they don't show an application for a 2002. t
  10. Also, the bearings need to be (approximately) the same distance apart. Not saying they are NOT, just that they Might not be. fwiw t
  11. TobyB

    high performance ?

    With a '67, you may have the earlier 6- bolt flywheel and 200 mm clutch. That's kind of hard to upgrade- if you could find an early 6- bolt 2002 flywheel, that MIGHT let you go to the 228 mm early 2002 clutch, which would be a worthwhile upgrade for towing. Others will chime in, but in this case, I'd recommend an upgrade, since you're towing. At this point in my automotive career, I'd upgrade the engine or make a flywheel, but I've gone waaaay too far down the rabbit hole to be a 'reliable resource' for things like this. hth t
  12. Yup, it's a 240! If it is low, it would be very easy to shim it up. But check your driveshaft angle to the center bearing. If the driveshaft sags, that's a sure indication that the rear is low. In fact, it's the only thing that REALLY matters about the rear trans position. hth t
  13. TobyB

    CAD Models

    Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that- Ray can get vicious when you push his buttons! t better since medicated
  14. Is it a 240 5- speed or a 245 5- speed? The rear mount LOOKS ok- straight across, like it should be. And an E21 mount. If you have a 245, it should be hign enough in the tunnel that it is almost hitting. I'm not sure about the 240, but I'd expect the same. Like Hal, I'd next check the engine mounts, and see how much the oil pan clears the subframe. From memory, you should be able to get your hand, flat, between the pan and the subframe. Pictures are HARD under there- try pulling the trans support (there's very little weight on it, so a jackstand wedged under the trans is plenty) and getting pics of the mounts on the body itself. Then engine mount pics... You're only missing 1/2" clearance at most- that's one of the tighter spots on a 2002. hth t
  15. TobyB

    Stahl Header resurrection

    VHT HEADER paint works ok. If your prep is good, it actually holds up for a while. Mine is not, so I respray it occasionally. Which, every time I do, looks better and better. I have one coated header- it's looked good for 25 years... t