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  1. ...and those bolts must be parallel in both X and Y axes, or you'll never get the subframe back on. t
  2. TobyB

    License Plate Lights - OMG

    Yup, $9.95, actually. Audi Foxes used them too. t
  3. TobyB

    roll bar AutoPower

    I had one for a while. It doesn't stiffen anything. You're tying the floor to the rear wheelarches- already a strong part of the car unless some moron cut away your rear seatback for subz I never used mine, as in, never crushed the roof of the car in a rollover. The foot pads are too small, and sit on the floor- I added much bigger baseplates. There are old threads on this, too. t
  4. Yeah, should be MORE than 3, or >>pop<<! t
  5. TobyB

    Non-BMW in tank EFI pumps.

    Honestly, I bet you'll be ok with the stock late e30 pump setup from a 325i. They're tough, conservatively- rated pumps that support m20 turbos. And make 90 psi dead- end, even with 200k on them. And they fit right in. Even come with a fuel sender. The e46 m3 pump is native 4 bar, but won't fit through the stock hole. t cheapskate
  6. This confuses me. You can shift with the engine running? Otherwise, I'd be looking for rusted linkage, stuck master, stuck slave, or a pushrod that's popped out of the master or the clutch fork. Or worn thru, if a 5 speed. hth, t
  7. TobyB

    To drive or not drive?

    Oddly, rust is much more benign in California, and the other desert states. It can look like that for decades... ...thus, that 'look' that's so trendy. Around here, yup, that'd get you an open- sky rainroof in a few years. t
  8. Vun day, far in de future, vit dis beard and dis kar, I vill be kool! I may have to lose de hat... t
  9. TobyB

    Fuel delivery questions?

    No, only on high g turns. But. I've noticed that too, with ethanol- infused pump gas. I think modern fuel has such a low flash point that it boils in the float bowl on shut down heat soak. I do not notice that with the 100ll that I run the race car on.... ...but that is far better fuel. In several ways. t
  10. TobyB

    Door disassembly

    Yup, very carefully using soft plastic tools Yup, once the main glass is out, the vent mechanism and window comes out complete. Stock mirrors came apart from the outside, originally. Small setscrew at the back edge... t
  11. They're overpriced for what they are. Especially tii's. t
  12. There's always the E30 14" steel wheel, too. t
  13. TobyB

    Fuel delivery questions?

    Yup, I made the assumption you have DCOE's (no power valves, btw) which, especially if the level is high or the carb is tipped, can leak from the float bowl to the venturi via the air passages. Asymmetrically. If you have different carbs, I dunno. t
  14. Don't forget the exhaust manifold, especially if it goes away as the engine warms. They make a very <snap>py sound when the gasket leaks. t