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  1. TobyB

    Cabin roar - reasons ?

    Randy, what exhaust system are you using? I have found that one with a resonator is a lot less prone to drone, especially as pipe diameter goes down. Likewise, as Matt says, how it hangs also can make a big noise difference. Any inappropriate touching will do it... Also, since I set the carpet and underlayment on fire several times, welded in new floors, etc, my car was a lot noisier than Jenns, which has lots of jute, asphalt, and carpet on the floor and firewall. and dear Gott, reading comprehension, my dear faqquers! t
  2. TobyB

    Ireland Engineering on vacation?

    Don't lay it on TOO thick, though, now- some of us have been around a while, and have our own opinions, based on past performance. t
  3. TobyB

    Daily driver

    I drove one as a daily in Seattle until about 8 years ago. Kind of the same climate as Scotland, maybe a bit less snow. Keeping windows defrosted is a bit difficult. The carb may ice, but varying throttle position helps a lot with that. Traffic eventually convinced me not to. When I started driving antiques, about 1995, other drivers noticed, waved, gave you a bit of room, etc. By 2010, they tailgated, honked, cut you off, and were behaving like a bunch of Californians. So I started driving beater E36's. In Edinburgh or Glasgow, I wouldn't want one. In almost everywhere else, I think it'd be a good car. Depending on how far North you are, snow tires and a limited slip diff wold be a real asset. t
  4. Here's the deal, in my world- IF you really like those, then try them. You will probably need a spacer, as 33 is going to let a 7" rim ALMOST touch the strut, or just bind on it. However, you won't have much, if any, fender clearance at all either, so you can then tune how they fit EXACTLY with a spacer. The only downsides I've found with spacers are 1- you have to retorque your lugs several times after you change a wheel 2- you have to remember to put them on. Otherwise, et33 gives you a bit of fine- tuning ability that et 25 does not. t
  5. TobyB

    Fakey-Doo Alpina Diff Cover Mounts?

    Try E36 diff bushings, if stockey- doo... dont? Doo tell- where'd you find this? t
  6. Even the $10 Harbor Freight version works pretty well... t
  7. Are you referring to the patch getting 'wider and shorter'? In THEORY, that's counteracted by running the wider tires at a lower pressure (to a point) to account for the lower unit loading of the wider patch. At a certain point, lowering the pressure too far reduces unit pressure in the center of the tire too much, and reduces widewall stiffness too far. Then, yes, you get 'too much tire' and can't use it all, but: that's USUALLY a power or suspension geometry problem, though- look at how wide F1 tires got when they were unregulated... and they kept going faster... What does happen to a skinnier tire is it gets hotter, faster, and reaches higher equilibrium temperatures. So if you can't get your tires over 160f, yeah, you have too much rubber. Usually, what happens tho, is that you overheat the skinnier tire sooner... And a whole lotta other things... fun discussion, though! heh t
  8. Hmm, yeah- I usually get the 2002 driver or the old 912 or something because 'you race an antique, you'll know what to do' On the other hand, shells are stronger, airbags work, and seatbelt pretensioners help, too. And I've gotten better about 'brake, Brake BRAKE BRAKE!!!' earlier and more proactively. We all have to do our own math, I guess.... Even so, track days on old tires can be lotsa fun... t
  9. Which pistons? There are few high- compression e21 pistons out there, and the others 'may' hit an e21 head. No shiny spots on the piston crowns or combustion chambers, were there? t has kissed the head before... edit, yes, 190 is just a bit on the high side, but with a high compression piston and low overlap cam, it's entirely believable. Plus, absolute compression numbers are pretty variable. I've found ticking to be exhaust manifold gaskets WAY more than I would have expected...
  10. They make good 'instructor car' tires at this point- 3 hard, sidewise laps, and they'll have enough stick to be fun. And not kill the nice, all- weather tires you use to commute. t bummed his commuter now uses bigger tires than the race car- what can I use aged- out rains for now?
  11. TobyB

    Best engine advice 1600

    Turrrrbbbbooooooo... but if you have a single- barrel carb, still, swap that, a moderate cam, and maybe exhaust will be a start... hth, t
  12. TobyB

    Correct Redline?

    I found stock spring pressures didn't work much over 6800. With a milder (304-ish) cam. That was the first round of rocker breakage... t
  13. TobyB

    Driveshaft problem. Help!

    You beat me to it. I watched a 24' box truck with 2 carriers roll down the street the other day... Locally, the balancers all run at 3000 rpm, max. Doesn't quite work with the 8500+ that the racecar driveshaft spun... t