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  1. Funny, I remember that store, was in it just as they were closing it down and was just off the highway after you get off the Richmond / San Rafael bridge. I still remember they had a set of red dot/green dot (?) negative camber struts, CR steering box, some alpina bushings and that was about it. Those were the days......👍
  2. My Alpina Gr. 2 car originally ran with a QR box in it.....imagine what it was like to run that thing in a 4 or 6 hour race with 11x15 wheels up front. Drivers needed to be on weight program......😆 As soon as R&P steering was homologated they changed. As far as QR boxes on street cars, folks either love-em or hate-em it seems.
  3. For the most part they are that 'brick red' color and yes the 177 numbering. Never drove a car with one in it so no first hand experience. They are expensive now for sure. Really surprised honestly with modern machining, CADD, 3d printing etc., that no one has made the gears to retrofit a standard box ,,,,,,, for those that must have (but then that must have maybe its having the genuine article?).
  4. Great video as always. I have to say that looks like a fun track to rip around on....
  5. Old, old thread. I haven't seen any follow up from Mattij in a long time. Seemed though like he was on the right path. I have heard that Schnitzer will provide you a complete motor (carbureted) for a number I heard ($70,000). Karl Seidler in Austria has made some replica head kits, those I want to say were about 30,000 (not sure if that was dollars or EUR). Reproduction Schnitzer engine bits is essentially nil as compared with the many companies that are making BMW M12/7 parts.
  6. Interesting concept. To each his (or her own), I would choose to use. Life is short, that lesson is learned most recently by many unfortunately. I would lose the blue though.....I could break down about 90% of my Gr 2 car and turn it into a display, parts that few have seen before. A4 systems are lots a fun, Alpina got it right.👍
  7. Many years ago a fellow by the name of Jeff Mulcahey (sp?) founder of the tii register, tested his 72tii/A4 at road atlanta - with and without airbox. The car was faster with the airbox......he figured the slight increase in speed/power was due to the ram air achieved with the airbox.....seems logical to me.....
  8. Hi Mark. My name is Brian and I had seen one of your posts about my father Dan Alvis. If you'd like to catch up or more information about some of the parts you had spoken of feel free to reach out. 

    1. markmac


      Brian, thanks for the note.  I hope you are well.  We are living these days in very interesting times aren't we?  I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I sure didn't see this one coming (Covid19 pandemic, riots across the nation....etc.,). That is a really old post.  As I am writing this I recall seeing a pic of your dad driving (racing?) a 2002 up on two wheels, nearly vertical to the ground (am I remembering that right?).  I am always interested in hearing about rare parts, bmw or other.  What I sort of recall was that (maybe?) your dad had a couple of Schnitzer 16v heads, but don't recall much else now.  I always do keep discussions like this confidential so you don't need to worry about seeing your name and email posted up somewhere with a bunch of kooks email you....best regards.  Mark.

  9. I re-did mine a few months back. Never heard of 'clocking' in any of the articles I read....(unfortunately). Don't have a factory manual any longer. I really do not want to take those sucka's apart. Messy job and took more time than I had anticipated.
  10. Nice work Ken (as usual). I did a double take on that 'hump', had to go take a look at mine to see what mine looked like.....(not like this).
  11. Seriously considering that option for my car, kind of interested in the Retro Engineering option, straight cut gears (w syncromesh) that they think can handle the power my motor makes. The S5-18/3 boxes have the msport gear ratios and are apparently very resilient (and you can get spares for them, probably the most important thing...…).
  12. Steve, what trans did you have in there before? How do you like your ZF?
  13. Nick, that is exactly what they did, a much better solution than plumbing the cold start injector into the air box.
  14. The article was called "Bayerischer Bastard"
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