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  1. Hose clamps

    Stoked about the 'clips and fasteners' link, have been killing myself trying to find rubber grommets for various lines/wiring etc., it looks like they might have what I need. Good luck with your project.
  2. Hose clamps

    Not quite the same but very similar (and period correct) "Norma" clamps, as used by Mercedes, Porsche & BmW + a number of others. Some of the oE BmW clamps had the BmW Roundel stamped in them, hard to come by now...
  3. Opinion poll - Strut/Shock color

    Its your call....Some of the Bilstein race struts are painted yellow. The 'Bilstein Yellow' color seems to have morphed over the years (kinda like 'BBS Gold'), years ago I snagged a can of paint from Bilstein (they restored a set of my Gr. 2 rear shocks but didn't want to do the painting so they sent me the paint). That paint is Ellis Paint Co. Industrial Spray Enamel #217 'yellow'. Not sure if it is available any longer, it is (NOT) common place in most stores (stores i frequent anyway). Photo's I have of original bmw or bilstein/alpina strut housings that are black, that black isn't flat, isn't really semi either (semi black has a little too much shine to it), more of a matt black. I just did re-finish my Gr. 2 struts, I used VHT semi gloss roll bar and chassis paint. I like the finish, more than matte, less gloss than most semi-gloss'.
  4. It is unfortunate that they appear to have to have the cars 'roped off', looking at them from 2-3-4 or more feet away isn't the same as looking at them close up.....and or with the hood/trunk (boot) up ... as the details in those areas tell part of the story with the car - speaking for myself only, the exterior bits are pretty obvious, the other not so much. Some of the most interesting details on my car are under the hood or in the trunk (or underneath), which you would never know or understand if you couldn't see for yourself. Based on some of the battle damage on #34, it see's a lot more track time than the Alpina.
  5. PNW LeMay Museum BMW event

    What Toby said......CCA is pretty much (totally) worthless. Not much meat on the bone (ie., interesting stuff for folks with these cars...only occasionally will there be something notable in the 'Roundel' and why the hell do they bother with classifieds - seriously). I renewed my membership back in 2016 when I thought I was bringing my car to the Legends....the Roundels I received for the most part went nearly immediately into the recycling. Just me though (or maybe not). Back on topic, I did see some FB posting of the cars, looks like a nice museum/building and the have a good selection of cars there. Worthwhile if your in the area I think.
  6. 2002 IMSA racing '69 to '72 DC area?

    Mark Windecker has quite a few photo's from those days in his collection. Who knows yours may be in there, he has some of the Miller & Norburn car(s) and John Morton, Ray Korman etc. check the 'Good old days of IMSA'...folder
  7. Andersson. I just refreshed it for you. "Sharing some Vintage Race Shots".
  8. CCA Icon 2002 preview

    15" Alpina's
  9. New Video: 2018 Classic Motorsports Mitty

    Steve, great video as usual. What gear set are/were you using? Whatever it was it appears 'you chose wisely' ...... appeared to easily pull away from your pal driving the Porsche 944 - looked like you really had it on the top end. Nice work.
  10. CCA Icon 2002 preview

    No, it is a sedan, I believe it is Ben Miller's (2002 AD), A4 car which I believe came out of Japan.
  11. #34 Hyde Park 2002 @ The Mitty

    Steve, nice to hear #34 made it out of there unscathed. Over 50 cars in a group is ridiculous.... that is a lot of cars in a run group. Some of the larger groups at Monterey I want to say are 35 or so....and that seems like a lot to me. Interesting observation on 'driver attitude'.
  12. I have gone to most of these over the years, I don't know that I have seen this many cars before. More o2's in one place than I have ever seen - quite a few up in the parking lot as well, including Alfa's, E30's, new stuff, etc., etc., pretty impressive. NO WIND (it was actually warm), SSF can be pretty stinking cold with fog, wind etc., not today.
  13. Boat anchor....or flood victim? (maybe both). Obviously a lot worse out there, still quite a bit to do there (and the expensive sort of bit...), but then its all expensive.
  14. Cardboard M10 head complete

    Of course, of course. Wise choice.