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  1. I inquired a few months back …. it has been sold. In Europe now I suspect.
  2. markmac

    74 tii Rebuild Questions

    Your kidding, right? Many moons ago I had an Alpina A4 system on a tii I ran around, had a factory 300 cam. Ran GREAT with the A4 injection. Took the injection off and put the standard tii injection back on - basically wouldn't idle. Would completely die out unless I kept the rpms at like 3-3500. I can't imagine how one could be made to work with a standard tii set up without significant bespoke work on the pump + other. Personally, I have never heard of anyone having luck with anything more than a 284 with standard tii injection.
  3. markmac

    Old air horn came with A4

    negative. thatsa shorty.
  4. markmac

    2019 Alpina Calendar

    Thanks Lars, they did put quite a few images in there, I really like how they did them. Interesting the car is referred to as "Langnese Rennwagen". I know Langnese sponsored the car for many of those years so it makes sense. The car is currently at a local fabricator having the steering rebuilt. What a freaking nightmare. The bump steer was so bad - it would have been dangerous to dive, so much time sorting it out. Just before it was sent out last month....- front spoiler.
  5. markmac

    Herbert Schnitzer

    Good to hear from you Lars, and great story. As far as the Schnitzer Engine goes, that is actually pretty amazing to hear. I had heard they 'were' going to do this but had not seen or heard any evidence they actually were. Someone I know over there that has a relationship there told me they were struggling with their molds either getting or able to get the cast quality they needed. Obviously they figured it out. At just a little under $60k US that is an expensive motor for sure (less than what I heard which was $70k). I would call these "NNS", New New Stock. Original maker of the part(s) is making a new run of parts they have already developed and previously made....that said by definition, repro and replica work as well. Hope all is well.
  6. markmac

    14" wheel tires

    Pirelli makes a CN36 in a 185/70-14 which would look pretty snappy on those panasports I think, not inexpensive unfortunately.
  7. markmac

    Favorite BMW Ad

  8. markmac

    early Alpina carbs

    All I have ever seen on the early cars were Weber carbs. Sometime, not exactly sure when they switched to Solex ADDHE' understanding is that they couldn't get the Weber's past the TUV (don't know enough to know but I am thinking the Solex' were cleaner?). I'll try to look through some of my old stuff and see if i see anything.
  9. markmac

    GETRAG 235 parts

    Honestly I don't know enough to know.....other than the two are not compatible (according to the guys at Retro Sport <and I physically sent them one of my gears>. If they were (albeit those pieces are expensive), I would have my gearbox back together.
  10. markmac

    GETRAG 235 parts

    I have a 235/5 gears are good. Engagement teeth/gears or whatever the h*ll you call them, not so much. Porsche 'gear teeth' are different...been there done that (sent one of my gears to Retro Sport to have them look they have those parts for Porsche gears.
  11. markmac

    BMW Exhibition in Switzerland

    Very nice. Beautiful cars. Have you ever stopped into Heini Mader's place in Gland? Guessing he has some pretty 'interesting' bits there.
  12. markmac

    The 1969 2002tiK Kompressor

    Somewhere I have an image of what that looks like - there is a finely splined gear that fits on the end of the camshaft that the rotor fits on to, the cap appears to be the same as well used on my Schnitzer motor. Those caps are expensive....+$800.
  13. markmac

    The 1969 2002tiK Kompressor

    No idea on the tank, but guessing it was a convenient way to get extra capacity, keeping a cut up version of the original and then adding on a pretty substantial extra tank above. No idea on the capacity but had to be +100L (or whatever the rules allowed). I was looking at that as well, lotsa fuel pumps.
  14. markmac

    The 1969 2002tiK Kompressor

    Made lots-o-power, but didn't last long. I believe those motors suffered from ' severe detonation ' ....intercooler's weren't part of the equation then. But hella fast for the laps they made - sort of a tortoise and hare thing I think. Interesting they were using the cast aluminum upper timing covers then with the mechanical tacho drive off the pump.
  15. Over the weekend the slide throttle (schrick) shown in the first post sold on ebay - 46 bidders, a little bit over $10,000 usd I believe (or right around there.....) Ouch. Happy seller.