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  1. Good call on them, as long as you don't 'have to have' an original Recaro or Scheel, which you would probably pay 5x more (or more depending on the seat) to buy second hand.
  2. Just ran across this really cool Instagram post of Alpina's Gr. 5 16oo, which apparently they have restored and is in their collection of classics....nice work! https://www.instagram.com/we.shoot.it/
  3. markmac

    In need of a shell

    +1 on Tommy's comments. At the end I don't know if you end up with a salvage title (to some that counts, others not so much). With the frame alignment equipment they have now, they can pretty much do anything. It is a matter of cost, but if you can find someone that works on classics you might have better luck than a 'collision shop' - best thing to gather as much info as you can, call/talk to whomever in your area that has the gear and then make an informed decision from there. I ended up putting an entire rear clip on my race car. Expensive? yes. I had no choice with this particular car. It ended up needing some pulling here and there but given how hard it was driven, is pretty straight (now). Good luck with your car.
  4. That is a good point (seat size and style), especially regarding the alpina cloth (year/date....that said who is to say that the . Some of the older Scheel & Recaro seats are pretty pricey, as some of the Recaro's especially as the early Porsche folks really covet those.
  5. Just found this as well. The velour looks better than I recall. If I couldn't get the other, I would use this. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/182800-alpina-style-fabric/
  6. Not a fabric expert, but they made the twill fabric (in the pics I posted) and then they also made the same (similar) stripe in velour. Not a fan of the velour (just me though). I know someone has re-made the twill (?) to near exact original (I say near exact because it probably is, but as long as its a remake,,,,,its a re-make). The twill material has sharper colors. Here is a pretty nice base to start with, EUR 349.00 and I believe they ship to the US. Now you have one side, find the material, the plaque and someone that isn't a hack to reupholster it and your in business. https://www.ebay.de/itm/SCHEEL-ASS-Sportsitz-501-BMW-NK-E12-E3-E9-E28-2002-Opel-DB-Oldtimer-02/283611586869?hash=item4208916135:g:xNQAAOSwWe5deVTc
  7. Scheel covered their seats in a number of different materials, I recall seeing them with red/black striped inserts in a couple of H&B cars they retained the 'scheel' plaque on the seat. The scheels sold through ALPINA had that little ALPINA plaque in place of the Scheel plaquard as per attached. I believe some smarty pants has re-made them as they were originally plastic and wore out (broke in two) from usage.
  8. +1....and - you must be real popular with your neighbors (assuming you don't have a warehouse somewhere). Time/Money/Space as previously mentioned - in any order. I'm struggling to finish the one I have been working on for (a long time, leave it there) Money & Time - in that order. Good luck with all your projects.
  9. No. The gussets were added a long time ago. When I got the car, both had gussets, one had the gussets fully boxed. They (performance shock) boxed the other to make them identical. No idea if Bilstein put the gussets on or if it was done after the fact. I have this old advert (attached) of the same strut, gusseted, but not boxed. Both were bent one much worse than the other, not sure which one that was now. Seems like if the gussets were added by Bilstein they would have some sort of jig to prevent them from bending (?) but who knows. Performance shock came to the same conclusion you did, they probably bent as a result of adding the gussets (and the boxed section). A big relief (and) pretty lucky they were able to fix it.
  10. So like many, I have been on the short hand many times with vendors, shops and even some PP/folks from this forum (unfortunately). More often than not its a sh%tty customer service experience it seems, shipping, wrong parts, parts that don't work/fit etc., Well, here is a positive one. Back in March while the work was being done re-doing my rack and pinion steering, the shop noticed that one (acutally) both of my rebuilt Bilstein racing struts were not rebounding correctly. Both had been 'rebuilt' by Performance Shock (PS) (Sonoma, CA) back in 2016. I'm thinking to myself, how could that be possible? The car has never been driven (except 'rolled' on to a flat bed to go to paint and then down the fab shop for the steering work.....). Not possible. I brought them back up to PS to have them look them over. I get the call that both strut tubes are bent. These are super rare Alpina CSL struts with a 36mm Bilstein damper - I have never seen another set for sale, and I am totally screwed if they can't be fixed as a number of fabricated parts were built around those struts. Bottom line to this is that they were bent a long time ago, and unfortunately the tech at PS didn't check them when rebuilding back in 2016. The owner of PS calls me and tells me they are going to try and straighten them and it was their bad for obviously not checking them first time around. A couple of weeks later I get the call that they were successfully able to straightened them, apparently by welding bead on the back side of the bend. They owner tells me they are going to completely rebuild them (on their nickel) with all new 36mm Bilstein tube, piston rods, rod guides etc., everything new, new, new. I agree to let them have the summer to do the work (as it was middle of race season) and that I will pay the labor to straighten them as I would have been responsible for that anyway 1st time around. In addition to rebuilding the guts, they refinished the exteriors and totally cleaned up the spindles. (not sure what they did or how they did it, but they look new). In summary, could have been a really bad situation, they (PS) could have taken the position that they had done the work several years ago and who knows what happened in the interim....they totally took the high road (the right road) and did a incredible job restoring these back to the way they were when new. A+++ for them, a high recommend from me for anyone that need their Bilstein's or Koni's serviced (they are factory authorized for both of those plus a few more).
  11. Interesting, but as usual not factually correct. The range of M12 moto,rs goes from M12/1 - M12/13. Some of the early ones were 'parallel and diametral' motors. In 1973 they were using the M12/6 in F2 which made around 275bhp, the M12/7 was introduced in 1974 and manufactured by Motorsport through 1979 and used in F2, Gr. 2, Gr5, and various sports racers (Chevron, Lola, March and probably a few others). Horsepower, 'allegedly' up to 320bhp (@ 10,ooo rpm <which means that motor was probably only good for a few hours>). No idea really about motor production numbers I would guess there were a few more (maybe) than that between the M12/6's and 7's. Just an fyi for whatever its worth. They are incredible engines for sure, engineering masterpieces with a very unique sound.
  12. Not to digress the thread, but cracky, Shell San Carlos, 93 octane ....... wait for it.....$4.55 gallon. Damn it.
  13. Not sure where he got 'his'......you can get 'yours' I believe from these guys. http://www.retro-engineering.co.uk/id35.html
  14. Personally I think the sheet metal version was (is) cool just from a simplicity standpoint. I can see why it would be prone to cracking the way the motor shakes around. Looks like some of it anyway was braised. The picture above has the bridge manifold with the cold start injector mounted to it....I have seen the early manifolds with the injector plumbed into the air box, not terribly efficient spraying fuel into the base of the air box. Guessing that is why the fixed it with the newer style manifold. For Bauer being out of business, he sure does have a well put together website going.....
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