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  1. What do you think it would be like to drive a car with 11x15 and 13x15 wheels for twelve hours?, or 6 hours? or 4 hours?, or even 60 or so laps? True for the endurance races there were multiple drivers, but then you were still taking your 'turn/shift' for a couple of hours. I would agree with what you suggest above. A friend just sent me this pic of my Alpina car - this was its third outing out (Avus Rennen) which was like 60 laps. Aside from Mr. Alpina / Burkard Bovensiepen kneeling next to his car, Professor Fritz Indra sitting in the drivers seat (he was head of development at Alpina at the time), if you look below the spoiler you can see the rubber boots on the steering rack (I have to say its a helluva picture). Initially they built the car with a QR steering box, but as soon as the R&P was homologated, they changed. At the time Alpina were the only ones running 15" wheels (so they could get big brakes to fit), but GS was using R&P as well, not sure about Schnitzer - I figure they probably were. Kind of a non-answer but is what I think.
  2. That's good. I will tell you PMB does awesome work. I had them restore both my front and rear calipers, they do top notch work. Once upon a time I had an Alpina rear disc set up with the trailing arms, I want to say I sent those calipers to White Post Restorations, they do nice work as well.
  3. GT https://www.pmbperformance.com/catalog/item/8778676/9663436.htm This is what they would look like without the 'bead blast "patina" '
  4. 914/6, for vented calipers, look like the same that Alpina used on their vented rear disc brake conversions for 02's. Too bad someone bead blasted the sh&t out of them (either that of they painted them with gray primer.......)
  5. I was noticing on the period pics how they painted the orange/red colors through the grilles. I like it. I would like to see how the exhaust was run on this car, I seem to recall it runs the length of the car and then out the back. Its bad enough in a normally opposed motor where the exhaust runs on the other side of the driver and then out the side or back, assuming it carries under the driver for some period, it has to be a hot mo-fo in there. I found this period pic of the interior. They had a Recaro racing bucket in for the passenger seat (rules must have required it). I am figuring he has a cheat sheet taped up on the center console that he is looking over before he goes out.
  6. I found a couple of pics from my old blog photo stash. Blown engine #48 (DNF Norisring 6/1976) and then #161 (5th place Hockenheim 8/1976). From the results from 1976 it was tough sledding for this car. http://www.touringcarracing.net/Pages/1976 DRM.html
  7. Very cool car, lots of similarities to mine - R&P steering, adjustable rear suspension, oil pump cooler drive, alt etc., How many hours on the motor? M12's have that 'angry' note to them. Very expensive to mess with, however at least parts are pretty much readily available. That distributor cap is $800 bux. That was years ago, very likley more now.
  8. Its a beauty for sure. I saw it for the first time maybe 15(?) years ago, an outfit in Germany JB Racing owned/ran the car along with the "Fruit of the Loom" Gr 5 32o. Pretty sure Gerent Rennsporttechnik did the motor, although given its an M12, someone else has probably been back in the a half dozen times or so. This pic is from 2017, historic race at SPA I want to say. Pretty hard hit. Everything is 'fixable', its just money.
  9. What Toby said + 5. It's a sh*t load of work = $$$$ (I am still sick about what it ended up costing.....but, its A+ work and it works right). I suppose there are a few that have the skills and brains to figure out all of hte geometry.....not me for sure. My Alpina race car has R&P. It had been crashed a few times and had a frankenstein steering set up. Nearly everything was made/fabricated - new. First, they put it up on a jig and used some sort of measuring devices to see what it was doing when turning. The shop owner told me it was pretty much the worst bump steer he had ever seen and that the car would have been straight up dangerous to drive. The rack is a BMW 320i motorsport quick ratio rack. It needed to be shortened up by about 2.5". Now it turns lock/lock about 21/2 turns. I know a number of folks have converted their cars to R&P and apparently works fine, to really, really make it work right there is quite a bit of work to do. In the case of my car R&P was necessary, they were running 11x15 and 13x15 wheels, think about that with steering box. Here are some pics of the bits in my car.
  10. Not too many ' vintage ' groups I am aware are down with 2.3 motors, electronic fuel injection etc., I want to remember years ago when Jeff Hecox was running his o2 and had Schrick slide injection on it that he got all sorts of sh%t from some of his fellow competitors - finally relented and took it off (and I want to say the car was faster with Carbs). It's hard for me to imagine that a 2L 8V motor could make 250hp, but.....what do I know. Honestly, my Alpina 2002 (with injected Schnitzer motor) really isn't welcome in any of the run groups that most of the vintage groups run. Really, its a bastard. They would have my car in with Porsche RSR's, CSL's, 935's and the like, not sure how much fun really that would be. Quality engine work is expensive, very expensive - ask me how I know this....
  11. Steve, which trans are you using in this car ? ZF or a 235/5 ?
  12. I have no idea, what power does a (1.8) or 2.0 datsun motor make? 200bhp? More....I figure the 2.0 bmws are probably making what 210-220 bhp with big Schrick 336 cams?
  13. I do not unfortunately. I did the unthinkable back in 2012 - sold a NOS Schnitzer head kit. It was one of the last one's made by Schnitzer back in the early 80's. I had my complete engine and that head was good, though it needed lotsa, lotsa work.....2012 was an incredibly shitty year financially so I decided to let it go. The bummer with some of these things is that when you let them go, you don't get them back - ever. M12's make the power and are more available than the Schnitzer gear, but much more difficult to plug into an 02 as a result of the opposite handing of exhaust and intake + a number of other things. They aren't inexpensive either, most I see are around $50k+. Porsche babies would be bummed to have that power plant in your car no doubt. You wouldn't be running in that group any more, they would put you in with Porsche 935's and Luigi's. Pretty sure that is what they would do with my car.
  14. You need a twin cam...😁, but then none of the folks that run in that group would like that so much. I believe back in the day Miller & Norburn ran a Schnitzer twin cam in their trans am car (1974), someone else may know better/other.
  15. Its cool Steve, looks like great weather........buuuuut, by my count there were 64 or 65 cars in that run group.....I could be off by one or two, regardless wayyyy too many. That is as big a run group I have ever seen.
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