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  1. Steve, do you know how many hours were on the motor prior to your purchase? Hard for me to tell for sure, sounded like you were hovering up around 9000rpm (more than once). Guessing that this car and Luigi would be in the same run group at Monterey.....you'll either need to clone yourself or pick.....which one? Tough sledding racing in that class with all the Porsche's (934's, 935's, RSR's etc.,), but then you have experienced that already more than once.
  2. Interesting how that car just 'shimmied' over. Congrats on a great first outing and coming out of it relatively unscathed. Curious how much quicker your laps were than your 8v cars?
  3. In process of watching the video (awesome - I like your musical back grounds but in this case prefer the sound of the M12!). What happened with the Alfa and Datsun - flat tire maybe? Or broken suspension? Its like his car just moved/veered into the Datsun. I would guess Roger Kraus was at that event......probably could have scored some new rubber from him. Its going to be tough for you I think to get back behind the wheel of your 8v bmw's after this. Kind of like flying 1st class or private then flying coach. Hopefully your spoiler wasn't too badly damaged. Unless the PO gave you the mold for it, I would be fixin' it then making a mold off of it. Good chance at some point you will be needing a new one. Looks like an awesome car.
  4. IDK, but all I can say from this interwebs image this appears to me to be a 4x100 bolt pattern with 20 spokes - spokes look just like your 16 spoke center and nothing like your E30 center......there isn't any reason I can think of that this wouldn't have been used on an o2 with proper sized barrels.
  5. I started my freshman year at UC Berkeley in 1979 so not too far from Hardy & Beck in the early days. The first car I owned, a manilla 1969 2002 was originally owned by Alan Hardy. I would go down there here and there to pick up parts (small sh&t because that was all I could afford), and oogle over the gear in their parts department. They still did have a fair amount of Alpina gear - I still do recall a set of 3-piece Alpina's they were offing for 1500 bucks, but then the display cases had Alpina A4 throttles, air boxes, cams, pistons - candy store for a bmw enthusiast. They had a bunch of e-21 323i's that had been completely done up with wheels, suspension, graphics, scheel seats etc., Huge dollars back then. Makes me wonder what happend to them all?
  6. It's a good question - Rocker Arms that is. In that '81 catalog I have, they have all sorts of engine bits offered (cams, valve springs and pistons) but no mention of Rocker Arms. No idea. Alpina had the same offering (rocker arms) - I can say I have never seen of those either. Unless somehow they cast their log into the body of the thing or that it was clearly made from a different material than the factory version, I don't know how you would know.....assuming its an alloy rocker. Probably not out of the realm of possibility that it was an offer that Alpina was making, so they would offer something similar under their brand. Has a familiar ring to it really.
  7. As the story allegedly goes, Burkard Bovensiepen was in the Bay Area on his way to wine country and stopped in to check out his west coast distributor, only to find has gear lined up next to the hardy & beck parts (especially the wheels), selling both against each other from the same shop......game over. Dietel Enterprises became the west coast distributor sown in Mission Viejo, Miller & Norburn remained the east coast distributor.
  8. Earlier wheels were 20 spoke, so if yours are 16 then they are later, no idea when they made that change, the earlier ones also had some different spoke design (Coastal Crush has those....but not all were like that). Google Hard & Beck three 3 piece wheels or some such and study the images.
  9. Proof? Proof?? Proof??? Here you go. I am going to say 1980 or 1981 at the latest, I would say the 1981 catalog would be the 'proof' you are looking for. I may have something earlier but (don't care enough to look further......). The Roundel article is from 1979, they were using staggered 1 piece Alpina's on that car with P7's. The "H&B 2oo2" photo is either from '80 or '81 where they swapped the Alpina's for their own wheels. Here you go, thirty five hundred bucks. I would guess these are coming from H&B, oddly enough the seller is located in Berkeley, CA - a little coincidental I think. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1966-to-1974-bmw-2002-wheels/233577919616?_trkparms=aid%3D777008%26algo%3DPERSONAL.TOPIC%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20201018205123%26meid%3D04c97cf586a94e48be3e0a8b96237958%26pid%3D101286%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26mehot%3Dnone%26itm%3D233577919616%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057%26algv%3DWatchlistVariantWithMLR%26brand%3DAMP&_trksid=p2380057.c101286.m47999&_trkparms=pageci%3Ac0463fc7-9d91-11eb-9688-eacfad36b305|parentrq%3Ad35863ed1780a12b7cfde34dffea91be|iid%3A1
  10. Not 100% on this but sometime around 1979(?). I have some old catalogues from that era, Prior to that they were AlpinA/West and were selling Alpina parts.....a couple of years later they were producing 'their own'. In some cases, in the case of wheels, strikingly similar to their AlpinA counterparts.....they were very expensive even then, $425/ea. Those wheels did morph in design, quantity of spokes 20----->16 and spoke design. There has been a set on Ebay with an ask of $3500 for the complete set and I want to say those were 6x15 and 6.5x15.
  11. Awesome, thanks for posting that. Single stage......not going to get that with base/clear - ever.
  12. Those guys are A++++. Years ago they sent me new line material and fittings to make the custom lines I needed for my Schnitzer motor. I wouldn't hesitate to have them work on anything Kugelfischer related I had.👍👍
  13. From what I know, it wasn't the piston size, those remained as stock (6.5mm). It was the Cone. The Alpina pumps had a designation of PL04 129.10 and then a 3 digit number 723, 724 or 725. At least that is what I have seen. The one I bought from them in 1991 was two thousand bucks.....a pile of dough back in those days. Oddly enough, the A4 motor they have in their show room is a 124.01 C1 pump, not their PL04 129.10 pumps. It was a new pump, opening it up never even crossed my mind. I ran my tii with a B-1 pump and A4 throttles for a period of time, I ended up selling the pump and throttles to a guy here in the SF Bay area, I never ran the pump. From a few folks I know that have both, the cars run fine with the stock tii pumps, they run really strong with the Alpina pump. I always felt my car ran a little lean with the stock pump.
  14. That is pretty interesting really. That car was being run in road events in Europe, I have this one from an unfortunate incident at Spa in 2017. Pretty hard hit, looks like they did a good job putting it back together. I am thinking at some point he is going to want to fabricate up an airbox for it - big dollar motor that you wouldn't want something getting sucked in.....
  15. You can still get Abarth exhausts for o2's, center exit only. This guy is offering re-pop's on the Alpina down pipe which used slightly larger tubing than the standard down pipe. Tii manifold with some porting, downpipe and tii exhaust....good to go. https://marktplatz.bmw-02-club.de/index.php?page=item&id=2887
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