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  1. That badge is really cool with the old(r) ' BmW Roundel. Very nice.
  2. This Alpina Ti from back in 1969 was runnin-em. Crappy images unfortunately but you can still see the wheels are same.
  3. markmac

    Alpina Gr.2 (back on all fours)

    car looks great, almost there...
  4. markmac

    Alpina Gr.2 (back on all fours)

    Those are Grp 5 (ish flares), spoiler still looks like a Grp 2 version though, I dug some images out of my stash for you. I think the car is the same, wider rear flares and the wing. The others are of a Schnitzer 2002 1.4 Turbo front and rear suspension, engine bay etc., not the greatest quality though. I think wheels make or break the car with the wide flares.
  5. markmac

    Alpina Gr.2 (back on all fours)

    I have a pair of the old ones with the thin plastic, but no pods. Since my painter didn't follow direction and fill in the holes for the existing mounting bracket....makes it harder. The black one was used, the chrome was NOS in the box with the cool paperwork (looks like a Ferrari 5oo 'Superfast' to me).
  6. markmac

    Alpina Gr.2 (back on all fours)

    My car ran 11x15 front and 13x15 rear on either Dunlop or Firestone race tires (slicks). Neither are made any longer, AVON is really the only choice. For some reason (not sure why) the 11's wouldn't fit under the flares in front and the 13's were really tight. I ended up flipping the 11's to rear and use an 8mm spacer to fill the rest of the wheel well and then reconfigured the fronts to 9x11 and use a 5mm spacer there. I don't have stock parts to compare to so i can't say, the rear is tubbed and the pick up points have been moved in. Ditto in the front. It was the only way to get that much tire within the allowable fender (flare)...I want to say 6" was max for Grp.2 in the period my car ran. From what I understand Schnitzer's suspension was similar, although I don't think they ran the sway bar in back of the axle (it would be a coil-over strut, and then fabricated bits for the steering-strut rod, tie rod/wishbone etc.,- many folks on this board more knowledgeable on the mechanics of bmw suspensions, most of the make/break is in the rear and the adjustability of the trailing arms. The car above is a Schnitzer 'werks' 2002, ran a Schnitzer 20,4 motor and is from the 1976 period I believe and ran in the DRM races. That car you posted up is a little later than this one in that it has changed rear bodywork (openings for coolers) and GRP doors, neither were legal as I recall in 1976. I believe this car ended up being converted to Grp. 5 and possibly turbo power. When I acquired my car it had bodywork very similar to this car and in fact I thought it was the same car...not realizing that Alpina had made one car to race in the period and used a Schnitzer cylinder head on it - it must have been quite something for the folks at Schnitzer getting orders for cylinder heads from Alpina.
  7. markmac

    Alpina Gr.2 (back on all fours)

    They did round the fronts off and the rears were still 'squarish' but not to the extent they were when in the white paint. This is the last race (I know of) March 30 1975, 300km race at the Nurburgring - Harald Grohs (2nd place), the next race it showed up (again as far as I know) was the Brno race in May (1975) and was in the new black paint scheme. They painted one of their CSL's to match...that car was only seen in that paint a couple of times - actually both were only that way for a very short period of time.
  8. markmac

    Alpina Gr.2 (back on all fours)

    Picture quality not great here. I had discussed painting it black but the painter I think was afraid for the reasons you mentioned. Only thing is that the bodywork is that good. Its really good, laser straight and flat, no dips or wowies that you often see with fiberglass parts. I actually took the rear flares, fixed them (made the arches right) and then got them like 95% perfect then pulled molds off of those and then made new parts in epoxy resin. The amount of work to get that last 5 or 10% wasn't worth the time, really just wanted to avoid have to fill areas with more than a like skim coat of filler. There is a body line in both the front and rear flare that lines up with the body line in the door - very subtle. The body is definitely easily good enough to do in black. I know from some write ups that it was hot as hell inside and I would imagine that after 4 or 6 hours it could be like a sauna - that said vintage races are 20 laps or so each so I don't see as a real issue. We'll have to see where things end up, I think with the pin striping on a color sand and either new clear or buff it will have the finish I will be happy with.
  9. markmac

    Alpina Gr.2 (back on all fours)

    Not a problem, no worries, not going to happen in 2018 given the car is likely out for work next week. It will be more difficult now, I will probably need to pull my molds out and mold up that part of the fender and then do what I did before (I foamed up the fender when it was off the car...and would obviously be a real PIA to do it now that they are on and finish painted). I didn't get them quite right so not totally bummed I didn't get them back. A bit more of an arch in the ones I made vs the ones Alpina used.
  10. markmac

    Alpina Gr.2 (back on all fours)

    Separate. Attached with pop rivets on to the side of the lower part of the flare. I had made this part unfortunately didn't make it back with the car from the painter. Will need to make another set, not complicated but just takes time....
  11. markmac

    Alpina Gr.2 (back on all fours)

    I agree with the dirt and road rash. There is a guy (several actually) that race 427 cobra's (real ones) not sure who they are but are always pitted together - that car has road rash all over the front, stone chips etc., really gives it character (and what a car). Right now I am going to finish this steering bit off, first part of the year bite the bullet on the trans then get the fuel system completed and really that is it. The transmission thing is going to be expensive, I am 99% at this point on getting a ZF S5-18/3 racing box, it was homologated for Gr. 2, you can get them with motorsport gears and more importantly you can get spares + Byron endorses.... I haven't completely abandoned the color change, after all I have essentially 'scuffed' the entire paint job.
  12. markmac

    Alpina Gr.2 (back on all fours)

    The painter never did wet sand the paint an for some reason painted the base color (white) then clear coated it then put the stripes on it (no clear coat). I have started wet sanding it to get all the orange peel out and lessen the ridge between the stripe - there is a chance it can be buffed out from there but a better chance the whole schabang will have to be re-clear coated. There is a fine gold pin stripe in the red stripes top/bottom that hasn't been added. Its a minor detail but makes a difference in the looks (add). Its a race car I know, but is going to look good (really good) if not for just a day. I have molds for the back fenders and for the spoiler.
  13. markmac

    Alpina Gr.2 (back on all fours)

    Same car. Later though. At this point they moved the radiator from the back up to the front where it was normally mounted. It almost does look blue but is actually black. This was really the break-out of the Alpina 'Deko' stripes as far as I know the car ran its first race in these colors May 1975 (Brno Czechoslovokia) - Harald Grohs/Jorg Denzel - DNF (Conrod)....which explains a number of things I found with the motor. Alpina raced it twice more then retired it. As sick as it sounds - the black paint I think is really cool and is tempting to re-shoot it. The body is good enough to pull it off and have it look good. I have the color codes from Alpina in case I were to do that....I think too many steps backward now though.....(Maybe)
  14. The wheel on the left is the same as the ones you both have - black center, silver outer rim...
  15. Rare birds for sure (really rare), don't think I have ever seen a set outside old magazine articles. Great score.