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  1. No personal experience with either Ahren or Cahsel, as far as Cahsel goes, the only thing I can say is that he has done a very good job of showing images of the parts he is selling, now whether you get the same part that is shown in the image is another matter (I can't say). Ebay (.de) used to be a go to for me to get odds/ends, not much shows up there now, you would have to be very patient to find those bits now off of ebay IMO. Nonetheless, it takes little time to check every day. Good luck.
  2. You will be able to find those parts I think, it will likely take some time, as long as you don't have a deadline you will be able to track them down - or if you do (have a deadline), get your check book out and start writing checks to the likes of Ahrend and or Cahsel, they very likely have some of what you are looking for. Good luck
  3. No bad on Brisbane, but Palo Alto was the best (IMO), that was a great venue - artificial turf soccer field now unfortunately.
  4. That is remarkably fast from Gus. I had heard at one point it was like 6 months. Years ago I had him test my Schnitzer race pump + injectors and then more recently my fabricated injection lines (good thing too, one of them was a leaker....). Great resource close to me, but boy he is getting up there in years and it doesn't appear there is anyone waiting in the wings to take over.
  5. I don't need a pump re-build, but curious how long it took from time you sent it to the time you received it back.
  6. I didn't recall that car was in an 'incident', seems like it could have been a lot worse, nonetheless a fair amount of damage considering. Just goes to show sh&t does happen out there, even in 'vintage' racing.
  7. I do not have that steering wheel, wish I did, I know the guy that either owns or owned it - he reminds me occasionally that I should own it. The problem is paying for it, I don't recall the exact number now but I want to say it was north of $1500, it is the same wheel that my car had originally, never seen another like it for sale. Regarding Cerakote, seems like a really good finish, they do use it a lot on gun/gun parts because it is so durable and goes on so thin. The applicator I used does gun stuff as well, but also a lot of car parts. He had some really nice looking Honda valve covers that had been coated with a satin black color.
  8. Knocking out some small projects, mostly suspension stuff at the moment - all of the images I have of the engine bay of my car are black/white, except the 2019 Alpina calendar, I hadn't realized they had painted them red. I figure ' red ' (rot) stacks are good for an extra 10-15hp.....NOT. Looks good though, I think. The material is 'cerakote', a ceramic coating, and this particular one is good for 800 degrees + really high chemical resistance (race fuel) + is applied super thin - 'stop light red' is the color.
  9. Kind of? Not in the true sense (which I would say Wegweiser owns....if I remember right his was not only in a barn but part of the barn was collapsed? Or, am I mis-remembering?). My car was stored in a ' carriage house ' in upstate New York. I never saw it there so no idea if it was 'a barn-like carriage house' or fancy. Pic 1 is what it looked like when I got it, pic 2 is from back in the day, pic 3 is present day.
  10. I am sorry I don't (know folks in either but I am sure there are some here....in both cities <I know there are>). I will tell you that you will regret the day that you leave your project in another city where you can't touch/see it on a regular basis. I had my car in Louisiana for a couple of years before I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to control what was being done (and by whom) - it was a mistake. The guy that ended up painting my car was about an hour and a half away - that was difficult as well. I would strongly suggest you figure out your storage options in Seattle and then go from there. Lots of good shops up there. Unless that paint is just paint and there is no metal underneath, $35k is tall cotton to paint that car. Metal / Body / Paint is expensive I know and of course I know nothing about the condition other than what I see in the pics (which isn't much)....but…..good luck with your project.
  11. Back in they day when folks were racing for their paychecks - that weight would matter. It all mattered, they would want to be as close as humanly possible to the min weight requirement. I know of at least one race my car didn't finish because of a gear box failure. As Steve mentioned, they were homologated for Gr. 2 racing (ZF Box) and could take a beating. Schnitzer used that box in their Gr. 5 Turbo cars with 400hp - and they seemed to hold up pretty well. The fact that you can get them with the motorsport ratio's (2.30) and spares are available make it 'the' option for someone who is running their car often (Steve).
  12. Ah, ya - kind of like I suggested......at some point I will need to go there - 235's weren't designed with 270bhp + in mind.
  13. Interesting. I would guess a 235/5 would be about the same as a 245OD or CR - maybe a little less as I believe at least the bell part of the housing doesn't have quite the same girth to it - no science to that. I have a bare 235/5 bell, it weighs 12lbs on the money. 15lbs or so isn't a huge amount, not insignificant either. I would take the extra reliability of the zf and added weight over the 235 given a choice I think. There are some parts being made again for the 235's which is good, including straight cut gears both in synchro and dog versions.
  14. I wonder what the difference in weight is between the ZF Box and a 235/5? - looks heavier but doesn't necessarily mean that it is...(duh). GR-Box is selling these, this looks like one by the super-sano appearance.
  15. +1. I retired a pair of Atomic 215 Super G's along with a pair of Lange ZR (beartrap) boots to one of the local ski shops that collects 'antique' ski gear. Loved the ski's - definitely a lot of work to ski and turn, great for mountain runs at SV though. The Lange's were tough on the feet/ankles and of course were broken down pretty well. The Nordica's I have now are 'plushy' (kinda like wooden deck chair with no padding vs lazyboy). Good times. It has never been an inexpensive sport but pretty pricey now - almost now way you can go for the day or two anymore, given the cost of a daily ticket vs a pass.....

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