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  1. Nice work. While powder coating (assuming the applicator is good at his/her job) provides a really nice, durable finish - you can't fix it when it gets dinged up. - you have to take it all off and start over. I think the route you went is smart with high end primer and epoxy paint. I did pretty much all of my suspension bits in flat/satin black epoxy paint (VHT Chassis/Roll Bar Paint). Goes on nicely, very durable and if you need to fix something (ding, run …. whatever). Easy peasy.
  2. Wheweeeeee. spensive…..if I had to guess maybe someone at H&B (item location Berkeley, CA...coincidence?)
  3. Steve Walker learned the same painful lesson on his build (not clearing the brakes that is.....), so there may be a set there as well ….? H&B came out with these wheels in the mid/late 70's, back in '79 they were $425/EA, which is pretty strong money today (really strong money in 1979). They were 20 spokes then and looked very similar to the Alpina 15: wheel center, that was about the time that Hardy & Beck and Alpina parted ways (H&B had their line of 'performance parts' that directly competed with those that Alpina made). At some point, the changed the wheel to 16 spokes, which I think look really good (but not as much as the 20 spoke wheel). There is even another iteration that one of the folks on this board runs, 20 spokes that are sort of raised where the center bolts to the rim.
  4. They are H&B wheels (Hardy & Beck). Sand cast aluminum center, with BBS inner / outer barrels (rims) and O-ring, I don't recall the price now but I want to say they were $700/wheel? I was going to look on their website as they were offered not that long ago, but I don't see a website I recognize??? Is it they shut the business down and sold the name. I don't ever recall them servicing 'Mercedes Benz' ? They were offering the wheels, and some suspension bits for the 2002. Great looking wheels, always wanted a set but couldn't afford.
  5. I believe (but could be wrong) some of the pre-70 rally cars were straight bodied, no flares. Pretty sure that Group 1 cars also didn't have flares, but then they had the least amount of modifications allowed. I believe the FIA website has quite a few of the homologation papers available to review. All of the post 1970 Gr. 2 cars had flares, varying sizes allowed, the allowances for the size of the flares, wheels etc., was pretty precise/strict.
  6. That is really cool. Never seen a pump body that looks like that. What looks like an actuator on the back of the pump had me thinking it was a race pump, the warm up regulator didn't make sense for a race motor - neat piece.
  7. That pump is very interesting (very cool). Its interesting that it has the warm up regulator with it, don't usually see that on a race motor (at least an M12/7 or Schnitzer). No question in my mind that it is a race pump. I would email those pics to Koller, you could contact Gus as well either way. I would be interested to hear the results. The pump body reminds me of an M12/7 pump. although the pump body on yours appears to be aluminum, M12's were cast magnesium. This is a picture of some pump bodies cast in magnesium Heini Mader is remaking.....If Byron is reading this thread, maybe he has an idea?
  8. It is.....(a race pump that is....) 👍
  9. You can contact Koller, send some pics and whatever else, they may know. This is what my Schnitzer pump looks like. It does have the Kugelfischer plaque on it, the numbers are PLO4 128.15 18. From what I am told, Schnitzer pumps used the '128' designation. Like I said it has 7.5mm pistons in it and who knows what for a cam, it flows enough fuel to generate 270bhp from my engine at 2.0L. https://koller.de/products/
  10. These are the guys you want to contact. They look like 914/4 calipers to me, with a jenky paint job....they did both the alloy 911s calipers and the AP Lockheed calipers my Alpina race car uses. A+++ work, they also have a facebook page that shows a lot of their work. They will know for sure. Good luck. https://www.pmbperformance.com/catalog.html
  11. Wish I had never sold those babies....the rotors didn't have much life left on them. That said, those Alpina rotors, whatever they were made of wore very slowly. They were expensive as hell, even back in the day (like $265/Ea....circa 1987...…). They offered two kits, one vented, one non-vented. You needed that 914/6 caliper with the spacer to accommodate the rotor, which I want to say was 20mm wide. Probably a little of Alpina overkill, not sure if you can have 'too much braking...', lets face it, too little with high (or higher hp) motors is not a good thing.
  12. Does it have numbers on it? Schintzer pumps made for the 16v motors had 7.5mm pistons vs 6.5mm in standard pumps.
  13. Me neither (knowledge of Porsche calipers that is), I do believe his are 914's. This is what mine looked like, you can see the lowered, reinforced spring perch.
  14. Looks like Alpina to me? (maybe). I had one once upon a time, only mine had vented rotors. They used a Porsche 914/6 caliper that had a spacer in the caliper to accept the vented rotor (the calpers are/were ATE). Alpina offered one kit that had a solid rotor and another with vented rotors. The spring perch on yours are not lowered (they were lowered on mine and were gusseted).
  15. I might be interested in one of these, if your not still making, let me know if you know anyone that is. Tx

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