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  1. I get it people are dishonest and douche bags (plenty othat around for sure). What do you do with that car now that you have it? There isn't anywhere/any event here in the states you could bring that car out to and not get the cuffs slapped on you. Send it across the pond?, hope it gets recovered soon.
  2. markmac

    Nuremberg 1970's crashes

    Tough turn, lots of folks hurtin there....
  3. Very thankful to be friends with the parts manager of BMW Monterey.....has been a tremendous help to me getting OEM parts, great pricing and they are always 'right'.
  4. Looks like a great event and an awesome place to have it.
  5. markmac

    article ..... 2002 history

    Not to de-rail, my car started out as a 1969 2002ti, Alpina changed the rear panel to the later '74 square tail lights - not sure why. According to bmw, it originally went to Italy, then somehow made its way back to Germany and Alpina - what, how, why that happened will never be known. No idea. As far as I know it was a 'street' car then converted to a track car. It was granada.
  6. markmac

    article ..... 2002 history

    Did they always paint them black? Apparently not on this/my car which started out as Granada..... I suppose its good when articles are written these days, not much new material really, just packaged different. Interesting HP rating on the Alpina A4s, somewhere i have the build sheet on that car (I want to say it was 170hp), AlpinA themselves built according to my sources what they called the ultimate A4s - 190bhp, mulitple butterfly fuel injection (A4), 47mm/39mm valves....and....wait for it.....Alpina 320 degree cam. That had to be something driving around Buchloe, that is a hairy beast of a cam (lotzalift). I suppose with a similar cam and really high compression you could probably squeeze that number out but it likley be at max.
  7. markmac

    Alpina A4 Injection System

    I had mine on a '73tii,E-12, 9.5CR, 39mm exh valves, port matched, BmW sport 300 cam, standard tii manifold, tii exhaust. Easier to set up than a standard tii (imo), smooth power all the way up as far as you wanted to go. Very fast. Lots of fun.
  8. markmac

    Alpina A4 Injection System

    Not all 'AlpinA' pumps had the Bosch tag on them, earlie(r) ones had the Kugelfischer plaque with the PLO4 129.10 xxx, I bought one of the last A4 pumps from Alpina a long, long (long) time ago (like 1994), $2200 in 1994 money. As far as the A4 system goes, assuming its all there, linkage, air box, injection lines etc., and if you have the 129.10 pump I wouldn't be surprised at all to see if fetch north of $7k. Many will say its crazy and I guess it is but they are pretty hard to come by these days, especially complete (sans pump). Unless you really need the dough, I would sit on it, its not going to go down in value (and you don't want to end up like me with many regrets having sold mine....
  9. Tri-sectional, not in a state of neglect.....😑
  10. Center caps for these are being re-made again now, though they are slightly different for those who are mired in details. I saw a NOS set of these sell 4 or 5 years ago for over $1k (crazy). The original caps have a very narrow lip that is angled, the new ones (or at least the ones I see on ebay and the like) are rounded and the raised part is wider. I have a set of original alpina caps that I am just about to send out to be fixed up and re-plated (Sherms - Sacto, CA). They also used these caps on the 3 piece alloy/race wheels. Not much of the cap shows through on the race alloy wheels as the center has quite a bit of material on it.
  11. markmac

    Hurricane Florence! - September 13, 2018

    Great question, Jim. Would be completely irresponsible of them to NOT. Its 'enough' to have all these be required to ship their cars to this event on their own nickel and then not have them insured to the 12's (whether it be flood, fire, or hurricane...).
  12. Lucky for her your such a good driver......
  13. Deserved I would say. Moving on. On a side note, looked at some video recently of Goodwood this year - wow. Some of the highlights from those races, really (really expensive iron), crashed, spun out, super tight over-take's etc., it is racing and that is what its about - some of the drivers looking like they need the paycheck but clearly don't - not used to seeing anything close to that on this side of the pond (except a few of your races Steve...haha).
  14. Very nice as usual Steve. What comes around, goes around....nice to see you get past the yellow car without getting run off the road.....just sayin😯
  15. markmac

    wheel restoration companies Bay Area

    What wheel is it (one piece, three piece....). It sounds like you have a two or three piece wheel and it feels like you need separate services, one to possibly do some machining on the inside of the center to help make it fit? and then someone to make them pretty? I needed a little taken off of the inside of a 15" alpina (long, long time ago) and had trouble then finding someone to do it, probably wouldn't be the case now. A lot depends on how much 'meat' is in the center, the less obviously the more sketchy that activity would be. Long time ago I had Harvey Weidman (Weidman's Wheels, Porsche wheel resto expert but will do any high quality wheel). do my centers, my outer rims are aluminum so a good polisher can handle that. As far as wheel / tire questions. Roger Kraus Racing. BBS distributor and expert. No one better (anywhere imo). Friendly and helpful. They have worked on my Alpina's a number of times (and are about the only ones that can mount/balance flat based rims).