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Mostly just parts acquisitions

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A few months back I had decided that the outer wheelhouse that I scabbed together for the R/R just wasn’t good enough. A WN order netted me a new housing along with more bits n bobs. I had originally planned to swap this car to a shortneck diff as the old subframe was bent. Well, I lucked into a nice longneck subframe and control arms a bit ago so gears changed and I’m now committed to a longneck install. I’m currently struggling with the control arm bushings for this setup. The new OEM bushings aren’t built like the originals and don’t fit. They’re missing an outer sleeve so they’re loose. I either need to create a sleeve, source NOS bushings, go poly, or salvage my cracked and worn originals from the old control arms. Ugh


I managed to locate a 1bbl carb air cleaner and modified it to fit the Weber 32/36 that’s on the car now. I still need to add the CCV tube, but it’s coming along nicely. 


I’ve also collected a crack free instrument cluster dash pad and a crack free upper pad. Now to stumble onto a nice lower pad with no tray ribs to complete my 3pc dash. 


Little things needed for the 5spd swap are showing up. A new stock exhaust is here, proper hubcaps, and misc other items are present and accounted for. 


I think I have a plan for my adjustable “frame table” I’ll start in on that in this lifetime somewhere. 🤣



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