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  1. Ace you are right again! That is a torsen unit, I just wanted to have a picture of a diff for the post. I should post a picture of an actual Z3 LSD. Like this one, from eBay showing a z3 lsd with the cover open...
  2. I thought that also but it turns out the Z3 fits into the small 168 differential found on the 2002's, 320i's, e30's etc. You are correct if it was for the Z3 6 cylinder cars which use the medium 188 diffs. The 4 cylinder Z3's however used the smaller ones that should fit. Dave from Aardvarc has come available with new guts and for grins I think I might try one to see how it performs on a street driver.
  3. Anyone with experience with the 4 clutch carrier limited slip rear ends in a 2002. The Z3's were about 2900 lbs with a 96.3 wheelbase and the 4 banger cars ran in the 114 to 148 hp range. The 02's are a lighter at about 2100 lbs, have a 98.4 wheelbase with fewer ponies. I'm thinking it's a good fit but would be interested to hear if anyone has tried it.
  4. Both sides have nice rust holes in about the same location. Drivers was right under the fuse box. Luckily they didn’t much through any wires.
  5. After a 3 month wait the hoops arrived. It gave me time ti disassemble and dig for rust. If rust was gold I’d be rich.... Question: how many holes does it take to mount a license plate light?
  6. OK: looks easy just messy. Step 1. Remove cap and circlip from ends. "check" Step 2. Remove old boots and clean out grease as best you can "check" Step 3. Pull cv joints off the end of the shaft. Step 4. Get Hammer and drift and try to beat the cv joints off the shaft. Step 5. Get BIGGER Hammer and destroy cv joints while taking them off.... What could go wrong. I searched and found a couple missing links referring to half shaft, or short axle, etc. rebuilds but have come up with zip. Thanks in advance. r
  7. Mine looked good till I took it off. After shedding 5 lbs of rust, it's much lighter now.... Need something without rust. Standard 2002 non Tii, 1972 short transaxle.
  8. Nothing is an exact match so... OK, going to fab out of stainless or aluminum. Will use one of the 4 mounting bolt locations as the raised bump, the others will be flat heads.
  9. I see spring perches available for other models that look similar even though they are uppers and for other cars. if the cap “hat” diameter is the same and they’re not canted or angled to one side they should work. If there are no replacements available I’ll try those for $11.00 rather than $140 a side for a used control arm that’s needs rehabilitation anyway.
  10. I see all kinds of replacement sheet metal parts but none of these rear trailing arm spring perches. The rest of the arms look great, other than dry rotted bushings. Does anyone know a source or are these a fab it yourself item. thank you,
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