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  1. You could get the best of both options: 3D printed grills with a post applied wet-on-wet chrome spray for a metallic finish http://hydrographicsinc.com/hydrochrome/ Thoughts?
  2. Depends on where it is. The main thing you want to make sure of is structural integrity. The last thing you want to do is put your foot through the floor in a panic situation. Also, if the floor directly in front of and under the gas pedal is shot, you'll want to fix that. The gas pedal is attached to the floor via 2 nubs. Those can break off and cause all sorts of unwanted craziness.
  3. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/seattle-1976-bmw-speed/7029813636.html
  4. Nope. Just thought I'd keep sharing what I find on the West coast for you. What part of Ohio are you in? There's a great 02 club out there called the Rivertown Gear Busters. Suggest you try to reach out on the FAQ if you haven't already done so. BTW, mine is being restored:
  5. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/cto/d/marina-del-rey-1973-bmw-2002/7029158277.html
  6. Stopped by the paint shop to check in on my car. Ernie is now in primer. The shop has made a ton of progress. They've finished all the body work, including all the work in the trunk, which is still in POR15 and waiting for the shmutz coating on the wheel wells and the primer coat. On the exterior, they're on their 3rd coat of block and sanded primer. Gallery images below. A couple of details... They've pre-installed the @Forrest_KoogleWerks air dam and you can see the nutserts on the bottom valance in this shot. I also brought a sample 2.5" tail pipe section to test fit on the center exhaust. Looking good. Ernie should be heading into paint in about a week. I'll post again when I come back to approve the paint samples before they get started. Cheers, James
  7. Teelinger

    Primer 11/27/19

    Primer prior to paint.
  8. FYI - the annual 020202 swap and show will be on Feb 02 in West Seattle. There's normally a great turn out. Awesome venue for those buying and selling. I'll be posting an event soon, or PM me for more info. James
  9. Thanks Larry, that might have been around the time that the site went down and stuff got lost in the shuffle. I'll PM you my mobile and please text when you get the time. Much appreciated. James
  10. Are these OEM? Can you add pics of the part number stickers on the other side?
  11. @2002#3 Larry, any updates on dining the ppg paint codes? I'm going into paint in the next couple of weeks and want to get some test swatches sprayed to evaluate. Any info you could provide would be great. By chance, do you think the shop that did the work saved their mix specifications? Thanks, James
  12. @Geoff Raynak HA! I just lowered the price. Buy it already...
  13. YES! We're on for Sunday for 02/02/20!!! Same location at the West Seattle boat ramp. Time TBD. I'm in the process of coordinating the effort. I'll be making another poster/flyer and will be distributing via the regular channels. Look forward to seeing y'all again soon. James PS. this year I'll have a sh*t load of great parts to sell.
  14. That Verona car is a great option. The floor boards don't look too bad. While it's something that he doesn't do often, Patrick did my floor boards and replaced my driver's side frame rail. I'd call him to see if he's up for doing it again. I've got a black interior for sale that would look great in that car... Just sayin 😉.

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