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  1. @Geoff Raynak DUDE DO IT!!! I love my van. PM me if you want any help checking it out or want to talk syncros. Also, I have a spare set of center caps for your Corrados I can sell if you want them. James
  2. @joysterm haha Mike, they're paddle boards so there are a lot of places locally to use them.
  3. @GazM3 I DD a big Volkswagen van on rainy days, which in Seattle is quite often, and I think it works just fine 😁.
  4. Teelinger

    More cheap Recaros - NM/NA

    Not mine and no affiliation. I never knew they put these in cop cars... https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/pts/d/pair-of-blue-cloth-recaro/6629841857.html
  5. Yes, they will be given away at the event. James
  6. Teelinger

    Parts Hoarder

    UPDATE! Connor at Vintage Autobahn has graciously offered to help Cathy and her family liquidate the remaining lot of parts. There's still a ton of NLA, NOS, and rare early pre 1970 2002/1600 parts available - literally boxes and boxes of stuff. Each sale will continue to help Cathy and her family, so get after it! Please direct all further parts inquiries directly to Conner at sales@VintageAutobahn.com or www.VintageAutobahn.com. Also, please be respectful of the family's privacy and do not contact the family directly. Last, Nathan, aka Roadhog, and I are handing the reins over to Connor as well. So no need to reach out to us either. 😉 Again, thank you to all that have been so gracious buying parts to help Cathy and her family. James
  7. Note update to the original post. James
  8. Teelinger

    'Cyclops' Brake Light

    Here's another option. Can be mounted low or high and the lights can be adjusted to tilt up or down to optimize visibility rearward. I had this on my last 02 and it worked great. http://www.gowesty.com/product/exterior-lighting/23669/third-brake-light-kit-led-?v=
  9. Teelinger

    1971 Nardi Personal Steering Wheel 385mm

    @02Livin yep, I knew that. I was asking about the model/version of the Moto Lita wheel. It's different than the other leather wrapped wheels I've seen on eBay and on their site. Looks like a leather wrapped wooden wheel. James
  10. Teelinger

    1971 Nardi Personal Steering Wheel 385mm

    @02Livin which Moto Lita wheel is that black leather one? The new ones I see for sale look different. James
  11. Teelinger

    BAT why we love them: 2002

    @John_in_VA oops, didn't see that post! I was on my phone and it didn't show up on the first page. Should have checked a little further back.
  12. Teelinger

    Best 15 inch tire

    Another date point: I've had both the Yokos and the BFGs on 15" Corrado steelies 195/50s. I would recommend the S-drives for regular to spirited street driving in a car with mild suspension upgrades. They are a slightly softer tire but that makes for a less harsh drive. I live in Seattle and the worked great in the rain. Note that I had stage 1 springs, Billy HDs and ST sways with these tires. I now own the BFGs on a much more aggressive coilover suspension set up. They are awesome performance tires and they are noticeably firmer in everyway. Way more responsive than the S-drives. But the down side is a harsher street ride, to the point that I now try to avoid most bumps when ever I can. I know a lot of that is because of the coilovers, but the BFGs are a big part of that too. I would recommend these tires for those who have to performance as their main selection criteria. I haven't taken either tire set up on a track or autoX so can't comment on that. Hope this helps. James
  13. Grab your coffee and have a good read: https://bringatrailer.com/2018/06/21/why-we-love-them-bmw-2002/ Hmm, I wonder what this will do to market prices...
  14. Teelinger

    NM/NA - 1969 2002

    Hope you bought it Larry, looked like a great car.
  15. Teelinger

    Another set of cheep recaros - NM/NA

    @roadhog0 good for you Nathan! Now no more excuses, time to install all your parts and finish off your car and get it painted...