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  1. The Corrado wheels are et35. A 5mm spacer is just about perfect. Leaves ample room both inner and outer fenders, front and rear, on my coil overs. And I've got my car sitting pretty low. These wheels are available new from Tuner Shop: https://www.tunershop.com/shop/alcar-steelwheel-8950-6-0x15-et35-4x100-15-inch.html You might also want to look for Chevy Cobalt steel rims as an option. Just need to make sure the bore hole size is big enough. 57.1mm. And because our friends North of the boarder buy plenty of winter tires, they tend to have a lot of steel winter rims available cheap on Craiglist. Not that I've researched this topic to death already... James
  2. Not sure, but seems to be in early May.
  3. I might be persuaded. But I'm more interested in heading down for Brisbane.
  4. https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/pts/d/portland-bmw-m10-motors/7061499093.html
  5. Great turn out for the show, thanks to everyone for making it out. A couple of quick requests: 1. Please reply with suggestions for how we can improve the event, and additional ideas of what you'd like to do or see at the event. 2. Post more pics! I saw several folks taking what looked like great photos. Please share! Last, our big 20th anniversary is just 2 years away. If anyone has suggestions for a large, low-cost indoor space we could hold the event at, please PM me. You can never start planning early enough. Cheers, James
  6. I have a 76 Verona 2002 that I bought in December, 2017,with 1 Black Flo Fit Seat,same as yours,in my Driver's side position, and I just happened upon this post,while trying to find a matching seat for Passenger side. And,I need to recover the rear seat,as well.Anthony To oh WON fore cinco saes tres saes dos saes

    1. Teelinger


      @76BMWVerona sorry, there seats sold yesterday. The for sale ad has been updated. 

    2. 76BMWVerona


      Did you happen to get Buyer's information? Sorry,I just discovered this site,a few days ago!

  7. Bump, still for sale and will be available at the 020202 show for viewing, purchase and pickup!
  8. Bump, still for sale and will be available at the 020202 show for viewing, purchase and pickup!
  9. Bump, still for sale and will be available at the 020202 show for viewing, purchase and pickup!
  10. Hi i am interested in the flo fit seats, i want to know if they are still available, get some pics, and how much is it for those seats. As well to ship them to Miami. 

    1. Teelinger


      @Dario see below for the info in my ad in the for sale section. Note that I can't get an estimate to ship the seats until after I pack them up and bring them to a shipper, and I'm not going to do that until I get a commitment to buy. Needless to say, it won't be cheap to ship these to Miami from Seattle. 




  11. @TG2k2 Dynamat install posted in the blog. @RichenFamous hope it works out for you and that the blog post helps out.
  12. @Scottjeffrey PM me if you have any questions. Not a hard project if you take your time with it. James

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