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  1. What are the dimensions of the car itself?
  2. Selling a complete interior with NOS Flo-fit front seats, sliders and rail adapters, and matching rear bench seat. $1250 firm. Shipping to be determined after a commitment to purchase has been made and all items are boxed up. I can not give estimates prior to sale because I haven't packed everything and don't know the box dimensions or weights. That being said, I get discounted corporate shipping rates through work and will pass that discount on to the buyer. The seats were 80s era, new-in-box for an e21 and are in excellent, like new condition, with little to no wear on the fabric or foam. They're super supportive and a little wider than Recaros, so will fit bigger folks well. The front driver's seat has a lumbar support pump. Both front seats come with sliders and rail adapters for a 2002. I'll also include the adapters for an e21. I had the matching rear covers installed on a 1974+ 2002 rear bench seat using foam padding and cloth batting, not horse hair. The seats were installed straight from the original shipping boxes and used for only 6 months. I'm selling because I want to go a different direction with my interior after I'm done with body and paint. Note: according to the upholsterer the wrinkles on the rear seats can be removed with a steamer, which I do not own.
  3. Another wheel from my collection: Hard to find E21 Turbo style sport wheel, button and hub. $500 firm. Price includes shipping CONUS. Alaska, Hawaii, and overseas shipping extra. The wheel is 38cm and is in really good condition. I've modified the hub so it will work on a 2002. This involved adding the horn connection plug and shaving down the hub cover an 1/8" on a belt sander. The hub cover doesn't have any cracks and is held to the wheel with 3m double sided tape. The grip and arms are in good condition with a nice patina, and no loose spots or significant scratches, although there are some tiny air holes on the back side of the grip, see pics. The only thing wrong with it is that one of the tabs within the horn button broke and now the button can spin in place. Didn't really bother me and pretty easy fix with an extra piece of plastic and some glue. Note: that's white paint on the inside of the hub cover. It was on there when I bought it.
  4. Next up for sale: 36cm Personal steering wheel with button and hub. $500 firm. Price includes shipping CONUS. Alaska, Hawaii, and overseas shipping extra. All pieces are in excellent condition. I only used the wheel for a short period of time before deciding I preferred a bigger wheel. Note: I purchased this wheel from another FAQ member who also only used it for a short period. So the wheel itself has seen very little use.
  5. I'm selling off my collection of steering wheels to help pay for body and paint work (check it out on my blog here). This is the first one to go: 38cm Petri steering wheel with button, ring, and hub. $850 firm. Price includes shipping CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii and overseas shipping extra. The wheel is in above average condition. The grip a little worn but has no loose spots. There are signs of minor repair on the grip and some pitting on the arms -see pics for details. The plastic hub cover is in perfect condition with no cracks(!) but the metal hub has marks from an air hammer. This hub fit really tight on my car's spline and I had installed it way too tightly, We hit it with an air hammer to loosen it up and ended up using a bearing splitter to get it off. Luckily there's no damage to inner splines of the hub itself, just marks on the outside - see pics. You get your choice of the button. Just let me know which option you want. Option 1: Genuine Petri button The button has a small chip on the outer cover and a few light scratches on the clear plastic. Option 2: Repro button The button is in great shape with minimal wear.
  6. September 14, 2019 I've never restored a car before and one of my goals with this restoration is to learn as much as I can. Knowing that, Patrick was kind enough to let me join his team for a day and help out with tearing Ernie down to get him ready for body and paint. Much appreciated my friend. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with and learn from the talented and knowledgeable pros at Midnight Motorsports. Even if it comes at the expense at being made fun of the whole time due to my shitty mechanical skills. I'd say it was worth it. I had a blast. Ernie_stripdown_01.mp4 Off Ernie goes to the paint shop.
  7. After a couple of days of self abuse and a general state of depression, I came to terms with my mistake and decide to make lemonade out of lemons. From the time that I bought this car I had planned on doing body and paint work (I've been hoarding parts from day one), I just didn't know when I'd get around to it. Well, I just forced my own hand. The first thing I did was swallow my pride and call my mechanic Patrick at Midnight Motorsports to let him know what had happened. After some much deserved ribbing, we began to plan next steps. Patrick was the one who helped broker the deal for me to buy Ernie from one of his clients. He built up the car's mechanicals for the previous owner so he knew the car inside and out, and we had discussed different restoration and upgrade options numerous times over the time that I've owned it. I wasn't planning on making an insurance claim but he talked me into doing it. Note to all reading this: If you haven't already done so, make sure you switch your insurance policy to AGREED VALUE. When I bought my first 02, Kermit, I read up on the posts here about car insurance and the need to get this type of policy. Man, I'm glad I did. I called my insurance company, American Collectors, and filed a claim proactively including a list of parts and prices (most of which I already had). They said all I needed to do was get an estimate from the shop of my choice and submit it and they'd cut a check. Based on Patrick's recommendation I decided to go with American Auto Painting & Body in Renton, WA. I took the car down, gave them my list of parts and prices, got a consolidated estimate, submitted it, and a few days later I had a check in hand to cover the damage to the front of the car. But while we're at it... Damn-it, I wanted to do the whole car. Scope, meet creep. I've added a gallery of the damage to the front clip and a 360 walk around. Here's a list of all the work I'm having done to Ernie while in body and paint. Paid by insurance: - replace front clip - replace left and right fenders - replace grills (3 pieces) - replace front bumper - replace hood trim - replace driving lights and brackets - replace radiator - replace aftermarket electric cooling fan - sand, prime, respray repaired areas Added by and paid by me:- repair rust in passenger door - shave lower side trim and fill holes - shave DOT side markers front and back, fill holes - shave gas cap, fill holes - shave rear license plate lights, fill holes - replace spare tire well, repair any remaining rust in trunk area - replace rear lower valance and move exhaust opening to dead center - repair all remaining dings and dents - install Kooglewerks duck bill air dam - take entire car to bare metal, primer, sand and cut, 2 stage respray in Inka I guess I should pause here and talk about my vision for the look of the car. To start, it's definitely staying Inka. I'm a designer by trade and have always appreciated the simplicity and purity of the original early cars. Short bumpers, no lower trim, no DOT silliness, etc. But I also love the functional and practical modifications to classic European rally cars of the 60's and 70's. Driving lights, beefy steelie wheels and tires, etc. I want the exterior of the car to blend a little of both. Modifications are a-ok with me as long as they feel authentic and purposeful. Interior wise, I absolutely love interiors from the late 50's and early 60's where details like chrome trim and plaid inserts really stood out and added a touch of class. Honestly, there isn't much left on the car that hasn't already been touched or replaced. This is always going to be a daily driver type of car that I will drive as much as I can. Here are some inspiration images of things that I want to incorporate into my build. For overall feel: 2002 Specific: Credit: Kooglewerks Credit: Kooglewerks
  8. And this is not the best part... 3 days later someone stole my Vanagon. But that's another story for a different blog.
  9. They say the first step to recovery is acknowledgement. OK, I own this one. It's all me. Street parking in Seattle neighborhoods is kinda a pain in the arse. The week before the 4th of July I was busy shuffling cars in and out of my driveway. In doing so, I parked Ernie in the street in front of my neighbor's driveway so that I could move my wife's car. Something I do all the time. My neighbor is cool with it and she does the same when she needs room to move stuff. Then I went inside to take care of some stuff. At some point my neighbor texted me and asked me to move Ernie so she could run an errand. I quickly did so and ended up squeezing Ernie into a parking spot closely behind my Vanagon and ran back inside to finish what I was doing. Later, I was running late to pick up my kid and her friends from some event, so I ran back outside to jump in the Vanagon to take off. I threw it into reverse and then BAM... I backed into my own damn car with the van. I was in such a rush that I forgot I parked Ernie behind the van. My Vanagon is a lifted 4x4 Syncro and because I parked close I didn't see it in my rearviews when I backed up. DOH! So, here begins the journey. giphy.webp
  10. @wegweiser Paul, are the new boots the same quality as the originals? I vaguely remember seeing some posts here about the new ones not being as good. True? James
  11. Looking to buy a used one of these in good to excellent condition.

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