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  1. Re: Tesla powered 2002s. It's a thing. https://www.momentmotors.com/ They've converted a couple of 02s in addition to several other classic cars. The Verona 02 belongs to @Geoff Raynak. Check them out. James
  2. @Dudeland, give Patrick at Midnight Motorsports a call to discuss options and pros/cons of each. He's built them all and can walk you through the characteristics of the car you end up with each option. I recently went through this whole process in deciding which way to go with phase 2 of my restoration. I elected not to go with a turbo for the reasons @irdave mentions. I want to keep the limits and grin factor within reach more on a daily street driven basis and my target with my engine build will be 140-150hp to the wheels. Cheers, James
  3. Yo peeps! Any consensus here? Paradise or St Helens? Any of the Portland folks have a preference?
  4. For your nose clip: https://www.mvpvintageparts.com/index Check out @Forrest_KoogleWerks review on the replacement part. James
  5. +1 on Haury's, my 510 friends have used them with similar success. A cheaper alternative is 101 Auto Body on Aurora. I haven't used them before but the same 510 friends have and they have good things to say. Definitely not a concourse shop, but a decent budget option. (206) 525-5778 James
  6. Dan, Bummer. Suggest you call Junior at American Auto Paint and Body in Renton. They did the work on mine for a similar accident, albeit self inflicted in my case. You'll need to source your own nose clip and trim parts though. https://americanautopaintingandbody.com/ James My blog:
  7. I reached out to the seller, he willing to part it out. Make him an offer on what you want. James
  8. Some feedback from folks that Mt St Helens might be too far a hike for the Seattle folks. A suggestion was made for a loop around the Paradise area instead, as it's more in the middle between Seattle and Portland. Thoughts?
  9. Ok, let get this thing rolling. I'll start by picking the date and location: Mount St Helens loop August 2nd, 9am meet ups in Seattle/Portland starting points I need help on the following: 1. Route - someone needs to pick a route that has a good starting point for folks coming north from Portland and south from Seattle. 2. Someone from Portland to coordinate a rendezvous point for folks to meet up at to start your trip north. 3. Suggestions for a place to go to for lunch. For the Seattle folks: Let's plan on meeting at The Cheese Factory parking lot at South Center Mall at 9am. Once we get the route selected and loop starting point set, we'll finalize the times and Stuart can send out an email blast to the entire PNW crew. Sound good? Volunteers for the items above? Cheers, James
  10. I'm actually checking out a Wednesday Cruise In tomorrow in Bellevue as a potential regular spot for us to meet up at. Turns out they've been having one in the Newport area for all car makes and models for a few years.
  11. I'm all for it and will create an event flyer and promote it to the rest of the group, but I need help planning a route. Can you take that on? PS. - I dunno about that elected leader thing... 🙄
  12. So. Want. This. This is the best deal in a while. @bimbill you're killin me. But alas, I can't justify buying it. To the new buyer - I had a design all ready for this project. Hit me up if you want any ideas GLWS
  13. @jasondallas - you still need this cover? I've got an old set of black rear covers. The edge of the top rear bench is sun baked and cracked but the rest could be used to patch another set. The bottom rear bench section is in decent shape. Let me know if you want it. I'm in Ballard. James
  14. @Mike G LOVE IT!!! You've been busy. My update: I got my rear bench back and now they match the fronts.
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