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  1. @e31fan here's a modified one. Note the pearlized paint. https://wenatchee.craigslist.org/cto/d/ardenvoir-inka-orange-bmw-2002/7220632851.html
  2. @e31fan here's a a nice looking Touring https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/d/malibu-1973-bmw-2002-touring/7235994460.html
  3. @e31fan how deep are your pockets? https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-bmw-2002tii-59/
  4. +1 to that, and get these:
  5. Not sure if they're going to have it for the next couple of Sundays given the new pandemic restrictions. Check their Instagram feed for updates. Regardless, I'll post on here when I plan on going next. Stay safe out there y'all. James
  6. Welcome Julio. Send me a PM with your contact info and I'll add you to our email list. As for resources, suggest giving Patrick at Midnight Motorsports a call. He's in West Seattle. James
  7. Heading over to cars and coffee again today. Hopefully I'll make it this time 😉. James
  8. All's well that ends well. Turned out that one of the fuel rail mounting tabs failed and broke off, causing the fuel rail to come loose and pulling out couple of injectors. Patrick had had a spare fuel rail and had me back up and running in an hour. Good man that Patrick is. James
  9. Well, cancel that. My fuel rail on the EFI gave up the ghost and dumped fuel all over the place while driving over. I'm getting towed to Midnight Motorsports instead 🤣. James
  10. Weather is looking good today so I'm spontaneously heading over to the Lake Washington Cars and Coffee. Hope some others can join. Today from 10-12. 835 Lake Washington Blvd. https://instagram.com/lakewashingtoncarsandcoffee?igshid=tgenetkjvecr Cheers, James
  11. Since you asked... my suggestions for your situation: Don't focus on cosmetics or making it faster, these cars are inherently slow by modern standards and it takes a bit of cash and time to make them fast(ish). Just concentrate on making it run and run around better. It's a street car, so blasting around town with gusto at 45mph is a helluva lot of fun in an 02. Do that for a year before deciding if you want take this car to the next level, or sell it and buy a better 02 to do so. For this car, here's what I'd focus on in order of priority: 1. Mechanically reliable and safe with a focus on brakes, cooling and electrical. 2. Being in the PNW, suspend the existing rust with POR15 or equivalent. Then leave it as is until you decide what you want to do with the car long term. 3. Buy the best tires you can. Consider bumping up to 15s or down to 13s. It appears harder to find a decent set of 14s for the bottle caps you've got now. 4. Upgrade the 3 S's: Suspension, Steering, Seats. These are the things you will always touch/feel when you drive and IMHO enhance the best part of an 02 - the handling. I'm sure others have different opinions, but for most new owners I think the best advice is get it safe and reliable and then drive the snot out of it for a while. Cheese, James
  12. Welcome Peter! Please send me a PM with your contact info and I'll add you to the email list. We post get together and event info here and via email too.
  13. I went with 5.75" Marchal 670/680 repops. I prefer the smaller size lights. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MARCHAL-670-680-FOG-LIGHTS-2-NEW-AMBER-BULBS/370623441907?hash=item564ae0ebf3:g:HrMAAMXQkl9RdRIx
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