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Repairs and build up of a severely neglected '72 2002, parked sometime in the mid 90's in the Vancouver area.

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Rear Subframe Mounts

This is a bit out of order in terms of what's been worked on but worth a post.  The second-worst rust on the car is the rear passenger side's subframe mount.  The upper plate is mostly still in tact, but the lower one doesn't exist at all.  And the sill is hot garbage.  Inner sill is flat 16ga but it gets a bit more complicated as you work your way outwards.  Car came with replacement outer sills suggesting it was bad for a long time.     Digging through this site over the wi



Intro to the TwoThousandEww

To start, a little backstory.  I grew up in a Canadian prairie city called Calgary.  While it's the biggest place between Vancouver and Toronto, even 20 years ago it wasn't quite big enough to attract much other than the big three and Japanese manufacturers.  Things have changed a lot since then; a boom in oil during the 2000's and some good years in the 2010s brought a lot of people and wealth to the area.  The sole BMW dealership in the whole city back then is now the Aston Martin, something I



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