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About this blog

My first car was an inka 2002 that I bought in 1996, which started me off (pretty much straight away, as the car wouldn't start the next day after I got her home!) in my DIY car repair adventures. I really enjoyed working on the 02, it was pretty straightforward and accessible (unlike most modern cars) to do repairs. In 2001 I left Sydney and I regretfully sold the car.


In 2008 I bought two 02s as a lot which was being restored by the PO. One car had already been dismantled, this one has a good body and the other was to be used for parts. Soon after the purchase I got the body sprayed (Inka off course) and started sorting through all the boxes of parts when my life changed course again and I became a father. So the two cars sat around and got dragged to new locations when we had to move. Now it is 2019 and I've started putting the car back together.


This blog is my journey in putting the pieces back together.

Entries in this blog


One step at a time

So far I've put the fuel tank back in, rewrapped the wiring harness and taken all the brake parts off for reconditioning. But I've just now started taking photos so i'm going to jump in with this one of the firewall with insulation put in.      The rotors back from machining:   New rubber parts for the callipers:   Bearings repacked, rotors and callipers back on:   The steel lines in and the reconditioned master cylinder mounte



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