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  1. I have a 76 2002 with dual mirrors. If, a big if, I can find the Swan necks will they go into the existing holes and cover the same amount of sheet metal or more? I already have an NK 1500? steering wheel with the circular chrome horn ring. I feel these mirrors would add a touch more of the look I am looking for. So, how rare, hard-to-find are the Swan necks. I would want two to replace my current two, Steve
  2. Looking for a set of headers for my 1976 2002 in good to excellent condition. Steve ONeill [email protected]
  3. How about a Tiaga 1972 Bavaria in perfect condition, ac, stick, safer than an 02, an under appreciated classic. $14,000 in Ellicot City MD. I can put you in contact with the seller. Car has been checked out and test driven by an experienced E9 Coupe guy. Steve [email protected] 215.620.7687
  4. For personal reasons I was looking for an automatic with AC. Looked for two months. Then put up a post on E9 where I mostly hang out with my 3.0CS. A guy responded immediately, had a Chaminox 76, auto, air, 78,000 miles, Weber, perfect original condition. A true time capsule. No rust, seriously, two tii buddies confirmed no rust. Paid $18,000, drove it home from north NJ to Bucks County PA. So you may be thinking, what's there to do? Plenty. Chrome bumpers, five new tires. My mechanic installed the new Petronix that came with the car, and a new K&N air filter, tore out all the emissions junk, replacing the AC face plate which does not have the original ash tray. esty, are you reading this, made front and rear sisal carpet mats and a trunk carpet, perfect. Down the road a 5 sp is in the car's future. And headers and an Ansa exhaust. At that point I will have added $6,000 to the $18,000 purchase price. Worth every penny! Repeating the advice above: Buy the best car you can afford, travel if you have to and are serious, then be prepared to spend more.
  5. Looking for a chrome bumper sales brochure in good condition, Steve [email protected]
  6. RFord888 is looking for the same hinges. He says in his post he has had a number of replies. I don't want to cut in front of him, but when he has acquired a set I would like to be the next buyer. Steve [email protected]
  7. Mike, would you consider $150. + shipping to 18963. Bucks County PA. Steve O'Neill [email protected] 215.620.7687
  8. steve oneill


    Great story, nothing like an LTR with a 2002. My first, in 1971, was a brand new 1600. Since then it has been four Bavarias and 3 coupes in various states. In January I purchased a 1976 2002, Chaminox, 78,000 miles, automatic( I know) and air conditioning for the humid, sticky, Philadelphia summers which are getting longer and hotter. It is all original. But within two months the diving board bumpers were gone, replaced by a new set from Bluntech. Not cheap but worth it in my eyes. Can you tell what I am hinting at? And yes, it cost about $1500 all told. My mechanic did the swap and a good thing he did. There was some "adjusting" to be done. I run with two very original 72 tii's but I cut them some slack on the hills. right Looking forward to seeing more picutures. Steve
  9. Lovely find. I just purchased a two owner 76 in Chaminox with 78,000 miles, all original. Automatic and AC as nods to my ever softening character. The auto will eventually be replaced. First thing to go was the bumpers. Recommend the Blunttech but be prepared for some mods. And yes, a truffle ours are. Waiting for more details and progress. Steve
  10. Andrew, what is your sense of what it is worth? What it would sell for? Is it as fine as it appears to my eyes? Steve
  11. Andrew, my kind of garage, you can't eat off the floors or do open heart surgery, neatly organized, everything at hand. But not OCD. Perfect for Veronika and Vern and the coupe.
  12. Happy Anniversary to Vern and Andrew. Hoping for lots more 10 year celebrations. Steve ONeill
  13. Hi Gazz, CSteve here from the E9 madness. I purchased my '76 2002 in January from JMinNJ on E9. It is an all original, 78k mile Chaminox. I bought it for my wife who can no longer drive stick. So it is an automatic and also as a concession to our humid, sticky, Philadelphia summers air conditioning! Imagine the neck-snapping jolt when I kick in the afterburner(passing gear extraordinaire). Of course the two 2002's I run with are both all original tii's. I cut them some slack on the hills. Like me, you will find yourself driving your new baby much more than your coupe. My CSi has been out of the garage once since I bought the 02. Anxious to see more photos. I was only able to look at the single photo on E9. Steve
  14. Price Cut. Mud Flaps in excellent condition for a later 2002. Yes, they are knockoffs, but I defy you to tell the difference. For photos, email me at: [email protected] Price includes shipping and insurance. Steve
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