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  1. Interesting, 9,000 square tails with slush versus 4800 for roundies. Seems to me the audience was shifting(no pun intended) to a slightly different demographic by the mid-seventies. My theory, as people like me start buying 2002's the 15% penalty for automatics will be erased. Perhaps they may even, oh hereoisy, sell for a slight premium. And as fewer and fewer people know how to drive stick that will contribute to the automatic's desirability also.
  2. Mike, I have an April 76 square light. Any idea how many automatics like mine were built from 74-76? If one did an "average per year" I suspect years 74-76 would have more per year than 69-73. We are only talking about four years, 69-73 versus three, 74-76. Thanks, Steve
  3. Holding my original Nevada "Lackstist touch up pencil" right now. This car is not Nevada. Nor does it resemble the Koday photos of my car's color. It was a 2800CS. Long gone, sigh. Why they call a small metal tube with a small brush inside a "Pencil" must be a translation thing. I also have the blue and white paper sleeve the tube came in. Part# for those who squirrel these things away:51 911 813 138 Now caressing my "Lackstist touch up pencil" from my Italian delivery Polaris Euro Coupe. 060 Polaris neu part # 51 91 1 813 075 The Italian part of the label calls the container a "crayon" My coupe will soon join its new steward in Chicago. Let's say, It's time for all the right reasons. No remorse, no regret, spent a year coming to this conclusion. Steve
  4. I had my fill of "camping" thanks to the USArmy. My sister and her husband have celebrated a wedding anniversary in a lean to shed below Pike's Peak, taken a tandem bike across the country, dipping the front tire in the Pacific and months later in the Atlantic. But their most courageous adventure: biking out of Heathrow Airport into the heart of London with the loonies who drive on the wrong side. My take on all this: I am roughing it if the cruise control on the rental car is not working.
  5. On "For sale on ebay" will you be able to separate "Cars for Sale" from "Parts for sale" including miniatures of our cars? It will make a world of difference to someone like me. Thanks, and of course good with whatever you do. Steve
  6. Surprised this car is still available. Or is it? If I was within driving distance I would have scooped it up first thing. ???
  7. steve oneill


    1976 2002 79,000 miles, Chaminox automatic air conditioning all original excellent condition Here we are in our 1971 1600 starting on a long wonderful drive.
  8. Steve, yes, you subtly, but not too, expressed your opinion of e30 rims on 02's. But if we all liked the same rims or the same sneakers how boring the world would be.
  9. Conserv, Steve, I am thinking it was not just CA that issued those e30 rims to every registered 2002. They are on my 76 and it never set foot or tire in the Golden State. And the current seller is experiencing what many of us have. Overwhelming optimism in the face of a daunting reality. When we fall in love we never see the flaws in our beloved until it is too late. Love is blind and I know I have been blinded by the light a number of times when it comes to cars and .... Steve
  10. Esty, if our 02's are like coupes, and I am new to the 02 game, there are subtle differences in European versus USA delivery cars. But you know that. And there is the intangible cachet of the Euro ethos(I am making this up as I go along actually). There are others on this board who can fill screens with the differences. Chime in folks. Steve
  11. Hoods up to Veronika. Well done Andrew. And love the Golf.
  12. What a great project. I would start with the big - bust bumpers! Gone girl gone. Love the color
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