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  1. they've been shipping out...Five left at this sale price!
  2. ...and If you've already got one, please chime in with your experience on installation and use!
  3. use discount code: HOTCOFFEE to get 20% off! Just like our recent Speaker panel sale, we've made a dozen (12) and the discount will apply until they're gone! Another Kooglewerks original piece, this Dual cup holder center console insert is designed to replace the factory center section and install using the existing hardware. accommodation for factory style shift boot (rubber or leather/vinyl) installs same as original part. molded out of 3/32" black grained ABS plastic. comes with front storage partition "floor" panel and hardware. http://www.kooglewerks.com/products/bmw-2002-dual-cup-holder-console-insert
  4. Available as a “limited offering” of 50 serial numbered units. The very first KoogleWerks BMW M10 valve cover. Designed, cast, machined and finished right here in California. Features include recessed “tii style” 5/8” crankcase breather vent with internal baffle height clearance for ARP head studs (& baffled oil fill to reduce pressure/seepage due to “oil fling”) Internal ribs for strength and weight reduction. (just like OEM part, unlike any other aftermarket part) 2+ lbs lighter than other (Heidegger) aftermarket covers. Shown in “wrinkle black” with brushed fins and lettering. a “logo delete” option is also available. http://www.kooglewerks.com/products/cast-aluminum-bmw-2002-valve-cover er
  5. I too came up with an solution (not a "quick and easy fix"...more an exercise in 'period motorsport' design) and yes, we must admit that all the options out there (including mine) have their drawbacks (when you're dealing with dinosaur juice, it's bound to get messy!) but the more options the better...especially when they're coming from people in the community, helping with a need!
  6. Yes, unfortunately all the discounted sets have been sold.. but with the response, it is likely we'll do another similar sale again... possibly on long cup holder consoles next time! -Forrest
  7. I'd say verify the engine #s match the chassis to start... then you've got more info as to value. at the end of the day the little stuff (incorrect dash, repaint, etc) is only important if you're buying it as a "collectors/investment" car... if you like the color and the car drives well (no major rust/questionable bodywork) then jump on it! it's a buyers market and there's some great cars out there right now in the sub-20k$ range (both tii's and non-tii's) ....now just don't tell us this car is over 20k$ and you'll be doing fine! ...& move this post to the "general 2002 topics" forum if possible?
  8. ALL discounted sets are SOLD! thank you to everyone who purchased and please let us know via email if you have any questions or concerns before, during or after install! -Forrest [email protected]
  9. didn't you know? "NLA" means "now lots available" !
  10. That just might be next....stay tuned! (so yes, a similar "limited to 12 units" sale at some point before the holiday season 😉)
  11. Turn around time has been quick recently (two days for most stuff and up to two weeks for things that need to be made from scratch) That said, console sides are a "need to be made from scratch" item. We'll do our best to get orders out if needed in a rush...just please don't wait till the last minute to order! -Forrest

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