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  1. Great detail for such a small piece! ...Nowhere in the description does it mention the material....what is it made of? (Looks like a dull alloy by the finish) is it plastic?
  2. The roof gutter moldings are available again, buy new from BMW or in a couple weeks the aftermarket version will be shipping as well.
  3. AlpinA “tribute/replica” 4x100 wheel centers and 13” wheel halves. Centers are 6061 billet Aluminum, powder coated satin black. (minor cosmetic blemish on one wheel, see detail photo) centers are designed with 1/2” hub “pad” to clear bigger brakes. tapered seats for standard acorn nuts. Perfect for a vintage race car that needs strong reliable wheels. Sold as a package with billet center caps and a mixed set of 13” 20 hole barrels. Wheel halves are: (3) 5” (3) 4-3/4” (1) 4.5” (1) 3.5” These are a customer “trade in” on a new set of our Kooglewerks wheels. (We did not make any of these parts) I am selling as a favor to our customer. He's just trying to get back what he paid for these. You will need to source sealing rings & any other wheel halves needed for your required offset. These can also be sized up to 14,15 & 16", with new barrels. We can help re-barrel them for anyone interested in these in a larger size/width. Serious inquiries please email direct: [email protected]
  4. where are you located Rob? I agree international shipping is high (& we’re trying to keep the underfunded USPS alive) $50 is the minimum set on the website for some countries. Some of the time if we can ship for less, if so We can make accommodations & refund the difference...or maybe You can distribute a few to other locals and you split the shipping cost? Either way, we don’t try to MAKE money off of shipping, just trying to break even.
  5. We've also got a set of the upper belt trim moldings and will be installing/reviewing them soon, with another video to follow! -Forrest
  6. We posted a video a while back, looking at the new aftermarket nose panels made by MVP (& sold by Ireland Engineering) Now they’re releasing a turn signal, in all three styles (US, Euro and Italian) We got a few sets and compared them to some NOS OEM parts. I am not an expert on the subject, but I do know when something Looks good and fits well. Upon close scrutiny, they are still an aftermarket part. (Purists and Concurs judges will disapprove.) But not a typical piece of Chinese junk (they’re made in Taiwan) the fit and finish is near perfect. -Forrest
  7. After fielding a few questions about this I'm getting more and more motivated to produce a little "how to" youtube video... expect it soon! -Forrest
  8. Wow you are an animal! Amazing parking lot transformation! I love it.
  9. made a little video a while back after unboxing the MVP early model nose panel.
  10. Just uploaded a video discussion and installation of our complete Long console! https://youtu.be/SbJxiMXlNEA
  11. Unfortunately it's a combo I cannot recall having any pictures of ! (perhaps we make a "picture request" thread?) However, I do know that all of our low-mounted air dams will work with the late model US bumpers...(Just not a very common approach) (and to follow up a previous post, We did make and release that late model bumper delete/ Lamp mount bracket kit)
  12. Different "brother" (not my car... actually Pierre's brother, Damian's car) He wanted the spoiler for a keepsake. (it was the only thing "kooglewerks" about the car)
  13. looking awesome!...and I love seeing the air dam color-matched/painted!
  14. We'll be there FOR SURE!! ...with a few cars and some new products, hoping this year is bigger and better than ever!
  15. this looks like the e21 version, with centered mounting tabs (bushing support) where the 2002 specific version has offset (longer/shorter) tabs. hope this helps to identify
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