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  1. Forrest_KoogleWerks

    New KoogleWerks parts availability update

    yes, this is available on the website! all the console face plate options are under 'gauge/stereo panels' and there is a drop-down menu with options.
  2. Forrest_KoogleWerks

    New KoogleWerks parts availability update

    I've got a plan to "double back" on that project... after making a couple in the prototype stage, it became apparent that I'd have to simplify the design and/or charge more... I'd like to keep it at an accessible price point... so I've just got to get more efficient with making them!
  3. Forrest_KoogleWerks

    New KoogleWerks parts availability update

    Yes, there definitely is room for the VIN plate to be relocated... I just knew not everyone would want to swap it over, so I did not design it with holes or a recess... but it's an easy drill/rivet install!
  4. Forrest_KoogleWerks

    New KoogleWerks parts availability update

    ...And Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the new bits and pieces! (not everything is "top secret"!)
  5. The last couple months have been a blur! Since the BA02 Brisbane swap n show, we've been back in the shop busy filling orders and working on new prototyping projects. Both Left and Right hand drive gauge options, A/C console options, driving light mounting solutions, etc.( Some of which I've posted up on Instagram and/or even leaked over onto FB) ...But I haven't updated with a post for the FAQ in quite some time. The update goes as follows: We are working hard to fill the requests coming in for more interior parts, console variations and options. This has us rolling out new products at least a couple times a month. In the background, we are working diligently on other parts. Core motorsport parts. chassis, induction, etc. these will be released and into production at a slower rate, due to the complexity and desire to "get it right the first time" as well as tooling/setup cost. Every bit of "extra" time or money has been directed into making it a reality. This has been the goal all along....and it feels really great to see coming together! Thank you for your support, we could not have done it without this community believing in our goals and helping us to achieve them!
  6. Forrest_KoogleWerks

    WTB Shift Surround

    I don't have a stock one for sale, but do know quite a few people have recently bought the one I make, it's a direct replacement piece that installs, looks and functions exactly as stock (but has cup holders built in).... so for every one out there...someone just removed a stock one and quite possibly will sell!
  7. Forrest_KoogleWerks

    front grill removal

    simple to remove... however, painting is a slippery slope (as they get the most abuse/rock chips up front) just Philips head screws in the front, holding in the side grills... along with one plastic thumbscrew at the back, in the outer most corners (near the corner reflector) then the center kidney has two sets of clips top and bottom, accessed from behind.... typically an 8mm nuts on them. good luck!
  8. Forrest_KoogleWerks

    "full width" air dam: from prototype to production

    yes, with these high-mount wide versions, there is a TON of real estate for brake duct inlets for sure!
  9. Forrest_KoogleWerks

    1974 BMW 2002; INKA, 4speed, unmolested Daily Driver,

    Uploading some photos would certainly help the I just recently saw a friends late model he just purchased for around the same price point, I am curious as to how your car compares, cosmetically....& I'm sure any other interested party's would be as well.
  10. Forrest_KoogleWerks

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Makes the front end really "pop"!...& I love doing these with the punched and flared ads a nice little detail.
  11. Forrest_KoogleWerks

    New KoogleWerks "product and prototype update" page

    these are up on my website and available for purchase.
  12. Forrest_KoogleWerks

    New KoogleWerks "product and prototype update" page

    Realized I hadn't updated this post (although I have updated my website) and since, lots of new parts have rolled out. the rear shock tower brace/battery/storage mount is a difficult part to produce cost effectively, and after making a few of them I am still battling either a re-design/simplify, or just go 'all in" and make all the fixtures and parts to do a bigger batch... either way.. the fuel filler systems are up and running, we've done quite a bit of testing and they work great... & look like this: (no drilling/cutting, and the outside of the car still looks stock)
  13. Forrest_KoogleWerks

    KoogleWerks shop tour on SpeedHunters!

    we will just have to keep in touch, I'd love to help bring that piece of history back to life! it deserves it!
  14. full article and dozens of pictures at: this is just the tip of the iceberg, we're expecting a couple more in-depth articles to come soon after!
  15. Forrest_KoogleWerks

    Front spoiler suggestions for Rabbit flares?

    Just got this one back from the Paint shop (touch up on the nose panel that had 36 holes drilled in it over the years) Not rabbit flares...(not a turbo air dam either) just another example, the possibilities are vast!