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  1. I've been wanting to produce these for some time now, and although many of you (including myself) want to see bigger projects like the aluminum fender flares done and up for sale... these were a "must do" and I'm glad to be producing the first run. Made from impact resistant polycarbonate/PETG these durable covers protect your expensive headlamps from damage while enhancing the 'rally prep'd/track" styling of your 2002! 7" version fits many common vehicles (bmw 2002, E9, etc.) and is designed to work with OE sealed beam bulbs and upgraded H4 conversion bulbs as well. The black and yellow tinted versions are not intended for street use and are sold for "off-road/track & show only" (as you might guess, they do defuse and/or dim the output of the bulb) http://www.kooglewerks.com/new-products-1/7-rally-style-headlamp-protection-cover-clearyellowblack
  2. SoCalVintage 2017 - Pictures

    Thank you for sharing with all of us who couldn't make it down!... Really wishing we had now, but quite nice to live vicariously through your lens if just for a moment... I hope to see as many great cars there next year and bring something cool to show as well!
  3. Megasquirt Experts want to help?

    ouch. I feel the pain brother.... although a lot of people have used the megasquirt with success, it is not often the preferred ECU/ management system of tuning shops. they want you to get an AEM or some other widely used product because they have the support of the supplier to help them with troubleshooting... it's like bringing a hacked/modded PC into the mac store in the mall....if it ain't OSX, they don't want to touch it. ...unfortunately saving money on the cheaper engine management ends up costing more in setup/troubleshooting/tuning. megasquirt is a great system if you are a tech dude with the time to learn it and do the work yourself. (or somehow find that gifted individual who can do the work for you for under 120$/hr... if you find that person, let me know!) best of luck and I wish I had more useful info for you!
  4. Show Us Your Center Console/radio Setup

    Hey thanks! I just sent your under-dash speaker panels out on Friday (unless those went to someone else on the island?!) either way, thank you for the positive review, I hope to make more good/easy solutions for the 2002 community.
  5. 1976 Granatrot, Gauge surround

    The dash wood refresh looks great!! I really think these cars deserve some real wood
  6. Show Us Your Center Console/radio Setup

    Made a few more of these and refined the design after checking & measuring more gauges and stereo variations...also set up and drilled to mount in short or long style console...put em up on the site for sale and shipped out three already (one blank, one cut for OE radio and one cut for modern DIN radio
  7. Speaker options without cutting

    You're absolutely right Eurotrash. I am relatively new to using the 2002FAQ forum to promote my KoogleWerks parts... however, I've also worked in the high end of the audio industry through the "analog to digital" era of the 1990s and early 2000s, designing and installing systems in hundreds of cars. (some competitive in IASCA) and you're absolutely right about point source/angle as well... however in this circumstance I feel it is a worthy compromise for people who wish to have a speaker large enough to deliver some mid-bass, yet retain a stock-ish and "un-cut" look and feel of the car. also note, the under dash panel speakers are not pointed directly down (as illustrated clearly in the pictures) the under dash panel solution also gives people a chance to replace a part of the interior that is often already damaged or missing, without drilling additional holes. for the "no compromise audiophile" I vote for a set of three-way separates bi-amped in big kick panel pods for sure! People who want and need every extra decibel (and time alignment/soundstage) out of the system will pursue this option. (if they haven't already cut the door panels!) I merely offering a different solution to a different kind of 2002 owner.
  8. Speaker options without cutting

    Hope y'all don't mind me digging up an old topic...but I just realized there are people out there still cutting up their door panels and sacrificing foot/leg room! We have solutions! (houses common 5-1/4" speaker, no cutting or drilling, replaces existing underdash panels & does not limit or impede on foot/leg room or glovebox function.)
  9. just added this item to the list: (details and more photos in first blog post)
  10. Show Us Your Center Console/radio Setup

    yes thermoformed. 3/32" ABS !
  11. Show Us Your Center Console/radio Setup

    I just made up the first prototype for a new gauge/switch/radio panel... It will house standard 52mm/2-1/8" gauges (even ones with oversized bezels) that are angled upwards and towards the driver (for LHD) below them is an area for hazard switch/aux function switches (that does not require extending the wire harness) & a lower location for a shaft style factory radio or an aftermarket DIN sized radio. Planning a small production run early next week, they should be up on my website www.kooglewerks.com for sale in the next couple days! (And yes there is just enough room to sneak even a large sized hand underneath to access the lower storage cubby behind the cup holder!)
  12. ONE OF THE FEW 2002Tii WAGONS!!! (not touring)

    Where is this and do we know if it was completed/abandoned ? Curiosity is killing me!