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  1. Categories for sure, not just "prettiest"! Thinking out loud: best daily driver, best beater, nicest interior, best stance, most progress in a 30 day period, most extreme, etc. I'd also LOVE to have this type of poll be used to gather insight into some common questions. For example, best suspension for street. If folks include what they have for shocks, springs, anti-swaybars, bushings, etc. everyone can vote on which they feel is best for a particular style of driving. This can then be used as a reference point for those looking for insight into suspension changes... Just an example! Jason
  2. Great photo! Close enough to round-hole Borranis. Love it.
  3. BaT indicates there is often a huge flat spot of bidding in the middle. The big bids now will happen in the last 15min... Jason
  4. Steve, I'll shoot you a copy of the A4 tuning manual I wrote that has some discussion of Tii tuning and the relationship of the screws. It may (or may not) help.. Jason
  5. Patience is key if you are looking for a good car with few issues and a reasonable price. If you are new to 2002s then recommend getting connected with a local 2002 group if possible and just start hanging out. You will learn a lot and some may have a car in mind that would work for you. Good luck - don't hesitate to post cars you are looking at, the folks here are not shy to give thumbs up or down! Jason
  6. Nice find! One step at a time.. Jason
  7. Thanks for that Toby. Haven't seen that video of the presses. I'm all for saving those old (but repairable) metal bits and bobs! Problem is that those parts stack up.. Jason
  8. Super nice garage. I'd love to have more than a 2 car space to work in (and rarely that too). Love the livery on the race car. Jason
  9. Excellent! Thank you for the details John - love it! Jason
  10. Great photo. Makes me want to 1. Go camping in an 02 (I've slept in them but never camped), and 2. While I'm at it, recreate this photo. So many questions -Why was the hood open? Is that a flag or trap? And the ultimate - Why is there an ironed shirt (possibly 2) hanging in the back seat? Love it! Jason
  11. Not a bad angle of how it is installed on the red car. ~Jason
  12. Sahara too. Brand new sahara is a wonderful color. My second 02 was malaga and so it has a soft spot for me. Jason
  13. Makes me want to go out and drive without a destination... Great photos. Jason
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