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  1. JsnPpp

    Off to paint..... again.

    Looks great, I love arktisblau. When I painted my '73 baikal in 2000 I chose arktisblau instead. Now, the second time around it is going back to baikal, but was a fun ride while I had it. Jason
  2. JsnPpp

    after 22 years I now have a 2002 again

    Looks like a nice car, and welcome to the Faq! There are many friendly and helpful people on this board, will help you get things running the way it should... Cheers, ~Jason
  3. JsnPpp

    Sale at Cocco mats

    Hi, I recently purchased a 4 piece set of coco-mats (black w/gray) and was happy with the results. Cool mats. My only comment is that I found that the template that was sent was not nearly as accurate as I wanted. Too small, left gaps, kind of like the photo above - nice but not what I wanted. Especially the area around the pedals, way too many gaps. Also, it stopped too early under the seat, I wanted it to be as all covering as possible - very little exposed carpet. I spent several hours building an accurate template for all four and sent it to cocomats. They built around the template I sent and I am happy with the output. I don't know if they use "my template" for future purchases. We all have different needs so this may not be what you want. I don't have photos handy but will snap some and upload once I have the chance. Cheers, Jason
  4. Replaced both rear wheel cylinders, shoes on the red car, then bled and adjusted.. For some reason the passenger rear was seeping a bit, figured the best answer was new rears all around.. Jason
  5. Lookin' great Barney! Can't wait to see it in person!
  6. JsnPpp

    Street Build Starting

    Wow! This is a wonderful thread, thank you for sharing. Not sure how I missed this before. Props to everyone who has a hand on this build. Gorgeous. Jason
  7. JsnPpp

    CGI 02 Baur

    Fantastic! Love it. Yes, the wheels feel too big and so do the headlights. Jason
  8. Misunderstanding on my part! I thought you meant literally ill. Mark.. not just bit by the 02 bug. Anyway, congrats to the high bidder, hope they are on this board and we can learn about the car it will go on. Jason
  9. Wow, yes thats a lot. But yes, in the big scheme of things, it's bolt on goodness IMO. Jason
  10. I forgot about your CSL - nice list of cars!
  11. Very cool car, is that pastelblau? Love it. Regarding tuning: once the butterflies are sync'd (not difficult, maybe an hours worth of time) the linkages are more linear than those of the Tii. Conceptually only one length to adjust where as the Tii has multiple points to measure/adjust. There are fewer linkages on the A4 (2 on A4 vs. 3 on stock Tii). In all cases familiarity brings efficiency - the first time for both will be a multi-day event! (at least it was for me). I've had both a stock Tii and an A4S level Tii for ~17 years, and while neither need routine readjustment, my gut is that the A4 is actually less time consuming overall when it needs to be done.
  12. Totally agree. Matching butterfly to bore will make a huge difference to tuning. Just takes one throttle plate misalignment to permit additional air that will force the entire system to have to compensate. Really only (dramatically) affects idle, but its a huge use case, during initial acceleration... when you push down the accelerator you want to move, not bog and you don't want idle at 1500rpm... ~Jason
  13. I agree, I was thinking it could reach US$7K all things considered; rarity + completeness. Seems that some work has been done recently but doesn't mention bushings. Did all come with the orange lettering? I see some have it some don't. I too feel that its easier to tune than a Tii. Much less magic, but some gotchas (of course). Once set up it doesn't seem to move. Good stuff! Jason
  14. Very interesting, I can't recall when a complete A4 setup has been sold off (and by complete I mean complete - even to the 2002 airbox). Very cool setup. Jason
  15. JsnPpp

    Locating my High School 2002

    Good luck! I would love to see you and the car reunited. I wish I could help. Jason