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  1. Video is low-res but from what I can tell it looks great! Nice work!
  2. FYI that the domain www.gmt-bauer.de is inaccessible due to XSS - also the [email protected] email bounces... I saw the site briefly when you first posted it. If you have contact info may want to let him know by telephone. Jason
  3. Thanks! I think it is great to have these systems available and yes I don't doubt that its ok with Alpina. Its not like they are building the sets today and this is a cheap knock-off. They look exceedingly well done in the photos - wonderful! Went to the website and also see 235/5 support too. All we need are QR steering boxes now... And as I said, they can likely make a nice business supplying repair parts too, not just a complete set. Thumbs up. Cheers, Jason
  4. I agree with Mark's assessment. Keep in mind there are more parts to add (pump, cabling, injection lines, airbox, etc.) as well as even shipping costs. However the price appears fair for what it is. Candidly I'd like to see it not include the Alpina logo since it isn't technically built by Alpina. Even just leaving it sans logo would be more transparent. Don't get me wrong, am amazed to see it being built and I'm happy the possibility of off the shelf parts may be available. Jason
  5. Linking is a-ok if 2002 related! Jason
  6. I agree, the casting looks really nice - the whole system looks great.
  7. Thank you Richard - interesting. Have you held one and compared with an original? The photos look near identical. Can't tell build quality via photo. Feels like the price is low for the effort it would take to build all the pieces. Would be great if some of the ancillary components were separated out in case someone has a partial original system. Cheers, Jason
  8. Happily - been fun to write it all up and if you had feedback it would be welcome. I'll create a separate post once its finalized.. its close! Jason
  9. Interesting! Any insight on who "someone" is? Are they being sold as replicas or ? As a side note, for those of you shadetree A4 mechanics - I am wrapping up v2.0 of the "Remove/Inspect/Install/Tune Alpina A4 on BMW 2002tii" manual. It has been considerably updated for this version, many new photos and step by step that walks through my process of tuning the engine as well as troubleshooting, etc. I'm in the middle of it right now on my car. Always a work in progress.. I'm planning to post it on the FAQ in public domain and look forward to any feedback. ~Jason
  10. Very nice work and even better, the bonding that it enabled. Through one car you were able to build incredible memories. Thanks for sharing. Jason
  11. My guess too! Welcome to the forum! Many answers here... Love the classic BMWs in the Classic BMW showroom.... Jason
  12. Indeed - without photos and receipts of repair would have to assume it is as it was... Jason
  13. Wow, from the photos that does indeed look like a deal - especially with new paint, etc. (if thats what the ad means). Nice! Jason
  14. Where are you located? I don't think that it will take too long to go through each of these items. Not saying they are trival, but just keep the list on the windshield and tackle one at a time. Alternator hopefully gets sorted with the bad ground. Recommend doing ALL the basics first. All fluid changes, full tune up (points, cap, rotor, plugs). Clean ALL ground points (there aren't many). Look at all the wiring you can and make sure connections are clean and tight. Regarding tuning, check linkage to see if ball/sockets are tight. Replace any that are not. Agree that it sounds like the cold start may be leaking. Disconnect for now, only need that to start. Check the thermostat separately - pull if needed and see how responds in pot of boiling water or just replace if in doubt (I haven't bought one recently don't think they are too expensive). Keep iterating. You are asking all the right questions and long term you are building your knowledgebase that will help you keep it on the road and enjoy it too. Probably is feeling like you will never get it on the road but you will! Photos and questions and we will jump in to help. Jason

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