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  1. Welcome to the forum and 02 ownership! ~JasonP
  2. Jason,

    I need some electronics advice. I want to feed the single coolant radiator/ a/c condenser fan from two different source, the radiator temp switch and the a/c condenser fan signals. I need two diodes to do that. Can you tell me what kind and spec the diodes should be?

    Best regards,

    John Hewes

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    2. fjord-tii



      Yeah, that’s what I started out with but cannot find a relay with two inputs (e.g., 86 and 86a) and one output (87). All I could find were relays with two outputs (87 and 87a) and a single input (86). Attached is the relay used in the Behr AC system that I don’t have, thought instead using the two diodes, attached.DC3206C0-173B-4DFC-B5AB-90876523DEE9.jpeg

    3. fjord-tii



      I also think that’s the way to go. I will add 10A diodes to both leads 5o be safe. Thanks for your consideration.

      - John

    4. JsnPpp


      Yes, that would cover you for sure. 


      Glad to help! Sounds like you had it already 🙂 



  3. Great adventure and documentation. Sorry to hear of the challenges but it does feel like you have turned the corner so to speak. We haven't had this on the board for a little while and its really fun to follow along. ~JasonP
  4. I ran 205s on my 5" rim way back when and agree with everyone, don't do it. I once ran 195 60R13s on my 5.5" rim and thought that wasn't bad. 185s are great overall. If you want something beefier Another option is perhaps you can find some 6" rims somewhere for cheap and have two sets. Not trying to spend your money for you 🙂 JasonP
  5. That looks great! I have one of his stickers as well and have been meaning to do the same.
  6. Wow - that car is a turd, and I generally try to be positive. Feels like a SelectClassics offering of yore. Great color, shiny paint, and a vintage roof rack = top dollar. This car will need a redo, which will tack on what another 30-40K to whatever they buy it for? With its new owners, perhaps BaT has different business model in terms of description accuracy. Buyer beware. Hope they find this thread before the bidding runs out. On the flip side, as I have said in the past (from my old friend Michael Dubois) - if the car is fun to drive and makes you smile, who cares how much you pay for it. ~JasonP
  7. I agree that this car looks clean but $50K? I continue to be surprised at today's car market. What sold it was the professional photo shoot IMO. But at the end of the day if the buyer is happy and the car makes them smile, then that is all there is to it. ~Jason
  8. Hey thats great! Looking forward to meeting with him. We have a solid 2002 community here.
  9. Awesome! Thank you both for the feedback. I lived with my Tii's for 20 years (both of them) with non-working cold start systems and finally had enough. It was a year+ in the making (day job kept me busy) by multiple people but it feels like it was worth it. It stretched my mechanical engineering brain in just the right ways. I really am happy when I know I've helped keep a 2002 working as it should be. This is a wonderful community and I am glad to be able to contribute to it. [More on this project soon!] ~JasonP
  10. Hi, I'd like to delete some messages in bulk. Feels like it can only be done one at a time. I can select more than one but I don't see a link to action on them. Can anyone provide color as to a solution? Thanks! Jason
  11. My thoughts are: Keep it as original as possible. In other words, leave the bumpers and steering wheel. If they are in poor condition find a better condition (but still OE). Do as much mechanical prep as you can. Tires, brakes, fluid change, plugs, rotor, cap, etc. etc. Fluid - engine, trans and diff. Make this car as close to "ready to drive across country" as you can. Shocks, original radio (IMO, yes. I like the speakers though), etc. Document everything you can. Gather all receipts and put them in a 3 ring, with plastic protectors. Start making a history on the car if it doesn't have it already. Clean it up - interior and out. Add wax, etc. Clean the headliner if it needs it, get rid of funky smells if it has it, etc. Unless the rust is terrible, just document it and move on. I wouldn't add paint to the car if it's original paint (OE, not just color). Car looks nice, but try to not get carried away with making it "better". Let the next owner decide what that looks like. Focus on safe, clean and reliable. Looks like an honest car. ~JasonP
  12. That car/article was one of my first observations into the world of Alpina. Seeing the car on the road (even via photos) would be a milestone for me! Can't wait! @markmac- I want to see/hear your car even more though. ~Jason
  13. Never thought of electric water pump. Uai, are your friends using it in 2002s? I'm curious if a block off plate would be needed and how that is handled. Or just remove the pulley... But I digress. I love the idea of the speed controller. My current car has belt driven fan but my other car had electric and while it cooled fine it was tiring to have the abrupt up/down of the fan. Wanted a soft start, etc. ~Jason
  14. Hi Henning, To my understanding (and referencing other FAQ'rs excellent posts in this thread), the term "salvage" in the US only means that at one point it suffered damage that was not financially viable to repair. The owner of the vehicle at the time of the damage likely chose to take an insurance payout instead of the repair. Damage could be anything, a paint scratch to frame damage to a full roll over. It just didn't make financial sense to repair it based on the value at that time, thus it is "Salvage". Now, once that happens, a new title is issued (likely by the insurance company or the next step down the chain) with the label "Salvage". The car then is auctioned off to whomever. It is also possible for the original owner took the insurance payout + bought it back (at a reduced price)! They can then take off all the parts or rebuild it, whatever. In the US these aren't necessarily collected by the government. Many cars with salvage titles are brought back to the road, either because of an owners attachment, or a change in value, or any number of reasons. Its just a label, but it shouldn't be equated with "Smashed beyond recognition" which is the first thought of many. My interpretation - welcome dialog on it too! Cheers, ~Jason
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