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  1. Its going to be great! Can't wait to see the results.. Jason
  2. Hi Folks, Sold the last of my repro boards, thanks to everyone who was part of it. I will gather parts for additional boards and build them up. Will take some time but do PM me if you are interested. ~Jason
  3. Each to his own, but my vote is make sure the car is running at 100% first. Then see if it is better. If not, sell it and enjoy building/buying one that fits your needs. Jason
  4. Looks good to me! No-one will notice it's not stock. Be safe out there! Jason
  5. Welcome to the site and it looks like you have a great project there. My first 02 was a white '75 in much the same condition. Love the photo of you holding up the snake, you are fearless and that is a wonderful attitude to have! Cheers, Jason
  6. I've started this project exactly for my tii. It's still in build stage, no working prototype. I have no doubt there is a kit somewhere but I am taking it as an opportunity to have fun and build it myself. I want throttle position, RPM and AFR in a simple to use system. The AFR will likely be the most cumbersome due to the o2 sensor hookup and associated wiring, but the other two pieces I hope to be snap and go. I don't really have any update to provide for you other than to acknowledge the interest.
  7. I like this one! Perhaps more of a smooth transition, like the other photo here: Its a great looking car overall. I'll see what I can find for other options too.. Your car made me think of the mercedes "red pig".... one of the all time coolest. The visual excitement comes from the racing decals and the flares. Flares aren't in your plan but perhaps some numbering and another set of cibies. (The "tan pig" doesn't have quite the ring to it, need to think of something else). Jason
  8. Nice article Joshua - am glad you found rotors that fit. This little bit of info will help future owners of these cars more than a bit of time. Cool AlpInA stamping. Jason
  9. I'd like to put my name in the mix for the group buy. I'd like to know final pricing once the list is complete. Jason
  10. There is a garage for every car! Jason
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