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  1. Ha! Very carefully! Working under the dash is one of my least favorite things to do. I literally have to be upside down laying over the seats to see in there. Of course I could remove the seats but those are a bit of a pain to get back in for whatever reason. Only four 13mm bolts but like 20min every time. Jason
  2. It can be tricky to do - not only are the holes/slots/brackets difficult to line up but also the location is hard physically (I'm 6'6" so could be me). I'd love a kit with all the underdash panel screws/washers, they are easy to lose. Jason
  3. I'll jump on the bandwagon and agree that all 02's are special. I've owned two 1975's and two 1973's and love/loved all of them. One of my most favorite things of my early years with 02s was the yearly ritual to the Bay Area 02 event when run by JP in Palo Alto, across from the Stanford mall. All 02s of all shapes and sizes. You could have a black 02 Turbo next to a beat up '71 and there would be crowds around both. Great times. This thread should have a voting/survey at the top! Just for fun. Jason
  4. I can't recall now what years are 2 piece dash and what years are 3 piece. Didn't drive an 02 today and can't go look. Most specifically, do 1973s have 2 piece dashes? I think they do. Regardless, very excited to hear of this being made! Thanks folks!
  5. Do a board search first for Select Classics, it's all there. ~Jason
  6. Hi gb - Great question! I'm not selling them just yet. I'm waiting on the final printed circuit board (PCB) to arrive from manufacturers (this week) and then will build up a few. I have a working prototype of the previous board version in one of my cars now and its working great. The most recent changes to the board were to fix a couple of dimension issues (slightly off width, the spade connectors shifted to one side by about a mm, etc.). I believe I have it now so fingers crossed. I'm happy with the component side of things and love the new spade connector design using a daughterboard - its stronger than the OE. I'll post on the blog when its ready to go out (and heads up here too). I'll gather the names of folks who have expressed interest and DM them to see if still interested. Congrats on getting a garage BTW! Now the fun begins, right? Jason
  7. Super nice! "A clean car is always in style". Jason
  8. I absolutely won't forget. Once I get to the final build I will scour this thread and my inbox to ensure I have a list. I will then reach out individually to confirm interest! I still am figuring out cost/price, its been spread out over so many months I have to just put a stake in the ground. Low voltage electronics and software development has been a wonderful escape for me (I have a couple of degrees in mechanical engineering, but work in cyber security, try to figure that one out) due to my current stressful situation at work. I look forward to building/testing the boards and then hearing folks response when they put them in their cars. I used a manual button on both my cars for 20 years and so am assuming they will feel the same as I do after its installed. I'll do my best to turn things around fast once we get there (new circuit boards arriving next week Tuesday I believe). Nothing short of "excellent" fit will be accepted however! The 02 community is a great place. So many smart folks. So many people have contributed to keeping these cars on the road over the years - HarryPR with door brakes, Curt Ingraham with SilconGarage radiators + cold start relays (for those that remember), Paul Weg., [email protected], TobyB, PaulT, Conserv, thehackmechanic, Mike Self, EdZ, TerryS, even newcomer Turn3 and more and more and more. The "it takes a village" mindset is what has kept me here for 30 years even tho my contribution is very little compared to most. Trying to change that behavior by being more active and building things like this relay, writing the A4 tuning manual and providing insight where I can. ~Jason PS Ray_ too! 🙂
  9. Hi. Was reading your article on the Alpina A4. Could you send me a copy of the Tune an Alpina A4 Multi-throttle injection system on a 1973 BMW 2002tii.  Email: [email protected]



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      Hi.Would like to know if you have any info on the remake of the Alpina A4 manifold or the complete jenvey carbs and manifold i`v seen on the sight. Any info about this would be great. 



    3. JsnPpp




      I do not, unfortunately. Would like to know more myself.





    4. BraveStar02Lux





  10. Great video and looks like super fun to have that much torque on tap at any time. Thanks for posting it. Jason
  11. Nice 🙂 and yes, this is even more likely Paul. Jason

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