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  1. + clean all the grounds in your car! I added new grounds to my front turn signal housings too just to make sure.
  2. Wow, fantastic lines. Beautiful bike. JasonP
  3. Dog leg shift back into 1st on an 02 is an amazingly satisfying experience that never grows old IMO. Nice transmission. I am sure it will find the right home! ~JasonP
  4. $19K! Wow. But it may show up in a year completely redone and sell for $83K (like that white '72Tii did not long ago). Jason
  5. @mo02I wanted to let you know that your instructions are beautiful. Phenomenal effort to illustrate and document the steps. Top notch. Professional grade. A ton more difficult than it looks. I don't need one at moment but will likely buy one anyway!
  6. I'm in Austin and we were hit very hard. There are still some without water. I'd like to think most have power back. Barney may be one of those without internet as well. I don't usually chat with him but others here do (@zinz). Grocery stores are getting deliveries again. Today will be in the low 70's and so we are back on track for our "normal" weather and I would expect service to be restored in general in near term. ~JasonP
  7. I am glad the driver and passenger are ok (presumed). That car had definitely been loved. Someone put serious effort into body work prior to paint and it looks detailed throughout. Nice car. And finally, I am constantly amazed that there are 2002 drivers who are not actively part of the 'Faq! (again, presumed, but I don't recall seeing that car anywhere). ~JasonP
  8. Thank you! I learned a lot in that effort and enjoyed it too. Interestingly, the 1 second minimum occurs through the CSR. On my test rig when I disconnect the TTS I still get the 1 second spray! But I think they way you do @hchueh, my first thought is that it is the minimum time for the bimetallic to heat up and drop the ground. I also came to the conclusion that it is not so easy to differentiate between a "running engine" and an engine with a key turned to "run". Could sense for RPM, or perhaps spark? The more simple answer is to stop fuel spray if the key is not turn
  9. Awesome to hear! Glad to have you back, this is a very nice group where truly everyone is welcome. A unicorn in the land of the Internet imo. I too am coming full circle on kids and cars. I owned two 2002s for 20 years, both purchased before my kids were born. My son is now 17 and daughter 16. Sold one 2002 last year and plan to bring the other back on the road with my kids this year. Its super fun for me and a place I had hoped to get with them. Sometimes I am doing most of the work, but when they are there with me = precious time. We are currently working on bringing a 1st generation Acura Integra back to the road (talk about hard to find parts) and exploring a cool first car for my daughter. I digress. Hope to see more of your cars in the future! ~JasonP
  10. A good response could have been "Hey, I've been selling homes, what do you expect?" 🙂
  11. Do you mean 2021? Or is this tongue in cheek 🙂 Good list regardless!
  12. Well made video and some amazing cars! Thank you! JasonP
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