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  1. JsnPpp

    How she sat

    Definitely some work ahead of you but the rest of the body looks pretty nice. Just takes time! Jason
  2. Nice work - Once painted you won't be able to tell it was changed. Pro all the way. Jason
  3. Other than the rear quarter it looks super straight. Definitely a keeper. Love the patina, just clean it up and roll with it. Jason
  4. Huge fan of the wheels and the car looks like a nice clean driver. I see an Anza exhaust so wondering if it has anything extra under the hood. Jason
  5. And flares. From here the wheels look like 6.5 or 7 inch wide. Very nice. Jason
  6. Thanks Steve. I stand corrected - I watched the video without audio and so did not hear his walk through of the gears.. Jason
  7. It *may* be a CR 5 speed. Would not surprise me on an early Tii. Try moving shift lever all the way to the left (against your leg), and then pulling down. That would be 1st gear. Reverse is all the way left and up.. If it has the CR transmission, check for a Limited slip too. Also, QR steering box. Looks like a super fun car, regardless. Love the time capsules. Jason
  8. Great insight, thank you Jerry. Totally agree from what I have seen on the boards. Jason
  9. Hi Folks, Started up a blog to document the journey and share progress. ~Jason
  10. We've had two '73 Tiis for about 20 years. Neither car has working cold start timer boxes. Both have the manual cold start injector bypass button under the dashboard. Both cars run well and always start. They have been without a timer box for so long I stopped thinking about it. But I started to think about it a few years ago as my interest in low voltage electronics increased. I originally considered about modernizing the timer circuit. Build it out of a micro-controller, a voltage regulator and a relay, jam it all in the box and call it good (still will likely go there). However, a few years back I got the itch to build a box. A reproduction, not a "make do". The electronics (passives) are not particularly complicated. However, some are poorly labeled, or not labeled at all. Some of the parts are no longer made. Some parts would need to be fabricated (rubs hands together gleefully). Once I build it. I can then modify it. In addition to having a stock box - I can make for instance a Summer or Winter, with different injector spray timings. Not thinking about that now, but it's in my head for the future. The first challenge is the circuit board itself. Not simple to reproduce. The second are the passives on the boards. They are very old now and unlikely to have the same electrical characteristics as they did when new. Missing labels doesn't help. The third challenge is the spade connectors. They are intricate and likely unique. I spent hours looking online for them and have decided on a couple of paths. One is a daughter board. The other is to make them myself. Bend them out of proper gauge sheet aluminum. (Most likely the way I'll go with it.) The fourth is that the system is not as simple as it looks. There are three primary components - the cold start timer box, the cold start switch, and the injection valve. How do they work together? More on this project in an upcoming post, as well as the status and views into the test harness.. Should be fun!
  11. +1 What @PaulTWinterton said! And he has a photo too, which makes it ++1. Plan on getting a bit oily unless you have a lift or a buddy with a lift... ~Jason
  12. No formal dipstick. The only way to determine if the transmission is full is to remove the filler bolt (17mm internal hex IIRC) on the side and see if the transmission fluid lightly pours out. Car on horizontal ground of course. If any doubt, just drain it and refill properly with new oil. It's not particularly difficult but can indeed get messy. Jason
  13. My blue car came with chains. PO was the original owner and lived in the Bay Area. They would occasionally drive up to Tahoe or even Reno and so perhaps found use for them there. I still have the Reno gas station pen that I found in the glove box (still in the glove box of course!). While you live in Pasadena, Big Bear may have been an occasional destination. Or even Tahoe for that matter. 40+ years is a long time and who knows what adventures it has been on (that is the part I love about old cars). Unless they are Harbor Freight specials that were recently purchased I'd just keep them in the box somewhere for the next owner to wonder about, just like you are doing now. I think they add a bit of nostalgia that adds to the overall story and makes it fun. ~Jason
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