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  1. Fuegos100 is indeed still located in Austin, Texas. ~Jason
  2. JsnPpp

    Photos from 02.02.02 (2019) Seattle

    Great photos, cars and backdrop. Looks like a nice turnout and some really fun examples... Thank you for sharing! ~Jason
  3. JsnPpp

    no power to sindshield wiper switch?

    Interesting that its a 73 but doesn't have the stalk controls for wiper. I thought they all did.. That may be part of this though, someone retro'd the different style into this car. Curious if you have the under dash molex connector still (that connects the stalk to the cars wiring harness). ~Jason
  4. JsnPpp

    Vintage Recaro fabric source?

    Thanks Nick! Good call - I will do so.
  5. Welcome aboard Tom! Looking forward to seeing what you wind up with. I am sure you will find the car that ticks all the boxes. Jason
  6. Hi All, Curious if anyone may have a lead on a source for a small bit of this fabric. I've been searching to no avail! Any lead appreciated. Fabric is from Recaro Rallye II seats, circa the '70s. Thank you in advance! ~Jason
  7. JsnPpp

    Rally casualty

    Enjoyed the article! Glad everyone is safe - yes, the car is definitely repairable and destined to race again! Thanks for sharing it. Jason
  8. JsnPpp

    Garage Find 74tii Engine VIN bummer

    Les, you are awesome! ~Jason
  9. So cool Mark, simply a beautiful car. Personally I feel it will look even better once it has a little bit of race dirt on it! As gorgeous as the white is, the black is simply bad-ass, and would align with what could be the ultimate 2002 of all. "Back in black" (AC/DC) would have to be the song on the speaker as it pulls into the pits...
  10. JsnPpp

    1974 Baur Targa

    When I sell mine I plan to create an ad on the faq (+ donation to the site!), hemmings, and craigslist.. The roundel and the baur dedicated sites are also good. Always easy to expand the exposure if no interest. I have zero interest in using BaT, but possibly would use ebay at some point depending on timing. Some great feedback already, I concur to capture as many photos as possible and a solid description of its history to share with prospective owners. Nice car, will sell well I am sure. ~Jason
  11. JsnPpp

    2019 Alpina Calendar

    Nice find Mark, thanks for sharing! I think your car will make front page on a future calendar 😀
  12. JsnPpp

    68 saying hello

    Color is nice! The stance is also just about right too. Nice car. One point - I'd twist that muffler clamp so that the bolt falls behind the exhaust bend... Would love a side shot to see the wheels. Jason
  13. Totally agree Ed - Wow is right! Gorgeous.
  14. JsnPpp

    Nice day out with the 2002

    That looks like a wonderful car to drive, thanks for sharing. Jason
  15. JsnPpp

    Texas 02berfest

    Great photos folks! What a beautiful weekend weather-wise as well, considering the rain we have been having. Thank you for sharing. ~Jason