Things are starting to fall into place

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I’ve been working on both the ‘68 and the ‘73 simultaneously. I’ve cut apart/straightened/welded/glass bead blasted enough pieces to make two whole right outer wheel housings. The housing intended for the ‘73 doesn’t have a lip as that car is slated to get the “Turbo” treatment. 






I cut the original ‘68 quarter in half to make it more manageable. I stripped an 1/8”-3/16” of bondo from the rear half. I really just need the lower 4” or so so it’s not a big deal that the panel was so wrinkled. I’ll likely save it and “metal finish” the rest of it at a later date. It is vintage metal after all.




So my original plan was to use the ‘73 QP on the ‘68 and the ‘69 QP on the ‘73... I started looking at what needs to be repaired on the ‘73 panel, the need to swap the filler neck flange, and the side maker holes to close up and came to the conclusion that it might be easier to repair the ‘69 panel and mount it on the ‘68. I already have the forward lower quarter repair panel. All I need to finish the ‘69 panel is the arch and the rear lower patch. The panel is straight and clean otherwise. Most of what would be removed from the ‘73 panel for repair will be cut off when the flares go on. Not to mention it then becomes a simple task of matching all of the appt welds back up to reattach that panel. Easy peazy. 






With some light pushes between the subframe bolt pockets, the inner wheel housings, and the outer seat belt mounts I now have subframe bolts that are parallel and 1180mm apart. I also have a right side rocker panel that looks good against a straight edge on both the top and bottom flanges. I will check that it is parallel with the left side of the car soon. 


I tied a rope around the B-pillars and cinched it up until the C pillar connector plate made contact with the wheel house. I’ll be darned if the contour of the B pillar doesnt finally match with that if the A and C pillars. Things are looking good. Sighting across the currently incomplete wheel house and across the lower B pillar shows the same picture between the 68 and the 73. While I still intend to build a frame for the car and measure/pull as needed, I’m starting to think that the back 2/3rds of this car may not need anything more than careful attention to panel alignment during welding to keep it square.






I’m about ready to start welding panels back on the ‘73 so I can move it back to the garage for some more metal work.

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