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  1. Also, all the above being said...I'm also in that category they talk about. I make a great living. But between rent, astronomically high student loan payments, and even more ridiculous childcare costs....I don't see a new car in my future anytime soon. ....that just isn't why they arent making Sports Cars.
  2. I disagree. While there is huge income inequality, the standard of living has increased so that our expectations are ridiculously high. People are spending more on their cars than ever before. When I was a kid, it was typical for a first car to be a run-down clunker. More and more high schoolers are driving nice...and I mean really nice....cars. As someone that work in the car industry, we're losing sports cars for a totally different reason. Capitalism. Let me explain. So, by the basic rules of a publicly traded business, a company wants to make 10-20% more profit than that same day the previous year. Investors are in it for the short-term, and they expect to see an increase in their pocketbook every year. This isn't really sustainable, so this tends to be the path for car companies (think of Ford right before their crash): ..remember, this is all driven by the mission "how do we make more money?" 1. Make an awesome product 2. Make more products to get more market share 3. Sell more places (globally) to get even more market share 4. Buy up competition to get more market share ...at this point, companies have saturated the market. So the only way left to increase profit it to cut costs... 5. Start sharing platforms and other parts (for example, the Porsche Cayanne shared a door with the VW Toureg , and the Jeep Renegade is built on the Fiat 500 platform. Most famously, the Pontiac Aztek was built on GM's minivan platform...which is a major reason is was so hideous. GM did that because they wanted to make more cars off the minivan platform - the more cars you make off a single platform, the sooner it pays itself off) ...this is where things start to go wrong for Sports Cars. Nothing shares a platform with performance cars. You can't make a profitable sedan off a Corvette platform. So the big head honchos don't want to invest in producing one. Exceptions are brands that are built off the idea of performance. The Porsche 911 doesn't make the company any money (they actually lose money I believe), but they wouldn't be able to sell any of the other cars on their lineup without the 911. No one dreams of a Panamera, but its what people actually buy. In case you're curious, the last step: 6. Reduce quality. Make more stuff out of plastic instead of metal. ...oops. Didn't mean to write so much. LOL
  3. haha yes, the dash mat. And yes, black always looks so sleek - plus it really makes the chrome bits pop! I'll never understand why people in the 70's thought that a tan that's the color of the skin-suit in Silence of the Lambs would make for a great interior lol.
  4. can you please send me a photo of the emergency brake cover?
  5. Thanks for letting me know I forgot to link it! it's : Ouros.Etsy.com I also added the link to the main post. Thanks for asking!!!!!
  6. Wow! So excited to see a couple other designers out there! I'm a Car Designer. Not to be confused with engineer. I don't math. I draw cars all day, coming up with idea for what the next cool car should look like. Then I work alongside people that turn my drawing into a clay model, then eventually a real car. I do exterior design, so I dont mess with interior design at all.
  7. Also..please let me know if there is somewhere else I should be posting this. I thought maybe stuff for sale...but it isn't really a car part. I dont want to annoy anyone!
  8. Hey guys, I have the 2002 Christmas cards I drew for sale on my Etsy site again! I'm a professional car designer by day, and these cards started as gifts to my co-workers and friends that were into cars. Once my bosses started asking me to give them extra cards to give to family, I figured I'd just put them up for sale. Selling the cards is really just for fun....I think I've only made 40 sales over 3 years lol. I hope you guys like them! If you guys wanna see a different model of '02, or a different view of the car or something, let me know in the thread! PS - I also do custom artwork, if any of you ever want a painting of your BMW. I also attached a photo of a painting I did for a friend a while back, so you can see the style of painting I do. Here's the link to my shop : ouros.etsy.com
  9. Oh here's another 'before' shot. The wood in the center console was split, so I had to use woodglue to put it back together, then sand and seal it. I painted the ugly tan and fake-wood bits of the dash, removed the old-lady sun protectors...
  10. Finally getting around to posting the updates to my '02 that I completed during our brief but awesome warm season here in Michigan. The first images are most current. Then the in-progress. The last images are the 'before'. I guess everything is in reverse chronological order. Really happy with the results so far, though I really really really don't recommend installing a carpet yourself like I did. There's also a photo of me installing the carpet, just so you can see what a stupid idea it was. Process: Vinyl-dyed the tan interior (seats, door panels and par
  11. Laura

    Photo entry

    oooh that green turned out nice. good job with the polishing.
  12. the nice thing is that it looks like the paint is still there, not rusted or chipped away......just under a lot of oxidation and fading. I think if you clean it, clay-bar it, then do a light 1,000-grit wet sandpaper....it should restore pretty well.
  13. Mint Green (officially "Mint Grun") is a proper 2002 color - that's what mine is, but mine is a '75 - so I dunno which colors were available in '76. I don't think yours is Florida Green- that's more of a pale pastel green than what your images show. If yours isn't Mint, it could be Tiaga. If you look at the sticker for the car on the inside of the driver door panel (where there is the Vin, manufactur location etc,) sometimes they list the color there. If you use some high-grid wet-sanding paper (like 800 grit+), you should be able to get rid of some of that oxidation and see the true color underneath, just be careful not to get to the primer layer.
  14. Awesome! Thank you! I just mailed it off to you.
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