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Trouble in Paradise

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It wasn't long before there was trouble in paradise.  I began to notice more and more white smoke on startup.   And then my suspicions were confirmed by the telltale milky oil underneath the fill cap.  


Leaky head gasket and/or front cover gasket?  A dreaded crack?   Driving season ended abruptly.  


The engine in the car is a 74tii engine.  The original engine (tall block) was included in the sale and swapped in the past for reasons unknown.  My original plan was to build up the original engine and then swap it back in next winter.  Oh the best laid plans of mice and men...


When I pulled the head off the 74tii engine in the car I was surprised and alarmed to see it had a 121 head with piano pistons!!!!  Oh oh. Based on the advise on the forum and the obvious conflict I don't know how this engine had been running as long as it did. The PO hadn't put that many miles on over his brief ownership over a couple of years.   


Fortunately the E12 head on the original engine checked out with no cracks.   So the plan is for a total head overhaul and then put it back onto the 74 block for now.  I will redo the original block at a later time...






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