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  1. Hodgepodge

    Too many cars?

    Well... I'm at 13. 9 BMWs, 2 Alfas and 2 trucks. I often buy two of the same model so I have a reference car when restoring. (2 2002s, 2 E28 M5s, 2 E93s).
  2. Hodgepodge

    Original 13 inch wheels and tires from a '75 2002

    JohnP_02, the images are very high resolution so if you download any one of the wheels, you can see the codes. I just did that and came up with this. The one without the hub is the spare with the Michelin. These wheels are in my warehouse and these are all the images I have right now.
  3. I have way too many sets of wheels now including 2 sets of original 13 inch steel wheels that I will probably never put back on either of my 2002s. Here is a set of 4 or 5 with 4 Avon tires and one Michelin tire. They include 4 center hubs. I will sell them for $50 OBO each PLUS shipping, which will be cardboard protection on the top and bottom of the wheel with exposed tires. Or you can pick them up. I am pretty sure the finish on these is original. They might clean up well, but one wheel has surface rust on the back. PM me if interested.
  4. Clear coat Paints came out in 1974 and for several colors, including Polaris silver, it was an absolute disaster! BMW issues a recall on the paint (for '74 and '75 I think) and had all cars repainted. Unfortunately, the owner of my Polaris '75 2002 didn't get the recall work done in time (not sure if miles or date). So in an apparent fit of rage, he sanded down the clearcoat and took the car, I'm not kidding, to Maaco to get it repainted. The car is now mostly stripped in preparation for media blasting and repaint.
  5. Hodgepodge

    Very pricey S14 engine on eBay.

    I can't tell if the gearbox is included or not.... probably is but isn't mentioned.
  6. Hodgepodge

    Very pricey S14 engine on eBay.

    Not my listing. Just saw this S14 M3 engine on eBay. It is already over $13k! https://www.ebay.com/itm/283265276436
  7. Hodgepodge

    Very pricey S14 engine on eBay.

    Not my listing. Just saw this S14 M3 engine on eBay. It is already over $13k! https://www.ebay.com/itm/283265276436
  8. Hodgepodge

    Subframe color: BLUE Pitman arm bracket?

    Well thank you gentlemen! I had a hunch it was a sleeve but it didn't look like it would come out easily. I love the idea of just leaving it there through media and powdercoating. Thanks!
  9. I know there have been a few threads on this and as I recall, the consensus was that early subframes were grey and the later ones were black, but I just came across something interesting. I was pulling all the bushings from the front subframe of my '75 2002 in preparation for media blasting and powdercoating and found BRIGHT BLUE under the pitman arm bushings! It does not look like a sleeve. Can anyone tell me why this would be BLUE and if I should make sure this is protected during media blasting and powdercoating? Thanks in advance for your thoughts on the matter.
  10. Hodgepodge

    Why are 2002s so cheap at Mecum auctions?

    It sold for $19,200. I didn't see that one since I was searching for 2002s. Decent price but you are right about all the added bling.
  11. 2 2002s just sold at Mecum in Chicago. Both looked like they were in pretty good shape: Links below but you may need to create an account to see the sale results. First one was a '76 with 4 speed. estimate 10-15k. Hammer down at $5500. https://www.mecum.com/lots/CH1018-333507/1976-bmw-2002/ Second one was a '76 automatic. PRevious Salvage but it looked like it was in pretty good shape also. Sold for $4,400! https://www.mecum.com/lots/CH1018-358970/1976-bmw-2002/ Even after adding the bidders-card price and the 10% buyers premium, these cars were still a ver good deal. Next Mecum auctions are Vegas and Kansas City, but no 2002s are included in those auctions yet. I think we can theorize that people going to these auctions aren't looking for BMW 2002s, but the sellers are still there and they are willing to unload their cars for these low prices. Is this s a sign of a softening market?
  12. Hodgepodge

    1974 BMW 2002 2002tii

    Gone. Sold for $14,600. Nice deal!
  13. If I didn't already have 4 project cars for this winter, I would hop on this one! Looks pretty decent and has E21 seats! https://barnfinds.com/exclusive-1976-bmw-2002/?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Newsletter+(Daily)&utm_content=imagelink
  14. Hodgepodge

    Here's an odd one.... '74 2002tii

    Cool. Well, there is always an interesting story behind cars like this. Glad to hear this one is a good story so far.
  15. Hodgepodge

    Here's an odd one.... '74 2002tii

    It's BAAAACK! Apparently, the first sale for $llk+ fell through. He listed it again. No bidders. Listed it again for $7500. No bidders. It is listed again today for $10k again. BMW 2002