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  1. Hodgepodge

    Outsourcing smaller jobs....suggestions?

    Joe, the restoration shop was basically saying “$30k is the minimum it is going o cost you for us to restore your car and we will be handling every aspect of it including disassembly and determining what parts are needed.” The reality is that they do a lot of jobs for very wealthy people who don’t want to know anything about their car except that it looks and drives great when they pick it up. They throw out the $30k number at th beginning to weed out people who don’t want to or can’t spend that much. They still get a lot of business!
  2. Hodgepodge

    Outsourcing smaller jobs....suggestions?

    D. In a perfect world, those shops would be happy to do small jobs. But locally, these places are so busy, that they only want to do high dollar jobs. There are national places that do brake boosters, electronics, etc., but I haven’t seen anyone who does the items I mentioned. Hence, the question to the group.
  3. Hodgepodge

    Outsourcing smaller jobs....suggestions?

    Paul, you aren't doing this typer of stuff anymore are you? You not one of the aforementioned jerks.....wait....that didn't sound right. 😃 To be fair, I haven't spoken to the main independent old-car guy here in over a decade, so maybe he's changed. I did hear some good things about P&R engine rebuilders, but I think they do mostly race engine prep and big commercial engines. Sorry I missed you at PVGP. There were so many people there it was very difficult to find on-line acquantances.
  4. OK. I will put it this way. There is probably no silver-bullet "buy this year and color for the best resale value" 2002. I think that is what you are really asking. If you go over to Bring a Trailer, you will see really nice "regular" 2002s that have gone for $40-50k and you will see a few decent 2002tiis that have gone for less than $15k...as well as several cars that have sold for considerably less. Mixed in there is pretty much every year and every color ever produced in almost every condition. Here is the spread page: https://bringatrailer.com/bmw/2002/ I will tell you this and I know nearly everybody else here will tell you the same. Figure out what you want to spend. Find the best example with the least amount of rust that you can within that price range and buy it. It barely matters what year it is or what color it is. Dark, light, Malaga, inka, round-tail, square-tail, tiny bumpers, big bumpers? Doesn't matter. What matters is only that YOU get a good car that you are personally happy with. Because in the end, you will get out most of what you put into it. Money, sweat, compassion, and sheer enjoyment of owning it.
  5. Niiiiiiice! I love finding these kinds of deals and, now that I've bought too many of them and don't have room for more, I love it when somebody buys and restores them...while sharing the adventure, of course!
  6. OK, I have seen a few similar threads...sort of... but I thought I woudl ask again with a different slant. I now have several cars that I'm restoring including 2 2002s. Of the 2002s, one car is a complete restoration and the other is a rolling restoration. I like to do a lot of the work on my cars, but I honestlyu just don't have the time or the working space to do every last task. I have a terrific body and paint guy and a good "just do what I ask you to do" mechanic, but I still have a couople of things I need to farm out. Yes, I COULD do it all myself, but I want to get these cars done sooner rather than later and don't mind paying for a quality job. There are exactly 2 independent BMW mechanics in my area. The one that works on older cars is kind of arrogant in a "Why would you EVER want to work on your own BMW?" way. (And he STILL has more business than he can handle.) And the other one doesn't like working on anything older than an E39. There is another "restoration" shop near me that basically said "Most 2002 restorations cost at least $30k" before he even saw my cars or heard what I wanted him to do. Yup. Nope. So, I'm looking for your recommendations on who I can use to address the following parts that have already been removed from a car. Rebuild and seal a diff Rebuild a steering box Replace the seals in a 4-speed or 5-speed Getrag (I have both) Maybe rebuild the CV joints. By themselves, these are not that difficult, but I now have more cars than I have time for. All of these items, except perhaps the gearboxes, are fairly easy to ship, so technically the stuff could go anywhere, but I don't particularly want to send them to the guy who charges the most because he is the most well known. And I already know that many mechanics actually ship all of these things out to others. I also don't want to deal with refurbishers that send you a rebuilt part in exchange for your core. I want to keep my parts in these cars. Does anyone know any good 2002 "jobbers"? Thanks, Scott
  7. Hodgepodge

    1976 Navy OEM Vinyl or Close?

    Very nice. Earlier this year, I got covers for my '75 from World Upholstery and they were able to match the original perforated covers very nicely. They might not sell you the stuff outright but the good news is that it is apparently still available. Wait, are those OEM horsehair pads? Those tings cost a fortune now if you can find them.
  8. Hodgepodge

    Ceap seats

    I saw a pair in a beat up E24. Looked totally wrong but apparently they worked OK. You will spend a reasonable amount of time getting the track width and height right.
  9. Hodgepodge

    Amazing network of scam sites

    Yupyi is one of the manuy scam sites. It is amazing that they haven't been shut down yet.
  10. As I'm looking through some of the posts, I see some folks have a tag under their avatar that shows a vehicle count. How do I get that and how do I add my vehicles to my list? (and if you see it under MY avatar, I figured it out...) 😁
  11. My eBay search bot brought me what at first looked like a bogus 2002tii claim on eBay. I did a little homework and exchanged emails with the seller and it is a real deal. I thought about keeping it to myself and trying to get it for cheap, but I have too many cars at the moment, I am in the middle of moving into a larger warehouse to house them and, like a lot of us, I just really want to see cars like this go to somebody who can properly restore it. Here is the link: 1975 (really a '74) 2002 Tii project   The seller is not a 2002 guy so he doesn't realize that a few key items in his listsing are incorrect. I checked the VIN and it is a genuine tii and was made in June of 1974. I can only surmise that the car was hit in the front, explaining the non-tii snorkel hole in the valance, and that somebody put a set of later seats in the car as they are the '75-'76 E21 style. From the few images he has, the thing looks to be pretty solid. I asked for and he sent me a picture of the Kugelfisher fuel injection pump. It looks weathered but intact. Worst case is that a front end impact damaged it...but it looks intact. Probably needs a rebuild. I have no idea how much he wants for it, but whatever the amount, it will be in cheaper Canadian dollars! :-) (BTW, it really isn't difficult getting classic cars into the US from Canada. I've done it a few times.) Good luck Scott
  12. Hodgepodge

    Amazing network of scam sites

    For some reason I have a couple of these things going now. I even got a call from the shipping company. That one was interesting. She said they tried sending me the wire information via email but it bounced back. Can we just do it all now while I was on the phone? I said no. Then I got an email from the seller again saying the shipping company asked her to contact me. Whenever I want to end one of these conversations, I just ask for a copy of the sellers current title and drivers license. After that, I never hear from them again.
  13. Hodgepodge

    Amazing network of scam sites

    Hi, The reason the FLL police won’t do anything is because they have no proof that any of these people are in Fort Lauderdale. They probably aren’t. I’ve traced folks like this all over the planet and nobody is interested in doing anything. The only positive response ive ever gotta is from the domain registrars that assigned the domains being used. They are obligated by law to refer any discovered illegal activity to the appropriate authorities. If they don’t, they are liable for condoning it. They will also shut down domains that are used like this. That’s why Sometimes when you click on a scam link, the domain no longer works. So, just play with them. Also, no company worth anything would allow hacked email accounts to exist. Transocean may also be a scam site. Just report them to their domain registrar and if they are legit, they will have to fix it and if they are not, they will be shut down.
  14. Hodgepodge

    Amazing network of scam sites

    Grotflo, I've seen that story. Good one. I could write one about the "Microsoft Support" guy that called my house and had me open my error log to try to sell me a maintenance agreement. I was in IT for 20 years..... I had him on the phone for almost an hour. I am always looking for cars to buy and have probably tripped over 30 or more of these scams, mostly on Craig's list until recently. (I just found a $16k 1968 Alfa Romeo Duetto on Craigs list. They didn't import that car in 1968... Same car for sale in two different cities. Guy asked for my email but half of the characters in his response are not english letters.) These days, the english is usually much better but they will use some term or reference that is not American, even though they are supposed to be in the US. Once or twice it was somebody in the military on a "secret mission" which is hilarious and a couple of times it was somebody who referenced the wrong military base. Once it was a fairly famous country singer selling a car in Nashville...can't remember his name, he was on the road touring so I could not get the car inspected. That was a great one. I mean, who wouldn't want to buy a car from, say, Kaanu Reeves? I'm sure a lot of people would want to believe it was real.
  15. Hodgepodge

    Seat belts

    I realized while researching this that the seatbelts in my '74 are not original. (My '75 seatbelts are in a box someplace...) They are a picklefork design with the release in the side and they take 3 or 4 very gentle pulls to get them to extend without locking. No wonder I hate them so much! My secret BMW Dealer/OEM supplier says he can get the "US" version belts for about $380 for the set. Bluedevil has a nearly identical set for a little less. I'm not looking for period perfect, so I'll probably go with the Bluedevil set when I'm ready to install my new seats. So option 3 for me!