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  1. Hodgepodge

    Seats for Chamonix

    Oh, Hell yes! Thanks! Just ordered a set.
  2. Hodgepodge

    Rear Seats (1968 to 1976)

    I have a '74 (old style front seats) and '75 (new style front seats) and swapped the upholstered rears between the two with no issues. So 74-76 are the same, at least.
  3. Hodgepodge

    e21 Recaro bucket repair

    Hi, I got my front BLUE seats and matching rear covers from Coquette of California in Gardena. They are the horizontal pattern. Just installed them. Image below. Since they had the blue material, they may have other colors as well.
  4. Hi, This all looks amazing! I am in the middle of a near-full restoration on one of my 2002s and will happily use your images as reference for the rear subframe. Who did you use to get all of your bolts cleaned and re-plated?
  5. Hodgepodge

    Seats for Chamonix

    Ray, the original runners are a little wider than the E21 seats so I opted for the E21 runners, which have locks on both slides and are a little higher on the inboard side. Do you have a plate on the inboard side that matches the 02 rail with the E21 seat? If so, what does it look like?
  6. Last year, I bought a beautiful set of E21 Recaro seats and mathcing rear seat covers for the Chamonix '02. Since this is the sportier my two '02 cars and it had the old-style marshmallow wide headrest seats, it made sense to install them in this one. They look A-MAZ-ING! Although the seats are the same height as the old seats, they are much more firm so you end up sitting about 2 inches higher than before. That's going to take some getting used to. I will not be cutting into the seat mounts to lower these seats. Anybody have any other suggestions?
  7. Hodgepodge

    I must be low on blinker fluid....

    @Conserv, why yes, yes you did! 😂 You can share the prize. So we now know that swapped wires in a front turn signal is clinically proven to cause a really funky malfunction of the turn signal indicator in the instrument panel.
  8. @wegweiser My Polaris 2002 had a horrible gas smell in the trunk and was impossible to start after sitting. (I wrote a thread here on it and how I fixed it.) Turned out that all of the lines in the trunk had dryrotted. I discovered that when the tank was full, the vapor line would get fuel in it and the fuel would seep out from the unclamped connections....probably because of the lack of the plastic sleeve from a prior owner's job, but I replaced and clamped everything. cleaned up the fuel residue and replaced the sending unit gasket. The smell vanished and starting became relatively effortless. In this car, somebody has sealed off the return line at the front of the car (down by the subframe) and it somehow leaked little fuel there from when I last filled it completely (the only time I have done that), so I know there is fuel in return line. The charcoal cannister is missing also (assuming '74s had them) so there are a bunch of things to do. All of the emissions control stuff has already been removed from this car. I am a proponent of keeping the vapor lines, but with the 38/38 carb on this car (which either needs a rebuild or to be replaced), I'm not ready to put it all back just yet. You know how this goes....the whole fuel system needs to be checked and repaired/restored as needed. I've added it to my list. :-)
  9. I got the Chamonix '04 back from paint the other day and have been working on little things to make it a little more fun to drive. The weather here is briefly in the 60s during the day and very nice. Still too cold for convertible weather, but perfect for a 2002! I pulled the E30 steering wheel and replaced it with a beautiful 360mm Nardi wheel. It makes the car much easier to get into, makes it much more go-kart-like and I'm not having any real issue with the smaller wheel and lack of power steering. Unfortunately, a previous owner that installed the E30 wheel also swapped out the turn signal mechanism with the E30 so the turn signal return worked, so the 2002 Nardi hub I bought fits but leaves the horn and turn signal return inoperable. I ordered a cheap E30 Momo-clone hub to see if that resolves the issue and if it does, I'll decide then whether to buy an actual Nardi hub. $20 for a knock-off hub to test the theory is fine. $120 for the Nardi hub to test the theory...not so much. I know the 2002 hub doesn't work, so either an E30 hub will work, or I'm going ot have to really screw around to put it all back to 2002 turn signal parts with the Nardi 2002 hub and wheel. Fortunately, the Polaris steering wheel setup is still completely assembled and completely stock so I have that as a template if I need it. I also spent waaay too much time under the car taking the slop out of the shifter and checking for leaks. This car has a 5 speed and a modified "mid-year" fork shifter link, so I had to do some research to find the right parts. It was a major PITA to replace the delrin bushings with the drive shaft in place, but it eventually all went together. Hint: have somebody help from above to get that last bushing in place. New Delrin bushings, new nylon shift-ball guides, new pin, tightened down the whole mechanism to the gear box and replaced the springs, clips and foam. Feels totally different now and a missed gear seems practcally impossible. Sadly, there are a few leaks. The steering box may as well be made of mesh. Same with the rear differential. And there is a seal issue with main rear bearings. The return line to the gas tank is capped off at the front sub-frame, but it seems to be dripping a tiny amount of fuel when the tank is full. That's not good! And the car has the usual no clamps in the vent-line trunk smell that sucks into the cabin when you roll the window down, so I need to seal all the connections in the trunk and check the sending unit gasket like I did on the Polaris 2002 before I dismantled it. That is now all on my get-to-it-eventually list. I'll clean up the underside and see how bad it all is first. I would also define the engine compartment as something between "older restoration" and "working". It needs a serious cleaning and a little updating. Next: I really don't like the "early" wide headrest marshmallow seats in this car, so I found a set of blue E21 recaros and am installing them. That should make a huge difference in both looks and comfort. The suspension is all fairly tight, but most of the bushing and suspension rubber looks very dry. I'll deal with all of that at some point, too. Although I'm making some changes to this car, it is still the mule/puzzle-box-cover for the polaris car. A giant, wicked-fun-to-drive puzzle box cover!
  10. Hodgepodge

    I must be low on blinker fluid....

    Solution found! Wegweiser's option 2 wins! The pain(t) shop reversed the two wires in the front turn signal housing. Thanks!
  11. I got my '74 Chamonix 2002 back from the paint shop the other day and have been fixing little things like the loose shifter (what a PITA those little delrin rings are to install if you don't have the driveshaft out!), installing driving lights, etc. OK, here's the interesting part. My turn signals work, both left and right, and all the bulbs are installed and working. When I hit the left signal, the indicator in the cluster works fine. When I hit the right turn signal, the indicator in the cluster BLINKS ONCE and then goes out. I can still hear the relay working and ALL OF THE EXTERIOR SIGNAL LIGHTS WORK! As I think those reading this know, a burned out bulb would make a fast blink, but I've never experienced a single blink and then nothing from the dash. The emergency flashers work fine and the cluster indicator blinks when they are one. The only thing I can think of is that maybe the paint shop replaced a bulb with a LED. The right-front fender bulb seems a little dimmer than the others, so I'll open that one up and look. I own a '67 Alfa that has LED bulbs installed by a previous owner and they are an endless source of frustration. I'm going to pull the cover off and look. Any ideas?
  12. My Chamonix 2002 has a 5 speed. My wife, who looked at the little shift diagram on the dash and only saw 4 gears, didn't know there was a 5th. So I bought one of those decals that shows the 5-speed shift pattern. Any suggestions on the best way to remove the 4 speed diagram prior to installing the 5-speed version? I don't want to screw up the dash.
  13. Hodgepodge

    Nardi wheel horn connection question.

    It turns out that the nardi hub is either incorrect or just defective as the float pin in the hub that contacts the contact ring for the horn is damaged, bent and was grounding. I removed the pin/wire and of course, no more shorts. (Doesn't explain why my old horn would occasionally short, though...) This Nardi hub also does not have the same turn signal return tab as the old wheel. I bought the wheel and hub from a well known supplier and I've seen this wheel on other 2002s, so I'm a little surprised. It fit the spline fine and, unlike other Nardi hubs I've seen fits close to the column with no large gap. The car previously had an E28/E30 style style wheel so now I'm thinking that a previous owner may have modified the turn signal or horn assembly on the column. The original wheel has a large tab on it for the turn signal reset. The Nardi hub only has a liuttle dimple and no tab. I'm swapping out the original stock wheel on my other 2002 as well, so I can use that to compare. It is a little ironic, but I might need the E30 Nardi hub.... I'll either solder up the connection for the ground or buy one of the BMW logo horn inserts and do something similar once I get the hub issue resolved. Thanks!
  14. Hodgepodge

    Nardi wheel horn connection question.

    Hi, After over analizing this, I finally came up with what I think is the simplest possible solution. I just attached an uninsulated wire to a female spade and wrapped it around one of the spring wires that holds the horn button in place. Image below. It works fine, but I forgot I have a phantom short in the horn wiring that sets off the horn occasionally even when the button is not installed... It's always something. I'll search for a thread that covers the horn wiring as I seem to recall seeing one before.
  15. The polaris 2002 was in a remote warehouse for several months but last month I found a place much closer to my home so I can finally start working on it again once it gets a little warmer. I completely broke down the front and rear subfames and sent the parts out for stripping and powdercoating and they came back looking terrific. Subframe powdercoating doesn't seem like much and I know there are hundreds of hours in front of me on this project, but seeing how nice it looks helps motivate me to finish getting the body ready to strip and paint.