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  1. When it rains, it pours.... I close on a house down in South Carolina on Friday so things are hectic here in Pennsylvania as I prepare to renovate that house, sell this house and move over a dozen cars to someplace where I will be able to drive them more than a few months a year. Out of the blue, my paint guy calls me. After 10 months at the paint shop, Polaris is DONE! Holy crap! I don't even have a space for it right now! I shuffled some things around and we loaded it into a warehouse space. It all happened so fast I only had time to get one image. I WILL get to it...but it might not
  2. Not my car but I've seen a handful of nice Tiis going for what I hope are rock bottom prices lately. This car looks very good for the price. 1974 2002 Tii on eBay I really hope this is not the trend for 2002s....
  3. Hodgepodge


    White 2002 in restored condition with rebuilt/modified engine. 38/38 carb 292 cam, 5 speed. Recaro seats. A/C has been removed. Period correct Panasport wheels. Nardi steering wheel.
  4. Hodgepodge


  5. OK, just to throw in a different perspective, I went with the stock rear seat and new covers to match the recovered Recaros in front. I do not have a good image of the rear seat covers but you can get a hint here. I got these from Coquette in Carson.
  6. Yes. It turns out that the contact ring was bent and off center and the pin was dropping off the ring and then, with no place to go but sideways, breaking. This also explains why the horn would go off occasionally with the old wheel...the bent ring would ground out. I was able to straighten the ring and replace the pin so it now contacts correctly and doesn’t jump,off. As for the signal return, I bought the OEM return ring that fits over the spline and under the wheel. It looks just like the finger on the old wheel. I have not yet soldered the push button horn wires as I’m still debating getting the BMW button. But both the horn and the turn signals wok fine now.
  7. Hello, Do you still have the air cleaner housing? I'm at 15317.
  8. Very nice car. I'm guessing you will get a lot of interest at the PVGP next weekend.
  9. Can somebody please translate this into HP?
  10. I do have the leakdown equipment but want to see something decent compression-wise before I do a leakdown test. I'll post here when I take another run at the compression test with a better starter and maybe a little oil in the cylinders, which should be in a few days.
  11. Good points. I was thinking that starter revolution RPMs don't have a big impact but perhaps they do since we are down to, what 150-200 PM with a starter? For this engine, the starter/battery set up is not cranking at "normal" starter speeds even with the plugs out, maybe 100 RPM. I have a new starter in a box and can find a new battery. That should resolve that issue. It sounds like a little oil in the cylinders will also help. I didn't sdo that initially because that's usually how you tell if the issue is rings or valves. I will try it though since the cyinder wals only saw oil today for the first time in over a year. Thanks! I'm really not optimistic that the engine does not have issues, though and it seems sacriligous to put an un-rebuilt engine back into a completely stripped and rebuilt car. I'll take small steps on this... I'm several months away from putting the engine back into the car.
  12. My Polaris project car is coming along slowly and I am finally beginning to address the engine and drivetrain. I am planning to at least partially rebuild the engine, but I did not do compression or leakdown tests before pulling the motor out of the car. The engine has been sitting on a stand for about a year and it turns over reasonably well, but I'm not sure if running compression tests on a cold engine that has been sitting for so long even makes sense. I gave it a shot anyway. After letting the engine turn over for a minute or so to let oil go where it needed to, I tested all four cylinders and got 75 pounds or so from 3 cylinders, 60 from number 1. I'm using an old battery and an old starter, but I don't think crank speed should have an impact on compression. Again, this is from a cold, dead, out-of-car engine. My other 2002 has to be warm for compression to reach peak numbers, but they are not this low when the car is cold. I can do a leakdown test but I don't think it makes sense to try until I'm sure the numbers would be marginally accurate. The car ran OK when I took it apart but every gasket and seal on it was shot after 10 years of only being run once a month or so (as you can see from the gunk that remains on the engine...). Does anyone have any suggestions on an optimal compression/leakdown testing process with the engine out of the car? ....or should I just pull the head and try to assess everything visually? All reasonable ideas are welcome. Thanks, Scott
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