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  1. Except for a short header, that is exacty the set up I have on my Chamonix 2002. Much peppier than my stock (32/36) Polaris.
  2. If there were any S14s left.... I don't know why but this search engine never seems to return the right stuff when I use it. I oddly get more relevant BMW2002faq results when I use the actual google database...... strange but true. I'll look again.
  3. What is your carb set up? And how, exactly, does the S14 block differ from the M10 block? Kind of surprising that an E12 hed will fit on both.
  4. OK, we all love our 2002s and, of course, they are a blast to drive. Noboy owns a 2002 because it is a rocketship, but I've been thinking about the M10 engine and what it "might be" capable of. The stock 2002 engine is rated at something like 107hp and the tii priduced 130. Granted, that produces a decent power-to-weight ratio, but that 107hp was with a single barrel solex carb. Nearly all of us have replaced that Solex with a Weber or 2. Emissions controls outside of California have come off, and exhaust systems , cams and in some cases cylinder heads have been tweaked. I'm not really looking for a king-of-the-hill number, but I am curious. What are these engines capable of. I mean....the S14, which produces something like 235hp max, is based on the M10 block, right? Has anybody dyno'd their M10? I'm very curious to know what a modified M10 with, say, a 292 cam and 38/38 carb would generate. But mainly I'm curious to see real numbers on any and all M10 set ups. If you have any numbers, please post them here. Thanks!
  5. Love the ? Turn and bank indicator... the one with the fan is nice, too.. reminds me that my fan isn’t working.....
  6. I think the N20s have the same reputation trouble as the N54 but it isn't really a deserved reputation in either case any more because the early issues have been fixed. Of course, by the time I am ready to build a modded 2002, the B48 might be available for a decent price. The problem with both of these motors, of course, is that they come with a lot of electronics baggage that has to be accounted for, coded out or ignored. The N20 has been used in racing, so somebody has figured that out. I suppose the B48 has also been used in racing but I'm not sure. The only BMW engines I really do not want to own are the S85/S65 engines from the E60/E90 M5/M3, which is really too bad since I also collect M5s. The real point is that very few people have both the old-school and new-school knowledge, along with the time and funds to put this kind of car together. I'll give it a shot eventually...once I get through my warehouse full of current car projects.
  7. Unfortunately, I already bought all the stock replacement parts..... So I guess I'm stuck with the 2002 hubs, or are the E21 hubs interchangeable?
  8. @grizzlebar I'm going ot wait until my next 2002 project to do go ditigal wiht the dash....that one will have the 4 cylinder BMW N20 turbo in it! :-)
  9. Looks terrific! Well, I ordered the no-gauge version from Kooglewerks and will play with that one for a bit before deciding if I want to go with the gauges option. Both of my 2002s had A/C and I will probably put it back. in some form, into the Polaris. In the meantime I re-wired the head unit that was in the glove box into the console and left the old, broken, unused speaker grill in the console. Looks OK. It looks like I had 2 generations of stereo wiring to undo. Whoever wired the previous stereo ran a fused lead directly from the battery through one of the now-empty A/C line holes in the firewall (with no grommets or plugs to keep the fumes out....). That lead was still hot but abandoned. The most recent stereo wiring involved tapping into the always-hot lead on the hazard warning switch. No idea where the original radio lead is but there is an abandoned accessory lead that doesn't work. There is a lot of similar nonsense under the hood with abandoned emissions control wiring At least with the Polaris, stripped down to bare metal and wiring harnesses 90% removed, I can put everything back together the way it shoud be... Still....this is a LOT easier than figuring out what people did to screw up the wiring on my E28s..... :-) Oh, I digress. Here's the best shot I have of the re-work I just completed. Very short, very light single DIN $40 "Dual" (remember thier turntables?) Bluetooth head unit now in the dash. stereo speakers mounted in the fiberboard knee panels under the dash. (Might swap those out for Koogleerks speaker panels. This car has carpeted-over cut-outs for 6x9 speakers under the rear seat, but I don't really want to go down that road. If you have any other console ideas, please let me know!
  10. I'm pulling all the parts together (and apart) to rebuild the polaris 2002 subframes and have been unable to break the front hubs loose from the rotors. The allen bolts are rusted solid. I already have new rotors and will be replacing almost everything anyway, so I thought I would look for new front hubs. Well..I see a couple of places that sell them for over $300. ECS Tuning has a pair for $100. They say they come from Ireland Engineering. But when I look on the IE site, all I see are E21 hubs that fit the 2002 spindle as part of a big brake kit. I plan on using stock brakes on this car. I dropped a note to Jorge at IE but since it Sunday, I'm thinking one of you might be able to provide some answers to the following questions: Is there a good relatively inexpensive source for 2002 front hubs? Has anyine used the 2002 set from ECS? Are the E21 "small bearing" and 2002 front hubs interchangeable? What else do I need to know here? Thanks, Scott
  11. NIce. I think I am going to order the blank faceplate from Kooglewerks to eliminate the useless ashtray and then I'll start looking into the gauge cluster option and what is involved in setting up the gauges.
  12. OK, now I'm waffling. The VDO gauges do look pretty nice. How did you wire them and how did you set up the sensors? Are the BMW gauges still working? Also, I just found a non-gauge faceplate on the Kooglewerks site that would work. So that might be my best option. Looks kind of boring though....
  13. Yes, I don't really need the extra gauges. AceAndrew has a nice post on how to do a hidden stereo on his site. He posted it here long ago but the images are gone. Here is the link. https://adamsautosport.com/information/tutorials/bmw-2002-hidden-stereo-guide-version-1/ I'm thinking about that option too, but this car is not really stock so I don't mind putting a modern head unit in. Currently, the working head unit is in the glovebox and the speakers are in the knee panels.
  14. I've been fiddling with the bluetooth radio I have in the glove box of my Chamonix 2002 and have determined that leaving it in there is too much of a PITA to be practical. The original radio is still in the console, but the whole thing looks...OK...but is sort of floppy and loose as I've never really spent any time on it since purchasing the car except to get in front of it for other wiring. Now that the interior is almost done, I think it is time to address this. I have seen the Koogleworks console but that's not quite right for me. I even bought a Honda center console/armrest/storage box, as discussed elsewhere on the site, but that isn't quite right for this car either. I've seen a lot of nice radio consoles on the site here but most of the discussions are older and the image links are broken. Please share your console designs and images. I'd really appreciate it!
  15. My paint guy could not take the car right away so it went back into my warehouse still in bare metal. The Soda blast guy told me that if it was going to be a more than a two weeks, that I should not apply the cleaner to the car right away because the soda itself acts as a flash inhibitor. I'm not sure I believe that, but he did show me a couple of pieces in his unheated storage space that were blasted a year ago and not treated and they still do not have any rust. I am hoping to have the body over to my paint guy within the next two weeks. I will apply the soda cleaner/rust inhibitor just before I take it over there. The instructions are to apply the cleaner, let it sit for 10 minutes, then pressure wash it off to get the soda out of all of the little nooks and crannies. I've been working on the car pulling the windows and related trim, and I do not see any change yet..... fingers crossed!
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