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  1. Interested in Alpina speedo overlay if still available. Thanks
  2. SOLD Selling my Roundie Rear Panel Original BMW part #41 34 5 434 100 i had intentions of fully restoring but taking a new direction with my build. Currently not available new without an ETA. Piece is flawless, brand new and packed ready to ship.
  3. Door Lock Mechanism, also removed as this is the late model style not correct for my application, working perfect no issues no longer need for my car. Condition: Removed from working door all functions are operational. Price: $50 + actual shipping (forward zip code for quote) Thanks for viewing
  4. 2 x Front Seat Belts REPA made in Germany seatbelts taken from my '67 which are incorrect. Replaced with correct belts and no longer need these. Condition: Working great, some light wear but buckles and retractors are fully operational. Sold as pictured could use a deep clean to look optimal. **BOTH REPA COVERS INCLUDED MISSING ON PIC> Price: $85 + shipping (please forward zip code for quotes) *Ebay sells the "press" stickers to replace worn ones. https://www.ebay.com/itm/REPA-PRESS-seatbelt-Decals-Suitable-for-classic-car-BMW-Merdecdes-Porsche/233103454568?hash=item36460c7168:g:q24AAOSw1XdUWif6
  5. For Sale an extra set 2 x Grap Straps complete, these go on the B Pillar to assist passenger entry/exit. Condition: Great, light pitting in chrome, not stretched out like most. Hardware Screws, rubber cover, chrome and straps ready to install. Price: SOLD Thanks
  6. Christmas Shopping for period correct goodies... And a massive BMW parts list for seals, engine, transmission etc etc etc... '
  7. 2 Years go by in a flash nothing major changes (except constant combing of 1. Ebay.DE 2. FAQ classifieds 3. EBAY US Religiously hoarding parts) and in the summer of '19 I decide I badly want to paint my car inside and out and just go for the full resto. Colors I wanted in order of priority 1. Night blue from e24 series 2. Florida Green 3. Factory Sahara BUT.... I forwarded a series of photos to over 10 shops at the time throughout the Bay Area and Socal shoot even out of state. 10-15K... Serious folks? Not good, OK what next? 😒 PICS ATTACHED
  8. Selling my set of real bbs RA wheels NOT VW takeoffs, wheels are true with zero issues, sandblasted and sealed in etch primer. Plans were to polish lips and powdercoat centers but I have too much going on with restorations at the moment. 2- 15 x 6 ET30 2- 15 x 7 ET25 Asking $650 Thanks, Edgar
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