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  1. Retired from Boeing after working on the Space Station program and traveling 195 nights a year. Couldn't stand not working so I started doing engineering work, testing and CNC programming for a company that builds competition suspension components (Vorshlag Motorsports).
  2. I work for a shop that build racecars. We have used both the PC680 and the Braille batteries. Neither of those are appropriate for a street car. Even one that doesn't use much electricity. I like the Odyssey line very much. Their batteries (when sized correctly) tend to last longer in adverse conditions. Look at the slightly larger versions beyond the 680. Something like a Odyssey PC925.
  3. If you are looking at cheap steel wheels, look at Opel wheels.
  4. My understanding is that the Vega bolt pattern is 4x4"(101.6mm), not 4x100mm. And they have a huge offset. The Cosworth Vega wheels are 13x6et45.
  5. Nope, like the P45t old antique bulb that fits my antique concave Cibie lights.
  6. H4 LED conversions are everywhere. I need the R2 LED bulbs!
  7. I'll make some for myself. Some top mounts, custom struts and other bits. But I doubt they will get added to the catalog.
  8. That is key. Many of the standard fuel hoses, more of the metric hoses and most of the metric fabric covered hose, does not stand up to ethanol. It's been an issue for decades. Harry Pellow made light of it in his books. Bellmetric has metric, ethanol resistant hose. It's got a smooth casing, so yes, it's not original looking. But it will stand up longer to the fuels we use.
  9. I'd also like to see one with late bumpers. I looked through the different threads and the Kooglewerks Instagram and didn't see any big bumper cars that retained their bumpers -AND- had a spoiler.
  10. Yep, the rest of the car is "driver quality", so no need for a NOS piece to ruin the continuity. Sending a PM.
  11. I need once piece of knee moulding for the right rear quarter behind the door. Shipped to Dallas, Texas
  12. modernbeat


    I'm the third owner. The previous owner drove the car sparingly between 1981 to 2002, until she could no longer drive. The car was parked up in a garage until 2020.
  13. Looks like the street version has voids in the rubber bushing to provide the most isolation. The version made by motorsport do not have the voids, and the bushing is solid for a little more stability and less isolation.
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