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  1. That's a sweet first car. My first car, a 71' Datsun 510 was so bad when I brought it home, my father told me don't park that piece of ???? in front of the house. Ah good times, good times. You really are setting the bar high.
  2. You're probably right about Diff. My 3.91 LSD matches almost exactly what you have illustrated in error percentage. I would check if you got a 3.91.
  3. One last note there is a ground wire location right next to the tank. That one is notorious for being a bad ground from the sender.
  4. All the gauge is doing is converting that resistance to an indicator on the dial. But you able to test the senders with nothing connected to them. Once you confirm they actually change resistance then you can work forward to the gauge.
  5. With them out can you measure ohm resistance across the leads? If you rotate the sender the resistance should technically change if the float is in fact sliding.
  6. The sender has a float inside that slides up and down based on fuel level in the tank, in turn changing resistance across the leads. Sounds like your float might be stuck near the top. You can take the sender apart to come confirm that. Just be careful of the very small wires inside. Jeff
  7. What's the VIN if I may ask? Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  8. Yeah, as the earlier comments mentioned, Bristol can really look different in different light. It truly is an underrated color but car manufacturers are starting to find the beauty in grey again. Which I think is great to see it coming back for it's simplicity. Thanks for the comment. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  9. Love my Bristol 69’.
  10. You have nothing to lose by bidding 300 Euro. You could always throw his way that you're a struggling student, no shame in that. Good luck, hope you get it.
  11. I don't believe you can register a car without a title in most states. First step would have to be to get it titled I would think.
  12. 69Bimmer02


    So glad to see this car of an original owner. I have had people question my 69' whether it actually came with corner reflectors or the type of mirror it has and I direct them to your car when i get the chance as an original car. It is great to have this registry to keep us honest about what is original and what may not be. Great stuff your car is!
  13. After roughly 6 months got the dash back from Just Dashes. They did a great job as expected. Also had them put a 5 speed indicator to match the technology. I had Finishline interiors in San Jose rework the little side vent pieces as mine were destroyed. They also cleaned up all under panels. Really pleased with how everything turned out. It’s not cheap but it really does look like a new stock dash near as I can tell.
  14. 69Bimmer02

    Jeff's 1969 BMW 2002

    For attaching pictures to my blog
  15. Finally got around to taking pics, credit to my wife.
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