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  1. I want to say these were once sold on Jetta’s. Esty once had a pair of these for sale I found back in the forum history. She may know.
  2. Article in the latest Hagerty mag. Good stuff.
  3. You guys peaked my curiosity so I decided to check what my car with 3.91 and 5 speed overdrive runs at 70 mph. Speedo is GPS so fairly confident it’s accurate. I personally think 3.64 would be a more comfortable ride if I spent time mostly on the highway.
  4. Might just be me, but isn’t the VIN 1569196, a 1602 vin number? They don’t show the vin plate but I assume there has been some emblem changing going on with this one. Jeff
  5. Thank you. Yokohama Sdrive 195/50r15 with BBS RS 15x7 et25. Et25 is the offset you want with 15x7 if you want to avoid rubbing once you go lower. Good luck with yours.. regards Jeff
  6. Got the Ground Control coilovers put in. I like the stance/ride comfort where it sits. It definitely is stiffer than the previous H&R spring height but not so bad that it jars the internals, so to speak.
  7. Car is running great. Rick at North Bay Bavarian was able to adjust timing and HP is greatly improved from the first tune. The project is never ending but the car runs better than I would have expected. Pulls strong all the way to 6500. The Schrick 292 was a good choice for around town and highway balance. It's been a better than 2 year adventure with the Bristol 69' but I couldn't be happier with how it all came out in the end. Also got the Ground Control coilovers put in all around. Really like the new stance.
  8. I specifically checked mine, they are on the correct sides. They may however simply be mis-cut or just not correct. I tried first the other way around and they definitely are semi close this way around. I'm going back to the US overriders anyway as I just think the look is more fitting for my car. However thanks for all the feedback.
  9. Thanks guys, appreciate the opinions. The US overriders actually fit better as you can see. Not sure why but the Euro's just don't hug the bumper for some reason. Maybe the bumper has a slightly different form on this early model.
  10. Looking for thoughts or opinions on Euro versus US bumper overriders.
  11. This popped up recently, interesting the pic they chose for this article. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-autos/us-auto-industry-backs-tax-relief-delaying-usmca-start-after-coronavirus-idUSKBN2173NV
  12. I'm fairly certain Jenvey manufacture only in the UK. Unless they are false advertising on their website. "Jenvey Dynamics design, develop and manufacture all significant throttle body and induction system components in our single UK manufacturing site. This enables the close control of quality, research and confidentiality, essential in all forms of motorsport." I'm having good luck with my ITB's so far, but they are still young.
  13. I agree, I don't have anywhere near the knowledge to support it myself. Shop does everything. However that said, it seems rock solid and reliable. Jeff Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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