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  1. 69Bimmer02

    1969 1602 NEVADA VIN#1569746

    Is that a baby blue 64-66' Chevy Truck sitting behind it? Sweet!
  2. 69Bimmer02


    +2 on Bill Arnold. He resurrected my 69 which had been sitting in a backyard for 12 years. Great guy and will be honest with you as it pertains to what to bother with and what not to more importantly. Jeff Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  3. Would you be willing to sell a rear only shorty for a 69? Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  4. 69Bimmer02


    So glad to see this car of an original owner. I have had people question my 69' whether it actually came with corner reflectors or the type of mirror it has and I direct them to your car when i get the chance as an original car. It is great to have this registry to keep us honest about what is original and what may not be. Great stuff your car is!
  5. 69Bimmer02

    Period AC System Parts

    Thanks Eric. Really appreciate the additional detail. At this time I'll have to pass. I can't justify the expense. Good luck with the sale. Jeff Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  6. 69Bimmer02

    Period AC System Parts

    Do you any pics of the back of the unit? Does the console have any cracks?
  7. 69Bimmer02

    Period AC System Parts

    I’m interested, do you have any idea on shipping cost to the Bay Area?
  8. 69Bimmer02

    Brake light stays on ...........

    In my case the float inside the fluid container was broke and sliding freely in the reservoir. Was racking my brain until I pulled it out and saw the rubber grommet inside was barely holding it on. Ugh.
  9. Tried searching the forum but didn’t find any hits. Does anybody have any reputable machine shops who work on M10 blocks? Looking for Metric Mechanic like detail in short or long block work. Thanks for any feedback. Jeff
  10. 69Bimmer02

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Yeah they’ll make minor modifications like that if requested. I believe they’ll also remove the seat belt light on the later dashes.
  11. 69Bimmer02

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Finally got my dash completed after 6 months of waiting. Just Dashes does great work.
  12. 69Bimmer02

    Dash finally done!

    After roughly 6 months got the dash back from Just Dashes. They did a great job as expected. Also had them put a 5 speed indicator to match the technology. I had Finishline interiors in San Jose rework the little side vent pieces as mine were destroyed. They also cleaned up all under panels. Really pleased with how everything turned out. It’s not cheap but it really does look like a new stock dash near as I can tell.
  13. 69Bimmer02

    Jeff's 1969 BMW 2002

    For attaching pictures to my blog
  14. 69Bimmer02

    1968 only colors?

    You are correct Steve. My vin is I believe in the later group of 69' with 1666711. Delivery to the original owner according to the invoice was actually August. Interesting story, he told me he actually wanted Polaris but the Palo Alto, Ca dealership at the time told him they were having some quality issues with the metallics. So they recommended a Grey, no lie. The original sales order says grey, which I guess the detail of Bristol was not important, grey is grey. One other interesting factoid, the radio was a 140 dollar option while the special order grey paint was 65. Go figure I guess a radio truly was a novelty back then. Anyway your data is spot on, thanks for sharing. Jeff
  15. 69Bimmer02

    1968 only colors?

    I purchased my 1969 02 from the original owner who bought the car new in July of 1969. It was confirmed by the archives as being ordered and delivered through Hoffman as a Bristol car. I can also confirm the color combination as confirmed by him that Navy was the interior when delivered new. He has since been able to see the car and also validated that the colors are very close to how he remembers the vehicle when it was new. Of course I'm sure there are slight variations with resprays and newer upholstery.