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  1. 69Bimmer02

    1968 only colors?

    You are correct Steve. My vin is I believe in the later group of 69' with 1666711. Delivery to the original owner according to the invoice was actually August. Interesting story, he told me he actually wanted Polaris but the Palo Alto, Ca dealership at the time told him they were having some quality issues with the metallics. So they recommended a Grey, no lie. The original sales order says grey, which I guess the detail of Bristol was not important, grey is grey. One other interesting factoid, the radio was a 140 dollar option while the special order grey paint was 65. Go figure I guess a radio truly was a novelty back then. Anyway your data is spot on, thanks for sharing. Jeff
  2. 69Bimmer02

    1968 only colors?

    I purchased my 1969 02 from the original owner who bought the car new in July of 1969. It was confirmed by the archives as being ordered and delivered through Hoffman as a Bristol car. I can also confirm the color combination as confirmed by him that Navy was the interior when delivered new. He has since been able to see the car and also validated that the colors are very close to how he remembers the vehicle when it was new. Of course I'm sure there are slight variations with resprays and newer upholstery.
  3. Is this month's get together happening? Didn't see anything unless I'm totally lost, which could be.
  4. 69Bimmer02

    Repairing a Rusty Spare Tire Well

    I got my material from 2002AD. https://www.2002ad.com/storeworks/view_item.cfm?id=2247 They'll even order it for you in a deeper depth if you want a bigger spare. Jeff
  5. 69Bimmer02

    Holley Sniper EFI

    I saw this and first thought I had, while it would be much simpler, would it be as efficient as a 4 injector ITB? They are big injectors but still only going down an open intake plenum then dividing to four channels. Would each intake cylinder get an equal squirt? That was my only thought but boy the simplicity sure does sound inviting. I'm thinking about the four barrel version for my 66' Chevy C10. Jeff
  6. 69Bimmer02

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Benz Collision Center in Redwood City. It's Bristol, original paint code 058.
  7. 69Bimmer02

    Under the Bridge

    Finally got around to taking pics, credit to my wife.
  8. 69Bimmer02

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Finally got around to taking some pictures, thanks to my wife. Isn't that the way it normally works. Have to give her the credit for the pictures under the Dumbarton bridge in the SF Bay Area. Only took me 5 months after paint but hey better late than never.
  9. 69Bimmer02

    License Plate Lights - OMG

    I'm in, mark me down for a set.
  10. 69Bimmer02

    5 sp OD rebuild

    I would probably ask one of the Bay Area BMW repair places, like Bill Arnold in Novato, where he would send a tranny out to get repaired. I trust someone like that to give you an honest answer to what shops he uses for those repairs.
  11. 69Bimmer02

    Esty Carpet

    I couldn't be happier with my Esty kit. Awesome quality and attention to detail.
  12. 69Bimmer02

    New 1600 Owner

    I purchased my Bristol 69' 2002 from the original owner. I confirmed on his original invoice it was a special order color. At least that was the case from the Palo Alto, CA dealership back in July of 1969. I believe the color was only available up until 1970 or so. I'm not sure but I also believe the 1600 had a smaller palette of colors available in the early years so it may be that from a percentage perspective Bristol is not as rare, but I may be wrong here. Others can chime in. In general it's a fairly rare color. I haven't seen or heard of many original Bristol 2002's out there. Good luck with the car, always nice to see another "Battleship Grey" one out there. I think it's one of those colors you either like, or are kind of like "blah". I find it's plainness very unique. Something cool about how basic the color is. Jeff
  13. 69Bimmer02

    Quick IE Stainless Exhaust Question

    I don't believe mine is bent and I have the same. However hard to tell at this angle. I would think the bend however would be non-consequential regardless.
  14. 69Bimmer02

    New Parts For Sale

    I know this is outdated but do you by any chance have the Oil Guide Tube any longer? 11431252611 dipstick guide tube(bolt on type)NLA 30.00 plus 6.00 shipping
  15. 69Bimmer02

    2002 Register

    Bump Reminder for everyone to start adding their cars to the registry, https://www.bmw2002faq.com/registry/. We've gotten some traction but there are a lot more active users on this forum. Would be nice to get them uploaded wherever possible. Thanks, and doesn't take long by the way.