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  1. The VIN is actually a Taiga Tii. Pretty uncommon color/model combo. @repoman used to own this car. It has changed hands a few times since then. Probably due to the floor pan rust and the snorkel nose Tii.
  2. I have a several trannys I will be picking up tomorrow. Unfortunately 2 of the 245's were toast and were ran with no oil. Anyways now I have a 245 bone yard. If still interested let me know, can send pics early next week.
  3. $15 shipped LEt me know. It's all nice and yellow zinc plated.
  4. I've got one $100 shipped. No rail though as I recall just the manifold and throttle body.
  5. I have some though I cannot attest to their functionality. If your gears are broken on yours that is something that can be fixed relatively easy.
  6. I have a rebuilt one $750 plus shipping.
  7. I assume there is one for parts diagrams and maybe one for repair manual. Anyways if you have any 2002 microfische you wanna sell let me know.
  8. Super good deal!!! Especially if it comes with that nose trim piece.
  9. Bump. I have so much stuff I cant list it all. Let me know what you need. Ill send pics. Make me an offer and come get it. Want this stuff gone.

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