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  1. 02tradition


    Are they the same as Tii?
  2. 02tradition

    KF pump

    I have one. Not sure if its the early one though, ill have to check tomorrow.
  3. Planning on putting this motor up for sale once its done. Just trying to gauge interest and see if my price is within range. It will be bench tested and most likely dyno’d as well. Will get a complete build list together soon. Some specs: knife edged standard crank port and polish head New dizzy with petronix. h beam rods 10 to 1 forged pistons 292 cam 38/38 carb ss valves single hd valve springs chromoly retainers mls head gasket ss headers urethane motor mounts alum. Flywheel clutch kit hp starter all ancilliares etc. Etc. No expense will be or has been spared. Also i will be selling along with it the three other matching VINs and bill of sale from a ‘69. Asking 10k. Might be willing to crate and ship but would rather not. Shipping would be additional. Photos of progress so far. ETA of completion is about a month or so.
  4. 02tradition

    Unusual front signal light setup

    More like a replacement from home depot.
  5. 02tradition

    BavAuto has Closed!

    Dang i was holding out for one of those car covers. Those things were great
  6. 02tradition

    WTB- M20 Conversion bits

    What DME are you running? Also if interested i have a driveshaft made up looks really good for $100.
  7. 02tradition

    Control Arms

    I have a set. Powdercoated semi gloss black. Only real issue is though they are mis matched. One has stitch welding the other does not. $150 for the pair shipped.
  8. 02tradition

    Anyone have a use?

    Oh yeah could be smog. The car had ac i just figured it was that but probably smog aka worthless
  9. 02tradition

    Anyone have a use?

    Early model AC bracket with oil dipstick mount. Ive only come across a few of them intact most are lopped off. Accepting offers.
  10. 02tradition

    NOS OEM Goodies

    Dont have it anymore sorry. PM me again. I dont have a premium account so my inbox gets full and i have to delete.
  11. 02tradition

    NOS OEM Goodies

    Bump make offer on parts or lot as a whole
  12. 02tradition

    IE shorty headers

    For M10 coated or not used or not but NOT the stainless steel ones. PM me if you have a set to sell
  13. 02tradition

    WTB: ashtray bracket for long center console

    Somebody needs to 3D print these!
  14. 02tradition

    WTB: Cam Rocker Hold Down Tool

    I can make one in a day or two. $150 shipped in USA
  15. 02tradition

    Car cover recommendations

    I second the bav auto ones. They are somewhat reversable for the 02 so makes life easy trying to put one on.