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  1. 02tradition

    Ireland Engineering Forum

    Yeah ideally the bearing will track inside the bracket usually this means pushed all the way on. @chargin has good install pics. He also used a stud on the 3rd threaded hole instead of a bolt (which he swears by).
  2. 02tradition

    Bob Marley '02 Man

    @hankeester just placed my order!!!!
  3. 02tradition

    New Reproduction: Mud Flaps

    Omgsh people on these boards are all a bunch of pansies....can’t even take the slightest critisism just to stir the pot a bit.... THESE ARE REPROS! I understand what NOS and originals go for. That doesn’t mean an overseas looking set demands half that. I bet he has $40 in material and labor if that. Me thinks he’s taking advantage of the “nobody else is making these so I name my own price”, which is perfectly fine and normal.
  4. 02tradition

    Bob Marley '02 Man

    Im down for sticker and shirt too
  5. 02tradition

    Bob Marley '02 Man

    Someone needs to make a tribute to that car. Or is the original still in existence?
  6. 02tradition

    BMW 2002 turbo engine

    That plus the oil filter and belt cover looks like the thing got dropped.
  7. 02tradition

    New Reproduction: Mud Flaps

    Super cool. $249 cool? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  8. 02tradition


    The E21 rear drums are also the same brakes as the 2002 Turbo. Neither of which used an RPV. They recommended a 10 psi valve??? Seems way way way too much. Maybe like 2-3psi on a street rod 2002 or race car. RPV’s eliminate pedal travel when hitting the brakes. Which in a racing application means to me quicker braking, quicker response time at the rotors etc. For a road car there is really no use for an RPV. But what do I know...
  9. 02tradition

    BaT Modified 74 Tii

    Wow. Def nice car and you cannot make that car for that price. That being said i truly hate BAT. Does not accurately represent true value of cars. Now every yahoo out there trying to sell their piece of crap, on CL or otherwise, has to mention the Tii that sold for $$$$$. And this makes the value of yours go up how??? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. 02tradition

    WTB: oil filler cap

    I have one has a dent though.
  11. 02tradition

    Should I Do the IE Air Dam?

    I like it. Especially running the bumper like that i dont think any other would look as good honestly.
  12. 02tradition

    That's when I knew I needed one

    Nice!! such good story telling should put it in a blog.
  13. Coupe king has so many NOS parts its stupid. Just be ready for $$$$$$!!
  14. 02tradition

    Front control arms

    Aftermarket? Does somebody make aftermarket control arms?
  15. @AceAndrew didnt you want an e21 blue book?