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  1. 02tradition

    Factory Valve Adjusting Tools and Shims

    Does your buddy have a porche shop? I swear this kid in my welding class was trying to slang these to me a few months back.
  2. 02tradition

    The heart...it beats

    Been suuuuuper busy lately. Family, work, school, expensive hobbies - you know how that goes. I did finally get around to making a proper dolly for the shell, it's way better than those furniture movers I was using prior. Still, 4 rubber wheels that all swivel make this thing hard to turn and steer. If I was to do it again I would use a metal caster. Not much has happened to the shell, I'm still dreading the daunting task of welding and grinding. I'll just save the worst for last. I did install the hood pins though. Also I'm in the process of chemically stripping the paint off the hood so it can get sent off to have louvers put in. The biggest and best thing to happen yet on this build is that the motor is finally finished! Well except for the fact that it's missing a set of RD headers, if anyone has a lead HMU. Looks super awesome, I almost want to put it behind glass. No expenses were spared for this motor. A lot of cool and one-off or things you will never see again in your life got put into this. - First off I made heim-jointed alternator belt adjuster a la @AceAndrew came out perfect and works like a charm. In conjunction with that I had to make a custom bolt to mount it to the block. - All ARP everything - Knife edged the crank - Billet Alum 7075 IE rocker arms (don't ask there are none for sale) - A whole bunch of other expensive racing crap I don't have time to mention, (check my spec sheet in a previous blog post) Enjoy the pics! Now I think that the only thing left that I have to do is give this thing more blood, sweat, and tears before it's ready for paint. All my parts are already built. More updates to come!
  3. 02tradition

    Radiator Tragedy

  4. 02tradition

    Alpina Catalog - m10 Head

    Dood thats sweet! I have several photocopies of the original price list from alpina back in the 70’s if any one is interested.
  5. 02tradition

    Window Regulator Spring

    Yeah I should
  6. 02tradition

    Fakey-Doo Alpina Diff Cover Mounts?

    Also note as @chargin will tell you: If you use anything stronger than rubber make sure you use some silicone sealant on the gasket. Cover tends to leak a bit more due to the added rigidity of the 1 piece design and stiffer bushing.
  7. 02tradition

    Need Help: Re-flanging driveshaft

    Yes you can use the end of an E30 shaft. Done this many times. Just make sure its the manual 3 bolt and not the auto.
  8. 02tradition

    Steering Wheel Hubs

    There’s 2 common types of 6-bolt patterns for wheels. I call them MOMO and Nardi Patterns. One is 70mm and the other is 74mm Center to center though I can’t remember which is which or which wheels share a pattern with Nardi try this: http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/item/02swh.html
  9. Pasadena? Inka? @chargin?
  10. 02tradition

    WTB: roof rack

    @LimeySteve sold one just like that. Don’t know if his guy still makes em. He may also be too busy sippin on pina coladas at this point hehe havent seen you very active here in a while steve.
  11. 02tradition

    3-Bolt driveshaft

    Do you need just the flange?
  12. 02tradition

    Bob Marley '02 Man

    Yup already got mine ordered cant wait!!!
  13. 02tradition

    BMW 2002, 320i 2.0 ltr Crankshaft 11 21 1 252 209

    Not really. I sell polished and balanced M10 cranks for $500 all day. This one comes with new bearings as well.
  14. 02tradition

    Ireland Engineering Forum

    Yeah ideally the bearing will track inside the bracket usually this means pushed all the way on. @chargin has good install pics. He also used a stud on the 3rd threaded hole instead of a bolt (which he swears by).
  15. 02tradition

    Bob Marley '02 Man

    @hankeester just placed my order!!!!