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  1. 02tradition

    NOS OEM Goodies

  2. 02tradition

    NOS OEM Goodies

    Bump. Anyone? Make me an offer on the whole lot? My E30 needs some love.
  3. 02tradition

    NOS OEM Goodies

    pm inbound
  4. 02tradition

    NOS OEM Goodies

    Bumpity bump. Saved the best for last!
  5. 02tradition

    Exhaust Clearance on 5spd

    Man that looks tight tight tight! Just curious any rattling?
  6. 02tradition

    Exhaust Clearance on 5spd

    What downpipe are you using? You need one from an automatic or IE’s Stainless one.
  7. 02tradition

    2002 Number plate for sale

    While we are on the subject though...who remembers this one? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/947174/private-number-plate-personalised-F1-most-expensive-Afzal-khan-Bugatti-Veyron/amp
  8. 02tradition

    NOS OEM Goodies

    Its updated to current
  9. 02tradition

    2002 Number plate for sale

    This is a joke right? Humble? 10k? anyone else see that this is a joke?
  10. 02tradition

    tech tip ....... a rolling dolly

    Ive seen some ghetto things before.... mig welding with no gloves either. Suprised he wore a helmet.
  11. 02tradition

    NOS OEM Goodies

    Bump again. Plenty left Thanks to all those who already purchased. May add a few more things in a couple days.
  12. 02tradition

    NOS OEM Goodies

    Bump. Updated.
  13. 02tradition

    1976 Smog Exempt in CA?

    No lol but i wouldnt be suprised if he kept a flask somewhere
  14. 02tradition

    Bavaria control arms questions

    Just because it can be done doesn’t mean it should. I would argue against this. Camber plates are mucho better. My .02¢
  15. W&N sells this tool with various replaceable tips. Works like a charm.