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  1. Missing the glass tray that holds the actual microfilm. Bulb is burnt out. Hate to see it get trashed. Too big and fragile to ship. $100 picked up. Cool vintage Motorsport sticker included.
  2. 02tradition


    Thats the plan!
  3. That looks just like the cap of the u joint. Might be replaceable.
  4. I’m pretty sure I have a set. I do know I also have a set of NOS boots as well.
  5. People BEWARE! Especially businesses. Bobby Yang is still out there. Apparently he has an E9 now as well, or at least ordering parts for one. be careful...
  6. Car is done!!!...At least the Hot Wheels version is 🙃 (1/24 scale model coming as well) I have been getting some things checked off the list. Some of the more time consuming and pricey things. Things checked off the list: Exhaust ✔️ Roll Cage✔️ Hood Louvers✔️ All that's left is to go hard on the last of the paint preparation, get it scheduled and in the booth. Then of course re-assembly, tuning, tweaking, changing my mind several more times, and finally, hopefully it will be done. The hood louvers. Guy cut me a deal on these
  7. I'm interested in that Dolly and other 02 related parts you may have for sale.

    You can text or contact me here or on my cell: 818-216-8680



  8. Says one of the biggest flakes on the planet... item IS still for sale. Just not to you Jack.
  9. I habe one for the front tho ot isnt perfect. It is VERY straight but will need to be rechromed. $100 plus ship
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