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Not much trim left



This week I got the 2402 ready for paint and body work. The only trim piece left are the door handles. I am not looking forward to the sanding and filler work but it must be done.


I got under the car to investigate why a steering arm boot tore, it seems one of the Control arm bolts is too long and made contact. I removed the bolt and added some washers to back it off a few mm. 

while under there I noticed one of the engine to trans bolts was extremely loose. Also 2 more are just missing. I replaced all three of those 


The GM EPS unit is now completely out and I’ve ordered what I hope will be the solution to my steering troubles. 


The upside-down pedal is now out! I’m working on a bracket for the Cadillac ATS floor mount pedal and I believe I have it pretty well mocked up




While working this weekend I found a handful of nuts and a wrench in the nose 




I also hand painted the rear badge, as I am going with bronze as my secondary color. I really like how it turned out 





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