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  1. I wonder 💭 how hard this would be. 🤯 I recently brought a 850ci and have a spare engine
  2. Why are you selling, My rear cards came out great Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I will be doing a full install of this great product I purchased from Dapper Lighting... (v2’s) stay tuned. Time to start the removal process. I started by removing the headlight/grill trim, there are four screws in front and one hook screw (red arrow) in the back. Once it’s removed you can see the headlight ring trim which is held down to the bucket with three small flat head screws Now that the headlight is removed you has clear access to the headlight bucket and bracket. There are four bolts holding it down, the bracket should fall right out. Depending on the shape of the bracket it may need to be cleaned up and re-sprayed. Fresh paint... Long screws are needed to mount the V2’s to the headlight brackets. Only because the older H4 are much more shallow than the V2 projector! You can see the size difference in the 3rd pic! Both lights are now installed and wiring should be a snap 👍🏾 pics and video 🎥 will be next Here are some pics of the halo ring and the wiring that is provided..... Shot of the switch back yellow halo ring.... And short video clip... 87C98291-97BD-46AB-A356-1A1C9B132EEF.MOV
  4. Wow I understand why upholstery cost so much, a few months back I broke done these seats & it took me about an hour. Putting them back together takes time and patience. But I love putting things back together & make it new again. Houndstooth Fabic and vinyl looks great with new cushion. Still more to come, bottom section with leg extension and head rest on deck Last piece to finish off my seats
  5. Got my tie rod ends, center link and ball joint in along with some clips for the moldings. Spring is here. Which means more mods to come.
  6. Yea that was one of the options, Probably going to save it for a spare & find another seat bottom.
  7. Got a set of fronts seats awhile back and decide to just experiment and try out some rustoleum vinyl upholstery paint.🎨 Knowing in the back of my mind I would be testing the water and completely reworking both seats with either new vinyl or leather upholstery. So I decide to paint the passenger seat because it was in much better shape than the driver, minimal rips or cracked unlike the drivers seat which had holes in the bolster and seat bottoms. Come to find out after the seat had been completely broken down the seat bottom had been cracked and split two 😞, didn't realize it was even broken until all the foam had been removed 🤔
  8. Got some peg board for the front doors. Time to remount the top door trim and then lay down the leather. Not sure if I'm going to use finish screws to mount or use the plastic clips. Truth be told, don't want to use the snap in clips because they have the potential to break & it's less holes to drill into the board. Be warn the front is way more difficult than the rear. With a lot more area to cover its tough getting the spray down and the leather on the card in one shot. I think it came out ok for my first. Not knowing how hard it would be, Laid down some sound proof on the back too. I can't imagine how much of a pain the dash is to be continued
  9. Actually it a piece of vinyl. I had some laying around and thought this will due for the time being, turned out ok. It will be replaced later when I get my hands on a piece of leather.
  10. Got some great pieces of leather to recover the rear door cards. Along with the rear seat delete carpet from Esty to complete the backend of the 02. Also found some front seats from a fellow 2002 owner. These will also be redone with some vinyl or leather in the near future...
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