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Cold start timer relay - board design done

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Took longer than I had hoped but I'm glad to report that v3 of the board design is complete. I had to modify the original design to support the new relay design (since the OEM is NLA), and then add a daughterboard to support the 6 spade connectors.



The photo shows the mockup of the board using paper. Its a decent way to sanity check measurements. I was off width by 1mm and height by 1 mm. Height isn't a big deal but width is since the board fits into the aluminum box.


Sending out design tomorrow!






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Board design sent!  Takes about 10 days to get them back.


Most time consuming part of this is measuring existing board - not the general dimensions or even the component placement, but really the spade connectors and daughterboard. Tons of dependencies and they need to be right.  


At the end of the day the real truth in the design will be when I have them back in my hands. Ordered 10 boards worth on the first pass to give me extra room to break things and not worry about it.


More when I have it! 


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Woot!  Received word that the boards will arrive by COB on January 13th (Monday).  Can't wait.


Any bets on whether the measurements all work out? I'm excited about the daughterboard design.



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