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Alpina Gear



Alpina Automobiles Germany has steadily been adding some of their old school stuff to their on-line store, they just did add '70's 'Deko Set' (s) with the green/blue stripes.  So much better than all the copy cat crap out there, not cheap at EUR 385,00 but whatever.  You get what you pay for you always do.  The also added these 'Deko' T-shirts that have my car on it in its 1975 paint scheme.  Going to have to get myself one or two of those I think.....



Alpina 2002 Gr. 2 1975-1.jpg

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Sweet! Thanks for mentioning it, I just ordered two, one for me and one for an Alpina fanatic buddy. Very cool design...

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Those are awesome. I asked a friend to help me procure at least one shirt for myself.

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Unfortunately their stuff has ALWAYS been expensive, it is a pricey t-shirt for sure.  The have another that is the old school Alpina logo with carburetors and their kind of Coolio unbrella with the rosewood shift knob handle + a few others.  Its nice they bring back some of the old (for us old people!).  This is what is on the t-shirt from the deko brochure.


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