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  1. Just have the base model stuff, no extra brake parts as far as I know
  2. I have a collection of mechanical parts in Calgary from my hoarder car. Big ticket items include: 1. Clean M10 that needs going through. Suspect maybe just a blown headgasket that never got reassembled. The head looks brand new it's so clean. 2. Solex side draft carbs 3. 2 regular intake manifolds, cleaned up 4. Rebuilt manual-choke solex 5. 4spd trans 6. 2 Bosch starter motors 7. Several boxes of "misc" engine stuff. 2 red fans, fuel parts, etc. 8. Two driveshafts I know I don't have a distributor, radiator or headers. Likely I'll go with an engine swap so looking to sell this as a package. I live in Calgary but am in Vancouver for most of the rest of 2020. I can deliver between here and there sometime in October. Only story I have is the previous owner (who passed away) was a well known restoration guy, and his son took apart the car at some point and never got it back together again. Owner was so annoyed that he took the car back from son, but clearly never finished it either. Car was last registered in 1995. If anyone is interested send me a PM. This isn't listed anywhere but when I get home next I'll document the whole lot and list it and let you have "first rights".
  3. Dumped my older order first thing and re-sourced the H&Rs locally for the same price. Koni's priced comp'd from three places and all within 5% of each other so that's on deck. Canadian distributor for Bilstein confirmed both B6 and B8s are on indefinite backorder in their supply chain too for what's it's worth.
  4. The refreshed front end all painted looks just 👌. In my head I was thinking this is the right course of action for my own heap when I get there, but I want to media blast particularly in behind those wings that you've replaced. Somehow your frame rail is even more far gone than my own.
  5. I can't find a way to get them to ship outside of the Europe via the website. Beware anyone going here they list the B8s as B6s (check the part # to be sure).
  6. @Paul7002 I'm having a similar issue with B8 fronts - ordered in January and currently "shipping October", though that date slips and slips. Good tip on the Konis; lower price and none of the hassle.
  7. @Son of Marty thanks, that's very helpful information. I don't come here too often. Will seek out those threads and have a read myself.
  8. Wondering if anyone is having a similar problem. I put in an order for a set of B8s back in January with a well known vendor. At the time delivery was for mid-April. That date continues to slip and is now in October. My personal situation is hoarding parts this year anyways, so I can wait, but it's a bit frustrating.
  9. nnywg

    Rear Subframe Mounts

    It's not perfect but pretty close. You could definitely mig weld it though. It's 16ga I think so a bit difficult to move with a small hammer. If you put it on something solid in the orientation of A and tap on the top point it will open up a bit and fit better for welding. Easier to do it that way that trying to hammer directly on that flange. If I had to guess, I would say probably the lower "not quite 90deg" fold needs to be bent further from the manufacturer, but then all the measuring above would no longer work.
  10. This is a bit out of order in terms of what's been worked on but worth a post. The second-worst rust on the car is the rear passenger side's subframe mount. The upper plate is mostly still in tact, but the lower one doesn't exist at all. And the sill is hot garbage. Inner sill is flat 16ga but it gets a bit more complicated as you work your way outwards. Car came with replacement outer sills suggesting it was bad for a long time. Digging through this site over the winter I found a couple threads on this subject. I ordered a fairly large collection of parts from W&N and their replacement panels for these areas were part of that. Reference Thread 1: Reference Thread 2: W&N Panels Measure twice and check the reference. Turns out the W&N panels are about 12mm (1/2") shallower offset than the originals from what I can tell from the references and rusty part I have left. In to CAD and off to the machine shop Back from the machine shop & fit-checking. Here you can see that the offset of the lower panel is different from the original. Have to move the step in the bolt capture to keep the subframe mounting surface in the correct place. Someone cleverer than me could've put a shim here instead for more suspension geometry adjustability. Bonus photo for the next thing I'm working on. Stay tuned...
  11. Hi @steve oneill, interesting story. Banff is close by and still world-renowned. We still have the stampede but I don't go very often and it will certainly be cancelled by Covid-19 this year. I will keep this blog going here, but I also post more stuff on Instagram under the hashtag #twothousandeww. You don't need a smartphone or an account to view, just go on the website and look up that tag.
  12. To start, a little backstory. I grew up in a Canadian prairie city called Calgary. While it's the biggest place between Vancouver and Toronto, even 20 years ago it wasn't quite big enough to attract much other than the big three and Japanese manufacturers. Things have changed a lot since then; a boom in oil during the 2000's and some good years in the 2010s brought a lot of people and wealth to the area. The sole BMW dealership in the whole city back then is now the Aston Martin, something I'd never have any exposure to as a kid. Something else that happened during these years was good fast internet. Somewhere along the way all sorts of good quality car content was widely available online; people could turn out a living reporting on car stories they cared about without having to print and distribute magazines and selling a lot of ads. Fast forward to about 18mo ago, I was bored and looking around for an Alfa GTV project. Probably can blame Petrolicious for the interest in that car (I definitely have a diverse top 10 though) and had been looking quite casually on and off for a couple years. On the Alfa forums I stumbled in to an estate sale for a whole bunch of cars in the Vancouver area - an easy day's drive and no import complications. I also recognized the place from a pair of Zagato project cars that sold via Bringatrailer. I hummed and hawed about the GTV they had for probably a month, doing a lot of research, but decided it was too far past my ability to save. This was for-sure the right decision after seeing it in person. But in the back of one of the photos was a 2002 that looked pretty good; complete at least and came with a hoard of spares (and horrors). A deal was made and I picked it up as soon as the roads were bare in spring of 2019. Last year was mainly for finishing up a long-running 1985 Celica Supra restomod project, and strangely, by the end of the year I found myself working temporarily at a project back in Vancouver. As such, really all I've done is taking out a fair amount of the interior for cleaning (we'll get to the eww part soon), cleaning out the trunk and taking inventory of all the stuff it came with. The trunk was full of who-knows, the interior is moldy and clearly had some animals living in it at some point. Seriously gross. One final point - people often say it'd be easier to find a better car. But those people are likely in places where you'll easily find something. If I were to go get something out of California or the desert it'd be a week long adventure. All the hotels, food, gas, import duties, exchange rate etc. really add up. Something like this bought for a pittance is pretty low risk As found via the Alfa forum Rogers Pass on the way home Actual lichen covering the windshield after a long car wash in the spring. Comes off with glass cleaner and a lot of elbow grease. The trim had full-blown moss in every crevise but that went away in the car wash mostly. I tried hand-held sandpaper on one side of the hood to see if the "texture" of the paint was from organics or just crappy paint. Verdict is still out on that. It's a weird dark-blue straight painted over Colorado Orange. It will be Colorado Orange again when I'm done. I'll spare everyone the horrors of the interior and trunk. Mostly I was in full PPE and a mask cleaning it out slowly and splitting the hoard of "misc" between stuff to keep and stuff to throw away. Lots of mold, lots of cardboard that had degraded in to nothing, spilled containers of who-knows-what, animal droppings & nests (2 mouse, 2 squirrel) and this gnarly spider corpse. I physically pulled the seats and scrubbed them in the yard, hosed off in the garden. Sprayed down everything leftover with Hydrogen Peroxide. Lastly here it is tucked in storage above the 85' Celica Supra that came back from paint. I'd started in to the very worst rust at that point while the nice car was away. A post topic for next time...
  13. Peanut is sold, both the original intakes still available.
  14. I have these 8 hub caps for sale. They’re tired but a bit of cleanup effort would go a long way. Located in Calgary Canada but I am in North Vancouver a lot as well. They all fit neatly in a wine case so shipping most anywhere would be ~25$ Listed at $100 but open to offers.
  15. brand-new noses available from Ireland Engineering for $1100usd, but have an introductory price on right now below $1000
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