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  1. Stock springs and sway bars off a BMW 2002 from Vancouver, last registered in 1995. Seem in fair condition and will clean right up. Maybe you have a broken spring or a damaged sway bar, or maybe you want these for your own parts stash. Happy to ship but it will be pricey due to size & weight. Also have a spares package of brakes posting in the next few hours or days. Thanks for looking
  2. There's a few set of beat-up grills and roundie taillights in this hoard. Hoarding is unorganized crap, storing is intentionally trying to keep things from becoming crap.
  3. Hello, I have a situation where I've followed the answers to this question from the past, and now the information doesn't add up. My car came from a hoarding situation and was a collection of random. The engine block is a head-scratcher but I'm no expert. You folks are. Serial number is +2579998+ 2.0 Casting Date 1987.32 stamped between 3rd and 4th cylinder freeze plugs RealOEM.com says it's a 1987 318i M40, but that would be only 1.8L There's another stamp between cylinder 2 & 3 that says 71 and 1.9L Head is a 1978 E21 casting sitting on top, so I'm assuming it's unrelated. Just maybe relevant that it sits on the block and looks correct. So I'm not sure what to trust. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Assorted centre console parts. These are interchangeable pieces for short and long consoles. 2 ashtrays, one good, one extremely crusty. I think if you submerged it in CLR it would clean right up. Both have cover plates in good condition. 3 different centre speakers. One appears to be aftermarket. One is attached to a large metal part that braces the console. Paint has failed on the front but would be easy to clean up as well. $50 + S&H for the lot but will break up. thanks for looking
  5. Early steering wheel. I believe it was a ‘68 1602 standard but maybe was on other cars from the era. It’s not mint but not bad. Asking $150USD or $200CAD. happy to pack and ship 👍
  6. Just have the base model stuff, no extra brake parts as far as I know
  7. I have a collection of mechanical parts in Calgary from my hoarder car. Big ticket items include: 1. Clean M10 that needs going through. Suspect maybe just a blown headgasket that never got reassembled. The head looks brand new it's so clean. 2. Solex side draft carbs 3. 2 regular intake manifolds, cleaned up 4. Rebuilt manual-choke solex 5. 4spd trans 6. 2 Bosch starter motors 7. Several boxes of "misc" engine stuff. 2 red fans, fuel parts, etc. 8. Two driveshafts I know I don't have a distributor, radiator or headers. Likely I'll go with an engine swap so looking to sell this as a package. I live in Calgary but am in Vancouver for most of the rest of 2020. I can deliver between here and there sometime in October. Only story I have is the previous owner (who passed away) was a well known restoration guy, and his son took apart the car at some point and never got it back together again. Owner was so annoyed that he took the car back from son, but clearly never finished it either. Car was last registered in 1995. If anyone is interested send me a PM. This isn't listed anywhere but when I get home next I'll document the whole lot and list it and let you have "first rights".
  8. Dumped my older order first thing and re-sourced the H&Rs locally for the same price. Koni's priced comp'd from three places and all within 5% of each other so that's on deck. Canadian distributor for Bilstein confirmed both B6 and B8s are on indefinite backorder in their supply chain too for what's it's worth.
  9. The refreshed front end all painted looks just 👌. In my head I was thinking this is the right course of action for my own heap when I get there, but I want to media blast particularly in behind those wings that you've replaced. Somehow your frame rail is even more far gone than my own.
  10. I can't find a way to get them to ship outside of the Europe via the website. Beware anyone going here they list the B8s as B6s (check the part # to be sure).
  11. @Paul7002 I'm having a similar issue with B8 fronts - ordered in January and currently "shipping October", though that date slips and slips. Good tip on the Konis; lower price and none of the hassle.
  12. @Son of Marty thanks, that's very helpful information. I don't come here too often. Will seek out those threads and have a read myself.
  13. Wondering if anyone is having a similar problem. I put in an order for a set of B8s back in January with a well known vendor. At the time delivery was for mid-April. That date continues to slip and is now in October. My personal situation is hoarding parts this year anyways, so I can wait, but it's a bit frustrating.
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