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  1. Haven't heard back from the guy above after providing paypal information on Monday. Still available.
  2. I will say that you should consider eliminating them all togther. On my heap the weld on the driver's side let go under load at some point in it's life and bent the nose sheet metal up. The other side is bent to oblivion as well. Personally I would fabricate something that picks up elsewhere. Maybe further back on the subframe or perhaps the bumper mounts.
  3. ^ Buyer changed their mind, still for sale.
  4. I have several spare intake manifolds that came with my hoarder car. There are two single-hole versions for the original Solex, and a "Peanut" style for a later larger carb. I cleaned them quickly in a glass-bead cabinet. No cracks, mating surfaces look good. Asking $60US each + shipping. Located in Calgary but occasionally I make it to the Kelowna or Vancouver area as well. It would be in the neighbourhood of $30US to ship anywhere in North America. All proceeds will go to a WallothNesch order to get this thing back to it's former glory. Peanut: Single Barrel (there are two of these in similar condition):
  5. appreciate that you detail tools used and use a solid camera mount wherever possible. Good job 👍
  6. Been cruising through your build - the steering solution is quite interesting. Where would you recommend I could go to read up on that 320 column-mount power steering?
  7. Would love to see the details of that replacement nose panel install (Walloth Nesch?). Mines bad.
  8. I just made solid wood blocks that can go under the tires (and easily store). Use the jack to lift, but then put the weight back on the tires. Quick jack is like $1000, wood blocks can be as little as $50. Get a 2x10 from the store, laminate layers paying attention to the grain orientation as wood can cup slightly as it dries out. Then use some strips on the ends to prevent the wheels from rolling off the blocks. I almost never use my axle stands now that I have these. 4 can be built and stored very easily as they are independent. A quick jack is quite a large ordeal.
  9. Bingo, thank you guys. I don't have them in front of me unfortunately, hence only the one photo. Subscribed to your blog and reading through right now. Sounds like the first thing I need to do is determine the choke size to see what they're from. Looks like 1969 date stamp on the castings in my photo above and my car is a 72. Not a beginner carb job either, especially with the scarcity of info and parts. As mentioned, it's a bit of a basket case. Last plated in 1995, motor was out but stored correctly, 4 different intake manifolds (only the side-draft carbs though) all sorts of crazy spares like an entire front clip, 3 spare sets of roundie lights, extra bumpers, replacement panels etc. etc. Will be a long road to save the chassis but I'm fairly committed. Just have some other builds to wrap up first. So far just cleaning and inventory.
  10. Hi - first post here but have been lurking and reading feverishly over the past few months. In looking for an old Alfa project I came across a 2002 I couldn't say no to, and thrilled about it. It's frankly a bit of a basket case, and came from the estate of a mechanic with a bit of a hoarder tendancy. As such I have quite the random assortment of spares, occasionally from a different cars all together. The last thing I haven't been able to ID is this sideraft carb. I googled, searched the heck out of this forum, and punched the part stampings but haven't found the decisive answer. Can anyone tell me what these are?
  11. I hate to both hijack and revive a dead thread, but my recent '02 purchase come with a pair of these. They have similarities to the mystery above but aren't quite the same. Can anyone ID? No part numbers
  12. New member in Calgary with a mild basketcase. Have some other projects on the go but might get in to this next winter. Added it to the registry. Not far from the guy in Cochrane on here and I had previously watched the header build videos before seeing them linked here. Small world.
  13. nnywg


    Taken apart sometime in the mid 90's and has sat since then. Plates last stickered in 1995. Purchased from the estate of a well-known vintage racer & car builder in the Vancouver, BC area.

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