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  1. 2002 wonderment ......

    The rear end on that silver coupe gets my motor running. I like em a bit wider. 😏
  2. Not quite as fancy as the red and blue, but just as effective.
  3. 1972 Tii on FleaBay.

    Oh I don’t know if they’ve put a stop to it or not. I’d imagine “where there is a will, there is a way”. might be able to pull the ad at the last sec. I dunno. I win what I win and don’t get bent out of shape about what I don’t. I never bid more than I’m happy to pay.
  4. 1972 Tii on FleaBay.

    Friendly accounts bidding up your auction can ensure it doesn’t sell too cheaply...
  5. Radio ID

    I doubt you'll be able to get a security code for that radio without the vin# of the car it came out of and proof of ownership of said car. If you could just take the radio in it would sorta defeat the purpose of the anti-theft device eh? It's not to say that some smart person hasn't figured out how to defeat the security feature electronically, but I don't know anything about it.
  6. When I worked in Mosquito cove,NL I would commonly drive to St. John’s at about 3am to catch a plane home first thing in the morning. Flickering headlights from oncoming vehicles (presumably moose legs) always made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.
  7. It’s already ruined so you won’t hurt anything by rotating the engine to get #2 down in the bore a bit more and knocking off the major rust with some 120grut sandpaper. I suspect the rotating assembly will then fully rotate. It’s all going to have to come apart so proceed any way you wish.
  8. Part ID

    My guess is that’s it Lambo “Ag” not Lambo car... judging by the other applications. I think you’ll find that unit was likely made in the ‘60s or ‘70s IH in the 50s dealt with AC Delco almost exclusively. Regardless of application it looks like a nice unit. My 2c
  9. What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Sharing the load I see. What’s the head look like?
  10. Ran When Parked.

    No ‘02 pals nearby to bum a distributor from? Did you ever re-run the test of the coil to confirm you got spark out of it? I saw that you replaced the spade and then you just said well I’ve thrown a bunch of new stuff at it and it still doesn’t work so I’m gonna assume it’s the dist. It’d be sad if you missed out on driving it for something silly like a lack of 12v + at the coil or a damaged cap/bad button/rotor. Just giving you a hard time, not trying be rude.
  11. Ran When Parked.

    I third the motion that you need to ground the spark plug/coil wire and ground/then break the contact on the neg side of the coil(with key on and confirmed 12v+ at the coil and no other wires attached to the neg terminal of the coil for this test). I suspect you will see a spark each time you touch/remove the ground to the coil. Then you can replace that newfangledwhatsitz with a good 'ole fashioned points/condenser distributor and drive your baby to your hearts content.
  12. Weather has been semi decent and there was a lull in paying work so I drug an air hose, a body saw, and a sawsall to the backyard. The '69 is doneski. I pulled the cracked windshield, removed the wiring harness, slipped off the firewall insulation and pulled the 3 piece dash. Once those items were safely stowed away I drilled the spot welds and removed the rain tray. I cut off both aprons, the drivers side frame rail, the lower windshield drip rail, and some rusty pant and shirt snagging bits n pieces. When I first started removing rear panels from this car last year I felt kinda uneasy. As if I was doing something wrong. The more I cut off this car the better I felt about making that decision. The aprons were full of mouse nests. I'm unsure if the mouse nests caused the rust, or the rust allowed the mice in. Regardless, you could put your fist through the firewall from the interior through the cavity in the apron and either exit into the wheel well or hang a right and go into the engine compartment. The front strut mount pads were convex and the outboard rear subframe pickup points hanging on by scraps of rust. The inner rockers, or at least what was left of them had detached themselves from the floor pan flanges. It was time. The plan is to use the rain tray, rear parcel shelf, right outer wheel well, rear subframe and susp. for the '68. The frame rail, floor pan sections, nose, and possibly the roof skin will be used to save the '73. Another FAQ'er asked about the rear seat kick panel and a portion of the lower rear windshield metalwork. The '69 will live on in other cars. I left the bulk of the right apron intact. The block matches the apron, and I have an IL junk title to match both. Not sure what to do with those items, but I think they should stay together.
  13. Fire Sale!... Many New/Used Parts...

    Sorry for your loss. Glad you got out alright.
  14. Mine was a non-sunroof Granada ‘69 with a really faded repaint, but red none the less. The bulk of the damage happened within the first 20yrs of its life. It’s been in dry storage since then. I found mouse nests in both aprons. Not sure if the rust begat the nests or the nests begat the rust. This car was also missing the pillar mounted antenna- who knows for how long. The heater box had silcone blobbed on it here and there, the windshield and back glass had copious amounts of silicone smeared over the seals, as did most penitrations into the trunk cavity.
  15. Only parts of this car will ever see the road again. I just felt it was too far gone in all of the wrong places to be saved.