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  1. VWJake

    Boxed control arms

    Nothing like using someone else’s tools/materials for your own profit to secure your employment future...
  2. VWJake

    FS. Brand New 3 Piece Grille Set

    I’m looking for a binnacle surround from a 3pc dashboard.
  3. VWJake

    1600 vs 2002 front control arms

    I have one left on my ‘68 and one attached to the subframe that came out of my ‘69. And here I thought they were an inferior aftermarket part. Ya learn somethin’ new everyday.
  4. VWJake

    2bbl air cleaner assembly

    This is a later 2 barrel air cleaner assembly for an ‘02. It’s just too nice for me to hack up to fit a Weber. $100 plus shipping. F+F please. I can include a pair of mounting brackets for another $15 if needed. Thanks, Jake
  5. VWJake

    wheel indentification 13x5.5

    They look like a set of wheels on a VW scirocco that I worked on years ago. ARE maybe... been a looooong time ago.
  6. VWJake

    Cleaning House. More 02 Parts.

    Dm sent
  7. VWJake

    Cleaning House. More 02 Parts.

    I’ll take the dash parts if they aren’t sold already
  8. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    It was a few years ago when I drug the car home initially. The car has only been moved once since then. I think the bore may have had some corrosion in it causing the piston to stick briefly (there’s no boot on this one at the moment).
  9. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    I went to move the ‘73 around in the backyard a few days ago. The pedal felt good but the clutch didn’t disengage. I pushed the car out of the tent and stood on the brake and clutch with the car in gear while cranking the starter. The car rose up and *pop* it settled back down. The pedal was not moving from the “rest position. Nothing I did would get the car to move under it’s own power so i pushed it around the yard to flip it end for end in the tent. Today I put the car on stands to get to the bottom of it. Turns out the slave cylinder had stuck in the fully extended position. A few light taps of the hammer and we now have a functioning clutch again. Phew... For a few days I thought aid actually broken something expensive.
  10. VWJake

    WTB: Single barrel air cleaner assembly

    Bought one the other day. Thanks for the replies all.
  11. VWJake

    76' 2002 Wagon concept!

    Someone (on the west coast I think ) had a partially finished ‘02 wagon for sale a while back. Seems like it was agave with no glass in it. Maybe a shop owner? I’ve often thought a wagon build would be a fun/challenging experience.
  12. VWJake

    76' 2002 Wagon concept!

    I’ve always wanted a Notch, and Type 34 Ghia.
  13. Paint condition not critical. Must be compete with no major dents/modifications. Pics and shipped price to a residence in Urbana, IL 61801 please. Paypal ready. Thanks, Jake