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  1. VWJake

    Firewall insulation fitment

    Huh... that looks like garbage
  2. The fender mount is removed, so I can set it where ever it needs to be. No worries.
  3. I worked on this for about 2hrs last night. I cut the old hinges off the A-pillar with no regard for location since things weren’t 100% straight. I roughly centered the hinges in the slots in the doors and snugged the bolts. I fit the door to the car and latched it. I shimmed the hood so the trailing edge matches the crease in the wiper panel. With that set and the body lines (top to bottom) matching at the B pillar I used a bottle jack to lift the leading edge of the door until the door trim/hood trim matched and the top of the hood and the top of the door shell were on the same plane. I tacked the hinges to the A pillar in 3spots ea and unbolted/removed the door. I knocked the hinge pins out and used sight and straight edges to ensure the pins were aligned. They weren’t parallel when I started this process so I chose to cut one tack on the lower hinge and massage both hinges w/ a hammer. I reinstalled the outer hinge halves with the pins not fully set. With bolts screwed into all 4 of the leading holes I butted a piece of angle iron against them and clamped it to both hinges. This more or less forced both hinges into the same plane. With some massaging of their positions with a hammer/straight edge I retacked both hinges. I pulled the pins again and sighted down the bore of the top hinge. It fell right on top of the lower hinge. I reinstalled the door on the new hinges and snugged it up/set the gap at the B pillar and was rewarded with a door that opens and closes quite smoothly. The hinges are still tacked at this point until I reattach the fender mount to check alignment there. I can honestly say this wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating.
  4. I’m just going off of paint on the underside of the trunk lid and other. It doesn’t look half bad in the pics I take, but in person regardless of light source it’s purple... not a steelie blue as in other spots. Oh well. Gives me an excuse to buy a new spray gun and get more practice. I have 2 other ‘02s to paint at some point.
  5. Chamonix ‘73 I finally tackled a project that I’ve been dredding- replacing the driver’s side door hinges. The car was hit and the nose/fender/hood/door were replaced. The old hinges were misaligned and wallowed out. The new hinges are just tacked in, but after knocking the pins out and getting them dialed in I now have a door that opens smoothly. Baikal ‘73 After staring at the fresh paint in the engine bay for hours it’s just not right. There’s too much red in it. I’ll take the trunk lid to the paint store and see about getting a better match. Little swatches looked good in the beginning, but now that it’s on a larger area it just isn’t cutting it. It’s pretty, but just not correct.
  6. And just like that, it’s in colorAnd just like that, it’s in color
  7. VWJake

    Driver Door Mirror

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  8. VWJake

    Driver Door Mirror

    Are the original captured nuts still there?
  9. Baikal ‘73 This is actually a few days work, but here it goes. So all of the welding was done, I stripped most of the paint from the engine bay, treated the areas that needed it with POR15, seam sealed all of the joints, and shot everything with an epoxy primer. I’m going to let this set up overnight and I intend to apply color tomorrow. It’s not perfect, but I think it’ll still present well and it will keep rust at bay for a long long time. I’ve been glass bead blasting/painting just about everything else from the bay also. Looking forward to reassembly.
  10. VWJake

    high performance ?

    I have a short block from my 69 with a flywheel/clutch that I don’t intend to use. If it’s what you are looking for we can work something out. My vin is 1664819.
  11. VWJake

    battery relocate

    You’re correct. My 73s and earlier cars are all bolt-ins.
  12. When I read your post initially I was under the impression that they just had a set on the shelf that you bought. I’ll order some and try to return the OEMs. Anyone else want to go in on some with me to cut down shipping? Jake
  13. Baikal ‘73 Welded in the Alfa parts spare tire well. Fits well. Took some pondering decide how to assemble/install it. The ring is about 6” longer than it needs to be I started by butt welding the ring to the bottom. I trimmed the excess of the ring away and welded the remaining seam. Then I cut the well out of the car about halfway into the radius. Hammer/dollied that flat and then stitched the new well to the car. I plug welded the tow sheet and tire mount back in. I’ll seam seal the remaining flange from underneath. Since I did all of the welding from the inside there was very little to grind from underneath. After undercoated there should be no outward indications that it is a two piece well.
  14. I have an early trailing arm that was tweaked so I cut the tube and slipped the old bushing out to prevent any more deformation of the original part. Here’s what I found comparing the two. I’m still pondering my solution. I’m looking for NOS parts, wondering about using the tubing I’ve got with some urethane glue, or finding/making poly/Delrin bushings. Not to put any pressure on him, but I’ve contacted Wegweiser. He’s looking into the problem as well.
  15. VWJake

    BWA Milano wheels

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