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  1. VWJake

    Bought a BMW 2002

    It may be that the shops you’re talking to just don’t “want” to do that type of work. That car in most any shop would be a very “long-term” one that would far exceed it’s completed value. You’ve a jen-u-wine rust bucket on your hands there. Most of your pictures demonstrate rust in some very bad places... as you peel back the layers the severity of the rust will likely grow. Get the front fenders off of it and get the dash/wiring out. Look very closely at the “A” pillars all the way to the floor. Also jab around at the rear subframe mounting areas. Be prepared to remove the quarter panels in addition to the rocker panels. Measure the car (blue book specs) to ensure the car is “straight”. If it is and you’re committed to saving this particular example be prepared for a long, challenging, and expensive adventure. Google “homemade tram gauge”. That will help with the measuring. Factory specs are typically +\- .5 to 1mm. That’s not much room for error. The last thing you want is to spend a ton of hours “patching” a car back together that dog tracks and/or nothing fits right.
  2. GodZirra... or at least that’s how I hear it in my head.
  3. VWJake

    WN order and patchwork quilt

    Thanks for the compliments. FYI the OEM panel thickness is .031" and the WN replacement is .027". It's in a spot that no one will likely see, and I doubt that .004" will add up to a whole lot in an accident. I'll use pieces of them if/when needed. I've got bigger fish to fry at the moment though.
  4. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Worked on the '68 last night. Started cutting/fitting/welding the arch parts that will eventually get hung back on the '68. I also began welding the holes left over from removing the quarter/arch/partial rocker.
  5. VWJake

    WN order and patchwork quilt

    I don’t mean to suggest that they aren’t worth the $30, but I just had higher hopes for them. If you’re welding/fab’ing patches anyway adjusting these likely won’t be a big deal. They are generally the correct shape/form.
  6. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    ‘73- Started welding up the holes left from removing the right quarter and outer wheel housing. I also swapped out the drivers seat (completely rusted out/collapsed base) for a better one from the ‘69. I cleaned/lubed the seat tracks while they were out as well. It’s nice not to struggle with the seat adjustment anymore. The plan is to drive this back to the garage on Sat AM so that I might work on it more often and more comfortably. It’ll also be nice to have the ‘68 and ‘73 side by side to compare measurements etc as I carry on w/ repairs to both. My little helper is almost 2yo. The ‘73 will be his car. The ‘68 will be Daddy’s.
  7. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    On my ‘73- I churned out a few patch panels to clean up a couple of holes in the outer wheel house. The metal for the corner/tab was from the inner apron of the ‘69. I want to use as much vintage OEM metal for any/all repairs as possible. The back half of the “Ray” was a scrap of metal I had saved from something else. The gauge was right and there just happened to be next to no waste so I used it. I still have to flatten the welds and prime it, but at least there aren’t any holes now. Now I can start piecing together the outer wheel house that will go back on this car. The whole thing will get POR’d once it’s together and before paint.
  8. VWJake

    WN order and patchwork quilt

    Well I think they’re pretty piss poor. The stamp that creates the lip doesn’t look like it’s consisent. The are areas that are formed tighter than others. The right lip is easily twice as wide as the left and has that wierd downward flare to it... i dunno, I’m sure I can use them, or at least parts of them. I was at least expecting two parts that would look the same (minus being sided). I think the right sheet didn’t make it all the way in the die before they stamped it. The left part has a decent lip to transition into the top of the well. The right has little to no lip at all.
  9. I finally amassed a few bucks in my car account a few weeks back so I logged in at WN. Within about a week a box showed up with a pair of front fenders, 2 rear outer wheelhouse arches, 2 lower quarter panel patches, and a “tow sheet”. Over the last few months I’ve been cutting pieces from the shell of the ‘69. Some areas I was able to drill out the spot welds. In other areas it was easier to slice through a sacrificial panel with a body saw or an angle grinder with a cut-off wheel. I carved out a few hours today for “car time”. I started by removing the remains of inner aprons from the rain tray. I have all 3 right outer wheel houses removed from the respective cars and laying on the floor in the garage. I wire wheeled the seam sealer and the undercoating from all 3 began to assess what remains of them. The general idea is that the ‘68 will be a stock bodied car and the ‘73 will get a turbo aero kit. The replacement inner arches are miserable looking pieces. I guess I shouldn’t have expected much for $30 a piece. The stamping are pretty irregular. I spent a half hour or so massaging the rear half of the outer wheelhouse from the ‘68. It’s generally rust free metal that was only mildly mangled when the car was T-boned. My intention is to remove the tail end from the ‘68 panel and weld it to the ‘73 panel and make a few small patch pieces for the leading edge of the ‘73 panel and install the finished product on the ‘68. The arch from the ‘69 with get the straightened leading edge of ‘68 panel and another short clean section of the ‘68 panel the repair the trailing edge of that panel. The whole mess will then be installed on the ‘73. -‘73 wheel housing trouble spots -‘69 panel I know it’s a ton of work for panels that are only worth about $250 a copy but while I have neither time nor money, I have more time than money so this is the path I have chosen. Besides, if one or the other, or both turn out to be total abominations I can always log in at WN again and have some more shiny new metal at my door step.
  10. I was wondering the same thing... I’ve not split the trans, but I haven’t seen one on my ‘64.
  11. A few wraps in ductape and then bind it all together with a bit of bailing wire and it’ll be good for a lifetime.
  12. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    That’s a nice looking type 34
  13. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    No you’re right, it wasn’t a waste. It was just a tidy sum given my current financial position. After watching so many of the parts I had considered for my ‘73 go NLA I figured I’d better buy These parts before they possibly vanished as well.
  14. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    I just blew a small fortune (for a guy like me) w/ W.N. I’ll have 2 fenders, 2 rear outer wheel house arch repair panels, 2 front/lower quarter panel repair panels, and a tow eye sheet when the package arrives. I’m hoping it’ll be the motivation I need to go out to the garage after putting my son to bed instead of going to the liquor cabinet for a nip and then off to bed. I’m hopeful that I will have my ‘68 measuring blue book straight and mobile again before the driving season is over.