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  1. I’ll take the angled 17/19 wrench please.
  2. Not near as cool as Kbmb02 but I’ll post it none the less. ’73 Chamonix- I flip flopped my plans for today so I didn’t quite finish the new brake hard lines. I still need to create the front to back line and strap everything down. What I did make some nice progress on was the shortblock. Cleaned/blasted/painted the oil pan. I shimmed the oil pump. Replaced the Rear main seal. Installed the front crank seal. Install the lower timing cover, oil pan, and a bunch of other painted parts. I think It might be time to mate the trans to the engine next week some time. 😁
  3. Since it was a year between my last two updates I’m going to try to update this each time I work on the car. Last fri I glued in the firewall pad. Tonight I glued the outer insulation pad to the pedal box, repaired and re-wrapped the bulk of the engine bay wiring, and installed the coil/resistor/relay, and the pedal box/booster/brackets.
  4. Last Fri I glued in the firewall pad. Tonight I repaired and re-wrapped most of the engine bay wiring. Glued the exterior pad to the pedal box, installed the coil/ballast resistor/relay, pedal box/booster/bracket. I’m quite pleased w/ my progress. Looking forward to brake lines and other next time.
  5. For data point: My ‘68 base 2002. Manufactured June 7th 1968
  6. I’ve managed to fit a a new outer wheel tub, a new outer rocker panel, and a harvested trunk divider. I also have the quarter panel from the ‘69 for this car once it’s time. Rebuilt and powered coat trailing arms and long neck subframe were installed under the car to make it a roller again. I also removed the engine/trans so I could get a better idea of how bent the front of the car is. It didnt look good from what I can recall. I won’t likely touch this one ‘til the ‘73 is a runner driver again. That might take a while. Oh well. It’ll be there when the time is right. Some day... IMG_0860.MOV
  7. I glanced at my blogs and realized that the last update on this car was a year ago, almost to the day. Progress has been made. I spend a few hrs on it two nights a week most weeks. The huge win for this car was replacing the non-existent left frame rail. I bought a one from W+N. This was a project that I “saved”. Fear of the unknown kept me from diving into it sooner. After repeatedly pulling measurements and studying the frame measurement sheet in Blue Book for what seemed like hours I came to the realization that the front to back measurements aren’t from point to point. They are from plane to plane. Once ai figured that out and made the appropriate measuring jigs I was able to make the new rail match the existing rail within a mm in all dimensions. These fixed length adjustable measuring sticks really saved my bacon. The new rail fit well with minor trimming. The firewall required extensive repairs including rebuild the entire surround of the heater box and replacing the raintray. Both wing sheets were replaced. New flanges were welded the fronts of the inner fenders before I cleaned it all up, scuffed it down, painted it with POR 15, then Epoxy Primer, then 3 coats of Chamonix white Enamel. I haven’t photographed it yet, but I’ve glued a new firewall pad to the engine bay. I’ll be cleaning/rewrapping/placing the wiring harness before I install the pedal box, booster/brackets, hard lines, etc. Hoping to have the detailed subframe/engine/trans/suspension in in the following weeks.
  8. If my Compomotives don’t work out on my ‘73 those DR-20s are my next choice.
  9. Doesn’t the blue book tell you to smack the welded portion of the hinge w a bfh? That’s what I did on my Chamonix ‘73 anyway.
  10. Chamonix ‘73 wow! this sure is buttery looking... can this be right? against a bleached white piece of printer paper for reference:
  11. Chamonix ‘73 Feels like I’m finally making some real progress. Engine bay is now in white epoxy primer.
  12. It’s not “Master Tinkerer” level work, but it’ll keep the water out and the brake fluid in. 😆
  13. I would measure to the center of the bolt hole in the protruding face of the sleeve
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