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  1. Awesome! 67hrs... Holy Guacamole! I guess that’s how you make money restoring cars. Way to go.
  2. I got about an hour and a half to futz w/ my Chamonix ‘73 tonight. I opted to spend that time beginning to straighten and prep the replacement tail panel (bought from a fellow FAQ’r). I massaged out some dents and found a bunch of rust holes hidden behind the stone coat. Oh well, just some basic patch panels. I intend to do away with the tail pipe relief as I will be running a center exit Ansa. I’ve ground the vertical seams back and managed to salvaged the lap joint under the weatherstripping. I’m going to finish removing the remains of the trunk floor from the tail panel but leave the bumper mount reinforcements. My thinking is that with the tail panel clamped to the quarters the bumper brackets will provide “fixed locating stops” for the trunk floor pieces. Once the floor is good and the tail panel is attached I’ll drill the spot weds holding the bumper reinforcements and repair the rust hiding between them. I’m looking forward to the next scrap of time that I can spend on this car.
  3. True words. Thank you
  4. Lol, I wouldn’t go that far. This car will never be a pebble beach participant. “Ugly but effective sorta like my first girlfriend” Is more like it. It’s not gonna be a heap either. I’m building this with the idea that it could be my 2yo sons first car. I’ll make it strong and sound, and won’t be upset when he wrecks it. After all, this car should have been scrapped. Thanks for the compliment none the less. -Jake
  5. This word “patience” can’t be stressed enough. Close enough ain’t gonna cut it. Removing bearings to change shims repeatedly to get the optimal mesh pattern on the teeth can be tedious, but it’s very necessary.
  6. ‘73 Chamonix I managed a few hours this evening to work on my own junk. I replaced the rotten portion of the right inner wheelhouse. I made/welded in 4 patch panels for the gas tank half of the trunk floor. I did a bit of clean up/bead blasting of the trunk floor. I wasn’t real thorough as this entire car is going to take a POR15 bath before paint, but I did make sure that there weren’t any holes hidden by scale. Geeze, I think I may be about ready to weld this piece in. Then I can fit the spare tire well and a tail panel. At an average of 2.5hrs/wk that should take me til about the first weekend in May. I promised myself that I’d be driving this car around town before the snow flies this year... I think I’m a tick behind schedule at this point. 🦖
  7. Outstanding! It’ll be a beauty for sure.
  8. VWJake

    BMW 2002 Parts For Sale

    If you’re talking to me, I’m in Illinois. I sent you a private message with my address.
  9. VWJake

    BMW 2002 Parts For Sale

    I’ll take the fuel pump. DM sent
  10. VWJake

    Roundie tail panel

    Sending a DM now
  11. Loosen the pan. Pack the backside of the seal with grease to keep the spring from popping out. Oil the sealing surface and gently roll the seal onto the flange of the crank. The pins are there to keep things centered. Wallowing those would be ill advised. It is and needs to remain dead straight.
  12. All I managed to do on fri night was replace a bout a 10” section of the drivers wheelhouse. Next up up will be a similar repair to the right tub, several repairs to the fuel tank surround, then I’ll chop the floor in half and start fitting it all up with the new tire well from Jaymic. I’m not looking forward to repairing either of the tail panels I have on hand. That’s gonna be a real challenge. It’s my cross though as each time I try to order a new rear panel they are out of stock. Ah well.
  13. VWJake

    Well, ... Oops :(

    Get it somewhere and have it put on a frame machine. See how it measures out and go from there. I’d bet a bit of time on a rack, a fresh nose, and possibly a new pair of flares and you’ll be back in business.
  14. VWJake

    Well, ... Oops :(

    Doesn’t look like it’s as bad as you think.