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  1. VWJake

    1968 only colors?

    I can confirm the existence of VINs on the rear seat support. One of my 3 has it (can’t recall which at this hour of the morning). What’s to say that Fritz didn’t have too many Beirs at lunch and just stamped the 5 upside down. Helga in QC exclaimed, “dumkopft!” and made him “fix” it. I say grind the damn thing off and let’s see what’s under there. Sounds like it’s not going to matter what it is going forward anyway.
  2. WN has a heated front glass. I just may have to get a few.
  3. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    I rolled the latest acquisition into the shop yesterday. It’s a ‘73 base model with alloys and an A/C system that I’ve never seen before. We bought it from GA where it has been for at least 20yrs, but with the soundness of the body I’m guessing it has spent most if not all of its life in the south. It was delivered to Hoffman in Bakial blue. It been resprayed at some point in a solid color (still feels like a BMW shade though). The car hadn’t been driven in 10yrs. I pulled the plugs, fogged the engine, opened the Weber 32/36 to check for cleanliness and note jetting (seems all backwards and off a bit, but I’ll worry about that later), filed the points, install a battery and pulled the fuel sender to check the tank (rust free and the gas still smells good). As an added bonus- I found the original tool kit nestled in next to the fuel tank. I cranked the engine without the plugs until it had oil pressure. Plugs back in and filled the float bowl with gas and cranked it over. It didn’t fire right away as the (likely original) coil wire (still has the big pick-up cube and lead at the coil end for the diag. connector) wasn’t making good contact (no spark). Once it did light and ran for a few minutes I shut it off and turned my attention to the stuck clutch pedal. A quick clean/hone of the master got me a leaky, but functional clutch. I proved all 5 gears on the lift. The service brakes are non-op (had to pull the pads to move the car). Parking brakes work great so I took it for a quick spin around the lot as is. I never get tired of playing with these cars. 😁
  4. VWJake

    2bbl air cleaner assembly

    Still have this. Well packaged with closed cell foam; ready to ship to a new home.
  5. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    I scored some seats for my ‘73 Boy Racer project. 😁 They need a good cleaning, some piping, and restitching, but they’re gonna be great.
  6. Looking for some parts for my ‘68 02. I have a complete short neck setup, but since I’m no longer looking to put the 3.91LSD in my ‘68 I thought I’d ask around to see what’s out there. I only need the flange (round 4 bolt), but if I need to buy a whole diff so be it. Ratio is not important. The subframe needs to be straight and in good condition. My car was T-boned before I bought it. That distorted the a-arm pick up points on the right side so Im not inclined to try to save it. All prices shipped to a residence in Urbana, IL 61801 Thanks, Jake
  7. I’ll document it better once it’s home and cleaned, but I just can’t resist.
  8. VWJake

    Roundie for $3500

    Nope, but a friend is.
  9. VWJake

    Roundie for $3500

    You’re absolutely right! I didn’t see that. Even better.
  10. VWJake

    Roundie for $3500

  11. VWJake

    Roundie for $3500

    Are you sure? I was was thinking artikblau
  12. VWJake

    Roundie for $3500

    time will tell 🤩
  13. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Making progress on my Weber 32/36 1bbl aircleaner mod. I still need to create a vent tube into the primary barrel from the valve cover vent nipple. The rubber cushion on the underside of the inlet lands on top of the fuel pump as the factory intended.