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  1. VWJake

    Parting 2002s - Lots of Parts

    If he only wants the bottom section I might be interested in the other two parts depending on condition. -Jake
  2. VWJake

    Weird Foglight Switch

    It’s been decades since I had one of those switches in my hands, but I do believe out is on and in is off.
  3. VWJake

    1974 BMW 2002

    Oldman- It’s hard for me to dissern the color. I can tell it’s green, but is it a metallic green?
  4. VWJake

    Miscellaneous parts

    PM sent on ashtray surround and turn signals
  5. 1) I’m doing the same repairs to my ‘73 currently (but on the pass side at the moment). I’ve beem pondering the intent of that lip myself. Perhaps it’s designed to add strength to the corner or be a securing point during assembly. Another thought was a mud flap of sorts to shed rain water ... i dunno but I will say that the plate that backs up the lip you speak of and attaches to the bottom of the pan is pretty thick- like 14ga or thicker. If you search my recent posts you should see pics the kick panel out of the car- it’s the pass side, but I believe it’s the same just mirrored. 2) I would brace it anyway. A few tubes will just make sure nothing moves and if placed well won’t get in your way. I ran one diag from the top of the inner rocker at the A pillar to a bar I welded between the B pillars at glass level. I’m going to add a cross tube between the A pillars when I start on the drivers side Apillar/floor repairs. There’s gonna be a ton of metal removal. 3) Sounds like a good order. 4) It’s always easier to weld horizontal from the top. Overhead and uphill can be challenging for novice welders. You can use a bottle jack to apply pressure on the flange and plug weld through holes drilled in the pan over the top of the frame rail flanges. Always try to weld the thinner material to the thicker material if that makes any sense. 5) Dunno for sure, but I plan to coat everything with POR15 and then a cavity wax. Others may have better suggestions.
  6. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    More patchwork quilting on the RF floorpan salvaged from the ‘69 to put in the ‘73. I had to recreate the outer front corner of the pan. The remains were just paper thin and there was a large hole where the pad used to be. Only a few segments of the outer flange were still rust free so I’m replacing most of that. Still some work yet to do. There were actually only a few small holes in the pan around the frame rail, but the metal surrounding those holes was pretty badly pock marked so replacement patches were fashioned. Plenty of work yet to do before I start fitting it to the car, but I’m making real progress now. Perhaps in a week or so I’ll be ready to flip the car around and start on the drivers side... lol I know what you’re thinking, “Why?! You can buy panels from WN all ready to go for practically nothing.” This is an exercise for me. I’m saving a car that otherwise would have been crushed and trying to do it all with vintage metal. I have basically no budget so even the cost of one floor pan can buy a lot of cut off wheels, wire, and shielding gas.
  7. VWJake

    Haunt your dreams

    Why the early headlight bezels and the 73 grilles? Do those tails even work oriented like that? The badging on the back looks all wrong... Something about a back alley and wire coathanger come to mind. I dont have the money to buy it and right the wrongs so I guess I should just shut my trap.
  8. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    ‘73- I repaired the rust holes in the kick plate. It was rotten where the tabs were spot welded to retain the firewall pad. I also replaced a section of outer lower corner of the kick plate. I also recreated the rotten flange that connects the kick plate to the inner rocker. After all of that welding I fit the kick plate to the car and welded it in. I feel compelled to mention that all of patches are being made from OEM vintage steel. Trying to keep it correct. I goofed and forgot to weld up the holes in the kick plate above the frame rail. I’ll make a backing spoon from some copper pipe the next time I get out to work on the car. The kick plate is flexible enough that I can sneak backer behind it to weld against. I’m hoping to have the floor pan and frame rail fitted and welded in sometime next week.
  9. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    ‘73- I separated the replacement floor pan from the kick plate. I removed the kick plate from the car and trimmed the new one to fit. I replaced a rotten section of the inner fender. I cut the worst of the frame rail off and replaced a thin section of the frame rail top plate. I’ll fit the replacement section of the frame rail after the floor pans are welded in.
  10. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    ‘73- Decided to remove the remains of the pass front floor pan. Once the pan was out and the mess vac’d up I moved to the other tent. I removed the right frame rail, RF pan, and trunk floor (between the wheel wells) from the ‘69 tub.
  11. VWJake

    Crome question

    There’s a single flat head screw likely concealed by the red caulk. It’s between the running light and the brake light segments. Remove the screw and firm wiggling will release the bezel.
  12. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    I have a habit of reviving things that need the most attention. It’s a character flaw of mine. 😊
  13. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    '73 progress- ADD kicked in today. Instead of working on the floor pans I cleared out the trunk and cut the trunk floor and tail panel off. As you can see it didn't take long to achieve that goal. With the floor, diff support, and the muffler out of the way I could get a better look at the project ahead of me. The loose plan is to remove the diff carrier support rail and clean up/repair the wheel housings to accept the replacement floor pan from the '69. My son was concerned about the non-standard spare tire well that is going into "his" car. I'll replace it with BMW steel someday, just not now. I cut a piece from the diff carrier brace just to see what it looked like on the inside. I have a clean floor section to replace the iron oxide between the wheel wells as well. I'll need to sandblast the floor on either side of the back seat divider before I decide where to make the cuts.
  14. VWJake

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    I managed about an hr with the ‘73 the other day. I patched an area of the inner rocker just in front of the inertia reel mount on the right side. The pitting was quite severe- didn’t want the mount to pull through in an accident. I also made a patch for the outter rocker. Again, it wasn’t rotted through, but the metal was so thin in spots I’m sure it would have soon enough. I spent a bit more time welding the RR pan and cleaning up in the RF well in anticipation of starting work there shortly. I haven’t finished burning in the tunnel side of the pan yet because I’ve been too lazy to jack the car up to massage the fit from the inside the tunnel.