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New board is built and tested (and works!)



Solid success today. Received the two new boards on Monday and built them today. Looks really good, the spade connectors are solid and tight, the components all fit. 


Test fit:







Soldering it up:








Ran it in the test rig and works!



However still one more iteration. Sharp eyes will see where I had to enlarge one of the notches for it to fit the black plastic housing. In addition, the spade connectors are slightly shifted to the right, by like 0.5 mm. It works, but it ain't perfect. Finally, some silkscreening didn't turn out the way I want it.

These are relatively easy fixes. The current iteration works in general and I'm happy about it.


Slightly different design but not horribly so.



Thank you for being part of my learning journey.






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Next iteration of boards ordered! These *should* be final production ready. Cleaned up silkscreening, moved the daughterboard over a smidge, enlarged the notch. Moved some components around.



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On 1/26/2020 at 11:42 AM, dlacey said:

Do let me know if you need any tropical/high humidity testing... ?


Malaysia! Are you driving the Tii often?



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1 hour ago, JsnPpp said:

Malaysia! Are you driving the Tii often?

Daily driver...about 50km each day.. 32C/80+Humidity... Stress test for all... ?

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