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A few months later - and how are things? v6 Board, etc.



A lot has happened in the last few months. I've built a handful of cold start relays (v4). Great fun and have gotten to know several folks quite well as we worked through their cold start wiring systems.


During one of the troubleshooting efforts (one Tii had a starter that wouldn't stop, but only when the cold start relay was installed!) I moved on from v4 of the board to v6! This follows the design changes from Bosch. I'm not sure we will ever know the motivation behind the slight changes to the boards but I figured why not give it a try, perhaps it helps in this situation!  Well, the starter run on turned out to be something else, not the cold start relay at all, but we all learned from it. And hey, I got to design another board!


Board v6 is basically the same as v4 except for the addition of three resistors and a diode + slightly higher capacity two diodes. Functionality is identical as far as I can see.



If you have a need of one, check out message under For Sale. I have parts to make several more, just shoot me a message!







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Ray, it’d be worth getting a tii to have the opportunity to work with Jason.  I’m runnlng one of his v6 boards now (which reading between his lines may, but does not necessarily, implicate me as the dimwit who could not get his wires right — ahem), but i can confirm that Fjord now cold-starts up quick every time.  Jason also repaired my original board, so I have a solid backup.  Stevenola had a similar result recently, so two very satisfied customers/supplicants in Jason’s camp!

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🙂 All good! It's been a fun journey for sure and I am truly happy to have it all work out for folks.



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