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Snapshots and a major update

Been on the road for the last 4 months, enjoying so much in its current state that I didn't follow up on blog so here goes the list of work I neglected to post :   1. Full suspension rebuild: a. Bilstein sports with HR SS b. IE poly bushings everywhere (diff mounts, sway bars, control arms, rear trailing arms) Car feels tight!! c. Condor Racing Rear subframe mounts   2. Overhauling of Single Circuit brake system keeping all original parts going: a. Rebuilt Front Calipers all ATE parts & Remote Brake Booster (Shut out to Martin at Power brake exchange in San Jose) b. Rebuilt ATE Master Cylinder on pedal box c. New Wheel Cylinders and brake shoe adjustment   3. Car had no driveline so I mashed together the original 3 piece front with a 02 shortened by 1 1/4" rear mated to a rebuilt e21 LSD (Shutout to Steve @ San Jose Driveline)   Summary: So far I can start her up with no hesitation, and cruise at 80 on the freeway with no vibration, day and night to my last 02. Up next is all cosmetic as I want to have her shining for next summer. The goal is to have a period correct Rally machine.    I want to thank the FAQ Community for its amazing depth of knowledge and its incredible humble community for providing 100's of years combined of knowledge and for sharing some of those hard to find knick knacks for killer prices.   On to some pics of its current state looking classy as the sun goes down.

Edgar L.

Edgar L.


Long Overdue

Sold my old my beloved squaretail to jump on the chance to pickup my new project, thought I had every piece to restore another car from what i had accumulated over the years but had a rude awakening when I found out this early car is a different animal. It is a solid example only showing a quarter size rust hole in the spare wheel well and some light patina on the body. All seams look good am excited to start with such a clean shell, I do believe the major factor of preservation here was the lack of sunroof among others. Complete opposite of my cancer ridden 02 that did have one and caused me years of turmoil (8) through all drainage points and seams...     Back to dear Sahara,   This is what I got back from bmw archives:   Dear Mr L,

Thank you for your email.

The BMW 1600 VIN 1524947 was manufactured on May 11th, 1967 and delivered on June 05th, 1967 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Sahara, paint code 006.

We hope this information is helpful for you.

Yours sincerely,

Julia Oberndörfer

BMW Group
Julia Oberndörfer
Archiv, Sammlung, Classic Brand Management  
Historischer Informationsdienst
Moosacher Straße 66
80809 München   This car does not have the original drivetrain :cry: and instead has been outfitted with front and rear 02 sub frames,rear 230mm drums,  e12 head engine overkill sway bars, suspension techniques springs and Bilsteins... ok so it's a bitter sweet deal.  Interior is a mix of old and new... late model dash but early euro shifter console and platform assembly, late seats but early slider mechanism, late door cards but early door handles. Body as well, late model nose trim but early swan mirror, euro trim early grills and signals. It does however retain its original remote booster single circuit brake system and original mechanical clutch system which I am preserving. Plans are to get her roadworthy and slowly start to accumulate some more original bits. Got a few questions so far.
More on the car and my plans later. For now some starter pics...    

Edgar L.

Edgar L.

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