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About this blog

So, here we go! 

I'm a young guy from europe living the deployment life abroad until feb 17 .. 


The story is, that I fell in love with the 02 in the beginning of this year. At the time, I had a Mini Cooper S, r53, which I LOVED! Absolutely adored it .. Unfortunately I had to sell my gem as I knew it would be stupid to keep it while on mission abroad for 6 months. At this time I followed a lot of those "stance" pages on Facebook, Instagram and so forth .. Which at some point, featured this little pearl of an 02. 


I started doing research on the 02's, which I only knew very little about .. I have always been a car guy, but as I was born with 10 thumps, which means that I am not able to do a lot work my self .. This did not stop me to fall even more in love with the 02 though. I soon found the 2002 M2 that Bavarian Workshop made, and that was it .. I had to find myself a Polaris silver 02 and getting it to my liking! 


The search began, and a lot of cars went by on Mobile, Autoscout etc. and I never really had the balls to grab one of them, as I was really worried about buying as piece of junk .. Finally, I made a request on a Swedish 02 forum, and a couple of weeks later a swedish collector contacted me and told me he had a car that I might be interested in .. 


Indeed I was. It was a 75' polaris silver 1602 with a refurbished 2l m10 swapped into it. No, it was not any pure car with the original heart, but heck. The things I was going to do with it has nothing to do with what the purists wants! 

I bought it unseen, and the waiting began .. Three weeks passed by, and soon I was about to leave for 6 months. 


One week before my deployment, a truck stopped outside my house, and there it was .. A seemingly perfect 02 with no major mechanic or cosmetic issues. Well, the paint was not perfect as it had been "resprayed" by the previous owner and needed a proper paint job. But I was already told this by the seller. The interior was nearly in perfect condition, although the center console was missing, but did follow as a spare part .. A long with the original 1.6l M10, and a whole bunch of other goodies. 


Ok, enough talking. This project is a bit of a hassle, as it is not the easiest thing, coordinating a partly restauration 2000km away from home! 

One the to do list:




Buy e21 recaros. ✔️


Re-trim center console, fit modern radio. ✔️


Full leather interior. 

(New carpet) 





Turbo flares and frontspoiler. 

(Already found, being mounted last of december.)


Full respray in polaris silver. 

(Delete knee trim.) 


Buy 16" C83 Alpinas. ✔️

(New, original caps bought from Alpina., these were EXPENSIVE :O)


Buy new suspension.✔️
(Bilstein shocks, TA springs.) 

Buy short rear bumper. ✔️


Chrome side mirrors. ✔️


New seals around windows and doors. 




Goal: 130-150hp on the 2l M10. 





Thank you for reading .. 

Updates with come a long the way .. But it may take some time, and money to get it done. ??






Entries in this blog


Finally .. Things are getting done!

Being back from abroad was a bit weird .. Everyone who's been in the situation know, that it takes a while getting used to the "old" daily routines. 

None the less, I was practically only thinking about one thing .. Getting the car done. 
And let me just tell you this now .. The project has gone way out of hand. The amount of money spent on this car, could easily buy me a nice tii'. 

But is a tii really what I want? No ..    As earlier mentioned, I bought this car from Sweden, and it all looked fine on pictures. What we soon realized was, that it had had a front end crash, a long with many other things .. This resultet in me buying a NOS front end, two new front fenders, two new doors along with new rubber all around (this was not cheap btw ..) 

But here it is, sitting at the bodyshop with it's glorious new front end which was a perfect fit! 
  In approx. 1 month, this car will be sitting as new (well, almost) in terms of the body .. with the flares being non original, obviously. 

And don't worry if you notice the arches being way too wide .. The german guy I bought them from, told me they were a direct replica of the original ones, which they weren't, so I bought some different ones.   




First drive ..

Today was actually my first legal drive in the 02. All paper work has been sorted, and I finally got my license plates!   We started mounting the chrome side mirrors, but ran into some problems in the passenger side .. So. I took it for a drive instead! 




Out with the new, in with the old!

I finally got around to mount my "new" old style rear bumper from a 73' ??   My car came with the new style euro bumper, but as Im gonna get the turbokit installed later on, this had to go.    I did not know if it was a direct swap or not .. but as it turned out, we only had to drill a couple of holes for the sidemounts.    I'm so stoked about this mod. I'm gonna get the excess holes for the new style euro bumper filled when getting the car ready for paint.    Some of you may wonder, why would you ruin your original looking car .. I can't tell you, but as I've often said. I'm not building a car for the purist, but for me. :-)    BONUS! (Couldn't resist) 





Finally came home to my love (and my girlfriend..) after 3 months abroad!    I couldn't resist the urge to try out my Recaros .. Well, that soon became, the need to install them.    Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the process .. But it was pretty straight forward, even though, as I said in the beginning, I was born with ten thumps    I removed the rails (to move the seat) on the Recaros, and used the old mechanism from the original seats. I was quite worried that the seat would be extremely offset, as I had heard some rumors about .. But! The seat fits absolutely perfect in the car, height and everything!      I f**king love the way the seat feels .. But as a small guy, I could not imagine being just a bit larger. Shit these seats hug your body!  




Bumper time!

This is probably the item that I am the most proud of finding ..    I had searched nearly everywhere to find an early bumper, to replace the original euro bumper. 

I finally found a gentleman in Sweden who was selling out from his 73' project, which he realized he would never finish. 
He wanted to restore it for me before sending it, and it came out absolutely beautiful. Not perfect enough for everyone, but for me .. it is!   




Alpinas .. 16"!

So .. I finally got them home. A set of 16" Alpina c83's in 4x100! ET28.    I actually managed to get five rims which means I will have one for a spare wheel as well!    They need restauration, new paint .. Some of them needs curve rash repair done, and one needs to get straightened. But the main thing is, they are home! 




Recaros incomming!

After ages of searching for a good pair of e21 recaros. I finally found them!   I am so stocked about these, and decided that I am going for cognac leather interior .. 






A small update! The center console is nearly finished .. 

I am not a 100% happy, but for a first time trying out how to re-wrap the console in vinyl, I am quite happy.      The radio is a Clarion FZ502.