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Let there be (driving) lights!



This past week Patrick and I installed the last item on the Phase 1 list: driving lights. Which was way easier said than done.


If you recall I bought an IE light bar and Patrick had to make some minor modifications to it so it would mount correctly. 


But the more I thought about it and the more I looked at the picture of the test fit, it just looked really busy between the bar, lights, and bumper guards. 





So I decided to ditch the guards and buy some bumper cover clips from Blunt to simplify the front end. That turned out to add a lot of unexpected, to me at least, work to the installation. 


I didn't know this because I didn't help install the bumpers previously, but the ends of the clips that come with the SS kits actually need to be bent over and under the rear of the bumper, then slide under the bolt that connects the end horns to the center section of the bumper. This is way easier to do on a workbench before the bumper is installed on the car. 


But in my case, the bumper was already on so we decided to do this in place. Ugh.


While I love the SS bumpers kit I bought, and the new sets fit way better than the earlier versions, they still require a lot of wrestling to get them to align and mount correctly. Essentially, you need to pre fit all the pieces  and bolt them together loosely, then slowly push/pull/bend the parts to get them to line up correctly. And then bolt them in place before they move out of alignment. Again, much easier to do on a work bench. 


Since mine was already on, we kinda needed to do this all in reverse. On our backs. And reaching up in awkward angles. While trying to bend the clip ends over the loosened bolts and pieces - and remember the clips are made out of SS and are really hard to bend. 


F-bomb. F-bomb. F-bomb.


There's a reason Patrick charges a good fee to install these damn things. It's a pain in the ass.


Then, after we got the clips installed and the bumper bolted back up, we had to loosen a couple of the bolts again to install the light bar and the driving lights. 


But as has been the case on this build, the tedious work paid off and the bar and lights really look great. I'm really glad I went with the clips instead of the guards. 









Note the bar. It polished up really nicely. Patrick went back and added end caps and cleaned up all the welds. I just love that kind of detail. 



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