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  1. I can't seem to find that part anywhere, either! Your best bet might be to find one from a visor that isn't in great shape. I've used Retrobrite to brighten the plastic piece on them when they're discolored. Also, an update! I finished my experiment on replacing the foam, and I think it went alright! Here's a blog on my process if anyone's interested.
  2. A common thing for 2002 owners: How many of you have sun visors that look like balloons? Over time, the foam just turns to dust, and the result is a floppy, poofy, sun visor. I decided to document my first DIY experiment to see if I could keep the original vinyl on a sun visor, but refill it on my own. At the end of the day, it's certainly far from perfect, but I figured maybe someone with steadier hands can iterate and improve on it. For this project, I needed: A poofy sun visor A pair of scissors An X-Acto knife A tube of E-6000 adhesive A sheet of 1
  3. Would you happen to have a passenger-side sun visor in good condition? I'd love to see pictures and price if so.
  4. So I guess it's a one and done thing if it bonds to all the vinyl. I actually found a driver's side visor with no mirror for $30. The vinyl isn't nearly as good as what I've got, so I'm planning on opening that one up as a test subject. 😛
  5. Those look great borgpj! How did you end up sealing them back up? And do you remember how wide the gap in your frame was?
  6. Thanks for all the advice and warm welcome, everyone! So from what I'm reading, here are the options mentioned and my own thoughts: Buy OEM parts, but likely wind up with a pair with a mirror on the passenger side rather than the driver's side one. This is the least risky method while retaining genuine parts. For my own situation, it's probably the way I'm going to go. If I can find some for North American cars at the same price point, that would end up being ideal, but if not, that seems okay to me, too. Use the E28 visors, which may not 100% fit or have the correct colour on both sides, but are very similar and a lot less expensive. This seems good for someone who's trying to replace them on a tighter budget, is OK with having all-black visors, and/or doesn't plan to use the visors much. Attempt a DIY fix, which might more risky as I don't think anyone's tried it before. My existing sun visors have vinyl in good shape, so they maybe aren't the best test subject for a spray foam method. Also wondering if they could be resealed using a lower-temperature heat gun blast rather than duct tape... But I do hope someone tests it out! (I'd actually love to try a couple ideas out with some worn-out visors as test subjects...) Leave them as-is, even if they're puffy. Not much to say here opinion-wise. Get them fixed -- the person who offered to fix them told me the mirror would have to go, so probably not going this route considering it's currently a similar price to buy OEM vs. having them repaired.
  7. Hi Jason! Great to see another Austin 2002 owner here. I'm a little unsure myself, to be honest. Might be worth a call to see what they'd do. It seems like, just because of the age of the parts, if I get an OE part I'm bound to hit that degradation sooner or... slightly less soon. Maybe if they haven't been exposed to regular use, that isn't the case? Though, if the upholsterer can actually replace that foam, that should hold up a long time without puffiness. I'm just not sure how.
  8. First time posting here! I recently inherited my dad's 2002tii. While most of it's in great condition, I noticed that the foam on both sun visors is, for lack of a better word, disintegrating because of age. After looking online, I found a lot of the more visible parts supply stores online are pricing them at about $120-150 apiece. However, a local auto upholsterer quoted me for doing repairs at $100 each. The material on the outside and the mirrors on my existing visors are both in pretty good shape. If it were you, what would you do? Or is there an option I'm not thinking of?
  9. Emily Koch

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