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Been bouncing around the idea in my head for a while and I finally pulled the trigger. I figured it's easier now than later when the car is all put together. I wanted the cooling system plumbing to match the fuel, oil and differential oil plumbing so I converted everything over to AN -20. Super easy to do but it set me back about $600. I'll be using an in-line radiator filler from Summit (not yet arrived).




Got the bars bent for the main hoop on the roll cage and for the front radiator/hood support. The front support is bolt on and removable, if need be, in the future. The lower radiator support is a welded in bar between the frame rails. The radiator sits at a slight angle so there should be plenty of room between it and the motor, not to mention I wont be running a fan, cap and rotor, etc. Which also makes the plumbing of the cooling system much more simple as well.





@AceAndrew your website mentions a bare bones M20 swap. Is that me? Wasn't sure because I wouldn't consider this an M2002 but this car is definitely bare bones.


Slowly but surely....

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Good stuff man , i always tought the 02 nose had so much more room than it seems . My question is , how are you going to mount the hood ?

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18 hours ago, Asdetreffe said:

Good stuff man , i always tought the 02 nose had so much more room than it seems . My question is , how are you going to mount the hood ?


Pins :) pics will b in the next post. 

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Awesome , I'm thinking of doing something similar to mine but I had no idea on how I'd go about it.  It's a bigger engine , I figured it would be a tight fit , and would require more cooling then the stock rad can provide. Same space bigger engine and bigger rad , that was my dilemma.

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