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  1. No they aren't. But I should say I needed 1 oversize so the machine shop bored my block to fit them
  2. Looked good. Went together well. I guess the proof will be in the long-term..... Got my 500 mile oil change done. Been trying to get as much drive time as possible
  3. Hi All I have this problem occasionally on my rear belts which is a problem because I'm always transporting kids. Seems with time and driving they come unlocked again. Is there a trick for the rears?
  4. I've searched but bot been able to find the diameter of the door hinge pins. I'd like to make and have some on hand before I attempt to repair my hinges. Could someone confirm the diameter? This is for door hinge not brake
  5. What seemed like a straight forward job turned into an agonizing long process due to COVID. First I waited too long before ordering parts. Then the piston manufacturer Ross took significantly longer than expected. Finally my local machine shop was backlogged by the time I had everything. So 6 months later it finally has come together. I didn't take as many pics as I should have due to wanting to quickly get driving
  6. Thanks guys. I did mark the flywheel and paint the black and white method to see it more clearly. I asked the question because the car wasn't running right. Didn't want to rev and was sluggish. Turns out the distributor advance mechanism was stuck and thus timing was off through range. Fixed that and all is well.
  7. Hi All got an aluminum flywheel from IE for my rebuild. The new flywheel had no timing marks on it. I laid it over top of the old flywheel and used the bolts to lock them together taking note of the dowel position. I then used a square to scribe a mark on the ball location so I can time it using the regular belhousing window method. My question is whether or not the ball location on the flywheel changed between years on the 02 or tii. The flywheel I have and used as reference was a 74tii flywheel. Did BMW ever change the ball location to retard timing for emissions or anything in the later years? Reason I asked is that with the timing set at 2400 RPM and my mark in the flywheel timing window, the front cover timing marks I painted white are closer to TDC than 25 advance. Thanks Darren
  8. Hi Guys. Bumping an old thread. Just got my tii back on the road. Is there a FB/instagream/other means of this group communicating? Would be nice to be in the loop on what's going on locally
  9. Hi guys. I pulled the pilot bearing out of a 74tii crank. It's a sealed bearing but had the 2 sealing caps and felt ring. Would this have been the factory setup? Or did a PO change the bearing to a sealed type and just put the dust covers back in? From what I've read on the forum I believe if you use the sealed bearing the covers and felt aren't necessary. Could I get confirmation on that? Thanks Darren
  10. Quarter inch aluminum with compound bends for strength. Grade 8 carriage bolts right through the original tracks to hold it on. Small wood wedge at the front as a guide to not roll off the end. No issues for tii or MG but the 911 clearance required a platform runners between the ramps and the tracks. I made those by gluing up some Dow insulation boards that are light weight and easy to store
  11. If you have room, consider turning a 4 post lift sideways and having some new ramps fabricated. I had mine made out of aluminum. It does reduce how much work you can do from below but let's you fit more cars! (That's another 73tii up top under the cover)
  12. I would recommend Liqui-Moly classic. It's available from Pelican or other places online. Another good option is the Driven oils which are the continuation of the old high zinc Brad Penn oils. (PennGrade is supposedly the rebranding of Brad Penn but the formula changed as detailed on various porsche sites including LN Engineering). I used to use VR-1 but have moved away from it after someone pointed out it's a racing oil and meant to be changed after each race. Supposedly it lacks some of the moisture scavengers and other ingredients that are needed in a longer term oil.
  13. Yes VTO do a replica I believe. I like the black centres as well. Nice contrast with your body color
  14. Hello. Looking for especially Kleeblatts but would also consider period correct rims. ATS, OEM FPS, cromodora, etc
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