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  1. It changes so much with lighting and camera settings. The body shop looked up the formulation. Its still in the database
  2. Finally the project is complete! Here are some photos and description of the final product. As you can see, I had the side markers and reflectors deleted. I also got rid of the knee height rub strip. I installed euro turn signals and new short stainless bumpers with the integrated euro plate lights. I sourced earlier bumper brackets to pull them closer to the body. I purchased new rain gutter trim, rocker trim, tail panel trim and badges. The beltline trim is mostly new with a couple of professionally restored pieces that aren't available currently. I used King of Trim and they did a fantastic job. The driver side grill in in great shape. The passenger side has some corrosion. I decided to keep it and use it. It's the original one the car was born with and the overall finish matches the other pieces. I will keep an eye for a better one and may look into having the original badges restored. In the end I achieved what I had set out to achieve. A sort of euro/backdated tribute to the original E10 design combined with the awesomeness of a tii.
  3. Djthom


    In what could be the most boring post in this blog, here are some photos of the trunk. New seals, white seam covers, and vinyl for the side and floor covers. I modified the original battery bracket to reuse here. Its sitting on rubber insulators. I added a photo of the tank before the panel went in. Shame that bodyshop painted top won't be seeing the light of day anytime soon.
  4. Djthom

    Bottoms Up

    The exhaust is the stainless one from Ireland Engineering. The red cable is indeed battery. I relocated the battery to the trunk for a cleaner engine bay
  5. Djthom

    Bottoms Up

    With spring approaching and with just a few trim bits left to be completed, I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of the top than the bottom. But here are some pics before it comes down off the lift for spring.
  6. Djthom


    Thanks! It's been a fun project. I'm waiting for some nice weather to take some finished shots
  7. Djthom


    While working today I took some pics of all the plated latches and components in their proper place. Details are coming together and looking good
  8. Djthom


    Thanks Gordon. I should have specified alpina style wheels. You are of course correct. Not the real deal.
  9. Djthom


    I debated long and hard about wheels since the bottlecaps that came on the car weren't in great shape and also I preferreded a vintage appearance and size. I thought about finding a set of original wheels and hubcaps. I tried to find a set of fps alloy wheels without success. Minitlites look great but are too generic for my taste. There have been some amazing steelie choices discussed and pictured on the forum and I still think that would be a sweet option. In the end I found a set of E21 Alpina wheels and had them professionally refinished with new Toyo tires. The question now is BMW center caps or Alpina center caps?
  10. Engine is now installed and running. Exciting times! I temporarily installed a pressure gauge where the sensor goes just to make sure the oil pressure was good. Just working on the final details now...
  11. Thanks all. The WN headliner is the original snake skin. I've heard they aren't selling them anymore due to rod seams coming open and the incorrect c pillar flag locations. Must be frustrating to deal with the returns.
  12. I dont recall the interior color name but its not tobacco, which is q por more brown. I talked to Etsy and sent her some photos. She knew right away what it is and made a carpet color recommendation. It ended up being the perfect pairing
  13. Thanks! I wont be cutting them that's for sure. I was very fortunate that the interior was in such pristine condition.
  14. I've been working to get the interior all completed. I installed a new carpet from Etsy. I have to say it's a lot nicer than other kits I've installed in my other 02. The new headliner from WN was not without its challenges but the end result is straight with no wrinkles. The rear C-pillar flags were about 6 inches off from where they should have been so I had to detach carefully and reglue them. I remade the rear shelf and covered with German vinyl and installed the original rear seat with has no tears or splits. The door cards and rear panels were in fantastic shape. Fortunately previous owners decided not to cut speaker holes! I installed my leather covered dash and it looks and smells amazing. I had the glass put in by a professional. I'm too nervous to massage it in on my own.
  15. While I was refreshing the car, I wanted to make some changes to the body. While at the body shop for the floor repair, I had them close the impact bumper holes and shave off the reflector lights. I installed a chrome rear bumper, a set of euro turn signals and some nicer belt line trim. These were all extra/spare from my 73tii project that weren't good enough to put on that car. I went with a pair of driving lights and mounting brackets from Kooglewerks. I like the end result and I didn't get too carried away with paint and body to deviate from my objective.
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