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  1. Fog light bracket.

    Beautiful thanks
  2. Fog light bracket.

    I found this older thread and am also interested in seeing pictures if anyone has done this
  3. Gearbox

    Hi Mark. It's Eastwood aluminum paint. Exactly as you commented, it keeps parts looking like new castings and easier to keep clean too
  4. Gearbox

    It's been a busy few weeks. Lots of progress from headliner to rear suspension to wire harness. Getting close to lifting the engine and gearbox into place. The gearbox has new gaskets and seals. The input, output and gear selection seals were replaced. When I got the car there was a fair bit of oil coming from the gearbox which turned out to be a worn gear selector seal. In the shift linkage, all the rubber bushings and blocks were replaced to give a nice solid and precise shifter feel. A final coat of paint and fill with Redline MTL meant it was ready to be mated to engine.
  5. I have the same question for my stock 73tii front sway bar. Lost my phone and pictures, and this detail is not clearly shown in the parts or service manuals. Could someone confirm for me which way this goes?
  6. fuse box wiring picture?

    on closer examination it looks like the 2nd diagram in the picture above matches what I have. Are there no wires on the vertical terminals? Just the horizontals are marked
  7. fuse box wiring picture?

    Does someone have a wire diagram like those above but for this fusebox? I lost my phone that had the photos I took while taking it apart.
  8. A pillar trim looking nasty

    Hello. I noticed that you put this A pillar vinyl on before the headliner. If I look at my old pieces that appears to be the way they were. But I have read elsewhere on the forum that you put them on after the headliner. Can someone clarify the correct order for me?
  9. Headliner Install Help

    Thanks all. I did have a seam open up and had it sewn locally. When I came out this morning the C Pillar piece had detached on its own from being in tension overnight. So I guess it made the decision for me on whether I was doing surgery or not. W&N offered a refund and as stated above are no longer selling them.
  10. Headliner Install Help

    ...then I investigated Harold's suggestion and found the rear panels are about 2 inches different than the original. I just measured from where the panel meets the side of the headliner to the rear attachment. That's got to be my problem here.
  11. Headliner Install Help

    I tried the C Pillar approach with the rear bar in that cardboard groove. No dice because the forward bars won't orient correctly. With the rear bar where I had it previously I get mega bunching in the corners
  12. Headliner Install Help

    Do i have the rearmost bar in the right spot? There is that groove on the cardboard piece where it could snap into which would bring the whole thing back also
  13. Headliner Install Help

    Thanks I will try that approach and will certainly use shoulder to shoulder clips for the final stretch. I will post photos of my attempt
  14. Hi All I got a BMW OEM headliner from W&N but am having trouble installing. I've read all the threads on the topic and started at the rear with the bar in the exact position shown in first picture I copied from ClayW's excellent post. I got the clips on the rear cardboard and at the front with all the wrinkles out of the center. The issue is at the C Pillar pieces. There is way less material than the original headliner and it looks like the C pillar flaps are not even attached in the right spot. If I stretch it to cover the C Pillar it creates a ton of bunches in the corners. It just looks wrong. Am I missing something?