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  1. Thanks. I think it's more than reasonable price. I need to thin the herd. I'm going to miss it. So enjoyable to have a daily driver classic!
  2. Selling my 74 only because I found a 73tii. Good solid reliable driver. Some corrosion in rockers and rear wheel wells. No reserve auction https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.ca%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254333893913
  3. Thanks guys. Car has VIN stamp, under hood VIN plate and steering column VIN plate. Also numbers matching so engine stamping too
  4. Hi All In the process of selling my car, some prospective buyers have asked me about registering a 1973 tii in California. Is it exempt from smog? Besides the ownership/title staying it is a 73 and then email from BMW stating its build date, is there any other formal documentation required to get exempt? Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to be registering all my cars in the sunshine Thanks. Darren
  5. Thanks. I fixed my 74 yesterday so I'm not distracted with that task
  6. All fixed with 65psi at idle. I believe the incorrectly installed oring was the root cause in the end. I lost a few weeks of driving but I'm glad it happened when it did and now I have new gaskets on the front of the engine and the pan. If you're reading this please use it as a reminder to make sure your check oil light bulb is working and not burnt out
  7. Hi Mike, I did crack the fitting to see if any oil was there but nothing. I think I know what happened. The bent oil pan baffle and missing bolt on the pickup hanger of the oil pump suggests the PO had it apart before. I didnt have to raise the engine to get the sump off. The o ring on the little pipe had some telltale indentations that look like it was pinched. I think they may have put the o ring in the body of the pump rather than on the pipe when last installed. I opened and cleaned the pump. Resealed it. Made an adapter to spin the rotor with my drill and its pumping oil. So I'm going to assume it was the oring incorrectly installed which gave way and put back together when I get my gasket set.
  8. Hi All Selling my 73tii on BaT. I also have a blog of the restoration on the forum. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-bmw-2002tii-24/
  9. its been a conflicted and multifaceted decision process, but I have decided to list the car. I've enjoyed this project immensely and am still enjoying my '74. I'm sure I will have another tii at some point
  10. Yes for sure. Got to love the "while its apart... ." trail. But that's part of the fun of having vintage machines
  11. Thanks Hans. I will look at that o ring also. I took the front covers off to see if there was any type of internal oil leak inside the timing chest. The car had sat for awhile. I bought a new filter thinking some sludge might have worked loose and blocked the old one. Are those o rings standard sizes that I can pick up at a local hose and hydraulic shop or do i have to order from part supplier?
  12. HI All I have a 74 that I've been using for months as a daily driver. The other day I started it and the oil light was on. I know it wasn't on the night before because I was watching the fuel gauge on my way home. I put my oil pressure gauge on and confirmed no oil pressure. No oil leaks or oil in the coolant. Since then I've pulled the pan, taken off the oil pump. Everything seems fine including the relief valve. The only thing I noticed was the o ring in the bypass tube was unseated. But that might have happened as I took it down. Has anyone had a similar issue? With no smoking gun I'm reluctant to just put it back together and repeat.
  13. It changes so much with lighting and camera settings. The body shop looked up the formulation. Its still in the database
  14. Finally the project is complete! Here are some photos and description of the final product. As you can see, I had the side markers and reflectors deleted. I also got rid of the knee height rub strip. I installed euro turn signals and new short stainless bumpers with the integrated euro plate lights. I sourced earlier bumper brackets to pull them closer to the body. I purchased new rain gutter trim, rocker trim, tail panel trim and badges. The beltline trim is mostly new with a couple of professionally restored pieces that aren't available currently. I used King of Trim and they did a fantastic job. The driver side grill in in great shape. The passenger side has some corrosion. I decided to keep it and use it. It's the original one the car was born with and the overall finish matches the other pieces. I will keep an eye for a better one and may look into having the original badges restored. In the end I achieved what I had set out to achieve. A sort of euro/backdated tribute to the original E10 design combined with the awesomeness of a tii.
  15. Djthom


    In what could be the most boring post in this blog, here are some photos of the trunk. New seals, white seam covers, and vinyl for the side and floor covers. I modified the original battery bracket to reuse here. Its sitting on rubber insulators. I added a photo of the tank before the panel went in. Shame that bodyshop painted top won't be seeing the light of day anytime soon.

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