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  1. Hi All During my restoration I have made several large part orders. In each case i have checked pricing on Ebay, Rogers, Bav Auto etc., but always Walloth and Nesch prices are lower by 30-50% in most cases. I know the shipping is higher, but on these larger orders that isn't as big of a factor. I'm at the point where I need to order belt trim, rocker trim, rain gutter trim etc. and once again the price difference is enormous! How can there be such a massive price difference in parts versus the domestic suppliers? (For engine and performance bits I have purchased from Ireland and found the pricing fair and the expertise outstanding). I've been super happy with W&N, both with the speed of shipping and customer service. In future my orders may not be as large so the shipping will be a bigger consideration. How can there not be a domestic part supplier with prices more in line with W&N? Thanks Darren
  2. Body Progress

    Finally some color. Underside got a coating of shutz stoneguard followed by color. Interior and engine bay are now pained. Exterior is all in high build primer and needs one more block sand before paint. All the removable panels are ready for paint and have their epoxy seam sealer applied.
  3. It All Starts Here

    I'm going to have it recovered in leather by a local upholsterer
  4. Thanks Simeon and Steve, exactly what i needed to know!
  5. Hi All My '73 tii body is nearing completion and will soon be painted. There is going to be a Shutz gravel guard type material sprayed to the underside. Could someone tell me what the wheel well and underside color was from the factory? I have seen cars painted black, while others seem to have body color underside. i haven't been able to definitively determine what is factory correct. thanks Darren
  6. Readying the Rear End

    With body nearing completion and engine complete I've been starting to assemble other major assemblies including the rear end. - new input and output seals on the differential as well as new gaskets - new brake cylinders and brake lines - new urethane bushings in suspension arms and sway bar linkages - new suspension mounts and urethane bushings in differential mounting bracket Looks fantastic all together with the replated hardware. Just need a body yo install it on!
  7. Hi all Looking for a very good passenger side shallow front grill Thanks Darren
  8. I have a hood, trunklid and doors. They have been sandblasted amd epoxy primered so you get what you see. No surprises lurking. The thing hard to see in photos is that trunklid was used as a shelf by a previous owner at one point and is dented down towards the inner frame structure which is why i found another one to use on my project. Make me an offer. I can ship from NY zip 14303 or within Canada L2N 2N7.
  9. Body Progress

    The progress is really going now. Trunklid, door and part if body have had spray putty, block sand, high build primer and block sand. Trunk floor is OEM BMW and came from Bav Auto. Fortunately they had inventory at the right point in time
  10. Engine is Ready to Rumble

    The starter worked great when I got the car. I opened it up to check the brushes and bearings and all looked good. I hear you though. I've done the fun "this old clutch driven plate looks good im just going to reuse it" routine
  11. Body Progress

    Going to add some progress photos on the body. In this set is new trunk floor, rear panel, dogleg behind door, inner/outer wheel arch, rocker and A pillar. Zero rust now and perfectly aligned. I'm closing in all the side marker and reflectors for a Euro look.
  12. Engine is Ready to Rumble

    I do need new fuel lines to make it totally new. That's the only current hint of patina. For the cad parts I bead blasted and got them to a local plater right away. Going to be nice putting the car together with perfectly restored fasteners
  13. Engine is Ready to Rumble

    I had it completely apart. I have a solvent bath and degreased every part thoroughly prior to paint.
  14. Engine is Ready to Rumble

    Jerryasi I used Eastwood alumina blast paint or their high temp paint depending where it was applied. You can clean the aluminum parts in a tumbler or light media blast but they don't stay new looking and they wil take a stain. The paint is easier to keep clean long-term and looks fantastic. Good luck on your project