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  1. Djthom

    Interior Refurbishment

    Thanks all. The WN headliner is the original snake skin. I've heard they aren't selling them anymore due to rod seams coming open and the incorrect c pillar flag locations. Must be frustrating to deal with the returns.
  2. Djthom

    Interior Refurbishment

    I dont recall the interior color name but its not tobacco, which is q por more brown. I talked to Etsy and sent her some photos. She knew right away what it is and made a carpet color recommendation. It ended up being the perfect pairing
  3. Djthom

    Interior Refurbishment

    Thanks! I wont be cutting them that's for sure. I was very fortunate that the interior was in such pristine condition.
  4. Djthom

    Interior Refurbishment

    I've been working to get the interior all completed. I installed a new carpet from Etsy. I have to say it's a lot nicer than other kits I've installed in my other 02. The new headliner from WN was not without its challenges but the end result is straight with no wrinkles. The rear C-pillar flags were about 6 inches off from where they should have been so I had to detach carefully and reglue them. I remade the rear shelf and covered with German vinyl and installed the original rear seat with has no tears or splits. The door cards and rear panels were in fantastic shape. Fortunately previous owners decided not to cut speaker holes! I installed my leather covered dash and it looks and smells amazing. I had the glass put in by a professional. I'm too nervous to massage it in on my own.
  5. Djthom

    Body Modifications

    While I was refreshing the car, I wanted to make some changes to the body. While at the body shop for the floor repair, I had them close the impact bumper holes and shave off the reflector lights. I installed a chrome rear bumper, a set of euro turn signals and some nicer belt line trim. These were all extra/spare from my 73tii project that weren't good enough to put on that car. I went with a pair of driving lights and mounting brackets from Kooglewerks. I like the end result and I didn't get too carried away with paint and body to deviate from my objective.
  6. Djthom

    Interior Refurbishment

    The interior had its good points and its low points. The good news was the door and rear interior panels and front seat covers were in excellent condition. The dash had the usual crack, but only the one crack and otherwise good shape. The low points were the rear seat covers, carpet and most significantly, all of the seat pads were discriminating. I started with a new carpet kit over the freshly painted interior. I ordered new rear seat covers from Aardvark. I purchased polyurethane foam and restuffed all of the seats. While i had the front seats apart, I installed seat heaters for those non-snowy winter days. The end result is a freshened and comfortable interior.
  7. Djthom

    Necessary Repairs

    The car was fairly solid in the key areas. One significant issue was there had been a mouse nest under the backseat which resulted in a hole in the floor behind the driver seat. There was also some rot in the trunk as a result around the fuel tank support. A new floor panel came with the car, so I had that installed and new metal put into the trunk in the required areas. I stripped the interior and trunk, disinfected and cleaned everything, addressed any surface rust with Eastwood converter, and then covered everything with POR 15. Mechanically the car was pretty good. I replaced the ebrake cables and the rear brake cylinders. The rad wasn't in great condition, so i also replaced that also. The shifter was sloppy, so I replaced the pins and bushings to tighten everything up.
  8. Djthom

    Project Rationale

    Over the past several years I identified a gap in my garage - a driver level classic that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. Having 3 kids has limited how often I can find time to take out my MG. Concern over conditions ranging from weather to security has meant not using the MG or 911. The 73 02tii I'm restoring will be in the same camp - too nice to take out in inclement weather or where there is a possibility of damage. My solution? Acquire a solid 02 driver level and transform it into a reliable 3+ season driver that can be enjoyed daily regardless of the forecast or where it will be parked (within reason) My search ended at the end of a remote gravel road in a barn in a collection alongside a Ferrari 330 and Austin Healey 100-4
  9. Djthom

    Leather Dash

    Thanks for the comments. The gentleman who did this is Don Thompson and he is located in Northern Ontario which makes getting pieces up and back a challenge. The other thing to bear in mind is that he works from home in his own shop at his own pace. that means you have to be patient as he gets to these projects when is able between fishing trips. His work is excellent if you can wait. If anyone wants his phone number, send me a PM and i will send it to you
  10. Djthom

    Clock Sleeve

    Thanks all. I will try to make one on the lathe and see how that works. If not, I will go through Home Depot
  11. Djthom

    Clock Sleeve

    Hi All I have my tii clock but am missing the sleeve (62131350167) and hardware to mount. I haven't seen any reproduction or availability on the sleeve. Is there a source for this part? Has anyone had to make one that could post pictures? Its Number 7 in the diagram. Thanks! Darren
  12. Djthom

    Leather Dash

    I did contract this out to a professional upholsterer. He also recovered my 911E dash. He is semi-retired and works at his own shop. I can ask him if he'd be interested and send you a PM.
  13. Djthom

    Leather Dash

    I had a dash crack in the usual spot. I debated about finding an uncracked specimen but thought there is no guarantee a crack wouldn't appear in that one also sooner or later. So I decided to have the dash, glovebox and console covered in leather. I'm pleased with the result and like the stitched premium look. And it smells amazing too! I'm looking forward to breathing that in every time I get behind the wheel.
  14. Djthom

    Brakes and Suspension

    I've been making significant progress now that the body is home. The brakes and suspension are installed. On the suspension, new Bilsteins all around, all rubber bushings replaced with urethane, and original hardware replated. On the braking system, new brakelines, hoses, rubber seals, reservoir, and rear cylinders all with replated original hardware.
  15. I wanted to revive this topic. Is there a brand of aluminum rad that can be used with the mechanical fan? I see the Champion brand (both 2 and 3 rads specifically state they can't be used with the mechanical fan. Other brands like GPI don't specify either way.