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  1. Engine is Ready to Rumble

    Jerryasi I used Eastwood alumina blast paint or their high temp paint depending where it was applied. You can clean the aluminum parts in a tumbler or light media blast but they don't stay new looking and they wil take a stain. The paint is easier to keep clean long-term and looks fantastic. Good luck on your project
  2. Engine is Ready to Rumble

    I got engine buttoned up and essentially ready to install. The hours spent cleaning fasteners and masking parts for paint are starting to feel rewarding.
  3. Head Rebuild

    Been awhile since I posted but lots has gone on. All of the parts have been restored and I"m waiting for the body to begin assembly. Here i have some head shots and list of new parts from Ireland Engineering New 292 camshaft New rocker arms and eccentrics New timing chain, oil pump chain and fuel injection belt New valve guides. New exhaust studs and nuuts
  4. Nut and Bolt Restoration is an often misused phrase, but in this case that's exactly what I've been up to. All fasteners and bracketry have been wire wheeled or glass bead blasted to bare metal and freshly replated. Now as I enter the reassembly phase, each component will have the appearance that it would have when leaving the factory. Sure, replacement hardware is available, but it lacks the aesthetic originality. The small thin washers, short headed bolts, original markings, shallow castle nuts and original finishes are just not available at the local hardware store. When finished, everything should have that "just right" look to it that can't be replicated with anything but the original bits.
  5. Hi All I did some searching but was unable to find whether there was 1 or a handful of swap meets that would be considered unmissable in the east for 02 parts? I'm familiar with the Carlisle import meet but haven't seen much in the way of 02 parts there recently. Porsche has the Stoddard meet, and other British marques have similar preeminent events, but I haven't been able to identify an 02 analogue. Thanks for the help! Darren
  6. Air Filter Housing for tii

    thanks to all who replied. i was able to get one
  7. Air Filter Housing for tii

    Hi All. Need a complete air filter housing thx djthom
  8. Pedal Box Plug

    Those holes are where a previous owner made a metal cover that rusted like crazy and pop riveted it on. Im getting those holes welded closed. Thanks for the pointers and part number
  9. Pedal Box Plug

    Hi All Is there a plug to fill this hole in the pedal box? Ive looked trough the parts manual and cant find anything. Thanks Darren
  10. Short Block

    With the body away, its time to begin rebuilding! Crankcase stripped, cleaned and new core plugs installed. Painted with high temperature black from Eastwood. Cylinders deglazed, pistons checked and in good condition with proper clearance Crankshaft journals polished to a mirror finish. No wear groove on the rear seal New piston rings, main bearings and big end bearings from Ireland Engineering With the crank installed and buttoned down, it turns easily and freely as smooth as glass. With the pistons in, the engine can still be turned over by hand. Everything moving nice and freely and smoothly.
  11. Stripped Down

    Thanks. I was pleased when the strip down revealed not much was hidden that I didn't already know about. It is certainly a solid base to build on.
  12. Stripped Down

    Fast forwarding 2 months, the car was completely disassembled down to the shell. The doors, hood, trunklid and fenders were taken off, and they along with the shell were media blasted down to bare metal. We said goodbye to paint, body filler, tar mats in the interior, undercoating, and of course most importantly rust. With nothing but solid metal remaining, epoxy primer was applied on the same day to prevent any new surface corrosion from forming. As previously noted, the trunk floor and rockers will need replacing. in addition the lower A-Pillars, lower nose valence, and rear wheel outer and inner wheel arches will need new metal. The rear strut towers and rear suspension mounts are rock solid. All new metal panels have been ordered from W-N and a few minor areas of fabrication will be required.
  13. It All Starts Here

    Recently I purchased my first 02, a 1973 Malaga tii with tobacco interior. . The current paint looks like it was applied with a roller and there is overspray all over the place, but under that facade the car is very solid with the exception of rockers and trunk floor. Mechanically, it started right up when I went to pick it up, and I was able to drive it up onto the trailer and even take the kids for a ride around the block when I got it home. With the exception of a couple of dash cracks, the tobacco interior is in fantastic condition with no rips or tears.. My plan is to perform a complete restoration that I will document here
  14. console change year?

    Related question. Were there only 2 consoles, the short and long? I have a 73 and am looking for a used long console. Are the consoles from the later cars the same as the long consoles in the roundie cars?
  15. Thanks for the info. Im just starting a project that didnt come with a front bumper and which has a long sided rear bumper that has issues on all 3 sections. Cost to fix and rechrome plus the appearance if the shorty bumpets makes this option look attractive.