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Swapping the Lynx for 2x DCOE 40 and other updates

Shawn Piper


Lots been going on relative to the 2002!


The entire exhaust went out for ceracoating.  The heater box and parking brake were installed.  


The Lynx manifold and single DCOE 45 was swapped for a dual DCOE 40 setup.  I bought a stainless steel fuel line from IE that will be swapped in.  I'm still looking for a non-plastic brake booster outlet.

File_000 (8).jpeg


The pedal box and steering column started coming back together...


File_001 (2).jpeg

File_000 (9).jpeg


And the trim was put on and the bumpers were assembled.  The headliner installation and glass started this week and will finish next week.  The original emblems were repainted and will get installed soon.


File_000 (10).jpeg


More pics coming soon... 

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