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About this blog

This is a blog about learning new things from the past and trying to do your best on your 2002 project despite modern life's demands.


As I write this, my restoration is about 85-90% completed. Ironically, I feel like this final portion is the hardest part. Reflecting back on how far the car has come inspires me to keep pushing.


I plan to finish in 2023, but I'm going to try to start writing this blog from the beginning of my journey, when I was a super 2002 n0oB, and try to work towards the present day. I do this in hopes of giving back just a little bit to the FAQ community for anyone just getting started. I'm not an expert by any means, still though some of the restoration experiences I went through may be worth documenting. 





Entries in this blog

Eat, Sleep, Think old BMWs - 2017

2017's theme: The more I learned the intricacies of the cars, the more I wanted to learn. The more parts I found, the more parts I wanted to find.  Looking back on my phone at photos taken in 2017, I almost laugh at how naive and enthusiastic I was.     My car was running and driving but it had almost no interior and everything rattled around like a spray can. I wanted to collect the parts I needed to make it complete, and a year in, I was already thinking about buying another 02


hellayego in Interior

The 1st Year Learning Curve - 2016

Some background: As a boy I lived across the street from a guy my dad disliked who happened to have a Malaga big bumper 2002. I remember appreciating how it looked from afar.   I learned the automotive basics from my dad working on his '79 VW Rabbit in our driveway; then a little bit more riding a friend's Kawasaki KX80 from 11-13. This is also how I learned to manage manual transmissions.   Later, I didn't drive for nearly 20 years straight while living in NYC and SF. Maybe


hellayego in Suspension

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