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  1. Hi all! I'm restoring my 02 exterior. My antenna on the a pillar is shot. I'm looking for recommendations on replacement. Should I: a) Replace with stock? b) Alternatives? c) Others? I'm not necessarily hung up on originality though it would be nice,but tasteful appearance is also okay. Thank you all for any suggestions ideas!😁 Be safe out there.😷 Thanks, Jesse
  2. Terrific, thanks I'll take it! Please PM me the total shipped to 77546. Thanks, Jesse
  3. Does anybody know if it fits a 76 model stock stick shift? Thanks, Jesse
  4. Front seal, same price? Thanks, Jesse
  5. Hi, I'm interested in the windshield and rear glass weather stripping. What's the price for both please, shipped to 77546? Thanks, Jesse
  6. Second in line if it does not sell Jesse
  7. In need of speedometer cable for 4 spd manual for my 76 model. It's an individual cable, nothing in between. Thanks, Jesse
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a good/not torn vinyl seat for the driver side. Needed for my 76 02. It is the stock light tan color. Willing to pay extra for just the vinyl if you can remove it without tearing it 😁. I was going to replace both seats but after cleaning the passanger side, looked pretty good! Thank you, Jesse
  9. Nice set, hard to beat!😀
  10. Jesse


    Thanks Frank! PM'd you.
  11. Jesse


    Cool, thanks Frank!
  12. Jesse


    Thanks Frank, that's terrific! I would be most grateful if your time allows for a picture or two of a stock one that will fit my 76. If there is one with no apparent sign of leaks. I know they are not tested so I'm aware of and accept the possibility of leakage and I'm okay with that👍. Thanks, Jesse
  13. Jesse


    Awseome, enjoy it Mike!
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