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  1. Good suggestions, thanks guys! Jesse
  2. Hi, I'm looking for the seals for windshield and rear glass rubber seals for a 76 002. I prefer the ones with the locking strip (also needed). Interested in other weather stripping as well. All the rubber seals are also needed as mine is all rotted. Please send an estimate with shipping to 77546. Thanks!, Jesse
  3. Looking for speedometer cable for 76 model 4 spd stick shift. Thanks, JEsse
  4. Hi, I'd like to see a picture of carpet pls? Insterested in muffler as well. Thanks, Jesse
  5. Jesse

    Engine parts

    Hi, do you know if these pistons will work on a 76 stock model engine without interference? Originally, it had flat top pistons. Thanks, Jesse
  6. Incredible beauty. I would like to know how many actual 02s exist in this condition. I'm biased , as I have the same year and color 02 that I'm very slowly bringing back to life. Seeing this example truly inspires me, and very glad that you posted it for some of us to enjoy. Nay sayers will always be around. IMO, this is worth every penny of asking price now but the investment value of this basically new 02, out of this world!.. JA
  7. Ok, great thanks. Do you have the other door regulator by any chance? Thanks, Jesse
  8. Hi, Does the window regulator fit a 76 02 and is it for sale? Thanks, Jesse
  9. Hi all, I need both front window regulators for my 76 2002. Shipping to 77546 please. Thanks, Jesse
  10. Hi, I'd like to buy these please. total quote to ship to 77546 please?. Thanks, Jesse
  11. Thanks for the details Steve! I will double check it.
  12. Hi, do you have the speedometer cable? 76 model 4 spd
  13. As promised, this baby is coming off the market. Thank you all again! Thanks, Jesse
  14. Hi all, I am giving this one until the weekend!. If still no takers I will just carry one with the restoration. Thank you for your considrration! Jesse

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