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Ireland Engineering Rear Bumper Installation



I asked my wife for an Ireland Engineering fiberglass rear bumper for Christmas last year. I almost changed my mind when I saw that the shipping cost from CA to MD was about $100, but I went ahead. I had already purchased Blunt's early bumper conversion brackets for my 1974 car, and I decided to use a piece of aluminum U-channel to bridge the distance between the mounts and give some structure to the installation. Being enamored with Riv-Nuts after using them to install the front air dam, I used four of them to secure the rear bumper. U-Channel Mount.JPGRiv-Nuts.JPG

I was very disappointed with the fit of the bumper. The ends were nowhere close to the body. It's a shame they couldn't have made the bumper fit the 2002 body contours. 

As Received 1.JPG

Since I don't have fiberglass skills, my first idea was to trim the middle portion of the bumper so the gap would be more like the ends. I made a scribe so I could trace the body contour onto the bumper.  I used a Rotozip tool to cut the bumper to a uniform distance from the car body.


Roto-Zip Cut.JPG 

After the bumper was trimmed, it had a uniform (but large) gap with the car's body.


Trimmed 2.JPG

When I took my car to East Coast Restorations in Finksburg, MD, the owner (Mark) said the bumper should fit flush with the car and he would cut both ends off and re-form them tight to the car. He moved the bumper forward until it fit under the small overhang on the rear valance.  He then painted the bumper to match the body and filled in the stock exhaust exit, which was on the right side. 



As a reminder, here is what Pierre's front air dam looks like. I recently added euro front turn signals.

Front View.JPG

Side View.JPG

Thanks for lookin'!

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I like that look. Clean, unified. I went with the Blunt  chrome front and rear for Lilli, mey 76  02.


I love the twin exhaust tips. What year is your 02, which system did you use, how loud compared to stock(Lilli is stock).




Steve ONeill    coupecs@aol.com

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The exhaust system was installed on my 1974 car when I bought it. According to the decal it's an ANSA Sport system. I have nothing to compare it to, but I don't find it loud at all. I have the Mid "muffler/resonator" and the rear muffler. Obviously my car was modified to allow the center exit (brackets were welded in). 




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