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Quick project update

Shawn Piper


My new job and moving has slowed progress on the car, but it's still inching closer to completion.  If you followed my previous posts, i said the mission of this project was to have an almost original 1969 BMW 2002... but the car has become something else, something that is more custom.  


Fuel and Carbs  

Final routing fuel and cable routing is being done around the TI air cleaner that I modified for the DCOEs.  The fuel regulator impinged on the air cleaner so I moved it to the drivers side, which incidentally makes it easier to adjust. The fuel lines are still being adjusted and experimented with. 


Fuel and Carbs  

I am fabricating a custom battery tray from a TII tray... but mounts lower and using the original bolt locations.  


I switched the diff to a 3.65 LSD, which was made by Dave Varco


One big setback has been the dash, which was redone by Just Dashes. Unfortunately it didn't line up to the body after it was reworked and I had to send it back... which has delayed finishing the interior for 4-5mo.  









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