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  1. It sucks that our options for wiring are limited and expensive. Autosparks only does a harness for newer, 12 fuse 2002s. I emailed with them and confirmed that. They can do a custom harnesses, but you would need to ship your wiring to the UK. The best option in the US is RI Wireworks. That's who I want to use. You must send them your complete harness with labels and a wire diagram. The connectors will be modern shielded variants but the wiring pattern will match. They won't quote a price until you send in your harness for inspection, but I've been warned that its very expensive. WolfburgWest makes a really nice reproduction VW beetle harnesses. I tracked down their supplier (Wiring Works), who operates out of LA, but he ONLY does VWs and wouldn't even entertain making a BMW harness. I was really impressed when I used their harness for my 66 Beetle because its accurate down to the connectors and wrapping, so its disappointing they cant help us.
  2. Are you still selling the dashboard fastener kit?
  3. The original style looks like this. The gasket on mine was shot too, so I bought a cheap re-pop gas cap and robbed the gasket from it (was a perfect fit).
  4. I went back to the shop this weekend and explained my concerns. We aren’t so far along that we can’t do additional fabrication so they’re going to drill out the spot welds and I’ll have this piece plated again. I’ll let you all know how this turns out
  5. That seems to be the later style. Mine is pressed in there and there aren’t screws to remove it. 😣
  6. I’m having bodywork done on my 69 and noticed that my fuel filler flange was accidentally sandblasted and primered. I want to remove it and have it zinc plated because I don’t think paint will hold up to gasoline and friction by the gas cap. Upon inspection, it looks like it was pressed into place unlike the later styles. Does anyone have recommendations for removing it?
  7. Yep, and many of the reproduction parts of much lower quality too. A couple recent examples I've come across for the 2002 - Hood emblems (sometimes the BMW font isn't even right, sometimes made of plastic instead of alluminum...) - Bump stops for the hood (used to be a rubber block, now a hollow plastic piece... ) - Chrome nuts for rear window (used to be chromed metal are now chromed plastic...) Reaffirms by belief that you are better off refurbishing original parts unless you are absolutely stuck.
  8. Welcome! That’s a nice car you’ve got! I would make sure to go through the basics... fuel system, brakes, suspension. Then drive and enjoy — your experience with the car will direct you to the best places to make future upgrades and fixes. By the way, the fuel pump on these cars is mechanical and is located on the engine. I think you mean fuel sender? Anyways, check the wires and make sure they didn’t get reversed when reinstalling the tank.
  9. This is very good advice. 50yro cars can have lots of hidden issues. Bthorne should buy the best 2002 he can afford. I've seen nice cars on BaT sell for $20-$30k. If you don't pay up front, you will pay later in your time and money. Case in point, I received my running and driving 2002 for free (inherited), it was allegedly rust free (California car), with a decent maintenance history (going back to purchase), so it was ostensibly a great car. During repaint, I found rust holes that weren't originally apparent. The suspension needed a full rebuilding. Diff had a chipped spider gear. Engine needed new seals. Etc etc.Granted, I was happy to rehab a family heirloom, but this car has been a huge money pit.
  10. Really nice! Did you have much rust to take care of before you painted it?
  11. I found out my car was sold new through Schneider Motors in Anaheim. I'm looking for a license plate frame for my restoration. Let me know if you have one that you want to sell.
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