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  1. I work at HP and we're building 3D printers for metal (Metal Jet 3D). Its being developed primarily for future "lights out" manufacturing purposes and could enable the future creation of specialized/limited run parts for specialized industries. https://www8.hp.com/us/en/printers/3d-printers/products/metal-jet.html One of the big challenges we've had is part deformation/shrinking when the part is heated/baked to make sure the metal powder forms a strong, solid part. Another issue is the finishing of the parts, as they don't look machined. We are overcoming these issues and I would expect to see this on the market in the coming years.
  2. I've heard it is RAL 7043. You can find a swatch here: http://www-db.deis.unibo.it/courses/TW/DOCS/w3schools/colors/colors_ral.asp.html
  3. Yeah, they are expensive. It might not make sense depending on what you’re doing with your car. I had 5 pieces done (upper dash, lower dash, glove box cover, steering col. pads). Total invoice including shipping was $2412.
  4. I agree - I had my dash done at Just Dashes and it turned out perfectly in that its practically indistinguishable from a NOS/OEM dash. It took about 3 months to complete. While you're at it, have them also do your steering column pads too.
  5. I’m looking for rear interior panels in blue and black. Im specifically looking for panels that haven’t been cut for a seatbelt (no hole in the black section). Thanks!
  6. Thanks guys, I’m hoping to track down a metal one since I have an earlier car! I guess I’ll go plastic if all else fails
  7. I’m looking for the metal washer that goes behind the window crank. Pictures and parts diagram attached for reference. Thanks!
  8. I found that the trick is to over wrap the trim and tamp it down before trimming. It lets you get nice ends. I’ll definitely be doing this on my cars door panels.
  9. I bought mine on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072Q2GFSK?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Depending on your tendency toward perfectionism, you could probably have a professional do your panels.
  10. I’m I’ve read a few posts about ways to restore the interior chrome door trim. Most involve aluminum tape or Mylar tape. I’ve had bad luck with both of these (adhesion is poor, not easy to apply) so I decided to try chrome vinyl car wrap. I have no experience with car wrapping but it turned out ok on a spare door panel. With some practice and prep work (cleaning, removing the old Mylar coating, and sanding the surface smooth), I think the car wrap would look very good. The wrap material is very forgiving and stretches around corners and bends. I bought mine on amazon and used a plastic spudger stick (for electronics) to apply it. I spent maybe 5 minutes prepping the surface and the imperfections in the old Mylar tape can be seen through the wrap. Anyways, if you have bad door trim, this might be the solution for you.
  11. I’m looking for some straight, dent free hub caps that I can recondition. I’m looking for the style that was common after 1969/1970.
  12. I just recently got a speaker grill, but thank you!
  13. Sorry about that, I was tearing down my seats this weekend and noticed that those parts were basically shattered and not repairable. To to make it worth your while, I’d buy both complete seat hinges just Incase I need other parts if you’d like.
  14. Yeah! I guess they are more of a dust cover?
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