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  1. My 69 has the lever in the front. My seat is also a wide back style.
  2. Why are you parting that out? Seems like it wouldn’t take much to get that running again
  3. Well if you have it and want to sell it then please let me know!
  4. Hey, did you sell the dash? I’m interested in it if it’s available.
  5. Does anyone have a nice 3pc dash that they’d sell?
  6. You’re making really good progress! I don’t think there is a faster way unless you want to use something stronger like paint stripper. I liked the goo gone because it doesn’t evaporate. What I did was spray on the goo gone, then heat the glue with a heat gun until it was molten, and then scrape it off. The goo gone keeps the glue from hardening again after it cools. I had to do it patch by patch... it took hours and was brutal. Yep, I was so disappointed the rust I ended doing a bare metal restoration. It all started with me foolishly pulling up the old carpet!
  7. I think replacement is ultimately the most cost effective route if you don't have the ability to weld/repair it yourself.
  8. I would post a Want ad on this forum. I've had good luck with that for NLA items.
  9. Seeing the tar board clean up is giving me PTSD. I also used dry ice and it got me 80% complete. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you care about the underlying paint. If you do, be very careful about the solvents you use. The better it works, the more likely it will remove the paint. I just used a heat gun, goo gone, and a plastic scraper. These were my results.
  10. Got it! Well I just posted a want ad for a TII tray. If anyone has one, please let me know 😀
  11. I'm looking for a TII battery tray - the type that bolts in. I don't care about paint condition as I plan to restore it.
  12. I'm doing a TII booster swap and I'm having issues with fitment. As you can see in the picture below, the booster/MC assembly is overlapping the battery tray. Does anyone have pointers on how to address the issue?
  13. I’m looking for the parts (tube and clamps) necessary to reproduce this look. If anyone has these parts, please let me know!
  14. I bought the IE kit. I haven't fitted them yet. This is how they look
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