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  1. Shawn Piper

    6 fuse box & gasket

    I am looking for the gasket that goes between a 6 fuse (fuse) box and the body - black rubber gasket. These are NLA. I'm also looking for the fuse box as well. Thanks
  2. Shawn Piper

    What's this? (behind left headlight)

    Thank you for the info! I’m currently tearing down the car to repaint and I’ve been finding odd stuff like this... the forensics of it is pretty cool
  3. Shawn Piper

    What's this? (behind left headlight)

    I think you guys are right about it being an old alarm system. I got some better pics of the front and back... apparently it takes a key!
  4. Shawn Piper

    What's this? (behind left headlight)

    Yeah, that's exactly how I stood. I'm wondering if these are parts from the AC system that the previous owner removed? When I get home, I'll take better pictures and see how the "electrical" component is attached.
  5. Shawn Piper

    What's this? (behind left headlight)

    The photo is looking straight down behind the left headlight. I've removed the headlight bucket and grill. The wiring belongs to headlight. The clip thing looks like it might hold a bulb or something
  6. I'm trying to figure what's missing or broken on my (new to me) 1969 BMW 2002. Behind the left headlight, I found a half removed bracket and some sort of clip (looks electrical). What are these used for? Can someone send me pics of how this is supposed to look? Thanks
  7. Shawn Piper

    Front right turn signal

    I'm looking for an early style (fits 1969) turn signal for the front. I need the right side, but I'll gladly take both sides if you have them. Thanks, Shawn
  8. Shawn Piper

    WTB: Under Dash Panels

    I'm looking for undamaged/unmodified panels that go under the dashboard. I believe there 4 of them? I have a 2 piece dashboard if that matters.
  9. Shawn Piper

    WTB: silver wiper arms, washer fluid pump/reservoir

    Just bought the parts -thank you for those who contacted me
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a nice set of silver windshield wiper arms without any pry marks/gouges. I'm also looking for a wiper fluid pump and reservoir... the pump doesn't have to work, I can rebuild it (it would be a bonus if you have one from the 69/70 year). Thanks, Shawn
  11. Shawn Piper

    WTB Interior Parts

    Parts are going on a 1969 '02. Message me if you have any of the following: - Gauge cluster (with wood grain) - Marine blue seat parts (like the recline lever bezel, head rest grommets, etc) - Marine blue door molding (holds carpet to floor near door) - Marine blue driver side arm rest parts - Padded steering column cover (upper and lower) - Metal steering column cover (upper and lower). - Turn signal and high beam knobs - Headlight knob Thanks!
  12. Shawn Piper

    WTB: Console + Radio for 2002

    I'm looking for a nice condition console and radio. I have a '69 2002, so earlier is better. I'd also prefer an integrated speaker if you have one. I'm willing pay high dollar for a really good example. Thanks!