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  1. Ethanol turns some sealers gummy and it starts to partially dissolve off the tank walls in gooey lumps. Then, it gets caught in and clogs fuel lines, filters, and carb jets. Other alcohol resistant sealers only work in a properly cleaned tank. Some don't clean their tank well enough and the sealer can come loose in spots. I've had a few problems with things I've outsourced and decided not to chance it with a sealer!
  2. By cold start relay, I mean the square relay by the resistor. This relay had its own sub harness on my car and was not incorporated into the main harness. I thought that this might have been incorporated into the main harness at some point?
  3. I'm not sure! You'd need to check the wiring diagrams to be sure. Did the 1970 cars have lighted side markers? 69 didn't have them. 69 was also 6 fuse. I'm not sure if there was difference with the cold start relay as well?
  4. Does anyone have a nice reference photo of how these are placed in the car? I believe one is under the rear window, the others go where the seat and door panel meet.
  5. My harness was totally stock and we verified it against the wiring diagram before we remade it. I’ve installed it now and it’s fantastic. The only recommendation that I have is to be clear where you want grommets installed. I would also provide the grommets too— they won’t cut your original harness to get them off.
  6. Would you mind posting a picture of that? My 69 lug wrench is cad plated. Maybe mine isn’t original
  7. I'm looking for the end caps that go on a 3pc dash. Pic attached!
  8. Hi, are you still selling these end pieces for 3pc dashes? I tried to PM you but got an error that you can’t accept messages
  9. They stamp and print the plates. When you order a VIN plate they will follow-up with an email asking for the VIN. I bought my VIN plate from them and it looks very nice.
  10. Hmm, I just ordered the same thing and it was black (I was hoping for clear to replace the stock piece).
  11. For plating, I always remove any rust or grease myself. Just give the parts a soak in evaporust or metal rescue. Most platers will acid dip your parts to clean them. Some may bead blast them to remove rust. They wont take as much care with your parts as you will. I've gotten stuff back, especially in big orders, that still had rust on them. Therefor I don't chance it anymore. The vent windows are actually bright dip anodized and chrome plated. The cross section is chrome over a pot metal material. The rest is aluminum. There are companies that will restore them (like King of Trim) but it costs a lot and they don't always go together as nicely as they once did.
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