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Ground strap for steering column joint

Shawn Piper


My steering column joint was very rusty when I removed it.   It looked like this


File_000 (1).png


Here's what I did to restore it..

- Disassemble 

- Soak in Evaporust

- Wire wheel the parts

- Zinc plate

- Then mask the parts and paint them with Eastwood 2k Epoxy Primer and 2K Underhood Black


But I got stuck on the ground strap.  Mine was pretty degraded... 

File_000 (21).jpeg


The hole size is M6, and I figured I could make one myself if I found the right eyelets... but I've been working extra hours recently (very tired) and preferred to buy something premade to save time.  Also I didn't know if this was actually needed for my car since its missing on about 50% of the cars I've seen... so less effort the better.   


Never the less, I recall the VW guys have a similar strap on their cars so I went to Wolfsburg West and bought this for $7:




The strap is longer than the one it replaced, but it ended up working nicely... 


File_002 (5).jpeg

File_001 (4).jpeg

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Looks great. I have a 1971 2002 that I made my own ground strap but, yours looks better for sure. I can’t tell from the photo but, I think the strap is supposed to go from one bolt on a side to a different bolt on the other side. Essentially creating a path for the electricity to travel/dissipate. I might swap mine out for your VW one.  

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