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Getting very close.



This has been a long project that I have been committed to "enjoy the process" and I truly have.  I started this in 2009 it has been quite a journey and one that I have really enjoyed.  I have been fortunate to have a clean dry place to work on it and let it sit when other things took priority.  I will be driving it this spring!  Thank you to all that have helped along the way and the FAQ for all the valuable information and support!


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Looks beautiful, well thought out. Appreciate your perspective! Like Arthur Ashe said  "Success is a journey, not a destination" Congrats on your progress, will be watching 

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Ken, I’m so excited for you!  It looks fantastic. I like the exhaust wrap idea around the diff/subframe.  Can’t wait for the opportunity to meet up with both our cars done and driving!

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