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  1. Ken


    I removed extra original wiring. I have all new gauges, fuel cell, and m20 going in the car.
  2. Ken


    The wiring is sorted with everything removed that I don't need (I hope.) I need to tie in all the new components before wrapping it up. Headliner in, not perfect but I am happy with it. I will start putting in the our 2002 Underground parts soon.
  3. Ken

    The start

    The first piece, shifter rod support. Started on the sound deadening material purchased from http://www.raamaudio.com/categories/Mat-and-Foam-Products/
  4. 2002 Underground Our passion is pushing the boundaries and possibilities of bolt on performance parts for BMW 2002s. 2002 Underground exists to address the weak points in the drivetrain when more horsepower and torque are added. Our flagship product is the custom rear Subframe built from scratch to fit the BMW 2002 and equip it with a BMW e30 medium case “188” differential. This is an all-new Subframe supplied with new custom halfshafts and built in toe and camber adjustments. We were the first to introduce this product in small production runs to the BMW 2002 community in January of 2011 on the FAQ website. Shipping and PayPal fees are included in the lower 48 states. Rear Subframe: #02UG001 $1,935.00 US Complete Bolt in Rear Subframe Kit: 1. 1 new Subframe for E30 188 differential, set up for camber/toe adjustments. 2. 4 new trailing arm eccentric adjusting bolts and washers. 3. 1 new differential cover-hanging bracket. 4. 1 new optional battery tray/hanging bracket. 5. 1 new differential cover spacer. 6. 4 grade 5 carriage bolts 7. 2 new custom 4340 chromoly halfshafts. 8. 2 rebuilt 5 Series CV joints. 9. 2 new 5 Series CV boot kits. 10. 2 rebuilt 2002 CV joints. 11. 2 new 2002 CV boot kits. 12. 24 new CV bolts. (Items 1,3, and 4 are Powdercoated) (Items 7 through 11 are assembled and ready to install.) *When ordered with the trailing arms we use 4 - 5 series CV joints. Custom Rear Trailing Arms #02UG002 $3,230.00 US New beefy trailing arms for your High HP. BMW 2002 Made from 4130 chromoly tubing and flat stock. 1. New 4340 chromoly 31 spline stub axles. 2. New 4340 chromoly 31 spline hubs. 3. New oversized wheel bearings 1 per side. 4. Can be setup for 4x100 or 5x120 wheels. 5. Adjustable spring perch (removable if using coil-overs). 6. Built for standard shock or coil-overs. 7. Uses BMW disc brakes with drum parking brake. 8. Brake parts and bushings are not included (can be ordered separately) 9. These will also fit with a stock Subframe without changing the track width. 10. Halfshafts are extra when using the stock Subframe. Due to the cost of the trailing arms, deposits are required to start production. 2002 Haus M20 Motor Mounts #02UG003 $310.00 US The kit includes: 1. 2 Powdercoated Motor mounts. 2. 2 Motor mount rubber bushings. 3. 4 Metal support plates (to be welded onto Subframe.) 4. 1 Center track rod to clear transmission. This kit requires modification to the front Subframe by the customer or can be sent in to 2002 UNDERGROUND for modification and powdercoating. Modifying Your Front Subframe #02UG004 $525.00 US This price includes: 1. Modifying the Subframe. 2. Sandblasting and powdercoating. 3. Return shipping. Getrag 260 Transmission Mount #02UG005 $125.00 US The kit includes: 1. 1 Powdercoated Transmission metal Bracket. 2. 2 Metal Supports with Nuts and Bolts. 3. 2 Rubber Transmission Bushings. Driveshaft center bearing support: #02UG006 $110.00 US The kit includes: 1. 1 Powdercoated Driveshaft metal bracket. 2. 2 each Nuts, Bolts, and fender washers. This center-bearing bracket is designed to be used in conjunction with the e30 differential, Getrag 260 transmission, and the m20 engine. The stock e30 driveshaft from a 5spd mid production year 1988 and newer can be used without any modifications. Older driveshafts may fit but have not been tested. The part number of the driveshaft is #26101226733.
  5. Welcome, look forward to seeing more information and pictures. Ken
  6. I looked through all of my pictures and don't have one of the back side of the bumper.
  7. This is a metal bumper welded together I used the OEM bumper brackets for mounting.
  8. jomergui, I will send you a private message. Thanks, Ken
  9. Definitely not gold. It is hard to show accurate colors on any computer. The color name is DEV-M94 Mill Toast. I can mail a piece of the vinyl and fabric if anyone is seriously interested. Thanks, Ken
  10. Price:: 2400.00 Location: : Bend Oregon I have decided to go a different direction with the interior in my car so I am selling this complete set I had made by Mitch's Stitches in San Luis Obispo Ca. The set includes e21 Recaros for the front, e24 rear seats (already cut to fit the 2002) with a custom center console, door panels with armrest, rear panels and approx. 2 yards of extra matching material; both vinyl and fabric. The Recaro frames were powder coated before assembly and new webbing installed. A few of the plastic pieces are missing from the Recaros but are still available. These have not been used. I will send material samples to serious buyers if requested.
  11. I have decided to go a different direction with the interior on my car so I am selling what I have. It has all been redone by a shop called Mitch's Stitches in San Luis Obispo Ca. I have extra matching material to go with it. It is e21 Recaros for the front, e24 rear seats (already cut to fit the 2002) with a custom center console, door panels with armrest, and rear panels. I am putting it on this group instead of the classified section because I would rather not ship. Here is a link to the Bend Craigslist posting. http://bend.craigslist.org/pts/5481985731.html Thanks for looking, Ken 541-419-6196
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