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  1. Ken

    Moving right along

    Thank you for the complement! I am just a old guy that has worked hard all my life and blessed with ambition and opportunity. This 02 has been a 10 year project that is finally getting close to completion.
  2. Ken

    It's alive!!

    Great looking car! Is that a carbon fiber hood I see?
  3. Ken

    Moving right along

    It would be great to see you again.
  4. Ken

    Moving right along

    Closing in on the completion but still many things to do. More pictures than words.
  5. I wouldn't say we are no longer producing rear subframes or trailing arms, more of taking a needed break and reassessing future plans. I have really enjoyed producing and suppling these and other products to the 2002 community for the past 10 years so don't count us out. Thank you, Ken 2002 UNDERGROUND
  6. Ken

    Enjoying my days!

    Thank you! ITB injection would be nice but I am sure my budget will be blown long before that could happen!
  7. Ken

    Enjoying my days!

    This is getting fun installing everything for the final time. Thank you Andrew for the brake line kit!
  8. Ken

    2002 Underground:

    The fuel cells range in price from around $2300,00 to around $3100.00 depending on how it is setup. They can have a in tank fuel pump and HydraMat or not. We have 2 different fill plate options also, 1 that goes to the stock fill location and 1 for KoogleWerks in trunk filler. No fabrication is required it just replaces the original tank. If you want more information and pricing send me an email at [email protected]
  9. Ken

    Back at it.

    Thanks Andrew, I also am curious how the heater hoses will layout. Your brake lines worked out great, fantastic product. It is amazing how many venders it takes to get a project like this to completion. I have been keeping a spread sheet on this build, it is both informative and scary.
  10. Ken

    2002 Underground:

    This front subframe is sold. We still have rear subframe kits in stock ready to ship.
  11. Ken

    Back at it.

    Back at it, life got in the way but plan to keep this moving forward until completion.
  12. I made these from metal roof vent flashing you can adjust the angle of the speaker to the direction you want the sound to travel. They are available in different sizes.
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