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  1. On our trailing arms you can use our 5x120 hubs with e30 m3 brake parts or possibly other reasonably sized aftermarket brake kits.
  2. Ken

    The start

    The first piece, shifter rod support. Started on the sound deadening material purchased from
  3. Here are pictures of our solution available in 4x100 or 5x120. These will work with our rear subframe and a 188 medium case e30 differential or a stock subframe with a e21 differential. Not the inexpensive solution, price starting at $3,230.00
  4. Hi Rod, Yes the hubs are part of the kit and are available in 4x100 or 5x120. The direct fit rotor and caliper for the 5x120 is the e30 m3 but some of the aftermarket kits will work but may require some fitting. The wheel bearings and CV joints are OEM BMW e30 parts. The halfshafts, stub axles and hubs are all custom made for us using 4340 chromoly, heat treated, and e-coated. The stub axles are larger in dia. than the stock e30 and have 31 splines instead of 27 splines. Thanks for your questions, Ken
  5. I have purchased from Double 02 many times, always treated fair. Marshal has been my go to contact. Always phone orders and shipped to me as promised. If they are closing I for one will miss this resource!
  6. Ken

    Interior Refurbishment

    This looks fantastic!
  7. Volk Racing TE37V 15 x 8 et0 4 x 100 expensive but very light weight.
  8. If you are looking to use the stock or e21 differential, I would think you could find a good used rear subframe. If you want to go with a e30 medium case differential, we would be happy to help.
  9. Hi Michael, I am not sure if it would work with your setup, it moves the mounting location back 7 1/4"+-. It does have some adjustment built in. Ken
  10. Ken

    CV Joint - Cap/Flange Source?

    I have some used flanges in good condition I will send you for the cost of shipping.
  11. Ken

    70 M2 build

    It all looks so good Kris! One of the best.
  12. Can't help with a bonnet, you may want to put an add in the parts wanted section with your location.