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  1. Ken

    2002 Underground:

    New pictures added. Thanks for your support!
  2. Ken

    Subframe in

    Thank you! The GC set comes with a upper pad. The threaded collar fits tight around the stub that the original spring pad fits onto.
  3. Ken

    Subframe in

    Thank you! Striped to bare metal, etching primer, primer then Raptor liner. Very happy with the results!
  4. Ken

    Subframe in

    Rear subframe, trailing arms, and differential installed.
  5. Geoff, looking forward to seeing this running around Bend!
  6. Ken

    2002 Underground:

    Thank you for your question but we don't have any extra half shafts, every thing we have is matched up as complete sets with subframes.
  7. Gauge set from a 1974 BMW 2002 automatic very good condition, some slight scratches around clock dial. Speedometer is W 1.297 $75.00BMW 2002 Speedometer W 1.30 $20.00Ebrake handle and boot from a 1974 BMW 2002 very good condition. "SWITCH IS SOLD". $15.00
  8. Ken


    These fuel cells are custom and made exclusively for us at 2002 Underground. I can send you more information if you are interested.
  9. Ken


    Gone as far as I can on the inside for now. Time to start assembly on the underside.
  10. Ken


    Moving right along.
  11. Ken


    I got the headliner a few years ago from Rob at 2002HAUS. He is no longer in business.
  12. Ken

    2002 Underground:

    The rear subframe kit is $1,935.00.

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