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  1. ‘Stants’ 🤣😂 No Toby this is what I was looking for. Your vote for a comfortable street ride Is Koni yellow singles (Easy enough find) and ST springs...do you have a link to the ST springs? Looking in their site I can’t find springs for our cars.
  2. @roadhog0 @FunElan Thanks for the quick reply's. I see on Bilstein's site that there are two variants of their "B6" (what I'm calling "HD") models. Do you know which is recommended with the IE Stage 1 or H&Rs? Maybe a call to Bilstein would clear this up.
  3. I should start by apologizing - I know this discussion has been had a million times over, but with this thread I am hoping to narrow the scope. In question are the shocks/springs available today (not the famed Bilsteins of the past). I've heard most of "it", (ie. "today's Bilstein "sports" aka B8 aka 34-000250/24-001182 are rock hard back breakers" or "Koni's are the best), and a common theme of that past was "Bilstein Sports + H&R Sports make a great combo". I've also heard Bilstein HD Shocks + H&R Sports are a very comfortable ride without sacrificing handling. Breaking this down into 2 questions: 1. Can the current Bilstein "HD" (aka "B6") be used with lowering springs, specifically the H&R Sports? Their website suggests this is not recommended, but how true is that? 2. What is your favorite lowered (~1.25") shock/spring combo that has a comfortable ride (I have 3 herniated discs)? Thanks!
  4. Well that’s easy
  5. Title says it! I'm looking for a tii Brake Booster, fully functional, in good condition. Let me know if you have one!
  6. Grover - what are you doing for brakes? Booster-less? Also the dip stick? Would love some more details - I’m just beginning my ITB swap with the TEP/TWM Kit.
  7. 02TurboMI

    Purchased a Neue Klasse!

    Didn’t know there was another GM’er working on a 2002! Hope to see the progress at next year’s employee auto show! @maikell77 I’m excited to see your progress on the truck! LS mo powa babeh!
  8. This bung does seem like the best solution, but it does add an extra component to the stack: bung + NPT to AN + AN elbow. Or were you just gonna go bung + NPT elbow?
  9. Nice!! Good call. The here’s your bung: Vibrant 11174 3/4" NPT Female Weld Bung https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001P2D324/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_XIYREbP2YJPGH
  10. I’m so confused what to do about shocks to match the H&R Sport Springs now for a daily driver. Let’s wrap up this consolidated knowledge! True or False: With H&R Sport Springs, you can pair either Bilstein Sport (“B8”) or Bilstein HD (“B6”) shocks. (Maybe a phone call to Bilstein would clear this up, lol)
  11. I don’t see why I couldn’t just on an AN-10 bung in the *approximate* original location. Not an OEM turbo/line on my car. My turbo’s recommended return line is a -10
  12. Then weld one of these bad boys on there and call it a day! This may be a dumb question...the oil pan....is....steel....right? https://www.summitracing.com/parts/rus-683720?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwtLT1BRD9ARIsAMH3BtVcfhCDuYe1Y_KvzW7MzfQCqkTwjnvinoz1WGRoQX5fVFPKeEMiMoYaAjvyEALw_wcB
  13. Anyone here have a set of older HD's and can measure the length? And then anyone have a set of "B6" and can measure those?
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