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  1. Thanks Toby, So for full synthetic I want to be measuring 260F in the oil pan? I'm building a turbo M10 with a thermostatic oil cooler so I'm trying to determine at what temp the oil cooler should "turn on". If I know what my oil pan temp should be then I can get a good feel for the need to cool the oil.
  2. Thought I'd piggyback on this thread instead of starting a new one, and there is a lot of knowledge in this one... What is the nominal or ideal oil temp for a turbo M10? I'm assuming this shouldn't vary drastically from an NA engine, so if anyone can answer the ideal temp for an NA M10, that'd be sufficient too. Thanks!
  3. I couldn’t find “Holley Haltech” in the search, so I thought I’d post! If this subject has been discussed (which I’m sure it has) please point me in the right direction. I’m new to ECU tuning so I’m looking for a system that has good support (YouTube tutorials/DIYs, customer support, write-ups, etc) and also great features and learning, tuning capability. Price is not the biggest concern, but I won’t drop bank on an Elite 2500. Let me know!
  4. Ohhh okay okay, my misunderstanding. Yeah I didn’t see teeth on Dudeland’s photo 😅
  5. Whoa wait, what? Are you saying you can't use a 36:1 trigger wheel with Haltech? Or that you can't use a VR sensor with Haltech? Or both? Because I'm pretty certain you can with the Elite series (which aren't 15 years old).
  6. That’s what I thought, but Jim, id like to hear more about what you did here: Can you share a brand/model # of dist sensor you are/were using (9 years ago lol)?
  7. Slightly off topic: can you run another setup besides wasted spark with EDIS/EFI on an M10? I just assumed since there is no cam sensor that wasted spark was/is the only option.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll give this a shot!
  9. How do I tighten the fuel level sender? I’m thinking there is a specialized tool? I removed my sender unit to have the tank blasted and coated with a plastic material, and now I’m getting a lot of resistance trying to tighten it. I’ve been able to rotate it a bit using a screwdriver, but any other recommendations? thanks!
  10. Have anything for rear hubs? Billet 5x120 rear hubs? I'd pay a good chunk of change for that.
  11. Will to sell just the rears? Thanks
  12. Ken, that looks amazing, but definitely above my price range. Any other recommendations for 5-lug options in the rear? @Ken do you offer a 5-lug hub / brake options?
  13. Alright gang, I'll list some conclusions that we all came to. SCOPE: This thread's purpose was to showcase a common 5-lug hub that would work on tii struts that was affordable. CONCLUSIONS: Usable hubs: E12, pre-1982 E24 (633csi) Upon initial investigation, I believed the E24 hub to be available for ~$70 from BavAuto. This was determined to be accurate, but only for the post-1982, sealed hubs that will not work on tii struts. Looking further into it, the pre-1982 633csi hubs are not cheap (>$350 new), similar to the E12 hubs. Bonus info: Pre-1982 633csi hubs, calipers, and rotors (280mm) should bolt directly to tii struts (Toby - can you confirm if 633csi rotors will also work?) - so if you've got yourself a scrap 633csi, you can make a nice front, 5-lug BBK
  14. Still working that out haha - fill and redrill hubs and convert to disc?
  15. Yeah I might buy one of each and compare. Could make for a good substitute for the E12 hubs.
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