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  1. So, I've got the rad, condenser, and fan removed - full access to the two nuts - but the nuts AND the threaded shaft (the screw?!) just keep spinning together 🤨 What is going on here!? Is there something between the kidneys and the nut/washer that I need to stabilize? I can't feel anything when I stick my pinky finger in there!
  2. Hey All - my Climaparts-brand "Nostalgic Air" 12x16 is the same dimensions (12x18 overall height/length) and just came in today and I tried to test fit it. The 12" is too tall to clear the hood support. How did you all solve this problem with your 12x16s? If you cut somewhere, did you have to mount the condenser more rearward in the vehicle (and therefore the radiator sits more rearward than OEM?)?
  3. I’m assuming your IC is in the nose then? Behind the grill? Mine will be used as a performance-minded daily driver. Don’t have much traffic in Northern Michigan but it can get in the 90s. The only thing factory about the AC will be the vents and the evaporator body .
  4. Anyone running this? Worth the $1800? Significant street performance upgrade? Really only for hard street, weekend warrior, or dedicated track? https://catuned.com/2002-monster-rear-end-solution
  5. I’m actually just trying to find out where to put it all! I would stack IC->Condenser->Rad->Fan, but I bought the IE Al Rad so I have to stack Fan->Condesner->Rad (Like the post I linked to) and don’t know where to put the IC! I really like @bento’s approach. @bento - where did you get that IC / what IC is that? Haven’t been able to find one that fits there yet! maybe I want to do both of these Toby!!!!
  6. Searched the forums, couldn't come up with a recent answer that was really relevant. For people running a turbo with the A/C system, where are you mounting the intercooler and oil cooler (if you have one/them)? I'm mounting the AC condenser and fan like @BritishIron (very helpful: but where does one mount the oil cooler and FMIC? I don't want to run air/water intercooler. Thanks!
  7. Hey gang- what’s the torque for the drain/fill plugs on the G245? Doing this right now and can’t find a solid answer.
  8. Where do you have the intercooler mounted? And what size intercooler are you using?
  9. A little over a year ago I bought a set of tii struts off a member here, and have had them sitting in my basement until now. And I'm looking at them, and there's some light surface rust on the shaft. Is this a concern? I tried some Grade 1 steel wool (dry) and couldn't make any difference of it. Okay to throw the bearings and hubs on these, as is?
  10. @gary32 according to his description, he’s adding a catch can to the fresh air circuit. He said his PCV was on the other side of the valve cover. If he leaves that PCV detached I guess he’s venting to the compressor side, but he’s still going to have crankcase pressure at idle. The compressor port needs to be closer to the compressor housing and will only pull vacuum at near to full boost. Biggest danger, as @jimk said, is pulling/pushing air/oil past seals.
  11. I think the most interesting part of this video was the ad beforehand...apparently 37,000 robocalls are made every day 😳
  12. There’s enough crankcase pressure so you’re pulling crankcase vapor and clean air at the same time. The point of the fresh air entry is to dilute the crankcase vapor so your not circulating only oil vapor - prevents oil sludge from sticking to the rockers/cam/etc. There may be more benefits that @jimk or others may be more knowledge about. There is minimal airflow moving through that tube as well so the main PCV port on the valve cover is pulling mainly air from the crankcase (where pressure is highest).
  13. @jimk can you point out where you tapped/drilled the hole? I’d almost rather do that than weld another port on (my tig skills are limited to straight line butt and lap joints at this point 😅)

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