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  1. Those are E21 flanges that have been redrilled. They are secured via circle on the inside. No thread locker needed. Out of curiosity, can you post a picture of your "stock 2002 diff"?
  2. no. take a look at the design as well. There's a reason the IE swaybars are consistently mentioned when someone asks about about peoples "favorite modification". Andrew Wilson's nailed it.
  3. While at Ireland, I "specced/sold" literally a couple hundred driveshafts over seven years. Less than ten were outside of those standard specs. Of those outside of spec most were involved in heavy accidents at one time or another. I found that the chance of any issues happening would exponentially increase when a customer (usually a well-intentioned hobbiest) specced their own length. However, as other suppliers implied, having a client spec their own length removes said supplier from any "length-related liability". It's always easier to say "well, we made what you ordered". Take that as you will, no longer have any vested interest.
  4. Dang. Missed this one. If the other sales fall through, I will take them. #3 in line.
  5. Tii mastercylinder grommets are what you need. Most 2002 specialists will have them on the shelf. part #34311121911
  6. Thanks for that heads up. It crashed last week (just as I was backed up). Will sort it out in the next 2 days. Edit: fixed, website back up. Thanks again.
  7. Very impressive build. A bargain at the price listed. Pay no mind to some of the comments. This one is far from any auction "trend line".
  8. .….I've had the same 98 Honda Civic beater stolen twice in the past two years. Once from in front of my house, and another in broad daylight.
  9. The springs themselves will have the spring rates screenprinted on them. numbers will look like 0000.000.0000 . The first chunk represents the height, the second chunk represent the inner diameter, and the last chunk represent the stiffness. So if you have 0700.250.0250 you have a 7" height, 2.5" ID, and 250#. No need to rely on waiting to hear back. Sometimes something as simple as a misspelled name can mean the original invoice is lost in the digital underworld.
  10. I know that suspension. It is one of the very first complete stg.3 IE kits. The first Stg.3 kits featured machined tubes, and that set in particular was the only one where we (when I was still at IE) zinc plated the assembly. You may want to see if the trailing arms (from the car which you pulled this hardware from) were augmented to run the rear sleeves. It is likely, and you may want to include them with the setup (or at least offer to trade). I don't remember the exact specifics, but if you email IE the name of the previous owner, they should be able to pull up the original invoice and specs. Would have been 2014-2016 ish.
  11. I've posted this a couple times, but here's a general range. These are STREET-specific build numbers. Race gas, race cams, race compression, race parts (dry sump), are not factored in. I've also left out Turbo's, as that's also highly variable. Still waiting on enough reliable data for stroker M10 engines, most builders are tight-lipped. >100whp Typical stock US-spec M10 110-120whp M10 with 284 cam and 38/38 110-120whp M10 with kuglefischer (tii) 115-130whp M42 Std.-miles used stock engine 115-140whp M10 Stg. 1 Street Hot Rod M10 (9.5:1 comp., 292 cam, stock 135mm rods) (38/38, 40DCOEs, 318i efi) 130-145whp M42 Refreshed/Rebuilt (w/ chip) 130-145whp M10 Stg.1 Street Hot Rod M10 (as above internals) (w/ ITB's [efi]) 130-150whp M10 Stg. 2 Street Hot Rod M10 (10:1 comp., 300ish cam, 144mm rods) (same intake options as listed for the Stg.1) (generally, this is a teensy bit more than what 91octane CA gas can handle). 140-155whp M20 2.5L Std.-miles used stock engine 165whp M20 2.5L Fresh Stock Rebuild (new 1/2 over bore w/ factory replacement 8.8:1 pistons) (Typical Spec-E30 rebuild) 165-175whp S14 2.3L Std.-miles used stock engine 175whp M20 2.5L w/ MAF conversion, 17lb/hr injectors, and 272cam 175-180whp M20 2.7-2.8L "budget stroker" conversion 180-190whp M20 2.8L "Intro-stroker" 180-210whp S14 2.3L (freshened w/ non-radical upgrades) 200-230whp M20 2.9L (done decently) ("Ultimate Street Stroker Spec" yield upper end of this estimate) 210-240whp M20 3.0/3.1L
  12. In my case, deleting the bar opens up a little more space. Clearance may get a little tight there. Although, I do prefer Doug R's method of using the hot-rod swing arms instead of the gas struts.
  13. phaw! Too much plastic! Too new! Too large! Get off my lawn! A (has given up on early shifters)
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