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  1. Two points of experience .... 1) Having broken down a couple 323i Hartge M20's ..... one of their tricks for improved cylinder head flow on the 733 head was to grind the valve guides to down to the walls of the intake, leaving the valve stem unsupported. This obviously led to longevity issues for street cars, if you're going to go for an "accurate" build, then this design issue/"upgrade" will have to be incorporated. 2) "Period Correct" collectors usually draw the line when it comes to drivability issues like early injection issues. The same phenomenon applies to early 6v/mech.booster 1600's. They sound nice until you have to live with them.... and most collectors are not wrenchers. Outside of the BMW realm ... when I helped with a couple Porsche restorations 5-6 years ago, including one K-jet DP Slantnose, the first/only period compromise was ditching the management for a much newer programmable setup. This often isn't shouted about, given it's an admission of a compromise. I'd ditch that 2.3 setup and toss into the neighbor's pool. Shoot.... it's an E21... you're already taking a hit in the shins.
  2. Show me who among us hasn't looked like an idiot at some point ...... goodness knows I'm guilty! Except Steve, he's exempt.
  3. blush. anything for the M20'02 crew.
  4. 1) IE made (makes?) one. 2) Also, redline (weber distributor) had them, but they were spendy considering what they are. You just need to specify orientation. Orientation of bend can be one of two positions depending on carb (the 32/36 and 38/38 are oriented differently, UNLESS you are installing a knock-off 38/38 in which case they are the same).
  5. I’ve had much on my plate the past couple weeks and had been completely awol here and for my justifiably very frustrated resellers (compound that with a couple missing boxes for extra spice). Made to order w/ Drop shipping is just not a good fit I think. Just wrapped up the last class finals and new internship position this morning and am doing a number of sets this weekend.
  6. It is not available. Option 1) chop/drill/tap barstock UMHW/Delrin/Etc. Option 2) IE's headlight kit includes threaded metal replacement tabs. Best of luck, there are a handful of threads on this if you search.
  7. Front: 2002tii Struts w/ E12 5-lug hubs/calipers+vented e21 rotors. Rear: Custom [option 1: weld on material and tap existing existing hub. As done by Andrew T. and Le Tran] [option 2: machine hub from steel{or whatever} billet.] [option 3: E30 rear end conversion with 5-lug hubs {*see 2002underground for example}] As Dave says, plenty of work and/or money involved. It's been covered here before if you search.
  8. I agree with Toby. However, I have seen lost souls try and use clear heat shrink tubing of an appropriate diameter with some relative success.
  9. He is thoroughly enjoying himself... at least the last I talked to him a couple months back. If you shoot me a PM with your details, I can send them to him.
  10. Yes! Fantastic story. I'm excited for you. This is what is so relatable about 2002's. Best of luck with the refresh, note that plenty of people here love helping out, especially when the owner obviously gets it!
  11. Jealous you got to move up there, beautiful area. As for the 2002..... Spokane is a minor hotspot for vintage bimmers. Namely because you have John Barlow up there along with a couple of vintage guys at Hard Motorsports.
  12. 27k-32k *Under the condition of a proper PPI. Needs plenty, but has plenty. The BAT "investment" banter makes me throw up a little bit.
  13. Happy to say that Rocker reproductions are available new from most 2002 specialists. Yes there are gaskets/sealing strips, Available via the dealer or your favorite specialist. The part numbers have been mentioned in several previous similar threads.
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