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  1. Bummed I couldn't make it this year. Next year for sure.
  2. M20 Triple weber build x2

    OK, well we had Fabrication Day #2. Fender rust is now repaired (inner pillar mount sections on both sides and that piece on the upper shelf of the passenger side fender. In the inside the stock "accelerator nubs bracket" was ground off and the IE pedal reinforcement plate welded on. So fun to go from dreams to reality. . With the fabrication work on the fenders finished, the fenders were lines up and welded back in place. We then rolled the chassis back over to Maestro for a little more bodywork. Pro-Tip: when doing final bodywork on the front clip, make sure that your body guy has the grills in hand to insure perfect alignment. Words cannot begin to express my appreciation for this man, his decades of experience, and his patient work over the past three months. The chassis is now %95 ready for paint. Just need to do the following. 1) cut hole for oil cooler 2) weld in a reinforcement brace at the front. 3) clean up the rest of the interior tar. 4) clean up the underbody, wheel wells, and spray on Wurth underbody coating.
  3. 1971 Chamonix

    Somebody got themselves one heck of a 2002. Sad to see you sell it Bill. Please stay in touch regardless.
  4. 74 Amazon tii on SF Craigslist

    Thanks for finding these great cars for sale, however might I suggest that you post them in the "Cars for Sale" section linked below. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/forum/10-cars-for-sale/
  5. This is actually the part I don't like on that car, the subframes and bits being rattle-canned as is. Paul, here's something for you. Been putting this little fellow together (not for sale, not trying to sell). https://www.flickr.com/photos/152898763@N04/albums/72157689077613786/with/37300099280/
  6. Where can I get these wheels?

    As Bento says, they are built to spec, but are not an off-the-shelf new, at least not commonly. A number of fellows put them together. For a refinished set expect to pay a couple grand. "Core" sets in need of restoration pop up from 1k-1.2k, but sell pretty quickly. Boy, the chrome bumpers, restored RS's, Euro turn signals. E21 sport seats, all look great on that car. Couple that with nice springs/swaybars/suspension, 5-speed, and a hotrod M10 with sidedrafts and you've got yourself the cookie-cutter 02 hotrod. Another car worth looking at would be the Clarion Builds 2002.
  7. Some thoughtful suggestions needed....

    Well that is a fair enough argument, It'll be fun to watch the progress. Where I, and others, tend to get bristly is when all the talk is about "retaining value". It's a pretty recent unwelcomed encroachment into the 2002 enthusiast community. Most of us see the 2002 as a car to enjoy freely without worry of any perceived "value". Again, best of luck on your project! https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/201555-psa-re-“value-threads”/?page=2
  8. Some thoughtful suggestions needed....

    Follow the ethos you describe here and you'll be fine. The 2002 is a fun driver's car. It was made to be modded, not mothballed. Hate to ask, but you aren't intending on just fixing it up till it's presentable and then put it up for sale are you? We're seeing a fair amount of "getting in/out while the fire's hot" kind of thing. Best of luck with your project, hopefully it will give you plenty of enjoyment for years to come.
  9. 73 Inka tii

    No, it's more about a seller being transparent about what they are selling, regardless of cost. It doesn't matter if it's 5k or 50k. Warning an buyer to exercise due caution when there are red flags is a pretty reasonable thing to do.
  10. Low compression concern on rebuild

    Taking these two points further and to address a common problem I've found. The machinist will use a single piston when measuring/boring all four bores. The problem is that there is variation from piston to piston. Doing the above mistake leads to a situation like the one you describe. It could be other things, but the point I describe tends to be relatively common.
  11. I'm in the same boat, biggest single change has been IE swaybars.
  12. M20 Triple weber build x2

    Ha, of course I tested it! Tested a couple potential positions and this one proved to be the best compromise. The E-brake handle had clearance. The shifter wasn't so far back that the seat position felt wonky. BUT, it's not final till it's final. Yesterday evening I removed the remaining factory tar. Should have done this sooner obviously. Spraying/wiping a little solvent throughout the cabin this afternoon will clear up any remaining tar/glue smears.
  13. M20 Triple weber build x2

    Thank you Jim, and thanks for your pictures. I was referencing them yesterday. Here's a couple shots of the B-pillar seat belt mount.
  14. M20 Triple weber build x2

    By my calculations, yes. It should provide a selector rod that is "just" long enough to function properly. However, "the proof is in the pudding", so we'll see. ------------------------ 10.4.17 Wurth Texturing With the media blasting and trunk repairs, a lot of the factory texturing was removed or in bad shape. The Wurth texturing gun was brought out to get back to the OEM look. Maestro has just finished the rear wheel wells in the trink, so starting there we masked off the spare tire well and gas tank opening. With that finished the final corrections to the trunk were made and then a coating of zinc primer laid over top. I don’t think the spare wheel well ever looked this good. [/url] Next to get shot were the rockers and front/rear lower sections. Up in the front Maestro has taken to smoothing out our fabrication work from Saturday. Namely making the small corrections needed to make the removable radiator support look like it could have been that way from the factory. Looking forward to FabDay #2 this Saturday. We should get that wrapped up, then underbody clean up (and texturing). After that, the paint booth is looking mighty appealing! If anybody is a bit tired of these “body-centric updates”... we’ve been reassembling “Project Pumpkin” right now. It’s pretty fun. https://www.flickr.com/photos/152898763@N04/albums/72157689077613786/with/36809369083/ Also got a call from Momo yesterday, we’ll be doing some fun stuff with them next week. -Andrew