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  1. I used 15x7 et20 w/ stage1 IE springs and new Bilsteins for a couple of years with 195/50/15's. The rear fenders needed rolling, but after that they fit fine.
  2. $1,750-$2,200 for engine+trans. $300-xxx Value of AC is pretty volatile. I don’t have a good handle, it can depend on what brand/age of components. ***if you are considering an m20 swap, you may want to reconsider getting rid of the 245. With the correct m20 front section it will mate up to your new engine. I’ve documented this pretty well in older threads.
  3. Bring a mirror and look at the sheet metal surrounding the stamped vin on the fender underside. A couple years ago I looked over an imported Tii in a popular color from a well known European restorer, the vin was swapped via sheet metal grafted in. The top metal was ground flush, but the welding was visible from underneath. Best of luck.
  4. The one in the photo , as posted by the OP, is a dealer OEM lever. The newer IE short shifter has no internal structural rubber components. Sorry for not expounding, don't have much time during recent times.
  5. You must have missed my post. The shifter IE uses is a dealer-supplied OEM part. Sorry to hear your complaints, be interesting to hear what you find as a reasonable solution.
  6. The E21 subframe does not bolt into 2002 mounting points.
  7. ........... maybe yours a bit as well. He's got a good point, no matter how uncomfortable a reality it is. While it may have come across too sharp, it is valid. I've seen a number of local project cars recently go through a chain of owners prior to the cars completion, each one losing money in the process. Either way, best of luck to the seller, I'm sure you'll get something amicable worked out. - Worked with Eric and Peter on said cars and understands the work involved.
  8. I would argue that you would be doing a disservice to both yourself and the car if you didn't enjoy the car as you see fit purely because of being afraid of taking a financial risk. These cars are awesome hotrodded/stock whatever, what isn't awesome is letting a valuation worry keep you from enjoying said car. Peter articulated this feeling pretty well a couple of years ago.
  9. The IE lever as pictured is an OEM dealer-sourced lever ..... sooooo, yeah. If you're having issues it's going to be common with anyone running that factory lever. As mentioned, there are a number of leather boots that would help in that aspect. Koogle has that nice one, I'll be making one in the not too distant future as well (had some parts machined for it years ago, prior to any being on the market). Toby .... shots fired man, shots fired, lol.
  10. Matt, I grew up in Boise (swimming in the Hilcrest CC pool), reaching out to my friends back there right now. Really really stinks to hear this, hopefully they catch these snakes asap.
  11. I agree with most everything here, except I like the aluminum radiator (also easy to paint black) and dislike the look of the lumpy factory piece. As alluded to above, I second the high-mounted third brake light. Pair it with a strobe effect (here in CA I can get away with a three second strobe). This paired with the LED tailights is a great way to go. Arguably your biggest potential risk is not being seen from behind, and these go a long way to mitigate that. If you haven't already, please add your car to the FAQ registry. .... and welcome! -Andrew
  12. Just keeping an eye out for surplus Weber carburetor jets, venturis, etc.. Trying to increase the collection without breaking the bank. If you have or know of an old stash, please let me know.
  13. To throw a wrench into that .... some of the earlier 245's did not use that specific input bearing. However, the case can be machined to fit.
  14. It'll also highlights sellers who are willing to fleece enthusiasts. Which also says something to the integrity of the FAQ. You have every right to sell them for what you want, but it's also good to know you're happy to sell something at over a %400 markup without mentioning it. I can see both sides as relevant.
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