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  1. I prefer the US overriders. Note that the were "optional" on euro cars as well. I think the taller overriders add some much needed subtle vertical lines to the design. 0.02
  2. Fourteen-year-old-thread revival, impressive. I have made a spreadsheet for the hardware used on M10, M20, and M30 engines. Includes real-oem link, oem part number, and belmetric part number. Will try to get it uploaded in the near future.
  3. Good call on the exception Mike, my car (early 71) with vin #2570588 does feature the early style shorty bumpers. Fjiord-Tii - The swap to the longer bumpers happened as a part of the April 1971 model year changes. This was when a lot of the later parts were implemented (longer center consoles, lower knee trim, etc.).
  4. meh on the gas tank, and unfortunately.... nearly all the boxed trailing arms I've seen had enough corrosion trapped inside that it was safer and structurally stronger to just start w/ non-boxed cores. To each their own though, I just wouldn't put any additional dollar value on them.
  5. 0% difference (sans those struts as mentioned). Best of luck as the hunt goes on!
  6. There is a whole thread that goes into great detail in doing a south-of-the-boarder paint job. If you search for it, it'll come up pretty quick. I opted to have my car sprayed here local-ish (El Segundo), but only after I did what I could myself. Remember, you'll be billed the same labor rate whether something easy is being done (stripping the car) or something more specialized (laying down color). Therefore the more reasonable prep-work you do, the more you'll "save". If you want some before/during/after, I've got some photos here. If you want cost specifics that I have experienced, you are welcome to message me.
  7. I believe it's chrome or polished (in a similar boat as you). Haven't had success tearing mine apart yet.... if it comes to it, I'll simply have it polished and then ceramic-cleared. It is definitely the coolest gas cap option for roundie owners, one of those details that pops once you know to look for it. Dang hard to come by some times though.
  8. That’s correct, it was the e34 I should have referenced. Should have checked my own notes before writing e12 all over the place. Thanks for that.
  9. As I just said on a recent thread, the M30 starters are heavier by a couple pounds. It is noticeably heavier than the s14 starter. If you're building a race car, the S14 is the way to go.... if it's a street car....sure late-model M30B35. If it's ok, I'd rather not need to keep correcting this. Mucci, I've gone down the part number/manufacturer number rabbit hole before.... my general rule of thumb is that it's worth trying it out if/only-if you can afford to walk away from it in the likelyhood that it doesn’t work out. There are times where "brand" quality doesn't matter nearly as much as "batch" quality. *edited from early e12 to late m30b35 fitment, as per correction.
  10. Gears are same M10/S14/M30 NOT M20. E30M3 (SR440x) is lightest and spendy. E12 (SR71) is not as light, but still lighter than stock....Plus you can tell friends at Cars and Coffee that your car shares parts with the Blackbird.
  11. The wire wound booster hose is not available by that (or any) BMW part number. You are basically looking for someone's 30-40-50 year old hose at this point. Not sure I'd recommend that on a safety principle. You're only chance is to find some source that is not BMW who still has it produced....volvo, porsche, other european car supplier.
  12. I'd humbly suggest that you use an actual 2002 parts supplier, not generic suppliers like ECS Tuning (aka pelican parts) and the dealership. Try Ireland Engineering, Maximillian, BluntTech, RogersTii, etc. These guys actually have restored and drive 2002's of their own. In addition, you'll find a lot of people here have had luck installing the headliner with dozens of clips. Lots of install threads on the FAQ if you search a bit. In addition, You'll find that the seams of the OEM headliner should be reinforced prior to installing Lastly, Blunt just sent me some replacement welting trim that looks close to the original. Sold by the meter. Hope that helps.
  13. Here you go, this’ll give you a way to record your updates on your project. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/blogs/
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