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  1. Very excited to be posting this. What you see is the culmination of a very long development process. Some of you know that I used to setup c/o’s of all types. There were some really fun builds and the systems worked great. That being said, I’ve wanted to see what it would be like to go up to the next level. Well here you have it. A couple years ago a friend (at KW) and I talked about the possibility of them doing a line of coilover systems for the 2002. Around the same time a different 2002 friend wrote to say that he had since graduated with his ME degree and was working at KW. A lot of talking/designing later and KW has come through with these bad boys. While this set is a standard-height system and has been built specifically for Project DianaV2 (primarily a street/canyon car), KW now offers their V3 Coilover System for the 2002. The standard V3 setup is a “shortened-height” system. The V3 system features larger strut tubes with double adjustable strut inserts. The bases have been modified for the lower adjuster and reinforced. The camber plates are nice because they have an insulated ball joint that offers a bit more compliance than a straight-spherical setup. The rear adjusters sit snugly up in the rear. I am NOT selling/profiting from these setups, just excited to offer something new for the 2002 community. You might not see them listed for some time yet. However, they ARE available, and a good BMW specialist that works directly with ST/KW should be able to handle it (IE, Blunt, CK, etc.). You will need to provide your strut cores up front. KW’s pricing will be more than 3k, but less than 4.5K. I know CoupeKing has a couple sets inbound for a couple builds already.
  2. Oh wow, yeah, that would do it! Can't say I've seen that happen with spacers less than 10mm thick. Glad you are getting it sorted.
  3. Just did a little photoshoot this morning, the interior was pretty neat.
  4. AceAndrew

    PVGP Thank You!

    Wait....seriously?! And I won't be there again, dang it. You are so close. If you are flying into LAX and driving up from there, let me know!!
  5. As Toby says, your problem is not the spacers. Old multi-piece wheels can be troublesome (but I love those Gotti's, yours look great), I too would tend towards exploring the wheel balance first. Were Gotti's originally face mounted like you have though? If not, were the rear of the faces machined to accept both the lip and barrel?
  6. Passenger side, and yes, it does matter.
  7. AceAndrew

    Koni/Bilstein struts backordered

    Anybody remember when Weber quit making DCOE's?! People thought the world was ending.
  8. AceAndrew

    WTB License plate light cover

    I am making reproductions, but it will still be a few months before they are ready. Injection molds aren't quick.
  9. AceAndrew

    Koni/Bilstein struts backordered

    Banks take 2-4 days to process refunds, not the suppliers fault (provided they initiated the return on their end). I'm just happy that Bilstein are still committed to making them at all.
  10. Since you are looking for parts now, look for a 323i (or 320/6) Getrag 245 5-speed. It will fit in the tunnel easier compared to the Getrag off of the E30 325i (still use that later 325i M20 though). There are some reference shots in here in regards to a radiator option and tunnel tinkering (245-based). If you have any specific questions, by all means shoot me a PM.
  11. AceAndrew

    Wheels to use with IE 15" brake kit

    There are a bunch of 15" wheels that clear the IE 15" WW kit (hence the name). You just started with one of the worst possible options. If you shoot them an email in regards to wheel clearance, they can send you clearance specs (outside diameter and face distance of the BBK). Kosei K1's are also a cheap option that will clear.
  12. AceAndrew

    Aluminum M10 flywheels?

    Fixed. This is the only one that gets down to that weight. Rama (RHD) is a great guy, but this is one part that I'd classify as a "race-only replace-every-other-season". Had a couple friends/clients run them with similar experiences as Jim's. Other options are heavier but are designed for longer life. Calling a different aluminum flywheel (or decently lightened stock wheel) "heavy" feels silly though.
  13. AceAndrew

    Quick shift linkage question

    In your picture you show the earlier linkage setup. This is a great chance to upgrade to the later style shift linkage setup. It is much more set-and-forget than the early system for at least one reason you've pointed out. I've had the pin at the front fall out while driving on the freeway (it's vertical and the retainer clip lost it's ability to retain). Only time the car has ever left me stranded. Shoot me a quick email reminder and I'll send over some instructions (though it is as straight forward as you think it is). Also, preemptively..... shhhhhh, Toby, just shhhhhhhh.
  14. Correct. The use of one, or both, options is your call. I generally just run the fixed plate as the offset roll center spacers require diligent maintenance and don't play well with smaller wheel diameters. Basically, follow the path of least resistance. The (prior to cutting bodywork) scenario for stock diameter springs would include. Fixed plates -> bumpsteer spacers -> having the stock strut housing bent (can get another degree or so).
  15. I know a little over a year ago there were several threads on a number of message boards that covered that ECS Tuning had gone from buying up Turner Motorsport to buying up Pelican Parts. It appears that all those threads have been scrubbed from google/bing/etc. Dan (formerly of Turner) had some insight today regarding his interactions. Note that this should be visible, even to those who don't "facebook". Just wanted to take a moment and thank the suppliers of the vintage BMW world for being so awesome. We are very VERY fortunate.