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Community Answers

  1. Check again, the cars in the video have the same displacement 2.5l vs 2.5l ... and the 02 is roughly %15 lighter (2300lbs vs 2700lbs), hence the outcome ... not intended to be a real comparison.
  2. For the fully rebuilt U.S.S. M20B29 w/ITB's it's about 9k-12k including donor motor. Shop labor/fab and auxiliary component costs are a wash between the two engine options. The weight difference (assuming battery relocation and aluminum radiator) is about 30lbs along the centerline and comparatively lower to the ground. Just spent an hour searching for photo I took showing the M10, M20, and M30 valve covers next to eachother. Will EDIT this post when I find it. For a couple shops to talk to in the NW (IF you're going to have shop work done), I have a couple recommendations via PM.
  3. @Tommy Thankfully, once we go this road there's lots of options. I guess I don't get how the 02 spirit is supposedly retained using a much newer dual cam Japanese motor. After driving one I could tell that the character was definitely not of an "02" anymore. It's a great combo, but the M20 felt much more in keeping with the car's character..... (as it was used in the 02's successive model, the very next year of production).
  4. There are not many direct comparisons .... I suspect one of the camps would be less inclined. Here's an interesting clip though ... two quick drag pulls featuring a stock 2.5L M20 swapped 2002 and a stroker 2.5L S14 E30M3 Also .... spent a long time developing the humbly-named Ultimate Street Stroker M20 (2.9L) Engine. It'll get you a zippy 220-235whp w/ near OEM reliability, sound amazing, and look period correct (being part of the single-cam engine line). Not cheap, but very very very fun. If that swap is one you want to explore, i'm happy to help answer questions. BMW M20 - Ultimate Street Stroker Engine Checklist (adamsautosport.com) Food for thought ... so much fun to be had!
  5. PD yes, in regards to the m10 nuances. I used to spec/-supply kits when I was still at IE, sent out hundreds of engine recipe kits and have been on the “tech” end of many machine shop calls. Generally speaking if they are used to European motors, then you’re in good hands. I’ve found a lot more assumptions/mistakes come from the domestic specialty corner. Not questioning their abilities, but when that supply chain is so strong/easy it kind of allows a builder to become slightly careless. Note this is an aggregate observation, not an individual assumption. There are some very good builders here in the FAQ who are helpful but don’t obnoxiously promote their services. If you’d like a couple references, shoot me a pm. If your builder is good, but unfamiliar he’ll do his homework here prior to starting. Another factor you haven’t mentioned, how many miles do you expect the motor to run for? sorry for any typos, on cell.
  6. I can guarantee that the engineer who calculated the FOS on these rockers did not anticipate some goon putting the identification stamps right on this highly-stressed area of the rockers. It's one easily garage-mitigated reason why these&febi rockers like to snappy snap right there.
  7. They did at one point.... last I personally saw them new was 6-7 years ago. However, if you opt for them (or febi) polish out those stress risers. They weren't any better or worse than febi (but bear in mind that Febi's varied slightly per production batches so it's a not a straight comparison). The M10/M30&M20 rocker rabbit hole is deep, you have been warned.
  8. Was under the mistaken impression that he passed away .... not super familiar with the Porsche community I'm afraid.
  9. AA:

    Are you still building your brake line kits?

    I need one set for a 72 tii



    1. AceAndrew


      Hi Larry,  please email me directly.  andrew@adamsautosport. c o m , thanks!

  10. Slav .... Rod Emory, Rob Dickinson, Jack Olsen, Magnus Walker, Dario Franchitti, Bruce Canepa (RIP), Daniel Ricciardo, Freeman Thomas, and hundreds more would like a word with you. Unless there is a disconnect in how we are defining restomod. As for this engine and it's sale ... lol.
  11. Yes, I did. However, the sales were not enough to justify ongoing production. I handed it off to Andrew at IE, who now keeps production going. Can confirm that they are on the shelf over there. Tachometer Adapter – 2002/E21 – Ireland Engineering | Racing & Performance Parts for BMW & MINI (iemotorsport.com) Not a fan of swapping out to a non-stock tach.
  12. To enunciate what Toby and John have said. To remove the gauge cluster trim rings on the silver dollar and other cluster w/o the later front overlay panel: 1) The each glass piece is held in by the inner-bevel/metal-lock-rings that are essentially "wedged in" in a couple spots. Tap them counter-clockwise with some punch/screwdriver from the sides. They'll "pop" loose. 2) Remove glass. They'll simply drop out. 3) "Pinch" the plastic trim ring tabs simultaneously and push outward. As toby said. they are painted as a unit with the face, so be gentle removing them. I've done 4-5 clusters at this point, and have had tabs snap on a couple of them. *Note that refinishing process on the plastic rings can be very tricky, DO NOT over abrade the surface trying to remove the existing finish as the plastic will get marred. There's simply a fine line you must find. In short, a lot of this is done by feel. Very "goldi-locks"-ish. M20 Triple weber build x2 - Page 12 - Project Blogs - Archive - BMW 2002 FAQ
  13. Just enjoying going through some builds.. yours being one. On the e21 calipers, it looks like you took a grinder to them in order to get the disk to fit?
  14. @Chris_B In my first post I simply linked to a recent thread where I had offered to help if they just shot me a PM. If... they want help.
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