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  1. AceAndrew

    Need Getrag Lay shaft bearing

    Surprisingly yes, wouldn’t do them for others, not nearly confident enough the guys you use are relatively inexpensive! best of luck op, would love to be proven wrong on this.
  2. AceAndrew

    Need Getrag Lay shaft bearing

    Good morning Paul. The bearing is not available, not even universal replacement (timken, fag, etc). Ask any of us that rebuild the 245 and we'll say the same thing (not for lack of searching, or attempting to manufacture). One solution that is fairly frequently used is to machine out the case to use a different bearing. Hope that helps, I'd love nothing more than to find a stash somewhere (or pony up the not-insignificant funds to have it reproduced). Maybe your call out will kick over some rocks.
  3. AceAndrew

    VIN metal tag font

    Haha, fair enough. I certainly agree on the sheet metal stamping though. For those who opt for the CK piece.... just a thought..... Doc Sliskovitch sits down nearly every Saturday, breaks out his stamp and die setup (that has got to be older than me) and stamps each plate. Those same steady hands have saved many lives over the course of twenty years as an ER doc (then gen.practice) in west LA. It's something he'll never shout about, but it is something that I think is worth knowing when you look at that plate.
  4. AceAndrew

    VIN metal tag font

    No. If it's haggard, pull that sucker off, stick it in your 2002 file, and slap a shiny one on. At least, that's what my ocd silently screams into my ear.
  5. AceAndrew

    tii fuel line routing

    Here's some cars I've helped with, should be a few good reference shots for you within the flickr albums.
  6. AceAndrew

    Thoughts on Weber 38/38
  7. AceAndrew

    Traveling Tool Kit

    I'm still going to be offering these elephant-skin-vinyl-wrapped trunk boxes (with an optional foam cut-out insert). Depending on what people would like, a "tall-style" could be done as well. The prototype is working well, just need to start a production run.
  8. AceAndrew

    WTB e12 front calipers

    Spacer between caliper halves.
  9. Ridiculously awesome..... Best of luck, will shoot you a pm.
  10. Go figure....but... I've found the new OEM bushings extremely difficult to install (just attempted another 6 sets 3 weeks ago). Lubed to the gills, all the tricks in the book. etc. I know historically @PaulWegweiser has also voiced similar frustrations. Given the simplicity of install (and the preference to how they feel) I enjoy urethane (NOT Delrin/UMHW) on a fun street car for the pivoting bushings, but keep rubber mounts (engine/rear-subframe). Matt's description of urethane being "firm" on a street car is spot on.... Mike's.... well maybe that harshness is due predominantly to the Bilstein Sports. Then again, it's not like our butt-gauges are properly calibrated anyways. Also.... the timing on this is topic is about right. It's been about 6 months since the last rubber vs. urethane conversation.
  11. AceAndrew

    Yet another 2002 in a movie

    Just watched Bumblebee last night. There is a 2002 square tail with a turbo spoiler and euro plates in the background as she moped’s out on Santa Cruz pier. Not to mention the e30 that gets decimated. Enjoyed the movie though, a nice “back to the basics” flick.
  12. AceAndrew

    Gauge pod options?

    That's Igor, yes~! He also did a single-pod design.
  13. AceAndrew

    Gauge pod options?

    There was a guy 3D printing exactly what you are describing on the bmw 2002 modifiers lounge group on Facebook. Would have been a couple months ago.
  14. AceAndrew

    Lots of BMW 2002 parts

    That is a really hard list to go from but, I’d say roughly .... 3k(min)-6k(max). Take it as you will, I’m typing this on my phone. Im sorry for her loss, good on you for taking this on.
  15. AceAndrew

    Control arm bushing sleeve

    Yes, absolutely recomend doing it! Also so get the outside seam around the perimeter of the ball joint.