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  1. Please share your body dolly designs...

    Hodge, The height was really dependent on the castors. I opted for giant 8" inflatable casters from HarborFreight. They are easy on the chassis when rolling it around, I can also deflate them when the chassis is up on the tow truck. There is plenty of space underneath. In fact, I'll be under the car quite a bit this coming week sorting out fuel and brake line routing/mounting. If you'd like, I'll grab an actual measurement this coming week.
  2. Schrick cam pitting?

    Bear in mind that the schrick cam and the IE cams are coming from the same source now. Be aware that the 292 cam and stock springs work ok, but you really should have considered slightly stiffer springs (not full-on IE duals or schrick duals) with that cam if you are going to run the engine up there. I'm kinda with Ken here as that it could be a valve-lash problem. Possible that the initial valve lash was done prior to the head being torqued. The initial startup/warmup cycle would have then meant the valve lash was close to non-exhistent. That combined with initial break-in could have resulted in the marks you see. In my mind, I'd keep an eye on it. If it progresses to get worse, take out the cam. If it stays the same, then Bob's your uncle.
  3. Pedal box cover question

    I'm with Steve on this one. The trade off isn't worth leaving the box open to the atmosphere. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
  4. Sway bars and strut brace

    Yikes, talk about stretching things out a bit. In my mind, Tom's well-intentioned bit of testing holds up about as well as any anecdotal experience. Conversely to your opinion, I maintain that in many cases it does actually have a noticeable benefit. I also look to newer chassis design of performance-oriented cars which often incorporate a stiffening brace under the hood.
  5. Sway bars and strut brace

    Just note that the TEP bar ties into the non-structural heater core shroud. A lot of race builds just do away with that piece of sheet metal. It is not a structural part of the fire wall. Then we're also talking about a very heavy design way up high. In-short, it looks nice. Toby, I know there are differences up at the front sheet between the late/early cars, Along the sides of the engine bay, you are absolutely right. I'll take a couple shots tomorrow.
  6. Rubber brake line Insulators

    BMW #34324050540 x5 rubber insulator sleeve (bmw list $1.43 each as of 2016) ^ From my notes. All it is is a split rubber hose.
  7. Sway bars and strut brace

    We are all assuming that the 2002 chassis stayed the same throughout it's production. Obviously, it did not. Later cars had a LOT more sheet metal reinforcement. This would certainly have an effect.
  8. Introduction >> New 2002 Owner

    Very cool, I used to live near Mt. Tabor. In regards to questions, we are more than happy to help. Just note that we tend to be a bit more "teach a man to fish" than some other places. Most questions have been answered, so certainly do a good search and you may be surprised. Sounds like your girlfriend is a keeper if she's supporting you on this!
  9. Introduction >> New 2002 Owner

    Very cool! Welcome to the FAQ and congrats on picking up the cars. Where in Oregon are you? There are a lot of members up that way.
  10. Sway bars and strut brace

    Front/Rear swaybar setup really really just depends on the situation. You are, of course, spot on regarding an autocross setup and tight turn-in. Conversely, if setting up for drifting/ice racing the bigger rear bar (set stiff) is a great way to get that tail to slide out controllably. For my street/canyon setup I liked the IE front set at the loosest option, and the rear also set up with the clamps further to the end (looser). ---------------- In regards to the strut brace and swaybars, bear in mind that with the IE sway-bars relocating the pivot bushings directly underneath the subframe you are reducing flex at the nose. Stock/ST-routed swaybars put the pivot bushings up at the tip of the front subframe which introduces a bit of extra flex.
  11. 1975 LeMans Parking Pass ORIGINAL

    That is so cool! I want one too, PM sent.
  12. Sway bars and strut brace

    ST bars are decent/generic, but the IE bars are that much better again. I will reiterate what has been said before. IE swaybars made the single biggest difference to the handling of my car.
  13. Counter point - what happened to having an opinion? I'm a staunch advocate for hotrodding 2002's. However, modifying's very nature is "personalizing" a car. Meaning it should be built for yourself, meaning someone else may not like it. If the owner likes it, well there you go. .....and the world goes round.
  14. Please share your body dolly designs...

    Here's the one I'm using. The design is from the fellow doing them for CoupeKing. The side support bars that connect the front to back aren't installed at the moment. Lot's of bodywork pictures in the flickr album For a little more jabbering involved, the explanations and step-by-step can be seen here...