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  1. Love this car, but you may want to edit this passage in your listings to clarify that the early 1600/2002 chassis is much lighter than the later chassis (mid 71 and then square tails). However, within the same chassis years, the 1600 and 2002 near-as-made-no-difference weighed the same. Will certainly edit this when the listing is edited.
  2. AceAndrew

    1974 BMW 2002tii fender flare question

    Per and Tim at Grassroots Motorsports built a great Tiaga turbo-flared 2002tii (jeez, it's already been eight years ago). "Desire" is in the eye of the beholder. Are you buying it to flip it, (therefore caring only what others think) or are you buying it to enjoy for years to come (therefore caring more about if YOU like it or not)? All variations of the 2002 maintain their values well when TASTEFULLY modified. The photo you posted appears to be a flare over a box flare (flare squared?). Check for general quality of the work done. Opting to use knock-off wheels and retain the big bumpers are negative indicators, but the fact they retained the upper trim line is a positive indicator. NOTHING replaces a proper PPI inspection though. I'd HIGHLY recommend having one done before plunking down moolah.
  3. AceAndrew

    Firewall insulation fitment

    Yes, the one I brought up was the piece Jeff and his brother did. At the time we weren’t quite sure how to best get it out there. It remains the best option for those looking for maximum thermal protection. Its good to spray evenly on both sides (similar to seal installations).
  4. AceAndrew

    BMW 2002Tii booster core

    Hey Guys, Keeping an eye out for a Tii Booster (or Alfa or Volvo equivalent) core for my project car. Happy to trade parts, pay, etc. Thanks, Andrew
  5. AceAndrew

    Making a carb switch 32/36 to a 38/38.

    Awesome! Way to make it happen. I love the 32/36, but the 38/38 is just so much FUN on the 2002, even stock! Best of luck on the other projects, project blog starting soon?
  6. AceAndrew

    Getrag 245 5 speed and tii brake booster

    They (nor does any new parts supplier) have any new ones. This is when MM and a few others start machining the box to fit a new dimension'd bearing. Unfortunate situation, but not unheard of when dealing with used (ie core) parts. Best of luck Paul, hopefully the original poster will offer some sort of partial compensation. I'll be watching to see how @Wgmack handles this.
  7. AceAndrew

    Wanted- 2002 e10 Tool Roll

    I don't know what an E10 is, but CoupeKing has them for the 2002.
  8. AceAndrew

    M3 e30 Pressure Plate/Disc Whos using it?

    Then you you have a nice 325i variation. If you’d like to confirm, what was the part number on the box?
  9. AceAndrew

    M3 e30 Pressure Plate/Disc Whos using it?

    Just as an unfortunate update, the M3 pressure plate we were referring to no longer exists. Sachs/bmw sold out about four years ago and superceeded the number with the standard 325i pressure plate. It also works fine, but it doesn’t have quite the same holding power (around 25%ish if I recall correctly). thanks for bumping an original thread instead of starting a new one. as for the question, I KNOW the 323i tob would work, I don’t know about the m3 tob though.
  10. AceAndrew

    Diff info?

    2002 LSD's are a bit uncommon, so pricing is tricky. I'd estimate $275-$400usd for an unknown-condition core pumpkin sans ring/pinion. Internals are a little trickier to source, but not impossible.
  11. AceAndrew

    Silver or chrome rings for instrument cluster

    I do have a couple standard pieces of glass, be happy to send one for the cost of shipping.
  12. AceAndrew

    Aluminium Radiator

    Great links, especially that CGJ article. Also, let's not turn this into a "copper vs. aluminum" debate guys. Also, sorry Jerry for not returning your email, hopefully this will suffice instead. The following are the current available 2002 aluminum radiator options. 1) Chinese bay direct (basically another manufacturer's returned rejects). Drilling needed. 2) Ireland Engineering - Yes made overseas, but with some QC involved. Drilling needed. 3) Patrick @ Midnight - US-made cores and fabricated in house. Except his "house" is an actual repair business, so his bread and butter is not pumping out radiators. Drilling may be needed 4) Ron Davis Radiators - US-made. Beautiful work, but priced accordingly. Drilling not required. **Also, I've mentioned this in the past, the space from the engine to the radiator is HIGHLY variable. Take ten cars, and I'll give you ten different measurements. For simplicities sake, it's best to plan on using an electric fan.
  13. AceAndrew

    Dash fix

    Andy was really REALLY lucky as he got one of the last ones Walloth and Nesch had, they sold out shortly thereafter. It was even the early style!
  14. AceAndrew

    Oh no, don't tell me.....

    @'76mintgrün'02 The unfortunate reality is that there is a bit of a "tolerance" on the little O-ring. After rebuilding a pile of valves, I've found two types (one a little fatter, one a little thinner) that fit well, depending on the valve. That being, new guts are never a bad thing, especially if you have the plastic type.
  15. AceAndrew

    Door Card availability

    855 there are three left... in the world, then nada 856 there are none left unfortunately. @jerryasi does that include the chrome/plastic embossed pieces?