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  1. AceAndrew

    Motion control suspension

    Neat stuff, so this is a combination setup using both Ground Control and MCS then? Coming from my experience in setting a lot of 2002 race systems, I'd highly recommend that they weld triangular reinforcement tabs on at the base for future systems. Regardless of how fantastic the base weld, I'd see an unreinforced system last a season or two before it would start bending at the base. The more rough bounces, the quicker the deformation. As you said, it's fun to see more options.
  2. AceAndrew

    LS Swap

    haha, "basically identical" is always code for "not identical", not that that is a bad thing, I'm sure its perfectly functions. Again, depends on what you are going after. In regards to setup, if you look at the Clarion Builds 2002, I specced that system to be about as low as you could go for the std.-height. Given what you are doing, I suspect the shortened height route will be in your future. As for the steering rack, you may not want to refer to any current write-ups. The cleanest setup I've seen utilized a universal system intended for hotrods.
  3. AceAndrew

    LS Swap

    Looks like a fun hotrod project! Welcome to the BMW2002FAQ. For front C/O's, Ireland sells stuff in component form if you want to hack some of it yourself. Ken (vintageBMWracing) offers Lexan windows for 2002 racers. A couple of us have doen rack/pinion swaps. It's easy to screw up the geometry on these cars, so measure twice (w/ software) cut once.
  4. AceAndrew

    New Member! 1969 2002

    Welcome! Looks like a great start. You will have a lot to tinker around with. If you're not careful, you will wake up one morning with the subframes and engine spread out in your garage. As for the head, if you know the name of the guy who had "ordered" the head from IE, I'm sure you could call them to see if it came up in their records.
  5. AceAndrew

    Considering Buying 68 2002

    It sounds too good to be true. Best of luck, hope it checks out! I can't recommend a good PrePurchaseInspection by a knowledgable third party enough.
  6. AceAndrew

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    @KenH Mine just got to Orange County yesterday. A big thanks to you and your wife, Hal! @joebarthlow Last year I joined the BMWCCCA (that's right, extra C for Classic). They do a great little magazine every quarter.
  7. AceAndrew

    Future Bring-a-Trailer car?

    Wow, just saw this. Very very cool car. Would be a great base for a classy "hotrod" build. If I was after another project, I'd be buying this right now.
  8. AceAndrew

    Brake parts question

    For DOT-approved SS flex lines: Me IE Blunt Guten Not going to debate the performance differences of SS vs rubber, it's never ending. However, the stainless braid adds a nice little protection against the errant sharp object.
  9. AceAndrew

    BMW 2002 turbo engine

    This. We have one VERY simple rule here. Neat piece, but if you don't have a price in mind then use Ebay.
  10. Hey Bill, not sure... However, I did write this tutorial. It includes a spreadsheet at the top of the page with a complete parts break down (and sourcing).
  11. AceAndrew

    Limited slip 1,150

    LSD break-away? Not in my experience.
  12. AceAndrew

    Limited slip 1,150

    To be clear, the bearings were all replaced and the pumpkin was inspected (and had the bell washers replaced). Subsequently, the breakaway measured a little more than 30ft/lbs, perfect for a hotrod.
  13. AceAndrew

    Best place to buy headliner.

    The OEM material is hard to get (not available? will check and edit). The last hoard I knew of was bought by the WerkShop a week before I called. Fortunately, Veterans (the supplier to a couple of the guys Al mentioned) is making an exact reproduction. It isn't ready yet, but will be in the next month or two. I've got a pile on order.
  14. AceAndrew

    CV Joint Grease (race application)

    Mark, knowing you like all the options (no matter how exotic), look into Krytox Grease. It is what is used in serious professional racing these days. However, there is a price tag attached, it can be more spendy than the parts it is protecting. Here's a quickie intro... Edit: son-of-a.... beat by seconds!
  15. AceAndrew

    M20 Triple weber build x2

    Things are moving forward, this paint prep process is taking a lot longer than anticipated (surprise surprise). With the bottom, wheel wells, and interior now painted in epoxy primer it's time to start applying the Wurth undercoating. Wurth carries their gray version again, so I got six cans to do the underside and wheel wells. First coat will be natural gray color, but for the second and third coats I'm going to try to tint the undercoating Taiga and see how it works. The spec sheet says it can be tinted up to %30, so we will see how it works out. The first coat in the wheel wells is done. However, before I start the underbody the final bit of welding needs to be done. Note the cut-out. This is wear the Oil Cooler will be mounted. Also finished the first production run of the new Internal Headlight Covers. Can't wait to see these painted!