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  1. Passenger side motor mount: a) Is the stopping plate in place? This doubles as a shim. If it is or isn't you can always shim it a little more (getting creative to make said shims). b) Is the sheetmetal it sits on caved in a bit? With age I've seen some of these start to sag a bit. Fixing this means welding some supports, so that fix is a much larger commitment. Not saying either of these will completely fix your issue.... but they are things you have power to control at the moment.
  2. There were two types of input bearings used on the 245 transmission. One was sealed, one was not. Regardless, you can use a thin smear of Dirko. Works well.
  3. This is great news in general. However, which shop are we referring to here? Also, just used your vent window seals. Was pretty impressed. It's a simple piece, but BMW is NLA!
  4. 1) Yes, both will 2) Both are perfectly usable when you have them setup. 3) For the DCOE linkage, alot of it is getting it synced right... which comes down to hardware. I like the larger OD rod linkage from Pierce, or even better... @halboyles's linkage kit. . 38/38' s is much simpler. As noted, both will not run like injection.... but that's why I prefer them. 4) Yes, it is the induction noise. For example.
  5. I really really really really really like this car. The fact it’s from my hometown is icing on the top.
  6. Well, to bluntly input my opinion regarding your intensely personal choice .. if the flared/hotrodded car in the photo were mine..... I would have put an M20 in it yesterday and have been laughing in melody with that straight six snarl today ..... regardless of what the badge on the back says. Then again, I don't view the 2002's pedigree as some sort of investment (this mindset has unfortunately begun to propagate itself within the community). Whatever you do, don't sit in limbo forever.... I know too many people who are kept from happiness only by their own indecision. To boil it down. "Does hearing/saying/typing/reading the moniker "tii" give you more or less joy than if you were driving a hopped up 02 on your favorite drive.?" - Marie Kondo (probably) If yes, keep it as is and sleep easy. If no, decide from the outset how far you want to jump down the rabbit hole? (this is where politely asking people for rides at shows is extremely helpful, actual experience feeling how different cars drive trumps our opinions). Sidedrafts? Swap? Keep it BMW? etc. All of these have been discussed for decades on here, so you'll fine plenty of archived opinions. Best of luck!
  7. One of the weirder interactions I had while at IE was when a customer called in from New York for some suspension components for his 2002 (which he had claimed to have owned for a couple years). I sent the parts out and got a call a couple weeks later that they wouldn't fit on the car (and why had I sent the wrong parts!?) He started to describe the issue and it sounded very very strange; control arms were "bent", steering rack, etc. I told him to send over some pictures as best he could. Could. not. believe. the. photos .... The entire 2002 body had been grafted onto an E30 chassis/guts (whilst retaining the M10). There were neat weld lines and everything. Super crazy; and the kicker was that the owner had no idea.
  8. Rob, something you may want to mention to BAT.... When I use the search function on BAT and type in "BMW 2002", this car does not come up. I've noticed that occasionally this will happen with "2002tii" listings. Most 2002tii listings DO show up under the typical 2002 search. Unfortunately, this omission does result in less views. Best of luck.
  9. Zygmunt Motors (PA) Guten Parts + Service (NJ) Sports Car Restoration (CT) Vintage Sports and Restoration (NH)
  10. ...And the fender washers are painted. I strongly dislike painted fasteners and have therefor opted to run yellow zinc on those parts as well. I know you've heard me mention it before, but for the sake of the intent of this thread. Peter Sliskovich (one of the old guard) swears that these little end pieces were nickle plated. Again, change of finish were fairly frequent throughout the 02 production, so who knows for how long this was the case. I agree there isn't a magic formula on these cars.
  11. Is it just me or does that “bring joy” to the whole engine bay? Almost a sign that all is well in the world (of 02’s at least).
  12. Glad the covers are being enjoyed! It will be interesting to watch this one. The selling dealer's writing style makes me want to throw bricks.
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