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  1. Just a thought, but the auxiliary filler neck @HBChris sells is simple and effective. Plus if fits nicely on the side of the trunk.
  2. AceAndrew

    Aftermarket tachometer recommendations

    Yeah, I should update that. Here's the website, still early stages.
  3. You can go longer 144mm rods, but that's not stroking it technically. I've looked at having cranks made, the pricing per unit came out to be a bit more than an s14 std. or evo cranks are already going for, so it didn't make financial sense.
  4. AceAndrew

    Aftermarket tachometer recommendations

    FYI, very shortly I will be offering a "tach adapter" whose main purpose will be to augment the stock tach to accept/convert any incoming tach signal. This way you can reuse your correct VDO stock tach with just about any motor swap (M20, F20, etc.). As a bonus, it has an option shift-light output.
  5. AceAndrew

    M20 Triple weber build x2

    Hey thanks, Martin. I will have some more updates in the next week. Things have been moving forward, behind on photos.
  6. Having driven a bunch of them, I'd take a stroker M20 over an S14. I may have said that before somewhere.....
  7. AceAndrew

    New Member

    Well the nose in Inka and the engine bay is Colorado. Send your Vin# to BMW and they'll verify the original color (a quick FAQ search yields a couple emails for BMWclassic. Looks like someone had fun and put the hood seal on the firewall cowel as well. Your discoveries will get worse and more dire..... just remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  8. AceAndrew

    rock guard / rockers/ nose

    David, I could go bananas on the underbody with the Jet Chisel. Haven't done an area that will then need to be smooth. It may be a bit much to be used in that way however, I've never tried.
  9. AceAndrew

    rock guard / rockers/ nose

    Haha, oh jeez.... I used a Jet Chisel. Made short work of the texturing.
  10. AceAndrew

    rock guard / rockers/ nose This is the Flickr album for my project. You will find several pictures detailing correct schutzing of the rockers, tail panel, and nose (roundie application). hope that helps.
  11. AceAndrew

    Group Buy For I.E. Alpina Diff Covers?

    I actually include a vent threaded on top. It's just not shown in the pretty pictures (was waiting on the tap and vent when the shots were taken). If you squint, you can see it in this Instagram pic. The fill-plug is right behind one of the ears. Thanks for the words of encouragement! It's funny when you mention the academics Tom. The primary purpose of the ADAMS Autosport venture is to help pay for me continuing school for the Mechanical Engineering degree. Very fortunate to have Jeff, Steve, Roger, Ken, Le, Levent, Mat&Rick, and other shops willing to be resellers. Here's the listing. I send the text and images out to be reused.
  12. AceAndrew

    Group Buy For I.E. Alpina Diff Covers?

    Glad you like the look of the cover. Sorry Justin, no group buys on this one. It is available directly from ADAMS Autosport or through resellers including IE, Blunt, Guten, Rogers, and others as a pre-order for the second batch. As for function; it is pretty neat having the inner support ridge which channel the oil flung off of the ring gear back around the full inside surface of the cover helping to maximize heat dissipation. Academically speaking, the fins help to dissipate heat as soon as the oil starts heating up. There isn't a strict street-car race-car distinction. These diffs can get hot, and LSD's are not cheap, especially fully-built units. Certainly worth considering that Alpina often equipped their E21 street-hotrods with them. By no means are they needed in many situations, but they are hardly relegated solely to the "bling" category.
  13. AceAndrew

    New License Plate Lights/Covers

    I'm working on it on two fronts. 1) An old designer friend works with HELLA on a regular basis. He has a couple buddies up the food chain there who have agreed to look at producing them again. Deadline to hear back on that is about a month. 2) If #1 fails, I scan the part, am getting ready to have it printed to make an injection mold. Have a few injection quotes and one of them ready to go. Either way, by next year this time they will be available again.