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  1. Hey, happy to help. I apologize for not being on the FAQ much recently, but glad you are on your way!
  2. Yes, I still have them. I’ve removed the “sales” side of the website. Shot you a reply on instagram.
  3. $450-$650 in used non-restored condition (one "test restoration" doesn't count). ....but that's just my opinion. These wheels are funny because they tend to go for extreme numbers (high and low), hence the price I have is about the aggregate average from my dealings in the past several years.. Couple more reference photos... from a car that may or may not have taken a chunk of my skin while refusing to loosen a bolt. Love/hated that car.
  4. It's a good idea to replace it. However, to what degree is a sliding scale..... one end being an unknown "junk" core, the other being a fully rebuilt masterpiece. As an option..... I am up in Redondo Beach on Saturdays, and happen to have a decent diff laying around. It hasn't had the seals replaced (which would be a good idea to do [while your mechanic is in there]), but it's yours for $100 (and your core).
  5. AceAndrew

    Back at it.

    It looks absolutely surgical Ken!! I like your brake-line tabs in/on the tunnel/firewall, and the power distribution block setup. I'm curious to see how you are going to manage the heater-core hoses.
  6. Feel like we're twinning right now. I've got Blunt's trim incoming and getting geared up for sound-deadening/insulation. Just knocking out door mechanisms right now. Great work as always! The trim looks great, as does the headliner.
  7. I think it's an awesome idea. Better choice than the piddly M42 and a LOT more aftermarket options. Yes, it's an early car, but very few want to deal with the fiddlyness of early 1600 mechanicals/electricals. However, every body loves the early design purity. Not going to lose a lot of value (in fact, you might make it more valuable) if done with care and class. Bare in mind Flyin Miata founder/crazy-man Bill Cardell has a 2002 he's playing with right now as well. May be worth an email to someone who has his hands on it, rather than us clueless key-board punchers.
  8. It pops up. Would love to see some updates.
  9. Yes, and they have. See the recent Italian style lenses as sold by @danco_ in the classifieds.
  10. Flip a coin. Pistons can be done for either.
  11. Thanks again for putting these together every year Riley. Can't wait to get mine.
  12. In case anyone was asking, these are the pistons I developed with Mahle Motorsport to be the best possible option for a street stroker M20. There is nothing better for street performance. Shant at Bimmerheads is a great engine assembler with a log of experience putting this combo together. A very close replica to my motor, should be an absolute blast for whomever get's it up and going. At 7k, this is an extremely good deal.
  13. There was a thread a couple years ago where someone who worked at 3M recommended 08011 over 08008 (as shown above). Something about it being the right option for the type of rubber used on 2002's.
  14. .....An ok option for a race car or one and/or one where the hose will be systematically replaced at predetermined intervals. Otherwise pipe is a much longer-lasting option. This is a case where fancier doesn't mean better (given the application).
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