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restoring a 1970 BMW 2002

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Josef's dad

blog-0252169001405537001.jpgblog-0252169001405537001.jpgblog-0252169001405537001.jpgblog-0252169001405537001.jpgblog-0252169001405537001.jpgblog-0252169001405537001.jpgblog-0252169001405537001.jpgHi Folks -

I have this worm gear that has some obvious pitting and am wondering about simply finding a new one and replacing it. Will I find problemas with the mating gear (steering roller axle) matching? Are they mfg as a pair and no two are alike or can I get away with replacing one and not the other?


Josef's dad

Hi All - I need to shop for a set of pistons for this engine. it is a 1mm oversize bore with a 121 head that has the intakes increased to the same as an E12 head. I hope to get my sidedraft dellortos running on this combo. Suggestions?

Josef's dad

The Project

blog-0854597001404763439.jpgblog-0854597001404763439.jpgblog-0854597001404763439.jpgblog-0854597001404763439.jpgblog-0854597001404763439.jpgblog-0854597001404763439.jpgblog-0854597001404763439.jpgHi everyone - a few entries ago I appeared on this site - I think it was on the way home with this car behind me. I asked hey - why does this car have Dual Dellortos? Well now I know a bit more - they are rev. C and they were NOT rebuilt like the PO said so. :-) Well there are a lot more of those said so's but hey I am having a blast.

Here is what I knew when I bought it.

Interior had some Recarro seats on cool chrome mounts and the fabric matched the back seats - wasnt that bad of shape either.

Car had been sitting in Merced - since 1998. The PO was obviously in love with the car - his son was selling it because Dad was no longer with us on the planet.

What else? Agave Green with some really light Laquer re-coat. One dent in the passenger door - unfortunately done recently. Bent bumper in front - again - done recently. Doors would not open. Underside showed no rust except for the drivers frame rail. Subframe was kind of racked. From jacking? From towing? IDK. The engine was in the trunk and in the repair shop in pieces. The crank had been turned. The carbs "rebuilt", the block cleaned and bored. The PO and the mechanic at the shop he said - just put her back together and she will run.

Well no such luck.

Since then ... my hunt for parts has provided: used subframe - thanks to 002 Salvage. A used engine (1970 matching head and block anyway) for 80 bucks on craigslist, and a boatload of new parts from Autohausaz, bavauto and who knows who else. Not to mention the shop manuals. My favorite so far is the Dellorto book on how to rebuild - and no they were not rebuilt. They were cleaned on the outside and given a gasket set.

So where does it stand now?

Engine pieces are slowly coming together. Suspension parts are all new up front, Bilsteins and Eiback springs are on the way. Trans is off to Korman Autoworks for a refresh, lots of black spraypaint, Silver spraypaint, lots of wire wheeling, and some more pictures. A friend from Brizio is coming over to fix up that framerail - hopefully.

I love the car. It is lots of fun. My son Josef and I are having a blast.

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