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rear panel rust repair - license plate light area



Here is what was to me my first exterior panel work.  It was fun and easier than I thought.  I am done with it and will let the painter finish up the detail.  No more rust.  A member Coloincaalpine donated the sheetmetal from a donor car.  Here is the donor panel... I lined up the two factory holes with my rear panel factory holes and did some eyeballing of the lines for what seemed like hours.  6ED22B76-6E92-47A2-B4DF-038024E71B9B_1_105_c.jpeg

Then I cut out the rust and clamped the panel behind scribed it, cut the shape I needed out the donor so it fit exactly the hole I cut in the rear panel, and inserted in the hole and used some magnets to hold it in for welding - I painted it a dark green so I could see the lines better...  Sanded it off when I was satisfied.





Then I got to work welding.  I hammered the mig welds to keep the panel straight - I think that is shrinking the weld?


And I welded slowly to not heat up the panel.  Eventually I got here.  I also did some on the backside.   



I am happy with this!  Was really careful not to grind any sheetmetal - using a variety of grinding options.  My favorite grinding wheel is the Walker flexcut 60 grit.  I will let the body shop do the rest.  This spot or area of welding was my first exterior work on the car.  It took a lot of courage.  🙂




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