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Rear Quarter Panel rust repair



Since I am getting brave on the exterior I decided to open up the next can of worms.  The quarter-panel.  Besides W&N is having a sale!    6E74370D-0010-4CFB-BBEC-657A575CE941_1_105_c.jpeg

This was my first quarter on this car and I had no idea what I was getting into - could not really tell from inside what was behind it - and the manual was vague to me too- just some vague ideas from a guy named Barney and his Ceylon in the FAQ.  Thanks Barney!!! 🙂

So I went for it.  What you see here is me cutting open the rusty panel and finding another slightly rusty panel behind it - turns out it is spot welded to the outer rusty panel - guessing for rigidity.  So I drilled out the spots and continued!  Again going conservatively - for a couple hours and here we are tonight.  You can see the rocker panel has some pitting - not sure if I should cut that out and replace it or just treat it and be done.  Leaning towards cut and replace.  Ordering the external patch panels (yes the other side too) tonight.  Happy I can keep the cutting below the body line - it is really clean up there - very little to no surface rust.  








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Pretty much finished the quarterpanel on the left.  Really pleased with the effort inside and out.  I bought a W&N patch panel and I fabricated a patch for the interior bit. I used 4130 easy to weld for the custom patch - was nice to mig weld - and available in .060.


And the patch panel...underneath - .060 thick.





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