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  1. Lol - comes as combo.
  2. Engine out - next disassemble and clean!
  3. Dionk

    Unboxing ross forged pistons

    Hi Kevin - sounds like we are going to have similar set ups. My head is machined my metric mechanic, korman intake, 292 cam (was going to go 304 but chickened out) I also have a lightened flywheel and a stalh header finished off with a 123-tune.
  4. Gathering components for engine rebuild. The pistons arrived this week - here are the pics from unboxing including tech data.
  5. Dionk

    Smooth...Glossy & Stunningly beautiful

    So the cannibalization process has begun.
  6. Dionk

    Smooth...Glossy & Stunningly beautiful

    For the most part yeah.
  7. Major milestones achieved. 1. While I’ve only seen it in side a building the paint is fantastic! Derby is grey once more. 2. Head built. Next big big milestone is the bottom half of the engine! Stay tuned. More pics to follow once it’s back home.
  8. Dionk

    Bottoms Up

    Where did you source your exhaust? Thanks
  9. Dionk

    Stahl Header resurrection

    Stahl header restoration complete. Thanks to the folks at Jet hot. Can’t wait to get the engine rebuilt and this header installed! Please disregard the dog toys. : ) Thanks Dionk
  10. Dionk


    air-conditioning compressor bracket that was holding a York air compressor on a 1981 BMW 320i m10 engine. 46.02 shipped in CONUS
  11. No worries - I was pointing out that I missed being order number 2002 by 1
  12. Look at my order number - #2001 - Dang it.
  13. Another package of goodies arrived today for W&N - pics of said goodies attached. Decided to have a professional rebuild my head instead of doing it myself because I tend to break things, over tighten and take twice as long as it should. So Friday afternoon I dropped off the metric mechanic head, Korman intake and associated bits to a local engine builder RAC engines in laurel MD. I’ll be dropping off the new cam for him later this week. So - Slowly coming together. paint update - there is none. its been a few weeks since I dropped the car off for paint and quite honestly- I’m nervous. My my worst fear of is that they close down and I lose my car and deposit - like I said Worst fear. Second to worst is that they take forever to finish. I don’t want to be a pest by calling every week - but I’m going to anyway. Over the the weekend, I got a few seals replaced on the getrag 245 (input shaft, and selector shaft seal). Had and some troubles getting the selector shaft seal in because of a prior guibo/flex disk failure damaged the transmission case. Pics of that in the general discussion area. I still need to change the output shaft seal- but I don’t have the right tool to get the bolt off - think it’s the thin walled deep impact 30mm. That’s it for now - wish me luck
  14. Part number 63138454110 prefer new or NOS will consider “used” in good condition. Thansk!