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  1. Yes. Will check. alternately, I will be driving to farmingdale Long Island in January and could deliver.
  2. Recaro specialists - front $600 rear seats from e21 $100 (shoved into my 2002) turbo flares $100 front spoiler $300 unknown brand zender rear spoiler (soft) $250 Talbot mirrors $250 Momo Alpina steering wheel. (Needs center button) $380 momo Monte Carlo steering wheel $100 White hella fogs $140 (with hella brackets) Pm me for more pics.
  3. Selling head separately- any items need from the block let me know.
  4. Dionk

    M10 1.8i head

    1.8i head removed from a 1981 320is a month ago - $400 obo buyer pays shipping
  5. Dionk

    5 sp swap opinions

    Huh - I do also have my 71 2002 drive shaft - may be easier to have that one shorten and balanced.
  6. Dionk

    5 sp swap opinions

    If you have the e21 trans, drive shaft and diff from the same 82 320is - can you simply use that e21 drive shaft? Have it shortened as required?
  7. Dionk

    Accumulating Parts -

    Dual Weber’s 40’s cannon manafolds ( have Korman as well no sure which to use) Bosch e30 m3 starter Bosch alternator Blunttech 5 speed convenience kit front wheel bearings etc...
  8. Dionk

    Cleaning up my calipers

    Lots of life and work things going on, though I managed to get a few minutes in the garage with a wire wheel.
  9. Dionk

    New Member! 1969 2002

    Welcome! Probably goes without saying and /or you will find out soon enough. That is “old plastic is brittle”. That red pull on the hazard switch crumbled on me the first time I pulled it on my 71. Even with warnings on the heater box cracking, I cracked mine. Go slow- Use caution. You may have a favorite place to buy parts, but I’d recommend reaching out to Steve at Blunttech. Very helpful. Also, posting in the parts wanted section does typically yield good results in sourcing used parts. This is a decent setup. I have this exact equipment on my 71. On and off ramps are a hoot! Feel free to reach out with questions, congrats on the purchase.
  10. Dionk

    Goodbye to my e21

    Well - there she goes. Our time together was short, but I did get to daily her for a few months. She gave and she gave - I took and I took. Now time to put her best parts into Derby. On with the show!
  11. https://greenville.craigslist.org/cto/d/1980-bmw-320is/6703029655.html
  12. I’ve read several threads on this and think I have it figured out.
  13. I’m having this same problem. The car is a sept of 1967 build date. The trunk lid was not original to the car. Is the trunk hinge hardware the same on early cars as it is on later cars? I’m wondering if I have a later year version. I saw a thread that alluded to this.
  14. Friend is looking - preferably in DC Virginia Maryland area