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  1. Greetings i’m looking for a passenger sunvisors (with mirror) for a 1968 BMW 1600. im also looking for the plastic receivers that mount to the interior roof. See picture below of my set looking like they have been left in the desert 🌵 for 52 years.
  2. It’s all good - I’ll lower the price to 10% less of whatever the advertised price is and include free shipping.
  3. I’m looking for these little clips that fit into the door that you screw the door handles grabs into. I’m looking for a wiping go three or four. Thanks in advance
  4. Not sure. The set of 4 is sold. The one remaining can be yours for $7.50
  5. This 1971 bmw 2002 subframe has been media blasted to bare metal and reinforced at its known weak point. Ready for paint or powder coating in your desired finish. Shipping to be calculated based on location.
  6. New Hardware For e21 diff swap 12 (12.9 strength)Set of screws and nuts - all original yellow zinc plated - for outer 2002 cv Joint side - purchased from walloth and nesch 10 (missing 2) 12.9 grade new Bolts for inner e21 cv joint flanges to diff with threaded holes (you need 12) another 2 can be acquired from Ireland engineering where the 10 for sale were purchased. 10mm x 65mm Used half moon 2 hole plates/ washers (e21 side set and 2002 cv joint set) Come With this purchase. Conus shipping And fees included for $35 used e21axlw hardware also available pm for quote.
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