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  1. Dionk

    On all four

    Ok - will do
  2. Dionk

    On all four

    Not really - center/ tie rods are still loose. Someone else said to me the car needs to roll to settle?
  3. Dionk

    On all four

    On all four - On stock springs seems way to high - needs more low.
  4. Sent - sorry for delay have been out of the country.
  5. No I’m looking for these wheels for a friend. He has those two in the picture and I’m trying to help him hunt down another pair. These are not for my 1600.
  6. All - looking for 2 Gold exim wheels. As pictured thanks
  7. Yes. Interested- my friend has a c&c machine and can fab me a new bracket to replace the larger one I have.
  8. Do you recall whether you removed the old trans mounts?
  9. Well there you have it - thanks for confirming what I just figured out.
  10. Apologies - should have mentioned I’m installing the getrag 245. The bracket is one from a kit.
  11. I was trying to mount my transmission bracket when I noticed it was to wide
  12. Does any one know if the transmission tunnel on a 68 1600 (sept 67 build) is more narrow then later models - i just measured my 68 and it’s about 8inches where my 71 is closer to 9.5 - hard to measure and take a picture at the same time. 71 2002 picture (dirty ) 68 1600 (cleanish)
  13. Found one - thanks all.
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