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  1. Hi all if you were wondering about the price of chrome here is a data point for you. I wanted to have my original 1968 bumpers that were dented and rusty on the inside re chromed. I looked at buying the aftermarket Bumper kits, but decided this was something I wanted to keep original. So I had shop in Fredericksburg Virginia do the front and rear bumpers as well as the taillight round bezels. The results are excellent - I’ll send pictures of them mounted on the car in a few weeks. Need to buy some new hardware. Attached are a few pictures and a picture of what I paid. without being able to see the original shape (dents and scratches) it’s hard to say if I over paid, but the price was higher then I would have liked and definitely more than aftermarket. Now I need new belt line trim - sigh...
  2. Used: 2 Fuel pumps E21 master cylinder $25 each plus shipping
  3. I have a set...will take some pics today.
  4. Need enough Safety wire for 2 ball joint bolts. Thanks Dionk
  5. New hardware on front subframe. Bushings are about two years old - think they need replacement already. Separately I started to get the pedal box ready for install, but then wasn’t satisfied with the engine bay. So....back at it.
  6. Thank you - not sure exactly what the name of the color is....I walked into the paint shop and there was a Porsche 356 painted in this color / with a red interior - and it looked amazing. I’m very happy with it.
  7. No, I’m switching to a 5 speed - another near future project I’m doing this as well.
  8. So if you happen to be in Arlington VA on Friday Nov 1 2019 ( mid day ish). I’m going to be attempting to install a later model pedal box and brake booster in a 1968 1600. Something I have never done before. if you feel like stopping in - please do. If you know how to do this and can give pointers even better. I’m even considering a live stream on instagram or Facebook if you want to just check it out. Or if you want to call in phone lines will be open. pm for directions Best Dion
  9. I have a set of three, decided on 5-speed conversion so I no longer need. Jurid is the brand. PM me if interested.
  10. Thanks all- will give them a ring.
  11. I’m looking for this tube in the picture that houses the spark plug wires. Thanks
  12. My rebuilt and assembled m10 1972 block - machines bored etc painted Alpina tribute valve cover 292 cam Stahl header metric mechanic head korman intake /hardware forged pistons m3 starter e21 alternator e21 water divider Weber 40s New chains/gears/guides etc. New hardware e30 oil filter Ireland engineering lightened flywheel I cant wait!!!!
  13. I have one I can sell you. I’ll take some pictures in a few hours. Best regards Dionk.

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