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  1. Dionk

    Front springs

    I am thinking of selling my H&R sport springs - they have about 5000 miles on them and the rear set is still on my car. How soon are you looking for them. I’m going to go back to stock springs. While the handling was quite enjoyable, I felt the car was to low for my taste. R- Dion
  2. So is this one that’s designed to hold the chrome trim?
  3. Still looking for another one of these.
  4. Side marker lights left side was NOS and on my car for a yr $40 right side is older $20 $60 for both plus shipping.
  5. MOMO Montecarlo steering wheel. $79 USD plus shipping and PayPal cost/fee
  6. Two sensor port water divider from an e21. 59 shipped in conus
  7. Thanks gents - Brandon is sending me one next week. Pictures attached. Figuring out which side it is will be the next challenge.
  8. It appears that these may be side agnostic meaning - these early sliders all mount to the left side of the seat (Whether is driver or passenger) - Can anyone with an early car confirm?
  9. Was able to find a drivers side seat slider - looking for the passenger side now...
  10. have a buyer - waiting for payment - I'll let you know if it doesn't close.

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