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  1. Dionk

    WTT 390mm Nardi Classic for 370-380mm Momo

    $140 with Hub.
  2. I have a friend in McLean VA that ripped his ac out because he wanted more room for Performace upgrades. I bought his entire IcE setup and it’s all sitting in a box waiting for me to get to that portion of my project. I will install it, but I must say that asthetically speaking- the console is not the most attractive set up. I have been eyeing some variations made by koogleworks. And as a a back up for really hot days there is always this $20 dollar option. A homade DIY.
  3. Dionk

    Trunk design Trivia

    Sorry for the delay and even forgetting I posted this question - sigh... anyhow. Here are some pics that I found on my iPad. Looks like they were welded in...because I remember grinding down the welds to make them look nicer. I do think the moral of this story is that the metal in my rear end isn’t as old as Jan 1967.
  4. Wow I completely must have missed that...man I feel like a burnout. Sorry..
  5. So I noticed that on my sept of 67 built 1600-2 that I have this side support - but that same structural piece is not on my jan 1971 built 2002. At first when I noticed it several months ago I thought it was something added as a structural mod. Since then I’ve seen some other trunk pictures -same structure. Anyone have the history on this?
  6. Pedal box and booster are sold.
  7. Dionk

    Stahl Header resurrection

    Thanks all this is the solid advice I was looking for. I’m considering sending it to jet-hot for ceramic coating. Quote from them was $150 plus shipping. Anyone use them?
  8. Greetings all I have a Stahl header that was installed on my project car when I bought it. It’s been storage until today. My plan Is to take it to be bead blasted and cera coated. i have concerns and a few questions I’m seeking advice on: 1. Seems that a PO welded some smaller width exhaust pipe on to it. I’d like to have the same width pipe going all the way back to the muffler. I’m guessing this was done so that It could fit into the stock size mid pipe/ muffler that was on the car when I bought it. My question is should I cut this right before the weld so a clean mid pipe can be attached? Assuming this will need to be a custom size. 2.Looking at the holes where the manifold mates to the engine, it seems that there are some areas where the exhuast flow from the head wasn’t aligned with the manifold holes. You can see this from the darker areas in the pictures on two o the holes. Should I have the header modified hog out that bit that seems to be interrupting the flow? 3. Has anything me installed a wide band o2 sensor on a Stahl header? I plan to and I if you have any advice / pictures for the placement of the bung and sensor - would be appreciated. My guess is that this will need to be sorted after I install. So looking for any advice or input on how to handle both of these items. thanks Dionk
  9. Pedal box -$100 comes as pictured Brake booster - $60 round air filter holder - $80 hose $20 plus PayPal fee and shipping
  10. Try calling Steve at Bluntech or the other parts venders (rogerstii, ireland engineering, pelican parts, FCP euro, tuner motor sports, ECS etc.) If that doesn’t work you might want to try some of the European and uk venders and post a WTB ad in the Parts wanted Section of the FAQ. Good luck.
  11. Dionk

    WTB Schrick 292 camshaft

    I was compelled to seriously consider this 304 can - but considering most of my time in the car will be on backroads and cruising down skyline drive and not flat out on a track I’m passing on this can.
  12. Dionk

    Dash fix

    Same boat. Have a three piece dash from a 68 that needs attention. So I to saw that just dashes want a small fortune to redo a dash and started looking at options. Stiched and non stitched covers are my last choice. I did see a polyvance video on YouTube that goes into the process of a repair. I’m intrigued, anyone try this approach? https://youtu.be/_x8qtvG-Y8U
  13. Dionk

    WTB Schrick 292 camshaft

    Used or new. Have seen them for sale at VAC and Bimmerworld, looking for a better price. Thanks Dionk
  14. Dionk

    CAM tool

    Found one to rent.