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  1. - cleaned Blasted 2 times - reinforced with Ireland engineering reinforcement piece -powder coated gloss back. $450 OBO plus shipping
  2. I should have bought this - still get the reminders!
  3. Make sure you know what version of the swan neck mirror you’re getting as there are small differences between Versions and how they connect to the door
  4. I have a point of contact that may be able to help. He works on fleet recaro truck and bus seats Refirb in Union New Jersey. pM my for his contact info.
  5. As promised - IMG_3287.MOV IMG_3288.MOV IMG_3291.MOV IMG_3292.MOV
  6. If this is around here, beware of a money pit rusty car. I’ve inspected multiple ones that were in horrific condition. In Tyson’s Corner VA - Malaga
  7. All Solid points - with only the smallest dash of sarcasm. I’ll take a bunch of pictures in the next few weeks when I get back to the car, but your point on engine and system internals is the truth. If there is no documentation and/or trust of the seller your just gambling - and even if you get the car for a bargain a bad gamble can mean there is a series of payments laying just over the horizon. I’m sufficiently scared off.
  8. Great point - I’m watching them do one at their shop right now. Jury is out.
  9. Just went through a paint and bodywork process with my 1600-2. Under 10 grand sounds right
  10. This is what I was expecting to see.
  11. So I have an opportunity to buy a 1974 TII that’s in fairly poor condition from a bodywork perspective. Yes what I mean by that is there is rust in all the usual places doors, quarters wheel arch lips . The Gentleman selling the car can indeed cut out the rust and weld it with metal and new parts. the rest the car has been well-maintained and it’s currently five speed swaped. Without seeing any pictures of the rust what would you believe the value of this car to be as is. ball park estimates sought.
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