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  1. Dionk

    Two e21 radiators

    I have two e21 radiators in good condition. $60 ea. Plus shipping.
  2. Dionk

    1981 320is part out

    So while I’m game to remove and ship smaller items, shipping the engine is a different story. I would be willing to meet you shipper at my house and have the engine ready for shipment but you would need to arrange. I have had success with uShip when I needed large items shipped. Let me know.
  3. Thanks steve - messaged him this am. Not sure of the type of compressor. Will look today.
  4. Dionk

    1981 320is part out

    I’m parting out this 1981 BMW 320is. Recaros, trans, lsd, driv, front hubs, front bumper and half shafts already spoken for. Whole car without items above $1700 Noteable items: 323 rear trailing arms if you are looking to do the rear disk brake swap / upgrade (has new pads and new rotors) $450 if I remove $300 if you remove 4 wheels are vial - $250 Spare is same style but bbs- 50 Engine runs and has 126k on it and has the 1.8i Head - $650 if I remove it $500 if you remove. Let me know now what you are looking for All parts are still on the car and full payment required for me to start to remove. Shipping is not included in prices quoted above - local pickup free.
  5. I’m looking for the hardware necessary to attach the 318i alternator to the M10 engine. thanks
  6. New chrome decals for restoring the life back into the chrome on your door cards.
  7. Dionk

    Rear bench seat cover

    Rear bottom bench seat cover. Thick vinyl- with padding. Perfect for those who want their four legged friends to come along for the ride. fair - good condition. will ship anywhere at cost.
  8. Dionk

    Tobacco door card skins

    Tobacco - door skins. I have one disassembled and one still together. My upholstery shop disassembled one for a template. As a bonus...Both come precut with holes for speakers. Door card material (cardboard) needs replacement- I can send you the damaged door card material or just removed and send you the skins. Buyer pays shipping.
  9. Dionk

    Can Someone check My Head

    I found these two picture from an earlier thread that may help answer part of this.
  10. Dionk

    Can Someone check My Head

    So the. Engine is a 2litre from 1968 according to the vin on the block. 121ti is stamped on the head. i just read in another thread that I may have the Bathtub style pistons that early cars, normally matched with 121 and 121Ti heads) Assuming that’s the case, can I use this e12 head with those pistons and is the head over machined?
  11. So my car came with an e12 head that was cleaned and machined. Seems the valves and springs have also been installed. i took a few measurements nothing under 128 - slight variation from one end to the other. I read a bit in this thread, which I thought was helpful, but still made Head hurt (pun intended). https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/224092-e12-head-milled-to-1276mm-still-usable/?tab=comments#comment-1269640 Also, i have a billit 090 (284) cam and rockers to install and I just ordered dual weber 40s. i don’t know what kind of pistons my current engine has. I’d like to build this the rest of the way myself but am a bit worried about this task having never done it. here are the pics comments welcome.
  12. All makes and models were welcome....however strangely an r32 skyline got the best non Audi import award as judged by the Audi HQ staff...don’t think any of those folks had the courage to give an award to a Bmw at Audi NA HQ. lol