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  1. Dionk

    1600 upgrades to 2002 ideas

    I have a 1600-2 that I'm building right now as well. Keeping the exterior to spec. But swapping out some off the older 1600 unique items out. It already had a 2.0 engine. I'm swapping out my 1600-2 pedal box for a 2002 pedal box / brake booster and going with an e21 MC. swapping in 2002 struts as I believe the 1600-2 ones are smaller then the 2002. I'll be keeping the single circuit brakes and I'm still debating willwood or Volvo brake upgrade or other options in the front and e21 drums in the rear. I pulled the gauge cluster and it's being restored as we speak by a fellow FAQ member. The PO had swapped the clock for a tachometer. Interior was gutted when when I got the car so it's a blank slate and I'm having some upholstery work done to some e21 recaro a in the front and e24 rear set up. i have front and rear 2002 subframes from coupe king that I'm installing. Decided on leaving the ride height stock. And I have several options when it comes to wheels to choose from. I don't have the 1600-2 style wheels and hubcaps. Which I may seek out at some point. recommend considering a third brake light and/or led brake lights. my dash is trashed so I have to figure that out as well. also I'm swapping in an getrag 245 and an LSD. still debating the carb set up. i have a stahl header and still figuring out what other exhaust pieces to s so in. also swapping out all body gaskets. lots of work to do. Hope that's helpful.
  2. Dionk

    Stolen 02' - Boulder, CO

    Sorry to hear. Will post to other Bmw forums...hope you get it back.
  3. Thanks...my notifications were turned off...
  4. Dionk

    New Headliner with sunroof

    Thanks...for some reason I didn’t get notified when this posted.
  5. Dionk

    New Headliner with sunroof

    Are they pre-sewn?
  6. Dionk


    I have 2. Give me a day to get some pics.
  7. There is a .doc somewhere on the FAQ that lists the parts that transfer from an e21 to the 2002. I bought an 81 320is to strip, so that's how I found these. GLWS
  8. Dionk

    WTB: late front seats

    I have a set of fedex brown ones - travelling so won't be able to take pics for a week-ish.
  9. Dionk


    Geoff I have a BMW 1600-2 pedal box. fair condition - just pulled it. Replacing it with a 2002 pedal box.
  10. Dionk

    Parts Hoarder

  11. Dionk

    Cheapest way to 200 hp?

    "speed costs money....how fast do you want to go?"
  12. Dionk

    Rear axle mounting hardware kit from WN

    Sounds good. Won't be able to until week after next. PM me the info and we can cordinate a date and time.
  13. Dionk

    Rear axle mounting hardware kit from WN

    I do still need the rear glass, I have had to prioritize what I buy and when. I need clear glas with no defrosting elements. Preferably Bmw glass. Is it in good condition?
  14. Brand new. Ordered 2 by accident. $80 usd shipped in conus. Description Mounting kit for rear axle (short neck) (46 pieces - screws, nuts, bolts and washers - all original yellow zinc plated) - you need 1 kit for 1 car - for all models and years of manufacturing. PayPal FF