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  1. I have a set of three, decided on 5-speed conversion so I no longer need. Jurid is the brand. PM me if interested.
  2. Thanks all- will give them a ring.
  3. I’m looking for this tube in the picture that houses the spark plug wires. Thanks
  4. My rebuilt and assembled m10 1972 block - machines bored etc painted Alpina tribute valve cover 292 cam Stahl header metric mechanic head korman intake /hardware forged pistons m3 starter e21 alternator e21 water divider Weber 40s New chains/gears/guides etc. New hardware e30 oil filter Ireland engineering lightened flywheel I cant wait!!!!
  5. I have one I can sell you. I’ll take some pictures in a few hours. Best regards Dionk.
  6. My output flange bolt on my GETRAG 245 was on pretty tight. The 20v cordless dewalt impact gun did nothing but make a bunch of noise. It needed a real air impact gun. So off to a friends house (he had the right tools). I helped him getting his transmission prepped for install. We got the bolt off and new seal and new bolt installed. This inspired me to pull out the Bluntech ultimate 5 speed conversion kit and start installing the kit. Pretty straight forward. Here are some pics.
  7. Ok found the instructions- the yellow washers are not needed if you bought the z3 shifter. Which I did. So not needed.
  8. Hi everyone just a real quick question I’m installing my five speed conversion kit, that I picked up from Blunttech. I have I’m connecting the shifter shaft extension fork. The question about these yellow rings where do they go ? Under the clip like a washer? There were only two in the kit. I have one installed see picture. Thanks in advance.
  9. Sorry - I was in an accident with my restored 1979 Porsche 928. I sat on the curb and cried for a minute or two. It was totaled, So I know how you may feel. I once received advice that in any accident if you have been injured or not, you should go see a doctor. First and foremost to ensure your okay and secondly because insurance companies tend to pay closer attention when there are doctors and medical bills involved. Feel better....
  10. Saw this on instagram- noticed the double headlights. Was that only available in Germany ?
  11. This head was ported by metric mechanic. I had a Dr Schrick 292 cam installed and I’m using the Korman intake. My mechanic is finalizing the whole engine build now. Here is a teaser picture. Video of of the first start will be taken.
  12. Please...also do you know if they make a kit without the cut out for the fasten seatbelt display?
  13. Thank you. Would you fit it on the dash after reinstalling in the car or before. Is the material and sewing of good quality?
  14. I worked on my headlight buckets over the weekend. Cleaned, sanded, sprayed with clear. I added a led h4 style bulb and reassembled. Borrowing parts from my parts car. Unfortunately the best chrome rings holder/surround were from the same side....Sigh. realized that once finished. It will do for now until I figure out which way the chrome should fit on each side...meaning is the wider bit of chrome on the outside or the inside. Then I’ll source the right parts. So not 100% complete and not 100% right. I’m reusing the cibie glass lenses that were on my parts car. They need cleaning, polishing. Here are some pictures.

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