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  1. In addition to the trans and diff you can make your money back by parting what’s left of the car.
  2. Help! I’ve been scammed

    Have you called the police? it’s worth reporting. Also might be worth taking the text of the ad and googling it to see how many other scams are being run. Possible for different makes and models of cars but possibly with some of the key phrases. I’m really sorry this happened. Hang in there.
  3. E21 Wheels and tires 5 1/2"Jx13" ET18

    I have these on my 71. I’m happy with them.
  4. Well it was another good day. My new landlady allowed me to move into the house two weeks early. Wasting little time I grabbed derby via AAA tow truck and proceeded to stow her away in the new garage. Also a sneak peek of what the Grigio Medio looks like with a little clear. The garage has a loft which will serve well as storage for my beloved BMW 1600 and 2002 parts !
  5. Moving day...

    Was allowed to move in early!
  6. Door card options and opinions

    Going with the aardvark ones - will post pics when complete !
  7. Door card options and opinions

    Wood swells and will eventually rot. However, I'm not opposed to that approach and has the added benefit of being able to use a staple gun. How would you even secure the vinyl to plastic or metal? Glue?
  8. What do you think? Does it look like Derby paint code 056?
  9. Some progress and some set backs

    Yes - a previous owner had a new nose installed. Old nose must have been smushed.
  10. Moving day...

    I move to a house with a garage in April!!!! My first garage ever!
  11. Greetings all. im shopping for replacements door cards. Not the vinyl skin upholstery but the card material that the skin is adhered to. Seems there are several options (metal, wood, plastic and close to oem). 1. Metal.(seen at IE website http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/item/02drcrd.html 2. Plastic ( various vendors and a group buy underway). https://www.condorspeedshop.com/products/black-abs-plastic-door-cards-2002-coupe?variant=37092849025 3. wood ( seen at aardvark). https://www.2002parts.com/bmw/door-panel-kit.html 4. Close to oem http://www.worlduph.com/bmw/classic/e10/door_panel/#* I’m inclined to go seek out plastic or composite ones ... seeking options and opinions. Thanks
  12. Trunk and hood

    Not much new report. Trunk and hood will have paint by next week.